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  1. Good grief No wonder Angelina has nothing to do with him. What a deluded idiot
  2. He really is a revolting excuse for a human being. Trying to still stir up hate to appeal and inflame his base. He is a dreadful speaker too and he talks absolute rubbish.
  3. Agree with both of you. I truly thought the whole of America would of been so horrified by the sickening events last year which were shown everywhere. I really thought it would bring America together in disgust at the heinous attack on their country’s democracy. Yet, more and more I see crazy far right conspiracy theorists who deny facts and science gaining popularity and support. It is extremely frightening and so hard to understand. It is if human intelligence is receding and we are heading back to barbarism.
  4. I have stopped watching coverage of USA politics. Too frustrating and frightening. So many far right, conspiracy theorists in the Republican Party who seem to dominate and have so much to say. Fox News etc encourage them completely too. Totally lost faith when seeing so many Americans STILL idolising Trump, complaining violently about their lack of freedom re anyone even dare ask them to wear masks, denying science and covid and thinking the election was stolen. How Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Green and co have massive support as well is terrifying. I know it is not the majority of Americans but there seems to be so many of them. Their democracy ( which has always been a wonderful part of America and what they were rightly proud of ) could easily be taken away if these conspiracy theorists get too much power again.
  5. He can't answer her questions. He is so pathetic. Infuriating to see such idiotic and uncaring morons as leaders.
  6. Terrifying how many of these idiots proudly compare themselves to Holocaust victims. They are sickening and shockingly ignorant and offensive.
  7. Exactly. They should look at their record involving child abuse before critiquing anyone for loving their pets. Popes and religious leaders of all faiths should stop their pathetic lecturing of how people should conduct their own personal choices regarding having children.
  8. Trump is such an obvious idiot and compulsive liar who is repeatedly exposed for the lying cruel buffoon he is. I will never understand what anyone sees in Trump. For those who try to say that he is a great business man - he is not as inherited his fortune and has been bankrupt many times. The religious people that follow him must be aware of his multiple marriages and past. His filthy talk that has been exposed many times. He flirts with and supports dangerous conspiracy theorists. Members of the Republican party that had to work with him when he was president have continually exposed how stupid, stubborn and dangerous he is. I truly don't get why this man is so idolised. The Republican party is now a conspiracy theory obsessed and dangerous party. The decent Republicans are now hated and treated like traitors. I worry for the entire world if he is elected again. It is bad enough dealing with the power hungry and dangerous Chinese government at the moment and the thought of Trump gaining power again is terrifying. How we desperately need some great leadership around the world but I fear it won't happen.
  9. Good Grief. What is it with UK politicians. The tories will never change anyway. Everything is for business and rich people. Their whole ideology and it will never change while everyone keeps voting for them.
  10. I find it very sad how so much of America seems to see vaccination as a political issue. Well, from what I have seen on media reports. I don't see it here in Australia ( apart from people who are in the deep conspiracy theory crowd ) I have found in Australia, it is NOT any political issue. People in general regardless of political affiliation all get vaccinated to be safe from severe sickness. I truly don't see why so many Republicans are anti vaccination and masks. It is a health issue, not a political issue at all.
  11. Same here. They treat guns like treasured family pets with the same level of adoration. Just madness.
  12. Especially after that shocking school shooting in Michigan, this is so revolting and callous.
  13. What an absolute moron. Cancer is not a virus, you can’t catch cancer off someone else. To think this dangerous offensive idiot has people supporting her is mind boggling and crazy.
  14. Shocking that anyone can defend or support child abusers
  15. This is all over our tv this morning. Does the UK realize that Boris is a laughing stock around the world ? This is not a speech that any leader would make. The world has really sunk to a new low when this idiot is a popular leader.
  16. I sometimes wonder if a civil war will start again. Seems so divided and the far right are gaining more and more power worldwide.
  17. Absolute disgrace this murderer walks free. Just as disgusting, is the fact that so many support and applaud him.
  18. She is the absolute pits. These hateful ignorant people always try to pretend they are good Christians yet everything they do and say is vile and against what the are supposed to stand for.
  19. Poor Elon Musk. So sad that billionaires should pay taxes. it is terrifying Kurt. Unbelievable too that so many worship this revolting man too and think he represents them.
  20. I will never understand anyone liking Trump. A stupid, ignorant, repulsive excuse for a leader who hugely lied consistently and just self promoted constantly. Was so destructive and deliberately offensive and divisive. He tried to destroy democracy and sadly, it may still happen with all the Trumpsters still around and Fox News and co still at his service.
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