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  1. Samantha Fox - The Princess of Pop

    At Yoko ! The Cult hero of the Princess sections. God love her. Would love to see Smantha and Naomi Campbell in a telephone throwing contest !
  2. Samantha Fox - The Princess of Pop

    @karbatal Samantha's father sounds like an absolute bastard of a man. She is a survivor. Love hearing all the stories from her autobiography. Her chapter on Scandinavia hopefully talks about her concerts in Norway ! Here she is with that Australian con artist Peter Foster. Love her 80's look !
  3. Is she a Trumpster ? Even dislike her more now. Shows how little I know about her except she is one of the worst singers to make it in pop.
  4. Samantha Fox - The Princess of Pop

    Peter Foster is a well known con artist and was always in trouble for ripping people off. She is well rid of him. She was often interviewed in Australia and I still remember my mother saying she loved her for telling off one of our sexist presenters who kept telling her to talk like the Queen and trying to mock her accent in the 80's. I have looked for that interview online but never can find it. My brother loved her then but it was not really for her music
  5. It is hard to believe she still has a career and is promoted. I thought she was going to be in Rebecca Black territory because she is so dreadful.
  6. Samantha Fox - The Princess of Pop

    @karbatal. Keep telling us more from her autobiography. Need to know as much about her as possible before going to Norway to see her live ! Her autobiography sounds interesting. She has a lot of personality and would of seen a lot going from the world of glamour modelling to pop singer.
  7. Toni, that is my favoutite Kylie performance ever - purely and solely because of that adorable pony. No one even noticed Kilo. All eyes on the chubby Shetland pony who was the obvious star of the performance by a country mile.
  8. @ITG. Agree. Olivia is a beautiful legend and one of a kind. While Delta is beautiful and has a lovely voice, she does not have the natural appeal of Olivia or the same ability to emote as a singer. Olivia not only has a beautiful voice but is a wonderful singer who can sing many genres perfectly. Even from those clips from the trailer, it is obvious Delta's delivery of those songs are not a patch on how Olivia sings them.
  9. O'h dear. Do not like the look of this at all. Delta Goodrem does not seem remotely the right choice to be Olivia in this mini-series about her life that has been produced in Australia.
  10. Wonder what Old Phil would think of this look of Kilo's - out and about in Paris.
  11. The pony WAS the star. Kylie is always on those Royal Variety performances.
  12. Je5u5, from now on, she will always be MehGone Trainer to me. Great name !
  13. I loved Contact as well. Such a great movie. I have never been afraid of aliens. If they could travel to Earth from millions of lights years away, they would be so much more advanced than us and would be advanced in ethics, understanding and would be more curious than hostile. We on Earth however are still fighting each other over race, religion and greed and treating animals so cruelly.
  14. Last Northern white male rhino dies

    Look at this gentle giant.
  15. UK High St retailer B&M in legal BATTLE with Kylie Minogue MAJOR UK retailer B&M and singer Kylie Minogue have locked horns in a bizarre legal battle. The Australian singer is suing the firm over its homeware range which is named “Kylie”. Minogue and furnishings designer Ashley Wilde, who designs and makes the “Kylie Minogue at Home” range, claim these B&M products deliberately imitate their own. Despite B&M having since renamed the bed linen products “Camilla”, it is refusing to pay damages of £10,000 for the case to be dropped. And the retailer has now taken a shock swipe at Minogue, accusing her business partners of being “greedy” and stating Kylie Jenner is probably more famous. “We love her music but we think it’s greedy of her business partners to think you can own a popular first name.”