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  1. I went for the first half because Borderline, Lucky star and Burning up are perfect pop songs and timeless. I also love "I know it" and it is a great song to sing to and mimic her passionate vocals ie "You gabbed your coat and you were out the door and now I know you don't care" and "I'm not gonna cry for you anymore" just to name a few. Love it. I still love the second half and Holiday is the ultimate feel good anthem and an incredible song that I adore. The first time I heard Madonna sing as well so feel bad for not having it in the winning side so to speak. Best debut album ever and never tire of it.
  2. I can never do this. I can only do the top album and then I can't decide what order for the rest. Too many albums I love equally and find it impossible to seperate them. It is like picking favourite pets - impossible. Like a prayer Can't rank them after that.
  3. These cowardly disgusting fundamentalist terrorists are hurting so many people. They have taken innocent lives of people just going about hurting no-one. They are spitting in the face of the West's freedom and causing people to be fearful. They are ruining things for law abiding and peaceful Muslims who want to live in peace and instead get tarred with the same brush which is wrong and unfair. The over whelming majority of Muslims are disgusted by their behaviour. They are giving evil right wing politicians everything they want and playing right into their hands by creating fear and division.
  4. I can't pick out of Sky fits Heaven and Swim. Love these songs so much. I have to pick so will go for Sky fits Heaven.
  5. Sorry Crystal Coffin. please forgive me. No, It is so whiny and dirge like. I have deleted it off my ITunes
  6. I love I'm Addicted but agree with you about Best Friend and I fucked up. They are the two songs that I can't stand on MDNA. Can enjoy all the rest and some I love with a passion.
  7. I still like Hard Candy just like MDNA more. Mnino, I have always got in trouble for this
  8. I don't like it better than Like a virgin, Ray of light or music. I mentioned Hard Candy because I feel that my favoutite songs on MDNA are better than my favourites from Hard Candy. I'm Addicted, Lovespent, Beautiful killer are all in my top 40 of all time of Madonna songs. That is why I rate it so highly. To me, Madonna has never made a bad album. Some we may love more than others but all have their treasures and appeals. Why Madonna is a step ahead of the rest It is interesting to read everyone's views though.
  9. I like it better than Hard Candy as well !
  10. I truly love MDNA and think that the best songs on it are magnificent. That is why I never have it towards the bottom of my Madonna album list. Just too many songs on it that I adore. Don't be ashamed to admit your love for it !
  11. Karbatal, there are only 2 songs on MDNA that I don't like remotely at all and Best Friend is the one I dislike the most. Just demonstrates how we all have different tastes with Madonna songs and I love that.
  12. I Like it too. I love so many songs on MDNA.