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  1. Definitely sociopaths. To enjoy hurting or killing other living souls is evil and barbaric.
  2. As Melania is a migrant herself to the USA, she should be absolutely disgusted and appalled at her husband's vicious, racist and sexist rants at the women democrats. It is absolutely vile, hateful and racist to hear Trump supporters chanting " send her back" If Melania had any conscience, decency and heart, she would divorce that atrocious man and speak out FOR the women he is targeting. Instead, we always see her dressed in lovely designer clothes supporting him. I suspect she detests him but loves the money and fame he brings her. Also that she is supposed to be " anti - bullying " yet her husband is the biggest bully and spreads hate and division with glee. In today's world, where women are their own people and can speak out, she is a coward and a disgrace.
  3. @ctg12 Understand totally how you feel. Seeing these evil heartless excuses for human posing like this is disgusting, sickening and heart breaking. How can anyone enjoy killing a majestic beautiful animal for sport. They make my blood both boil with anger and go cold with disgust. . Such cowards and such revolting people.
  4. ^. That article shows the sad, cold cruel truth - there is a method in his madness which is terrifying. Trump, that evil Kellyanne witch and many of the republicans know exactly what they are doing. They don't care that they are being racist, vile, offensive - in fact are hoping to appear that way to appeal to their Core base who are also racist. Just how revolting this government that Trump leads is. He also is using distracting tactics again. He and his rabid supporters sicken me.
  5. Not surprised that they are corrupt. Dreadful heartless people.
  6. Agree. The damage that he is doing is frightening. A toxic buffoon who openly tells obvious lies - and is not even punished or held accountable for those lies. He has made being racist, sexist, offensive, mocking and stupid something to be accepted - and too many not only accept it but love him for it. It is incredibly depressing and awful. He mocks other nations and even his allies. Did anyone ever think we would see a leader of a democratic nation tweeting obvious lies and offensive mocking insults of anyone who disagrees with him. Has a knock on effect worldwide too.
  7. Good grief. How could anyone consider Boris Johnson a credible candidate for PM. Also, what a coward. Everyone and their dog knows that Trump is an inept compulsive liar but Boris the Bozo did not even openly support the British ambassador over Trump. Understandable though as Boris is like the English Trump. Both Johnson and Hunt got destroyed in this interview.
  8. How dare he demand that public schools not teach tolerance and love for gay people. Bigotry against gay people is unacceptable in today's world and never should be allowed to thrive. Bigotry of any kind should not be seen as acceptable or a choice. Human rights and equality is the loving way to be - and all religions should want to promote and champion a loving and peaceful way of life. . .
  9. Adore this man. His passion, intelligence and devotion to the environment and animals. So glad he called out climate change deniers in power - we are full of them in Australia. His comments on the Great Barrier reef's destruction is terrifying too. Considering it is one of the most natural wonders of the world and the state it is in - Queensland - voted in mass for anti environment politicians and coal mines. Politicians who also have no interest in saving the Great Barrier Reef.
  10. One of the most offensive, crazy rants I have heard. What a revolting woman.
  11. She looks like she is holding back tears. I bet she despises her husband with every fibre of her being. Still, her choice to marry him so is her own doing.
  12. @VogueMusic @Leebf @Paul @swimtoshore @karbatal Another great article exposing the hypocrisy of all of this. From Gregory Callaghan from the Sydney Morning Herald. The unholy Folau quagmire and the living hell for gay people Conservative Christians may not be very good at describing the place they call hell but gays are already in it in Chechnya, most parts of the Middle East, and some countries in Africa, where homosexuals are imprisoned or sent to the firing squad. Homosexuality is a capital offence in 12 countries and criminalised in 72. ISIS lynched gay men and threw them off high buildings; Boko Haram and militias in Yemen continue to target and murder gay men. In Australia, we have the first world problem of having one in four youth suicides being an LGBTQI kid. And we have open season on LGBTQI people on social media as a result of the toxic Rugby Australia v Israel Folau debate: we’re “snowflakes” who demand “special treatment” to protect our “homosexual lifestyle” (whatever that is). Even Magda Szubanski, twice polled Australia’s most trusted media personality, has copped her share of online abuse – to his credit, Folau called off his more rabid followers. There are many questions. Who do you think was lying: Folau, when he claimed Rugby Australia offered him money to remove his hell-awaits-homosexuals Instagram post, or Rugby Australia, which emphatically denies ever making such an offer? Is the Australian Christian Lobby within its rights to deposit $100,000 from its tax-exempt coffers in Folau’s war chest? Do you reckon it’s morally on the nose for the multi-millionaire Folau, who stands to make at least $10 million if he wins his case, holding out both palms for donations to cover his legal costs? And now the hotly debated question of the week: will the landmark judgment in Britain's Court of Appeal, which upheld the rights of a former student social worker, Felix Ngole, to post Old Testament quotes damning “wicked” homosexuals to “eternal fire” on a public Facebook page, bolster Folau’s case, now headed for an epic battle in the Federal Court after his sacking by Rugby Australia? Was the University of Sheffield right in expelling Ngole from its postgraduate course in 2015 for breach of its professional guidelines, given that as a social worker he’d be working directly with LGBTQI clients? It’s tempting to think that had Rugby Australia ignored Folau’s fire-and-brimstone posts in the first place, this unholy quagmire could have been avoided. After all, far, far worse things have been spewed forth in the past about gay men by the likes of Anthony Mundine. Make no mistake: Rugby Australia had no choice but to take the action it did because a) despite repeated warnings, it believed Folau breached the terms of his contract and b) it had no way of predicting this would be conflated into a hostile debate about religious freedom, political correctness and corporate virtue signalling. Nor could it have known that the belligerently anti-gay Australian Christian Lobby, a sore loser over Australia’s verdict on marriage equality, would seize its militant moment. Should Rugby Australia have rethought its policies on social media posts? No again, not unless it wanted to trash the spirit of inclusiveness that has become the hallmark of Australian sport over the past decade or so. To quote the mission statement of Australian Sport, the operating brand name of the Australian Sports Commission: "Sport Australia believes that every Australian (at all stages of their life regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, cultural background or ethnicity and no matter where they live) should be able to participate in sport and physical activity in a welcoming and inclusive way." If Rugby Australia loses its case in the Federal Court, this spirit of inclusiveness will be seriously compromised. The fires of religious discrimination would be burning bright for years to come, sending Australia backwards in terms of tolerance and social maturity. The hypocrisy and hysterics raised by this issue are eye-watering. Religious leaders vigorously defend Folau’s right as a Christian to speak his mind without having to worry about his job security, while demanding laws to enshrine anti-discrimination exemptions for faith-based schools – in effect enabling them to sack gay teachers or expel gay students if they admit their sexuality. Alan Jones, who has spent decades not answering questions about whether he is a homosexual, eagerly backs up Folau’s position in an obsequious interview on Sky News. Miranda Devine describes Folau as “persecuted” by the “tolerance zealots” who want to “destroy his wife, his parents, their church and everyone else associated with him”. Who’s playing the victim now? Of course, conservative Christians inevitably go back to the *, arguing that any church that doesn’t damn gays to hell is betraying theological doctrine and giving in to liberal political correctness. The gaping fault with this line of thinking is it ignores 2000 odd years of evolving interpretation of scripture. If we continued to take every biblical injunction seriously, slavery, the subjugation of women, stoning, cutting off hands, and being barred from wearing clothes woven of two kinds of fabric would be still in force. But back to our nation’s other major religion: sport. I was heartened when my local rugby league team, the beloved Newtown Jets, recently organised Australia’s first Pride and Diversity Day at Sydney’s Henson Park in support of the local LGBTQI community. All the players wore rainbow socks as they charged on to the field.This to me is the heart and soul of Australia, the real face of the country I grew up in and love.
  13. Earthquakes and tremors are always terrifying. Hoping that after shocks and another earthquake does not follow. Stay safe, all of our California members.
  14. For sure. Something that the ghastly Murdoch has fully exploited non stop. They make sure they give as much attention and exposure to the ultra ultra far left ( who are in the minority ) and then make people think everyone is heading down that path. Seen it done so often in the press in the last 4 years and it is frightening. For example, front page news about wanting fairy-tales banned in schools and then article after article saying that teachers are pushing an agenda of non gender association and encouraging young children to be gay. When in fact, the so called ban on fairytales was a suggestion by one person who held no power and was never listened to or remotely taken seriously. The Murdoch papers though got what they wanted - an outcry and hysterical reactions. Also, tired of the whole "freedom of speech" being used for everything. We now have to put up with people citing that the Earth is flat because well, it is free speech. They are supposed to be listened to over scientists and are demanding to be heard. This Israel Falou case is really opening up a horrible can of worms and giving voice to a lot of anti gay people. Many religious groups are hating it too as say they are getting lumped into the fundamental movement of the Christian movement and instead want to promote love and acceptance. Funny too that the Murdoch press is fully supporting Isreal Falau and fully supported Margaret Court.
  15. @Leebf @swimtoshore @Paul Great article from David Marr With Israel Folau the church demands a kind of free speech that keeps gays in the firing line As the archbishop of Sydney decries the rugby player’s sacking for his words, his church insists on sacking teachers for their sexuality Pity these Christians. They’re lashing out, angry and terrified. Miranda Devine is warning them via the pages of the Sydney Daily Telegraph Australia faces a revolution of “coercion and bloodshed” à la Mexico in the 1920s unless we rally to the cause of Christianity and Israel Folau. The madness is dialled up to the max. But I’ve been reporting faith and politics in Australia for nearly 40 years and I’ve seen all this before: militant Christians all over the shop, blind to their arrogance and contradictions. Rigid ideologues, they sing great anthems to free speech. Warriors of discrimination, they condemn discrimination against Folau. No matter how cruel the doctrines they are pushing they see them washed clean as articles of faith. The fact is, condemning gays to hell is vilification. Yes, St Paul was on the case way back at the start but that only makes it vilification with a pedigree. While Folau isn’t calling for men like me to be stoned, whipped or pushed off high buildings, I reckon he is free to preach his horrible beliefs. But his freedom shouldn’t trample my freedom or the freedom of anyone else. We are free to say he’s a dork to carry on like this about gays and drunks and idolaters. (That means Catholics, by the way.) And Land Rover is free to stop him promoting their luxury cars. And GoFundMe is free not to be the platform where he raises millions to fight Rugby Australia. But to Folau’s Christian backers this notion of freedoms we all share doesn’t make sense. Why? Because for them putting the boot into gays is basic Christianity. This is hard for the rest of us to credit in 21st century Australia, but to make sense of the current uproar it needs to be faced. These Christians – by no means all Christians – are willing to burn up huge amounts of political capital to keep and, if possible extend, their power to punish homosexuals. It’s a weird pivot of their faith. This is not all they want the Morrison government to shore up with legislation, but it’s at the core of their demands. They are shy of saying it in so many words, of course, hence all the malarkey we’ve been hearing from them for the last couple of years about freedom. Here’s a simple principle: being decent and kind requires no legislation. You only need a religious freedom act to shelter behind when you plan to be nasty – say to age-old targets of your wrath like gays. So where does that leave Rugby Australia? One of those attacking the code this week was Sydney’s Anglican archbishop, Glenn Davies, who eloquently defended Folau’s “right as a citizen to speak of what he believes without threat to his employment”. Really? Is this the same archbishop who compelled 34 Anglican headmasters and headmistresses last year to sign an open letter demanding the law continue to allow them to sack gay teachers and expel gay students? I asked His Grace if this same citizens’ right extended to teachers in Anglican schools? No was the answer that came back from his spokesman, Russell Powell. “This case of non faith-related employment should not be conflated with others.” How silly of me! There’s one rule for them and another for the rest of us. Folau is free as a footballer to vilify homosexuals without losing his job but were he coaching rugby at a Sydney Anglican school and tweeting approval of gays it might well see him shown the door. Here’s another simple principle: if you are demanding rights for yourself which you won’t extend to others, that’s not freedom. It’s privilege. We’re in the midst of this pandemonium because Folau changed his mind. For a million bucks a year, he agreed to go easy on denouncing, among other vices, the evils of homosexuality. He traded his freedom of speech. Advertisement So why say yes in the first place if that’s such a profound violation of his rights and his faith? And why does he expect more millions from Rugby Australia because he’s copped the ordinary consequences of going back on his word? Beneath this is the deeper question on which the debate is now focusing, the question Folau plans to pursue through the courts: whether Rugby Australia had the right (that word again) to ask him in the first place to tone his preaching down. Rugby Australia reckons hounding fags is not a good look in this day and age. Hence the deal they struck with their star. Many Australians – including airlines, fundraising websites and luxury car dealers – agree wholeheartedly. But not a formidable number of angry Christian dissenters. So what are they fighting for? Free speech, but free speech of a particular kind that keeps gays in the firing line. As Australia succumbs to secular values on marriage and sex and family, that’s getting harder and the Christian mission more urgent. So his target is everything. If Folau were insisting on vilifying, say, Jews and the disabled, would anyone object to Rugby Australia insisting he shut up about it?
  16. Agree 100 per cent with everything you said Leebf. There is definitely a planned movement going on and people are confusing free speech with deliberate baiting without consequences. @swimtoshore agree as well. Human rights and equal rights should always prevail over " freedom of religion". It is opening up all kinds of scary scenarios.
  17. See where the Australian Christian Lobby has taken over the fundraising and now have over a million dollars. Sad where SOME Christians would rather give money to a millionaire sportsman who uses religion to excuse his intense bigotry and homophobic views than to sick children who desperately need funds It is tearing many Christian groups apart too with many horrified that they are being represented by extreme groups. Also startling is how wealthy so many ultra conservative right wingers are.
  18. Israel Folau is such a bigoted hypocrite. He has again been preaching that homosexuals will burn in hell in ministries - and despite being one of the highest paid sportsmen in Australia with an estimated fortune of well over 10 million dollars, citing free speech and religious discrimination, wanted the public to pay for his legal costs against Rugby Australia. Equally as frightening is how the rampant right wing movement, especially Mark Latham ( who has demonised Rosie Batty for years ) has championed his cause and how people put in so much money for him until Go Fund me shut him down as they don't want to fund people spreading hate speech. Wonderful too how many Australians have expressed their disgust in a multi millionaire using crowdfunding for his defence of discriminating against gay people. We live in 2019, not the dark ages. Was embarrassing and sad the other night to see Hamish McDonald of the Project interviewing the leader of a a Christian group supporting Israel Folau, asking him if he agreed that homosexuals should burn in hell - with the Christian spokesman saying that all sinners were judged by God. Hamish has just officially revealed he is gay and how awful for him to have to listen to some bigot judging him like that. Israel Folau's campaign shut down by GoFundMe, donors to be refunded Sacked Wallaby Israel Folau's attempt to crowdfund for his legal action against Rugby Australia has been shut down by GoFundMe, which will refund all money raised to donors. Folau started a GoFundMe campaign last week, asking people to donate $3 million to fight Rugby Australia, which last month terminated his contract over a series of homophobic social media posts. A spokesperson for GoFundMe said after a "period of evaluation", the site had ruled Folau's campaign violated its terms of service. The company said it would not tolerate the promotion of discrimination or exclusion. "We are absolutely committed to the fight for equality for LGBTIQ+ people and fostering an environment of inclusivity," GoFundMe's Australian regional director Nicola Britton said. Folau's $4 million contract was terminated by Rugby Australia last month after he made a post on his Instagram page which claimed homosexuals, among other people, would burn in hell. He had been warned previously and had agreed to stop targeting homosexuals on his social media accounts while he was representing Rugby Australia. Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Castle condemned Folau's public appeal for money.
  19. Admire the people of Hong Kong so much for standing up for their rights - for their present and their future. People power and why it is so important and vital. Hong Kong protest: 'Nearly two million' join demonstration Nearly two million people have taken part in a mass protest in Hong Kong against a controversial extradition bill, organisers say. If confirmed, it would be the largest protest in Hong Kong's history. Police said turnout was 338,000 at its peak. The masses turned out despite the suspension of the bill - which would allow extradition from Hong Kong to mainland China - on Saturday. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam on Sunday apologised for proposing the bill. Many protesters, who fear increased Chinese influence over Hong Kong, are calling on her to resign over the unrest. They are also demanding that the bill be scrapped, not just suspended. Meanwhile, supporters of Joshua Wong - the student leader who became the face of Hong Kong's "Umbrella Movement" democracy protests five years ago - say he will be released from prison later on Monday. What happened at the protest? "Today's march we had almost two million people," Jimmy Sham, from the Civil Human Rights Front protest group, told reporters late on Sunday evening. The protest was mainly peaceful, with police officers reportedly holding back to allow the throngs of people to slowly pass through the city. This contrasted to scenes at the last previous major demonstration on Wednesday, which saw clashes between protesters and police that injured dozens. The demonstration began early in the afternoon in Victoria Square, with many wearing black. Many held white flowers to mourn a protester who fell to his death on Saturday from a ledge, where hours earlier he had unfurled an anti-extradition banner. The progress of the march was slow, as the large numbers of people blocked many streets and crowded train stations. As darkness fell, protesters started to take over major roads and crossings and surrounded the legislative council building. They carried placards that read "The students did not riot", in response to police labelling last Wednesday's student protests a riot - an offence punishable by up to 10 years in jail. There was scepticism among some protesters about Ms Lam's decision to suspend the bill. "Carrie Lam has ignored the feelings of Hong Kongers," Mr Ma, a 67-year-old protester, told the BBC. He said Ms Lam had "acted like it was no big deal" after a reported million people marched last week. "Secondly, we are marching for the students who were brutally treated by the police. We need to get justice for them." Chloe Yim, 20, who had joined the protests for the first time, said: "If Carrie sees so many people come out, and still doesn't listen - she's being an autocrat who doesn't listen to people. Hong Kong people can't accept that."
  20. Yes, it is. What these pieces of pond scum did to the 2 women is both homophobic and misogynist O'h and cowardly and barbaric.
  21. The way the world is going at the moment, he will romp in. Everyone keeps saying that the left is too left etc but My God - it is the other way around. The way these right wing, misogynist, racist compulsive liars with heartless ideology are excused and also just shrugged off by people is so frightening. So fed up with the world at the moment and how totally inept, revolting people are just accepted as leaders. .
  22. Disgusting behaviour. Just appalling and such an awful assault and ordeal for the women to go through.
  23. Larry the cat is the most wonderful soul to live at 10 Downing street !
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