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  1. Don't be ashamed about loving Xanadu. I adore it. It really is unique, colourful, fun, fast moving and the music is fantastic. Olivia looked like a beautiful goddess and sang like one too. It is a movie that is pure escapism and I think critics really missed the point when reviewing it. It is not meant to be a dramatic masterpiece by any means of the imagination but pure fantasy and fun,. We all need some of that in our lives. Considering all the praise La La Land got for its escapism, even ignoring how the leads could not sing or dance, it puts everything in perspective with Xanadu. . The singing, dancing, costumes and settings were pure joy and fun.
  2. Another major fan is Dita Von Teese. Have read several interviews with her where she praises Madonna. Plus seen some as well on TV. This answer is when she was asked about which pop stars incorporated Burlesque into their performances. After being asked which pop stars she feels have incorporated elements of Burlesque successfully into their performances, Dita Von Teese says… When asked if she listens to the radio, she quickly replies…
  3. I quoted this in a previous topic a few years back from the last interview that Jackie Collins did before she died. The interview was in Hello Magazine. Jackie totally understood and got Madonna. She has praised her many times. " I think too much emphasis is put on how old woman are" she says. " Madonna, for instance, looks incredible and is powerful and amazing and all they ever talk about is that she's 50-something. What is she supposed to be? Dead ? There is a fabulous quote 'Age is a question of mind over matter - if you don't mind, it doesn't matter. "
  4. Yes, I love it when I read about famous people that love Madonna. I am going to type out the quotes whenever I read them in a magazine from now on here on Madonnaantion to reference. It is great to have the references to directly quote correctly, not just from memory ! It really is wonderful to know how many famous people have listed Madonna as their favourite singer or talked about her. It also amazes me that so much that has been said is either not online or once was online but not now. There were fantastic photos of Madonna with the Williams sisters plus quotes from them that were once available and have now disappeared online. One I managed to find online is this quote from Mia Wasikowska. She did an interview in 2012 for W magazine and photo shoot with other actresses - each representing certain decades and she was asked who was the most evocative of the 80's decade. What personality is most evocative of the decade to you? Madonna. She’s the icon. She’s wholly her own person.
  5. We are know that she can 'cure' everyone because she had seen suffering like no one else in life. She has been through poverty although she was brought up by rich parents and went to the same expensive private school as Paris Hilton. She knows what it is like to be bullied like gay teens because she was once teased about having a big nose. She knows what is it like to be disrespected and under appreciated by the media as she has seen probably 2 articles criticising her a bit that were not paid payola. She has seen people suffer from disease because her Aunt died before she was born. The bravest star ever !
  6. Glenn Close - major fan Q: How was the Golden Globes?GC: Fantastic! I hate trying to find a dress for these events because it's not something that I am interested in but once I'm there I begin to enjoy it. Oh and I got to sit near Madonna.Q: Did you talk to her?GC: Yes, I have been to her tours since 1993 and met her backstage in New York during her Confession Tour. She is my favourite performer, I love her. There will never be another Madonna in my lifetime. I was also privileged to see her rehearse her Sticky and Sweet tour when I was filming Damages in Brooklyn.
  7. Sorry, I have been the main offender of just listing names. Sadly, some of the interviews that I have read were in Magazines such as UK Hello and Ok and fashion and women's magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Instyle, W and newspaper magazines. There was a great article in USA Instyle magazine which had a double page full of celebrities talking of their love for Madonna. I think I kept it but it would be in the garage. My garage needs clearing out. I did not keep the UK mags for example and they are not quoted online. Will list some receipts though of people I have mentioned and will do so from now on.
  8. People have to have the artists or writers permission to use their music. That is how Glee were able to do the Madonna episode and were so excited about it and saw it as a major coup. Madonna herself gave them permission to do so. I remember seeing how they said she opened her entire catalogue for them.
  9. Loved that you mentioned the Tina Turner and Ray Charles movies. As you said, they played a crucial part in how the movies about them were made and was the main reason why the movies were so true and well made. Mutual respect guaranteed by the film's producers, writers and directors to the artist portrayed . Madonna's input is so important.
  10. I love Falling Free. It is the type of song that I have to be in the mood for but when I am, it always is a pleasure to listen to. It has a lilting style to it that makes it one of her most unique ballads. The lyrics are poetic and beautiful. It is one of those songs that can be interpreted how the listener wants too and is meant to be that way. I see it as someone finally seeing and accepting that a relationship is over and feeling free in that knowledge.
  11. There was an appreciation thread for Dear Jessie here a little while back and it really got to appreciate it properly. Like a Prayer is probably my favourite Madonna album ever and while I thought this song was cute and sweet, never felt it was in the same league as other songs on it. Hearing it completely on it's own in a thread that did not talk about the album, I heard how unique and lovely it was.
  12. What if the movie is a complete character assassination ? That is the thing we have to look at. Bio-pics have the ability to promote and love who the subject is but too often they take huge liberties and lie for dramatic licence. I am one of the people that hate " Innocence lost' and am so glad it is not remotely well known amongst the public and only die hard fans now know about it. . I can assure you if someone saw that movie without knowing much about her, they would not think highly of Madonna and instead see her as a talentless, ruthless slut. That is exactly how they portrayed her. It was a disgrace. That is why any bio-pic has to be done correctly and after reading that dreadful script for Blond Ambition, I have my doubts. They would need to completely over-haul the script and get the facts correct, offer some proper depth and context and have superb writers, producers, directors and actors. It is a lot harder than expected but with Madonna it can be done as her life story is fascinating. I just don't think that will happen unless she is directly involved or giving some input. As she has already said on Instagram that she is not happy about it, obviously her input won't be happening.
  13. David Bowie Also love Giorgio Moroder Would be interested to hear her sing some songs co-written with Bjorn and Benny from Abba. Think she is the one artist who could interpret them beautifully and not be compared unfairly to Abba. Her sense of pure pop melodies is second to none and they also know how to write that music to perfection. Would interest me. The Pet shop Boys
  14. Dear Jessie - Have come to appreciate this more and more over time. Heartbreak City - Went from being a song I did not really rate to being an absolute favourite. After I saw the Rebel Heart tour live, it clicked completely. The drama, passion and her vocals are epic and I can't believe it took me so long to fully appreciate it. Secret - When it was released I was a little under-whelmed and liked it but did not love it. I now love it. I'm Addicted - did like it at all at first but now love it. Great to see so many people on this thread getting to love Cherish - possibly the most joyful and pure love song ever.