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  1. I know. What they have to go through is horrific and barbaric. Animal cruelty is never taken seriously enough
  2. Indeed. I remember my Dad and brother talking of how sublime and phenomenal he was whenever they watched him. Both huge lovers of the game. He was a true superstar with the most incredible skills who could win a game with his own brilliance
  3. One of the greatest sportsmen ever. Incredible to watch with unbelievable skills and ability. RIP and thanks for the memories of watching a true sporting genius.
  4. Trump is such a revolting excuse for a human. Claiming in a pre recorded speech to the G20 summit that the Paris climate accord was only formed to destroy the American economy and then saying that American has the most fossil fuels sales in the world. He is such an obnoxious buffoon deliberately trying to upset other nations by mocking efforts to slow down climate change. Such an embarrassment to the USA on the world stage. All other world leaders are ignoring him and already saying they are looking forward to working with Joe Biden.
  5. Yes. Holocaust deniers are the absolute worst and most offensive of conspiracy theorists. Ignoring atrocities and victims in spite of indisputable evidence and footage.
  6. Trump and his enablers are sickening. Still trying in court to stop Michigan and Pennsylvania declaring electoral wins. Not engaging properly in the G20 talks and always heading off playing golf. Beyond embarrassing and so dangerous.
  7. It is startling how many conspiracy theorists support Trump. He has really captured all who have fallen deeply down the rabbit hole. Here in Australia, I have personally witnessed intelligent people become Holocaust deniers and slavery deniers. Once they hated racists and the far right but now share the same putrid racist views. It is so horrible to see. All think Covid is a hoax and that every famous person is a devil worshipping child abuser. All think Trump is a free thinker against the establishment who wants to fight evil. Frightening to see.
  8. This cult is so ignorant. They will support a fascist, racist, compulsive liar who does not care about people’s health, democracy, the climate and encourages violence by his cult simply because he has sided with anti abortionists for votes.
  9. I agree. There is no middle ground with Trump and his enablers or cult. They can’t be reasoned with at all.
  10. So true. I saw today on CNN that spineless Pence campaigning in Georgia for the Georgia Senate January vote with the two Republican senators ( one is a crazy conspiracy theorist ) and completely backing up Trump. People holding up signs saying “ Stop the steal”. Pence, Mitch McConnell etc are just as much to blame. They are going against democracy and will be ridiculed and judged for this by future generations. Evil cowards who spit in the face of democracy.
  11. When are senior Republicans going to do the right thing and call out Trump for his pathetic tantrums in denying the election results and trying to change the result by spreading ridiculous wrong conspiracy theories. This is democracy on the line. It is like the cowards who passively stood by Hitler and the Nazi party from the beginning. Trump is a fascist and a compulsive liar who only thinks of himself. He is pouring as much gasoline on the situation as possible and lying to his base. Such a dangerous buffoon.
  12. Will never understand the poor and working class being cult supporters of Trump. They truly believe he is looking after them like this caller does. He has brought in huge tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans while refusing to lift the minimum wage. He supports white supremacy and he has a long history of under paying and not paying his workers. He is only president because he loves the attention and power. Yet, the people that are in his cult say they will die for him. I can see the very wealthy people loving him as his policies help them enormously and they are selfishly and wrongly j
  13. Exactly. I will never understand so many Americans also being terrified of universal health care as well. Instead, they support an idiotic millionaire who was born into a rich family who says that he does not need to raise the minimum wage. It is mind boggling.
  14. America has to remove this dangerous vengeful idiotic sociopath from the White House. The damage he can cause America and the world is terrifying. Sacking someone for telling the truth about their being no fraud and doing it by tweet. Having to be talked out of bombing Iran and then again abandoning allies by removing troops in Afghanistan. Not giving Biden any information and intelligence. The list goes on. Republicans who are not speaking out and accepting and enabling Trump should hang their heads in shame. They are turning their backs on the safety of Americans and democracy b
  15. This is so wrong and so infuriating. This vengeful sociopath has to be removed immediately. The damage he can do to the world is terrifying.
  16. The damage this unhinged sociopath has done to America is beyond terrifying. Will add Rupert Murdoch and Fox News as well with their pathetic support and promotion of him. He is not actually a conservative at all but he has hijacked the Republican Party and let the unhinged racist, sexist conspiracy theorists become major players instead of just a fringe section. The fact 70 million Americans voted for him is frightening.
  17. Wonderful explanation @swimtoshore Trump’s fraud theory is infuriating, completely inaccurate and manipulative. Well planned in advance. Trump and his cult have tried to destroy America’s democracy and the damage they have done in dividing America so vocally is vicious and self serving.
  18. Yes, Only his core cult will be with him. Republicans will wave him goodbye.
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