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  1. I know. Plus those hats look great on her in person. The Body shop, deeper and deeper look at her concert with the hat looked amazing. She can pull it off perfectly. She is incredibly beautiful and for the reasons you stated Kurt, would look fantastic in person in this outfit.
  2. Mmmmm, you and I would have a blast ! Invite us Madonna next time please.
  3. Madonna always dresses how she wants and marches to the beat of her own drum. Especially at her own private party. She would look stunning in person as well.
  4. Trump supporters are always excusing his dreadful behaviour while pointing the finger at anyone who is against him. He mocks disabled people, gloats about grabbing women by the pussy and saying he could shoot someone in Times Square and not lose voters. Yet they claim he had more decency and class than Hollywood awards because of an envelope muck up fail at the Oscars. See his supporters saying that all over the net. They really excuse everything he does and says.
  5. She is so stunning. Love the lace floral detailing of the top of the dress. Want to see some more photos. Would love to be at her private party.
  6. At that description - stupid hysterical florist. Love it.
  7. Love Debbie. Dave a Debbie nights for everyone !
  8. Mattress, in keeping with the fun ! Bop Girl - Pat Wilson
  9. Stunning Woman. Even looks gorgeous in brown.
  10. Guys, Get yourself in the Oscar thread in the entertainment section while we wait to see if Madonna turns up to the after party.
  11. We just have to sit through the ceremony now !
  12. Well, she has said on Instagram about being Red carpet ready. Guy Oseary has commented on them being at the Oscars and Aaron her make up artist has also hinted. Maybe she will be at the Vanity Fair party outshining everyone but I want her on the Oscar Red Carpet !
  13. Have we given up yet ? She usually is the last to arrive.
  14. Sloane, keeping fingers and toes crossed ! We need new Madonna red carpet pictures.
  15. BatBro, Madonna is always late !