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  1. This is all over our tv this morning. Does the UK realize that Boris is a laughing stock around the world ? This is not a speech that any leader would make. The world has really sunk to a new low when this idiot is a popular leader.
  2. I sometimes wonder if a civil war will start again. Seems so divided and the far right are gaining more and more power worldwide.
  3. Absolute disgrace this murderer walks free. Just as disgusting, is the fact that so many support and applaud him.
  4. She is the absolute pits. These hateful ignorant people always try to pretend they are good Christians yet everything they do and say is vile and against what the are supposed to stand for.
  5. Poor Elon Musk. So sad that billionaires should pay taxes. it is terrifying Kurt. Unbelievable too that so many worship this revolting man too and think he represents them.
  6. I will never understand anyone liking Trump. A stupid, ignorant, repulsive excuse for a leader who hugely lied consistently and just self promoted constantly. Was so destructive and deliberately offensive and divisive. He tried to destroy democracy and sadly, it may still happen with all the Trumpsters still around and Fox News and co still at his service.
  7. America had it’s chance to truly shake things up and vote in a true progressive who had real policies to help the American people in Bernie Sanders. As different as Trump and the hard right as possible. If the Democrats don’t stop holding their own party to ransom with stupid petty demands to appear moderate and placate to the Republicans, this could get very ugly. Such a crucial and dangerous time. The world is getting sucked in to right wing grip hold that will last too long with far right press supporting these governments. The last thing America and the entire world needs is for Trump or his equivalent to sweep back into power.
  8. Politics all over the world is depressing me so much. Staggering how the far right has cemented themselves so easily in power in so many countries. Terrible to that people are voting for governments that go against what is helpful to them. Not sure when this will turn around. I am hopeful that Australians will kick this government out but sadly not confident. So many people are apathetic and uninterested. That usually means the conservatives keep winning federally.
  9. I spoke to an English colleague at work today and she said exactly what you have been saying - that he is so popular amongst the English press and public. She said it was all because he delivered a Brexit deal even though the deal was such a bad deal for the UK. Said her relatives in England all loved him
  10. If Scomo gets in again in the next election, it will be devastating for Australia. I hate it that he is representing us on the World stage. He is a diplomatic disaster too. Even Prince Charles looked utterly bored by him. Biden does not even remember his name and other countries are all calling out his disgusting neglect of climate change action. Also, how dreadful that we aligned with China, Russia and India in not committing to targets. Especially considering Australia is going to be so horribly affected by Global warming in the future. He is the worst PM we have ever had ( well, Tony Abbot is on the same level) His squabbling with France and typical lying was humiliating and pathetic as well.
  11. It is staggering and frightening. So many crazy conspiracy theorists everywhere. I know a few as were once my colleagues. They get crazier and crazier too with their beliefs. Rational thinking is lost to them.
  12. Oh no. I used to love him so much on Person of interest. He is now one of those conspiracy nutters
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