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  1. I love their parody videos. Hate how this has ended. I still agree that Facebook should pay taxes and have far too much power worldwide. Their conduct and lack of care over the years has been abysmal and run by greed. The way they took down ALL government sites including health, charity and information sites was dreadful and arrogant too. Really showed their lack of social conscience. However, the final outcome has not achieved anything. Only big media companies are winners, it should have been beneficial to all media groups. A tax that went into helping investigate journa
  2. Truly frightening. Why are they so dumb and idiotic. It is seriously like a form of human regression.
  3. Quoting this again as now getting a lot of attention everywhere. This dog is so beautiful - everyone is saying the same thing. How could anyone find this beautiful rescue dog unattractive.
  4. So how can anyone in America defend this excuse for a senator. Watching the American news tonight and I can’t believe that he was going on a luxury holiday while his state had no power, food or water and people are dying. will Republicans accept this ? How about him trying to weasel out of it when he was caught ! Politicians are getting worse and worse everywhere. No sense of any leadership or responsibility to their own state and citizens.
  5. Omg how low can they go. Is actually a beautiful dog. What nutters
  6. Lockdowns are horrible and difficult. Watching world wide news though, have seen the alternative which is worse. . Hospitals overloaded, thousands dying. Just heartbreaking. I just hope now that Australia becomes Australia again and not states fighting with each other. Hated the state against state stuff. Hope too that industries such as tourism, entertainment and hospitality will be fully supported and helped to the highest degree. This pandemic has been so cruel and unfair on the world.
  7. Gladys is corrupt as all hell. The media love her because she is a liberal ( for international people, liberal party in Australia is Conservative party ) . If Victoria did not have the lockdown, we could of ended up like the rest of the world with thousands dying. We were on the same rate as London with covid cases before the lockdown.
  8. That election win was dreadful. I was so depressed that night. I know. It is so frustrating.
  9. That’s good love birds. I have had birds accidentally fly into the kitchen and Bontempelli is chasing them with such excitement. He adores our budgies though. Goes up to their cage several times a day to check on them with his tail wagging. They are not scared of him and chatter away to him
  10. San, I love lizards too. Hate snakes but love lizards. Beautiful Elke just protecting her property though.
  11. Beautiful Arthur So sad. He is a hero. I love animals but detest snakes. The amount of dogs and cats they kill is dreadful. Australia has the most deadly vicious snakes in the world. Horrible things.
  12. He is such a moron. He sickens me . Also, if I have to hear him talk about his wife Jenny again, i will scream. Jenny made him see that rape is bad because he had to think if it was his daughters. Give us s bresk so only men with daughters can understand how damaging sexual assault is. How ridiculous.
  13. Facebook showing how arrogant and dangerous they are. Bullies and hypocrites.
  14. I don’t applaud them at all. They have blocked ALL news and government sites, legitimate ones, not just Murdoch scum. They have also taken down government sites such as health direct which informs many Australians of Coronavirus news and restrictions, vaccine information etc. Plus police sites, domestic violence help lines, , suicide helplines etc. Plus fire services and weather information - Queensland is coming up to cyclone season. A complete disregard to the health and information to Australians who use Facebook because Mark Zuckerberg won’t even negotiate as Google did. Oh and all the f
  15. Facebook has stopped all sharing of news stories from Australia. Globally now, no news from Australian news sites can be seen or posted on Facebook.
  16. Nancy Pelosi called him out brilliantly. He knows Trump is guilty but he and the cowardly Republicans were too scared to take him out for good - due to looking after their careers and fear of Trump’s feral base. Pathetic
  17. I love Joe Politics. Clever, topical, hilarious and accurate parodies that hit the Mark every time.
  18. Cowardly Republicans still scared of Trump and his feral base. Disgraceful pathetic cowards for not holding him to account.
  19. Absolutely disgusting and heartless I never thought I would read this in today’s world but there it is.
  20. Disgusting dangerous nutcase Letting this idiotic woman in the government is beyond pathetic.
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