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  1. Pathetic people. The hypocrisy, ageism and sexism is typical of trolls and Trumpsters.
  2. Disgusting heartless girls. Did not even seem bothered that they killed an innocent man just to have a joyride. So sad.
  3. Our favourite place - Florida at the policeman’s detailed description . He has aspirations to be an erotic fiction author. Not 50 shades of Grey but instead 50 shades of Florida lust !
  4. Admire these women so much. The world should get behind them in mass. There is change in the air with women speaking out more and more about abuse and demanding equality worldwide. Long overdue. Turkey has withdrawn from a landmark European treaty protecting women from violence. The county was the first to sign the Istanbul Convention treaty, named after its largest city, a decade ago. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan provided no reason for the withdrawal, but the annulment is a blow to women's rights advocates, who say the agreement is crucial to combating domesti
  5. Wow! The liberal party - our conservatives - got absolutely obliterated by Labor in the Western Australia state election last night. State elections often have different results to Federal elections but this was a massive loss. Victoria, Queensland and now Western Australia have all got Labor in easily so hope that is a sign that Scott Morrison will suffer the same fate Federally.
  6. What an evil troll. Milo is a disgusting person who likes to spread as much putrid ,vile, racist, sexist, homophobic right wing garbage for fame and attention for his own sociopathic narcissistic ego.
  7. Hang in there Melbourne will open up big time again. . A good job will be on your horizon. Stay with your parents for a while. Family support is a fantastic thing. Many of young people I know live with their family and are very happy
  8. Don’t praise Scomo for that. He has let unemployed people live on below poverty rates for years with no raise in payments for decades. It is only because rich and middle class people are also affected by Covid, that his right wing government have brought in Jobseeker and Jobkeeper. The ALP would of brought that in too. Labor got Australia through the GFC by giving stimulus payments. The Liberals were against it at the time. Australia was one of the very few countries to get through the GFC not going in recession. i totally agree with Jobkeeper and Jobseeker new rates as everyone s
  9. He is such a moron. That phony daggy Dad image he gleefully pushes is so transparent. Covid is actually saving his arse at the moment and all of his broken promises, sportstorts, Robo debt disgrace, corruption and previous Trump loving is being ignored. His handling of the rape allegations involving government employees is pathetic. Dutton and Porter have always been poisonous and have shown it. Scotty from Marketing is exactly the same but covers it up better.
  10. Barbie, I am positive @GOD is pulling your leg. I bet he can't stand Ted Cruz in reality.
  11. @Kim OMG, Did you see this idiotic Ted Cruz quoting Braveheart and yelling " Freedom" at the conservative conference. Was laughed about all over TV shows here. All Scots should be offended at this spineless coward trying to align himself with freedom fighters.
  12. I love their parody videos. Hate how this has ended. I still agree that Facebook should pay taxes and have far too much power worldwide. Their conduct and lack of care over the years has been abysmal and run by greed. The way they took down ALL government sites including health, charity and information sites was dreadful and arrogant too. Really showed their lack of social conscience. However, the final outcome has not achieved anything. Only big media companies are winners, it should have been beneficial to all media groups. A tax that went into helping investigate journa
  13. Truly frightening. Why are they so dumb and idiotic. It is seriously like a form of human regression.
  14. Quoting this again as now getting a lot of attention everywhere. This dog is so beautiful - everyone is saying the same thing. How could anyone find this beautiful rescue dog unattractive.
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