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  1. Junior and all American members. So happy for you all. Such a beautiful unifying wonderful inauguration.
  2. Loved it. So full of happiness, joy and celebrating all types of music. Pop, rock, gospel, soul, country, rap, Musical theatre. Loved seeing the formers presidents all calling for unity. This was beautiful
  3. Agree totally Nightcutter. Ridiculous dangerous and unfair.
  4. Trump should actually be embarrassed to have these nutters as his supporters
  5. staggering and depressing to see anyone defending or accepting the behaviour and actions of this sociopathic moron. He is going to leave a frightening stain on American politics for a long time. Compare the Nixon Watergate scandal where republicans did not accept his corruption. Trump makes a crook like Nixon seem like a choir boy in comparison.
  6. Acko, does Trump lover Rupert Murdoch own any of your media in Belgium ? His right wing puppet reporters in his papers here and on his Sky news pay tv channel have always supported Trump. Lindsay Graham is a pathetic weasel
  7. Agree. The cult of Trump includes his horrible children and their spouses. America needs to cleanse them all from politics. Sickening family
  8. Watching CNN now and seeing how incredibly dangerous it was for the politicians in the building. The police that stalled the protesters are such heroes. Trump was doing nothing while his cult were searching for Pence.
  9. To think so many in the world can’t get life saving surgeries and this moron is having unnecessary plastic cosmetic surgery all the time. Has gone beyond a joke now.
  10. Agree. So many are under estimating right wing extremists. They are extremely angry hateful people who love violence. So many of them follow their families beliefs as are somewhat brainwashed as children. Unfortunately, Murdoch owns so many newspapers and tv news stations worldwide and his right wing views are constantly in major papers. @Bitch I'm Christian so relieved that many in Australia are rejecting Murdoch’s message. I have noticed recently that so many people are calling him out. Hope that is also happening worldwide.
  11. Kurt, there are 2 groups of people that love Trump in Australia ( most Australians are disgusted in him ) group 1 - the racist right wing element who also love Pauline Hanson. Luckily in the minority. group 2 - hard core conspiracy theorists who are so far down the rabbit hole. Because Trump embraces conspiracy theories and actively and deliberately promotes them, they side with him. These are the people I am more shocked with as once they would have hated Trump.
  12. Love this. Wish the world was like this. Everyone living without useless damaging hateful bias towards others.
  13. What a lovely relief it was to listen to Biden speak. Compared to the insane, aggressive and self absorbed idiocy of hearing Trump for the past four years.
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