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  1. Only America thinks universal healthcare is a radical left policy. It never ceases to amaze me that poorer or working class voters could vote for someone that thinks getting health care is not a right and gives huge tax breaks to the ultra rich. Seeing these people embrace Trump is madness.
  2. Exactly. If they have time to film themselves on apps, they have time to get out and vote. Anyone who does not bother to vote, has no right to complain about decisions that affect their lives. Really depressing to read that are more worried about losing their “ clubhouse to hang out “ then other issues.
  3. So horrific. Shocking explosion. Such a dreadful tragedy.
  4. Kanye is a crazy unhinged narcissist who is also a massive Trump supporter.
  5. Finding the Trump supporters so depressing and mind boggling. They actually love and admire him being cruel, obnoxious, stupid, racist and sexist. They hate all reporters and excuse every single thing he does. They love how he degrades others and always say he is taken out of context when his entire press conferences, rallies etc are filmed to show he is not. How can anyone find him admirable, yet alone adore him
  6. Agree. Yes to exposing violence, extreme behaviour, injustice, vicious people and assaults but sick of everyone whipping their phones out over every incident going. Can also sadly see set ups taking place in the near future.
  7. True. Plus this move completely to the right in so many countries is mind boggling. I fear it is here to stay for a long while and could even get worse.
  8. The Nazis are supposed to be something the entire world never wants to see again. An abhorrent evil that killed millions in a World War. To think that people shouting England are doing Nazi salutes is one of the most revolting and idiotic things I have ever seen.
  9. I don't know why you keep painting China as some beacon of decency. Their GOVERNMENT is as corrupt and bullying as any government in the World. Towards other countries and their own citizens.
  10. Great point Karbatal. That ridiculous heading of “ people who menstruate” was deliberately done to create unnecessary drama. The article was not about transgender people but they have been cruelly dragged into this and now unfairly maligned. Manipulate and inflaming wording.
  11. Agree. How can anyone make a movie set in the South in the civil war and not depict racism. It would be denying history and be completely false. Showing life how it was at the time & location it was set in is important. It would be stupid to pretend that it was different. Some say that old movies should be banned due to the huge amount of people smoking in movies. Just stupid logic as people did smoke in those times without any knowledge of the health risks. Today it is different and everyone should realize it was what happened at that time. Viewers have brains and can see that things are shown in movies as it once was, not how it should of been in hindsight which would be denying and erasing history and fact.
  12. Everyone knows this is a racist film. It is a product of it’s time. No new information about that. The racism in it is horrible. Personally, I have always found it massively over rated and far too long. Just a personal opinion. Movies are all subjective and that goodness we all don’t love the same films. In saying that though, banning films from the past is ridiculous. People and new generations can also see how racist, sexist etc life was in the past. Kind of debunks the whole “ life was kinder” narrative people throw around. I watch an enormous amount of old movies and love them. Many are so superior to films made today. All of the actors spoke clearly and acted so well. Viewers should easily know that what is often depicted is now considered completely wrong. We can’t erase the past or past movies.
  13. He is playing to his base again. Conspiracy theories are one of his favourite things. The way he talks about the media too and calls them the enemy of the people all the time is a classic tactic of a fascist dictator.
  14. Those articles are the right wingers dream. So obvious and so damaging. See it all the time. Done deliberately to inflame, shock snd anger people. Examples and quotes so extreme in the hope of turning everyone against groups of people. Articles like that disgust me. See so much of that kind of garbage in the right wing tabloid press all the time as well. I also think the overwhelming majority of feminists are not against transgender people at all and as always, the bigot’s views are unfortunately highlighted everywhere in print and online to create unnecessary drama and create division. So frustrating and wrong. JK Rowling should be ashamed of herself. I used to think she was an intelligent fair woman whose books contained wonderful messages and great characters that got a new generation of children reading again. She has shocked me with these dreadful retweets.
  15. Imagine being that hateful, vicious and racist. This Dave must feel dead inside to write such racist horrible garbage. . What a horrendous excuse for a person.
  16. Yes.only have to see a lot of the news reports from the USA to know that it has a pretty different culture to other Western countries in some things. I don’t know of any other country that has a passionate and powerful gun lobby for example. The power the NRA have is mind blowing. Or any other democracy that has lots of people consider basic Universal health care as frightening and radical. I know this is not the view of all Americans of course but so many in power support those views.
  17. Totally. Trump is an ignorant revolting racist Buffon but there is always a sick method to his madness. Same with how Boris Johnson knows that never answering questions and deflecting by amping up the stupid act to the maximum helps him. I watched the UK election campaign and stupidly thought that hardly anyone would vote for him ( he did not even debate or give policies ) yet he romped home. To think someone who is a proven liar time and time again who also come across as a complete fool can romp home is depressing. I have noticed that Trump lovers I know here in Australia all have either some of these traits or all of them. Very religious. Conspiracy theorists. Shockingly racist and sexist. Either all traits Or just one of them. They all love him. No matter what he does. Trump is racist and sexist so that is easy and natural for him to sell. The religious angle is put on and he also plays up to every conspiracy theory. He used to be pro abortion but now wants it made illegal and I suspect his passion for no gun control is because he has the NRA and their believers on his side. Shows that he is a complete sociopath because he just sprouts what he knows will give him popularly and power. No worries about ethics, morals or fairness. It is terrifying and many people don’t even see how terrifying it is.
  18. Has anyone read the putrid conspiracy theories about this ? All from the same group who worship Trump. Because I work with people that are hard core conspiracy theorists, have been sent their version of truth they believe George Floyd and the policeman who killed him are trained crisis actors who put it all on so that they can rubbish Trump and cost him the election. They say that the black people protesting are mainly elites who want Trump out of office and covid does not exist. They hate all media and adore Trump. Pathetic people that call everyone else “ sheep” and are now saying race discrimination does not exist, never has and all has been staged for years. They are truly insane.
  19. Thank you. So tired of people not waiting to see if all names mentioned are guilty of anything. Some are of course and should be named and shamed but to just taint people with accusations for being in someone’s contact list is counter productive and dilutes the seriousness of this issue.
  20. Love Mariska so much. I was watching Trump last night on news and other shows and was so disgusted. I hope Americans that support Trump realize how shocking he is making the USA look worldwide. I have never seen any leader in a democratic nation talk and behave like him. It is beyond horrifying. He has not offered any empathy or acknowledgment to the barbaric murder and instead threatened citizens and paraded around holding a bible like he is some kind of saviour. No words of unity, no sympathy and no understanding of why people are rioting. He is an evil dictator with no compassion and loves spreading hate, racism and misogyny around. Has no leadership qualities at all.
  21. Such arrogance and complete hypocrisy. Surely the UK public won’t stand for this.
  22. Trump is more than terrifying. He deliberately insults, deflects, lies plus relishes and fuels hatred, racism and wilful ignorance. He is well beyond a joke and if he gets in again, it will be a frightening time for the world.
  23. Yes, He should be charged with first degree murder. Should be jailed for life. How anyone who has seen that sickening video could think otherwise is beyond me.
  24. Trump and the racism of America is shocking and appalling in every way possible. Truly horrendous And they are being called out worldwide as they should be. Trump is frighteningly dangerous and deranged. A revolting dictator who welcomes and fuels hate and division. Have read countless articles in Australia ( not the Murdoch press But other publications and television documentaries ) calling Trump out. China’s government though are bad comparisons as the GOVERNMENT itself ( not their citizens ) are far from innocent. They are trying to take over the civil liberties of Hong Kong completely and will do so. Why the people of Hong Kong are protesting so bravely for their rights The Chinese government has NEVER been punished for Tiananmen Square where they massacred so many of their young students who were protesting. The Chinese government won’t even let it be reported on and their aim is to make sure their citizens never even know about it.
  25. Something that astounds me is the way so many excuse or support Trump. I am positive that they would find his dreadful behaviour, mocking arrogant treatment of others, compulsive lying and tantrum throwing abhorrent in anyone else they saw or met.
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