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  1. Congratulations @alquemist What a fantastic fun proposal.
  2. I saw this yesterday with a friend and both of us felt such sadness and frustration with Whitney and everyone around her. I thought Robin Crawford was the only person that could hold her head up high and probably the only person that had Whitney's best interests at heart. Was incredibly sad for Whitney. Cissy is an absolute horror and I feel that if she had just let Whitney and Robin be what they wanted to be, things could have been a lot different. Cissy is a cold, hard, judgemental and dominating person. Clive Davis dominated her to sing the songs he knew would become major hits and they controlled her image and musical output with selfish strategic planning. He used her completely to create the superstar he wanted. As for Whitney herself, it made me almost cry to see how self destructive she become and how her gift - her magnificent, once in a lifetime voice was ruined by drugs. I always have thought that Whitney easily had one of the greatest voices ever but I did not feel she was a great performer. I can now see why. The drugs and her shocking team that sat back and accepted her addictions and let her perform on stage drugged and high as a kite - it's so frustrating. It was heart breaking to hear Burt Bacharach talk of having to replace her at the Oscars because she could not perform and was so erratic and out of it. Poor Bobbi Christina never stood a chance growing up in that drug fuelled environment. Why nobody took her bodyguard's letter seriously and why her team let her go on tour while obviously high on drugs and struggling so much was criminal. Was also heart breaking to see her booed at the Soul Train awards. I had no idea that she was somewhat looked down upon and it would have been horrible for her. One thing I thought too. When they said that Beyonce and every African American woman owes Whitney her career because she was the first to become a superstar - have they never heard of Diana Ross ? All in all, was very sad how they controlled Whitney, her image, her music and how she had to be presented.
  3. Did you say yes ? If so, congratulations !
  4. Taylormort - looks like the original Taylor from her country music career in this clip congratulating Russell Westbrook. First time she has been on social media for months.
  5. Nick, what I find lately is that the singers who are continually praised on those horrible talent shows are always encouraged to belt it out and show off their range - most of the time forgetting the melody and in general shouting, going off the melody completely, doing vocal gymnastics and sounding painful. They all sing the same songs in the same screeching style by the same artists. That list had some great singers but they all had one thing in common - loud voices with huge vocal ranges. Taking Madonna out of the equation, some of the best singers to listen to who actually feel and sing the melody don't even get mentioned - singers like Olivia Newton John, Karen Carpenter, Diana Ross, Abba girls and Dusty Springfield. Incredibly talented singers who interpret their songs beautifully. Also how they could of not mentioned Tina Turner and Celine Dion in that group is beyond me, considering both do have huge vocal ranges and are far superior to most that were mentioned. All about taste I suppose. Interesting though that the winners of those talent shows hardly ever go on to be big sellers. Their screaming is simply not pleasant to listen to.
  6. Where is Madonna ? Seems that whoever made this thinks someone having a huge vocal range or being a belter is talent. Typical thinking of the talent show generation. Not that I think Taylor is a great talent but hate that kind of modern thinking.
  7. He just deflects all the time like a spoilt child who is caught out. It is either "fake news" or he brings up Clinton or Obama. So pathetic, childish and shows his guilt as people who deflect continually are liars.
  8. Smantha will love you in this !
  9. You would get noticed for sure with that sign ! What jumper are you going to wear for Smantha ? I love the medicated woman too.
  10. Yes ! We could arrange wool jumpers with French Bulldogs on them as they would remind her of her dog Gypsy. Then she would definitely come over and sing to us. You should go to that festival in Norway next time if it is announced that Smantha is performing. Make it your holiday destination You are a major Smantha fan and you could be immortalised as a Gif on Madonnanation forever !
  11. Katy at Kiss FM Radio station in London
  12. I am trying to imagine Madonna walking around that crowd all bubbly and high fiving people. Imagine if she come over and high fived one of us if we somehow went to that festival.
  13. Katy's team have taken too long to release every video for the singles on Witness. Her videos are fantastic, entertaining, interesting and memorable. Part of Katy's appeal to the GP is her personality and beauty which compliments her music. Her fantastic videos pushes her appeal and gets her music heard more, as it should be.
  14. No way. Madonna does not have a successor. She still stands above all of the girls that followed her.
  15. Disgusting seeing a millionaire gloating about taking health care off so many poor Americans. Everything gained re health care recently has now been lost but no worries for Trump. It won't affect the wealthy who are the people he really cares about.