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  1. Also, How about when she says "Sean was successful" and they have to try and remind that Guy is too !
  2. Just went to that part and listened how about Howard saying he knows everyone she dated and she says "super personal interview"
  3. Was one of Madonna's best ever interviews. She was relaxed, interesting and really opened up. Love that Howard also researched her life so well.
  4. Demi is bizarre. She recently shared a photo of herself without her two front teeth and said the knocked her teeth out by clenching her mouth and sheared them off ! Never heard that excuse before.
  5. How dumb is this girl ? She sees to be somewhat proud of it too. I saw this at the Doctor's the other way in the waiting room and could not believe it. She either is putting it on to appear "cute and ditzy" or is as thick as two planks. You could see that Ellen was frustrated with her.
  6. I don't think there is any big issue with Madonna and Demi. They used to host the Oscars party together at Guy O'Seary's place each year but Demi pulled out of public appearances for years after her marriage break up as she was having problems and went to rehab. Demi has retreated from public life before after drug problems. Remember that thread Crux started about her in the entertainment section when she was on General Hospital and was off her face at a party. She had problems then but re emerged with St Elmo's Fire. Disappeared for a while and then married Bruce Willis and hit gold and major stardom with Ghost. Her fame and career go in cycles and always have.
  7. Wrong. She has long term friends such as Debi, Stella, Rosie, Jessica Seinfeld. She took Goop under her wing after goop was depressed over the nude photos with Brad Pitt. Your passive aggressive posts are so transparent.
  8. Shanti/Ashantgi Vs Cyber-raga Vs Isaac

    Isaac. The confessions performance is amazing too.
  9. Yes, these people have no shame. I will never get my head around the logic of them saying they have the right to sell personal belongings of another person that they obviously stole. Especially when the person they stole from straight out says that they were stolen. Not to mention the fake and forged items.
  10. Always want Madonna to be appreciated by the masses as she deserves to be. Her music deserves to be heard, celebrated and loved by the world. She is the Queen of Pop, the Queen of everything music related. I detest it with a passion when they call other basics the Queen of pop. Every single female music star that matters looks up to her and wants to have the same career. I grew up with Madonna always being a superstar and her music being known by everyone. When all other pop superstars faded or sadly somewhat self destructed, she has remained a pop superstar. She needs to have her music promoted and played properly. Interscope has been second rate and inept as an excuse for a record company. Madonna deserves better. I think she will have a massive hit again. Never count Madonna out.
  11. Lourdes Leon featuring MadeMe / X-girl, 2017

    Yes. Love Princess Lola. Easy to see how close she is to her mother and also her younger siblings. Also she is close to Carlos her father and the way her parents respected each other and supported each other throughout her life from a child onwards is a credit to them. Always been a lovely girl. I think she wants to be a stage actress and musical performer.
  12. Lourdes Leon featuring MadeMe / X-girl, 2017

    For sure. Would love to see a professional photograph her for a beautiful fashion house like Versace etc. She would be a knock out.
  13. Lourdes Leon featuring MadeMe / X-girl, 2017

    Not sure. I looked at the links posted on this thread and the clothing company has stores in many countries. The clothes all look like stuff that is in Target and KMart ! I loved the photos of Lola when she was promoting Stella's perfume. They captured her true beauty. Also the beautiful photos of her at Madonna's birthday a few days ago.
  14. This whole thing is sickening. It is her own property and these leeches are demanding their right to sell it. Then accusing her of being a diva for objecting to them selling her own personal property. This Darlene witch and the fake auction house people are low life.
  15. What a passive aggressive nasty write up. They can't even be nice on her birthday.
  16. Lourdes Leon featuring MadeMe / X-girl, 2017

    Dollhouse has always been anti Lola. He has been calling her names for years and saying she is masculine as a child etc so take no notice. The same way he dismisses Like a Prayer and thinks it is not popular and thinks Australians are all truck driving lesbians who love Pink. Lola is beautiful. I do think this photo shoot is the worst photo shoot of her I have seen. The clothes are dreadful, they have her posing like a sulky zombie and make her look like she is disinterested and bad tempered. It is crazy to waste her beauty and style because she is an incredibly beautiful girl. What is with the orange jumpsuit ? Looks like she is in prison.
  17. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    The people that blindly follow Trump are brain dead, brain washed, ignorant idiots. They will never condemn Trump. They are not even worth conversing with as they are not going to change. It is the "moderates" who support Trump that need a wake up call. Thing is though people today seem almost hesitant or ashamed to admit they are on the left. Because the left wing parties who do want equality, worker's rights and are anti corporations have been taken over by middle of the ground people who share so many ideals of the right. People are applauding CEO's of multi national companies who are calling out Trump, but these exact same CEO's screw the everyday people by sending jobs off shore - at the same time exploiting poor people in other countries. They cut workers pay and conditions while giving themselves big bonuses. They are not on the side of the everyday person and could not care less about how their polices and ideology affect black people who are not wealthy. They are hypocrites. Having this vile orange racist sexist buffoon as president is playing right into the hands of the likes of Pence etc. Trump is all about bread and circuses. The awful part is he is so vile that he is bringing out the ugliest sides of people in droves. When he is gone, the next GOP leader will look wonderful compared to him. He is doing some of their dirty work. That is why they are sitting back watching him and not intervening. It is spineless and pathetic but suits their needs as well. There is a chilling method in their madness.
  18. Where have you been ! Good to see you on the forum again. The other single I think is a bit under-rated is Dress you up. Just a perfect pop song that was a bit over-shadowed because it was the fourth single from a monster album. Such a classic 80's hit.
  19. Not sure if this is the correct section but who else loves Olivia Newton John ? To me, she has to be one of the most famous female singers of all time and has had some wonderful hit songs. I also am game enough to admit loving Xanadu - where else can you watch a movie where legendary Greek muses come alive and inspire men to open a roller-skating nightclub with Olivia being the beautiful muse Kira. I have seen Olivia live a few times and have loved her each time. She is a true international superstar being actually English but moving to Australia with her family when she was six and subsequently becoming a superstar in Australia. She then became a huge star in Europe and then the USA where she now lives.
  20. Always wonderful to to see the love and respect Madonna gets on her birthday. Plus the photos and videos of course.
  21. ^ How dare he use this tragedy to push his views so soon. He is incapable of showing any form of real compassion and just thinks of himself. Such an insult to the people of Spain having him do that.
  22. I don't think so. Her stories and jokes were part of the experience but the music itself always stood out. It would be a treasured added bonus for major fans.
  23. Yes but she could of had the music and songs and left out the speeches or cut some songs.