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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Yes. Thank goodness Madonna fans have never had some pet name like that.
  2. What a joke this "song" is. Ed Sheeran pretentending he is some kind of bad boy with Eminem doing his usual rap of sexist drivel which is now bland and always the same. It worked with Rihanna ( Love the way you lie ) as was then confronting and seemed to show up abuse but is just stupid and meaningless with this duet with Ed. Seriously though, what is with everyone adoring the King of bland Ed Sheeran ? I pray Madonna never records with him.
  3. Madonna's Hair 2017

    I love it though in a weird way !
  4. I know ! When he listed "Falling free" I thought the same thing. Like all of us here, he knows her music through the decades. He should become a member here and discuss her music with other Madonna music experts. He is a major fan.
  5. Just for fun and also to balance out the publicity that some famous people get for criticising Madonna, let's have a new thread listing celebrities that instead love Madonna as we have done before here. Some fun as in between eras ! As I read too many magazines - I am always reading about different people's views on Madonna and the stars that love her is so varied. I will start and everyone just add when you want to. Glenn Close Naomi Watts Mila Kunis Nicole Kidman Helen Mirren JK Rowling Anne Rice David Tennant Lindsay Lohan Sarah Michelle Gellar Anderson Cooper Katy Perry Naomi Campbell Sky Ferreira Kirsten Dunst Debra Messing Claire Danes Leonardo DiCapprio Roger Federer Serena Williams Venus Williams Monica Seles Paris Hilton Celine Dion Edward Norton James Franco Salma Hayek Miley Cyrus Janelle Monae Raquel Welsh Rihanna Darren Hayes
  6. Not sure if this is the correct section but who else loves Olivia Newton John ? To me, she has to be one of the most famous female singers of all time and has had some wonderful hit songs. I also am game enough to admit loving Xanadu - where else can you watch a movie where legendary Greek muses come alive and inspire men to open a roller-skating nightclub with Olivia being the beautiful muse Kira. I have seen Olivia live a few times and have loved her each time. She is a true international superstar being actually English but moving to Australia with her family when she was six and subsequently becoming a superstar in Australia. She then became a huge star in Europe and then the USA where she now lives.
  7. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    Yes, she is a drunk lush so would be perfect for her indeed ! OMG at Santa Buddy
  8. HolidayGuy, I love your articles and passion for Olivia. A beautiful singer, person and performer.
  9. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    I hate the song "Santa baby". No matter who sings it. Reminds me of a song that some drunk lush sings or slurs at an Christmas party to appear childish and sexy.
  10. All that I have, all I that I ask....

    Another song that I wished Madonna had saved for herself.
  11. Have never understood how any woman could support Trump. He is so blatant about his disregard and contempt for women. Always has been and always will. Applaud the black women who voted against him in huge numbers for their decency, ethics and principles.
  12. Only going by what I have personally observed in Australia where she has been a massive superstar for years, she had gained a huge following mainly with tween girls. All of my friend's daughters seemed to love her with a passion and her songs about ex boyfriends breaking her heart and being bastards etc was what was important in their world. She had monster hits that were played everywhere. The singles she has released from this album have no appeal or impact. She still has a built in huge following but I suspect they will drop off after this album.
  13. @Ciccone's Cheeks. I can imagine how excited you are !
  14. Alabama showing intelligence, respect and heart. Rejecting a candidate not fit to run a brothel, yet alone a Senate seat. Trump supported him too. Smack in the face for Trump, Moore and the Republicans. Great result for America.
  15. @iasonas. Yes, her singles have been huge flops, especially for her standards. Why I was surprised the album sold so much because the singles have not resonated at all with the public. If she can't score hit singles in Australia, she is peaking. Been her biggest market alongside the USA previously for having hits.
  16. well done Alabama. Decency wins !
  17. ^ Good grief, what a lot of slow, pea brained morons interviewed in that video. Embarrassing to the extreme.
  18. Getting a 12 year old girl to interview him is beyond words.
  19. Australia legalizes marriage equality!

    Tony Abbott was never a typical leader of the Liberal party. He is deeply religious and a part of the right wing faction of the Liberal party. It is because of the religious and ultra conservative factions of the Lib party, that we had a postal vote on marriage equality. Most of the Liberal party and a huge majority of the Labor party wanted marriage equality but our current Liberal party leader and PM Malcolm Turnbull ( who replaced Abbott as leader ) had to appease the ultra conservative factions of his party. They have more say in politics due to their involvement and numbers in parliament. Tony Abbott was an extremely unpopular leader with the General public. The overwhelming majority of Labor voters and areas which were dominated by Labor voters, voted yes. It was purely for religious reasons that the No votes got up in certain seats in Sydney. The majority of both Labor and Liberal voters voted yes in every state. Was a great result for marriage equality and gave the government a clear mandate to recognise and implement marriage equality.
  20. We are so behind other Western countries on this. Absolutely embarrassing and pointless. Why our politicians can't just keep up with the rest of the world and do the right thing by allowing gay marriage. But instead we have to have a postal vote, then if the "yes" vote gets up, the politicians can then decide if they want to make marriage equality legal. Will cost Australian tax payers over $120 million and create lots of hate talk and scare mongering. Already the vote "no" people are lying in their adverts. None of these bigots have any proper reasoning for objecting gay marriage but sadly the whole " don't vote yes because we don't want to be politically correct or latte drinking lefties" is doing the rounds. As expected. It is sad that people want to deny others the rights they take for granted. Hopefully Australians will do the right thing. Coalition for Marriage ad blitz links marriage equality to gender education Television ads warning schools will allow boys to wear dresses and compel students to role play same-sex relationships will hit the air tonight, in the first major foray from the no campaign in the same-sex marriage postal survey. The Coalition for Marriage ads, authorised by Marriage Alliance spokeswoman Sophie York, were released online and will air for the first time on Tuesday evening. The ads have already drawn the ire of Bill Shorten, who has labelled them “offensive and hurtful” and accused Malcolm Turnbull of “giving the green light to this rubbish”. The 30-second ad features three mothers and attempts to link the issue of whether same-sex couples should be allowed to marry to anti-bullying programs such as Safe Schools, which teach acceptance of sexual diversity. “School told my son he can wear a dress next year if he felt like it,” says one mother. Another says: “When same-sex marriage passes as law overseas this type of program become [sic] widespread and compulsory.” Another complains that “kids in year seven are being asked to role play being in a same-sex relationship”. “In countries with gay marriage, parents have lost their rights to choose,” the titles of the ad read. “We have a choice, you can say no.” The yes campaign fears their opponents are prepared to outspend them on advertisements and link marriage equality to other topics not at issue in the survey. Shorten said the ads showed “freedom to hurt ... not freedom of speech”. “This is offensive and hurtful to LGBTI Australians and their families,” he said. “This is exactly what was predicted when Malcolm Turnbull decided to waste $122m on a postal survey.” The “you can say no” tagline echoes the Australian Conservatives slogan “It’s OK to say no”, which is used as a frame for profile pictures on Facebook and other social media. The Australian Conservatives’ digital ads also attempt to link same-sex marriage to gender education, including one posted to Facebook that claims “if same-sex marriage is given legal recognition, it will become mandatory for schools to teach inappropriate sexual materials like [anti-bullying program] Safe Schools”. The Australian Christian Lobby director, Lyle Shelton, has made numerous media appearances in which he claimed the postal survey is a referendum on Safe Schools and that the program teaches children their gender is fluid. The executive director of the Equality Campaign, Tiernan Brady, has said those tactics show marriage equality opponents are intent on campaigning “with a tone of fear and marginalisation”. “It’s already clear they’re not going to fight it on marriage equality at all, because they know Australian people are for that, so they’ll talk about all those other issues. They’re trying to pretend this vote is about something else.” Moderate Liberal frontbenchers including the attorney general, George Brandis, and the defence industry minister, Christopher Pyne, have said that the ability for same-sex couples to get married is the only issue in the postal survey. Conservatives including Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott have publicly rejected that position, while Malcolm Turnbull has hedged his bets by saying the survey is not a vote on religious freedom but the legislation that would follow a yes vote “will certainly have implications” for it. On Monday Libs and Nats for Yes launched with its patron, the federal president of the Liberal party, Nick Greiner, calling for a yes vote and dismissing claims marriage equality will threaten religious freedom.
  21. So frightening and thank goodness it did not cause the damage and destruction he wanted. He is an evil cowardly scumbag.
  22. His mother is a disgrace. Exploiting her son's anguish to get money for herself and in the process stamping over the genuine concern people have shown.
  23. Beyoncé Thread

    Another bland nothing song from Ed Sheeran becomes a hit. Beyonce just seems like an add on feature in this drone of a song and does nothing for her except provide a hit.
  24. True. So sad that the message of this boy's pain and anguish of being bullied which is so heart wrenching has been tainted by knowing about his mother's hateful racism. He conveyed such a sad message but her horrible thoughts and actions have been exposed and Keaton's despair has been lost because of her. Feel sorry for him to also be growing up in a racist, hateful environment I also think Gaga has nothing to do with these situations. She used bullied people and pretends to be bullied herself and that is unforgivable. Manipulating people for her own gain and encouraging toxic behaviour is what she does. Luckily she is not popular or has any influence now. Bullying, cruelty and extreme teasing of kids at school has gone on forever and is always senseless and disgusting. Wish it could be stamped out as never is acceptable. Then bullying at colleges, training academies, some workplaces etc. I am sure we have it all witnessed it and see it even more now as kids are filming others being bullied, attacked and putting it online.
  25. for those kids who think it is funny or tough to bully others, look at this boy's pain. Then ask yourselves why do you do it ? There is no excuse or reason to do so. Saw so many kids bullied when I was a teacher and it is always heart breaking, pointless and cruel.