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  1. Dreadful horrifying news. Evil cowards who have no respect for human lives and have caused horror, heart ache with these disgusting attacks. https://www.news.com.au/world/asia/dozens-dead-in-sri-lanka-church-hotel-blasts/news-story/e26f0f017533a6c22dd6706dcb526b3b Explosions thought to be the work of suicide bombers have killed at least 137 people - including nine foreigners - at three churches and three hotels in Sri Lanka. The toll in a string of blasts targeting hotels and churches in Sri Lanka today has risen to 137, including nine foreigners, a police official told AFP. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said at least 45 people had been killed in Colombo, where three hotels and a church were hit. Another 67 were killed in an attack on a church in Negombo north of the capital, with another 25 dead at a church in the town of Batticaloa, in the east of the country Daily News says more than 500 others have been taken to hospital with injuries caused by the blasts. The explosions all occurred roughly at the same time, around 8.45am local time (1.15pm AEST), authorities said A security official official said at least the two of the church blasts were carried out by suicide bombers. One of the churches targeted was St Anthony’s in Colombo. The other two were St Sebastian’s in Negombo, a Catholic majority town 30km from the capital, and Zion Church in Batticaloa, 250km east of the capital. St. Sebastian’s posted pictures of destruction inside the church on its Facebook page, showing blood on pews and the floor, and requested help from the public. The blasts were reported from at least two luxury hotels and a church in Colombo, and two other churches in Katana and in Negombo, north of Colombo.
  2. N Ireland police arrest teenagers over killing of reporter McKee Detectives arrest two men, aged 18 and 19, under the Terrorism Act over the killing of Lyra McKee, police says. Northern Ireland police said that two men have been arrested over the killing of journalist Lyra McKee in the city of Londonderry, also known as Derry, on Thursday. "Major Investigation Team detectives have arrested two men, aged 18 and 19 under the Terrorism Act, in connection with the murder of Lyra McKee in the Creggan area of Derry on Thursday, 18th April," the police tweeted on Saturday morning. "They have been taken to Musgrave Serious Crime Suite," it added. The 29-year-old was shot dead during an evening riot while standing near a police van as a gunman opened fire. The riot broke out after security forces raided the Creggan area in search of firearms before Easter weekend when republicans opposed to the British presence in Northern Ireland commemorate the 1916 Easter uprising against British rule. A crowd of about 100 people, including journalists, had gathered at the scene, where young people had been throwing petrol bombs at police and where they had set two vehicles on fire. The police opened an investigation into the killing and said dissident republicans calling themselves "the New IRA" were likely responsible. The group rejects the 1998 Good Friday peace deal, which largely brought an end to decades of sectarian bloodshed. Saoradh (or "Liberation" in the Irish Gaelic language), which is an unregistered party formed by Irish republicans seen as the political wing of the so-called "New IRA", said in a statement that McKee was "killed accidentally" by a "Republican volunteer". 'An act of hate' Leo Varadkar, the prime minister of the neighbouring Republic of Ireland, described the killing as "an act of hate". "We cannot allow those who want to propagate violence, fear and hate to drag us back to the past," he said. McKee has been remembered as a talented and accomplished investigative journalist, dedicated to documenting Northern Ireland's recovery from 30 years of sectarian conflict, known as the Troubles. The conflict erupted between largely Catholic republicans, who wanted to reunite Ireland as one country, and mostly Protestant unionists, who wanted Northern Ireland to remain British. The Good Friday Agreement of 1998 largely put an end to that conflict, but paramilitary groups have continued to exist on both sides.
  3. Money is raised all the time for these issues - it is sadly a never ending problem and corrupt politicians, scam artists etc make it so difficult. People do give incredibly generously around the world to help other people. It is wrong though that every time people raise money for something, people are complaining about not putting money somewhere else. Nothing would ever get done if everyone has this attitude. Exactly. The Notre Dame Cathedral is a testament to human achievement as well. History and seeing historic beautiful buildings, monuments etc and what it means to millions of people is incredibly powerful.
  4. Sorry, but don't agree at all. The Notre Dame Cathedral is an iconic, beautiful building that means so much to people around the world and especially to the people of Paris. It is part of history. It was built in 1163. Has witnessed and survived the French Revolution, Two world wars and is steeped in world history. Buildings are part of the world's history. There is so much today that people just don't bother about - too interested in their mobile phones, reality tv shows and know nothing of history. We need historic buildings, churches, structures etc with a rich long past to remind us of our history. They are incredibly important and mean so much to people.
  5. So devastating. So much history and such a beautiful cathedral. Just horrible and a sense of hopeless loss.
  6. @VogueMusic @Martin B. @ctg12 Happens so often today. Nothing against Billie who definitely has talent but they are already making her out as some kind of incredible performer and superstar. It really has gotten out of hand. Today's stars are so over-hyped, and raved about that they become annoying without it even being their fault. They need time to grow as performers and earn the raves. Same with Lorde who was so raved about continually even when she did that freestyle dance that was laughable. There is no balance anymore and everything screams payola. We have not seen Lorde jump for a while and I know that @runa and @Aries always get a laugh, so here she is. Seriously, how was this raved about.
  7. I want to see a photo of the Jiffy cornbread Muffin mix thief - Bo the dog !
  8. Wow ! what a crazy day at Walmart ! The dog Bo stealing the Jiffy cornbread Muffin mix
  9. Great points you make Paul. I agree that it is important to know what people are thinking as ways to discuss and debate with them. Unfortunately though, there seems to be a lot of people now somewhat applauding ultra extreme right wings views which includes homophobia, racism, sexism etc and seems to have make it more acceptable for these people. Fraser Anning for example - have read too many articles saying he has the right to free speech and supporting him and he mentioned the Final Solution. It is pretty chilling that they can still support a man that utters those words and see him as being correct. He is also openly anti-gay and wants to overturn the yes to gay marriage vote as well. I have noticed more and more people saying incredibly bigoted things now than say 4 years ago. Not sure exactly but almost as if their extreme and hateful views have become more " acceptable" now. Probably coincides with also how many with those views are in political parties now. A lot of people have changed their views over the years for the better too of course. Agree too on the way children are raised. If they are told and taught from a young age to be be homophobic, racist, have no respect for women etc, they often just carry that through their life as that are the opinions they have heard since childhood. Many do change their views but many don't.
  10. The movie didn't make him look good or kind. It was simply a movie about his early life and his upbringing. Explaining how be become a hacker and his influences. I didn't find him likeable in the movie. Definitely don't find him likeable now.
  11. If anyone is interested, this was a great movie made about Julian Assange's start as a political hacker in Melbourne.
  12. I like the phrase that many have used. Of course we should have freedom of speech, but with that comes freedom of consequence. Others have the freedom to also react to hate speech with the disdain it deserves. If famous people want to post things that discriminates and spreads hate - they have to understand that others are going to react to their bigoted, hateful comments. How would young boys who love rugby feel reading that they will burn in hell if they are homosexual. Inexcusable comments. Tired of people defending bigots who should keep their hateful views to themselves.
  13. Yes, agree with you Horn. However, didn't Sweden drop the charges ? If the charges are still open, he should be forced to go to Sweden, not the USA and fight the charges there.
  14. It is numbing and awful to see how he gets away with everything that you mentioned. It really has gone completely beyond a joke now.
  15. It is such a beautiful song indeed !
  16. VogueMusic, I bet WikiLeaks will expose Trump for who he is. Don't worry, Trump's time is coming. That Mueller report needs to get leaked in it's entirely and as quick as possible. Trump is as usual playing dumb pretending that he does not know much about WikiLeaks when asked about Assange's arrest - but everyone and their dog knows he was crowing about WikiLeaks previously. It is staggering how Trump can just lie so openly about everything and not even care. Can't wait until he is completely exposed as the corrupt evil buffoon he is. Don't care who does it but the corruption around Trump is more than obvious.
  17. Pamela is very political now. I have seen her on a few Australian current affair shows and she spoke well, was up to date on everything and eloquent with it. She has called out our useless Australian PM Scott Morrison too. She said that the girl running in the red bathing suit and posing for glamour shots was an integral part of who she was and what made her famous but is not what she is now. She was very passionate about animal rights and politics. She has become friends with Julian Assange and has campaigned a lot for him. Agree too Kim with your views on this. Julian has got a truly horrendous personality - arrogant and obnoxious - but I never agree with jailing people for whistle blowing. It is an important tool to exposing truth and lies.
  18. How have people reacted? Prime Minister Theresa May told the House of Commons: "This goes to show that in the UK, no one is above the law." Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the arrest was the result of "years of careful diplomacy" and that it was "not acceptable" for someone to "escape facing justice". How have people reacted? Prime Minister Theresa May told the House of Commons: "This goes to show that in the UK, no one is above the law." Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the arrest was the result of "years of careful diplomacy" and that it was "not acceptable" for someone to "escape facing justice". But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Assange had revealed "evidence of atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan" and his extradition "should be opposed by the British government". Press freedom organisation Reporters Without Borders said that the UK should resist extradition, because it would "set a dangerous precedent for journalists, whistleblowers, and other journalistic sources that the US may wish to pursue in the future". Australia's Foreign Minister Marise Payne said he would continue to receive "the usual consular support" and that consular officers will try to visit him. And actress Pamela Anderson, who has visited the embassy to support Assange, said the arrest was a "vile injustice".
  19. Why does the US government want to extradite Assange? Assange set up Wikileaks in 2006 with the aim of obtaining and publishing confidential documents and images. The organisation hit the headlines four years later when it released footage of US soldiers killing civilians from a helicopter in Iraq. Former US intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning was arrested in 2010 for disclosing more than 700,000 confidential documents, videos and diplomatic cables to the anti-secrecy website. What are the US charges against him? The indictment against Assange, issued last year in the state of Virginia, alleges that he conspired in 2010 with Manning to access classified information on Department of Defense computers. He faces up to five years in jail. Manning downloaded four databases from US departments and agencies between January and May 2010, the indictment says. This information, much of which was classified, was provided to Wikileaks. The US Justice Department described it as "one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the United States". Cracking a password stored on the computers, the indictment alleges, would have allowed Manning to log on to them in such a way as to make it harder for investigators to determine the source of the disclosures. It is unclear whether the password was actually broken. Correspondents say the narrowness of the charge seems intended to avoid falling foul of the US Constitution's First Amendment guarantee of freedom of the press. Why did the Ecuadorian embassy stop protecting him? The Wikileaks co-founder had been in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012, after seeking asylum there to avoid extradition to Sweden on a rape allegation. The investigation into the alleged rape, which he denied, was later dropped because he had evaded the arrest warrant. The Swedish Prosecution Authority has said it is now considering whether to resume the inquiry before the statute of limitations runs out in August 2020. Scotland Yard said it was invited into the embassy on Thursday by the ambassador, following the Ecuadorian government's withdrawal of asylum. Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno said the country had "reached its limit on the behaviour of Mr Assange". Mr Moreno said: "The most recent incident occurred in January 2019, when Wikileaks leaked Vatican documents. "This and other publications have confirmed the world's suspicion that Mr Assange is still linked to WikiLeaks and therefore involved in interfering in internal affairs of other states." His accusations against Assange also included blocking security cameras at the embassy, accessing security files and confronting guards.
  20. Julian Assange: Wikileaks co-founder arrested in London https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-47891737 Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange has been arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Assange took refuge in the embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden over a sexual assault case that has since been dropped. At Westminster Magistrates' Court on Thursday he was found guilty of failing to surrender to the court. He now faces US federal conspiracy charges related to one of the largest ever leaks of government secrets. The UK will decide whether to extradite Assange, in response to allegations by the Department for Justice that he conspired with former US intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to download classified databases. He faces up to five years in US prison if convicted on the charges of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion. Assange's lawyer Jennifer Robinson said they would be fighting the extradition request. She said it set a "dangerous precedent" where any journalist could face US charges for "publishing truthful information about the United States". She said she had visited Assange in the police cells where he thanked supporters and said: "I told you so." Assange had predicted that he would face extradition to the US if he left the embassy. After his arrest, the 47-year-old Australian national was initially taken to a central London police station before appearing in court. Dressed in a black suit and black polo shirt, he waved to the public gallery and gave a thumbs up. He pleaded not guilty to the 2012 charge of failing to surrender to the court. Finding him guilty of that charge, District Judge Michael Snow said Assange's behaviour was "the behaviour of a narcissist who cannot get beyond his own selfish interest". He sent him to Southwark Crown Court for sentencing, where he faces up to 12 months in prison. The court also heard that during his arrest at the embassy he had to be restrained and shouted: "This is unlawful, I am not leaving."
  21. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-11/peter-fitzsimons-responds-to-israel-folaus/10995330 Peter FitzSimons responds to Israel Folau's controversial social media post Former Wallaby Peter FitzSimons says Israel Folau has to accept the consequences of his actions, after a highly controversial social media post by Folau condemned gays, atheists and drunks to hell. LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Once upon a time sporting heroes were mainly judged by their heroics on the field but not in today's era of social media. Rugby Australia has today sacked Wallabies star Israel Folau over this Instagram post declaring that gay people and a long list of other "sinners" would burn in hell. It's not the first time the devout Christian has sparked offence by publicly sharing his religious beliefs but this time he put Rugby Australia's major sponsor, Qantas, offside - right in the middle of negotiations for a new sponsorship deal. A short time ago I spoke with former Wallaby, columnist and author, Peter FitzSimons. Peter FitzSimons, the views that Mr Folau is espousing are consistent with the beliefs of evangelical Christians, conservative Catholics, of whom there are many in Australia. Their perspective would be that he has a free speech right to proclaim his views. What do you say to that? PETER FITZSIMONS, FORMER WALLABIES PLAYER: Of course, he has freedom of speech but there's also freedom of reaction and there's no freedom from consequences and the sober reality is that last year, when this exact same issue came up, Australian Rugby Union was overwhelmed for three weeks of people cancelling memberships, people not turning up to games, sponsors getting edgy to leave the building. Folau was sat down, counselled, I believe it was put in his contract saying "Look, rugby is an inclusive game, we want all people to play. We can't have somebody like you saying that one section of the community is going to burn in hell." So when he did it, when it happened last year, it was, I mean rugby in this country is on its knees. It's in bad shape and so when your most high-profile, highly paid player does something like that, there was hell to pay in Australian Rugby. But Folau last year could have said, "Look, I wasn't aware of you know, what the policy or what the consequences were." This year, when he wrote that thing and put it on yesterday, that was a resignation letter. You should see the emails, the tweets and phone calls, the texts and people writing to the ARU saying, "You hear me and you hear me well. If you don't take action against this guy I won't take my children to the games, I'll burn up my membership card." It is just overwhelming and there's just about nobody supporting him. Of course, freedom of speech but not freedom from consequences. LEIGH SALES: What impact would a team missing Israel Folau have on Australia's hopes in the World Cup? PETER FITZSIMONS: Devastating, no doubt about it. He's a fantastic player. I mean not just a good player, in fact he is not just a fantastic player. He's one out of the box. When Folau hit rugby I think, 2013, 2014, when he first hit the line, it was like a man among boys. He was that good, that fast, that strong. But there are more important things than winning the World Cup. When you put that kind of stuff in the public domain, when you've got teen suicide rates of troubled teens troubled about their sexuality, there is a case to answer to say you can do that but not be a part of rugby. We're not going to put you in a jersey, we're not going to put you on the posters, we're not going to pay you a million or $2 when you're trashing everything we stand for. From the moment he put that up, it was the end.
  22. Beautiful song. Probably the most beautiful, bitter-sweet and poignant song about a mother watching her child grow up. Absolutely adore it. Everything you said was so spot on. The lyrics are so emotive and completely paint the picture for us to imagine.
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