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  1. Sydney - look at the difference. Australian politicians - wake up
  2. These pictures break my heart. This is only December - early Summer. How is Australia going to cope in the hottest months of the year in January, Feb and March.
  3. So ashamed having this excuse for a human leading our country. New South Wales and Queensland are burning in bushfires in early December - only the start of Summer - and this heartless man is not talking about bushfires because of fear of his inaction on climate change being brought up but instead talking of a bill to give religions more power to discriminate. The same leader who talks of unfunded empathy and has voted to get rid of penalty rates and against marriage equality at every vote. Hang your head in shame Australia - we voted this party in., So angry with politics. This cartoon says it all. Australia is on fire, Sydney is full of smoke but let's talk about Freedom of religion and giving people more power to discriminate instead. @San - Know you feel the same. How did he get in ?
  4. Wonderful speech. Yes, freedom of speech is important but people that spread lies, hate and vicious content that can inspire hideous crimes and actions to fit a vile evil agenda should never be accepted, promoted or tolerated.
  5. Napoleon, perfectly said. It is baffling and beyond belief. I find it very depressing and frustrating. As you said, the things you mentioned that they love about life in Australia, Trump is totally against and yet they defend him to the hilt.
  6. + 1 He basically can do what he wants. I even know some Australians who love him and either excuse everything he does or don't care how badly he behaves, how he is caught out as a compulsive liar over and over or how stupid he is. I will never understand it as I am positive they would despise him in real life.
  7. He is one person I won't be sad to see go - the evil he does around the world is frightening. As mentioned in earlier posts, his own mother was disgusted in how he abused the power of owning the press that was inherited to him from his father. Sadly though, his horrid son Lachlan is waiting in the wings and is just as bad Wish they would Jameshot. @Ciccone's Cheeks @Kelmadfan Agree with you both too. Kel, it is funny how our conservatives are called the Liberal party. The founder of the Liberal party did that decades ago intentionally as hated the word conservative and considered himself to be forward thinking while valuing other conservative type values. The thing that is frightening me is that today's members of the Liberal party are truly the complete opposite of any form of Liberal thinking. They are more right wing than ever with even old time Liberal party members commenting on it. So many centre type of conservatives or middle of the road conservatives left the party in disgust at how many ultra right wingers have taken over and what they believe in. Wish they had stayed because this current " Liberal party and government" are heartless horrible people who have the full support of Murdoch and his evil cronies. To compare the names - our Liberal party is what Americans would call Republicans and Our Democrats are the Labor Party.
  8. Democracy overboard: Rupert Murdoch's long war on Australian politics Kevin Rudd Australia has become a dangerously complacent country, dancing to the reactionary tune of the Murdoch press Australia has become the complacent country. Complacent about its future economic competitiveness. Complacent about climate change. Complacent about how to navigate our future in the region given China’s rise, America’s response and a neighbourhood increasingly torn between the two. Complacent too about the gradual erosion of our democracy itself through a growing “pay for play” culture from financial donations to political parties, an increasing assault on the independence of the public service and the abuse of monopolistic media power. The latter, in particular, is perverting our national politics, undermining the public commons on which the nation can conduct a balanced policy debate on our national future. The Murdoch media has mutated to become a cancerous growth on our democracy. It no longer even pretends to be a media organisation, separating out news coverage from editorial option. Instead it has become a de facto political party prosecuting its own ideological and economic interests, acting as an effective coalition partner of the Liberal party. ( The liberal party is actually the name of the conservative party in Australia ) You don’t have to be a Rhodes scholar to work out that since 2007 through to 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019, the Murdoch media, representing some 70% of the nation’s total print media, has hated the Australian Labor party’s guts. More broadly, they despise the progressive left. And they will do anything within their power to keep Labor out of office. Even in 2007, when some Murdoch mastheads technically endorsed me in their pre-election editorials, Murdoch’s tabloids for the year prior to that election did everything they could to destroy my leadership through one series of personal accusations of scandal, misdemeanour or corruption after another. No Liberal leader has been subjected to anything similar, but it has become routine for Labor leaders. Once they failed and Murdoch concluded that a Labor win was unavoidable, that’s when the technical, pre-election “editorial” endorsement was deployed to put themselves on the right side of history. If you look at Murdoch’s election “news” coverage during the 2007 campaign, it was at best 50-50. Roll the clock to 2010 and 2013, it was more like 80-20 against Labor. Then 90-10 in 2016. And in 2019 it was 100-0, when all pretence of being a news organisation was finally given up. And Murdoch’s print dominance in this country bleeds into both radio and television and through to social media. The Murdoch beast itself is deeply ideological. Its papers conducted a relentless campaign against any form of economic stimulus during the global financial crisis, arguing that financial markets would magically self-correct. Its far right agenda on climate change is clear to all. Murdoch’s mastheads are driving Australia’s national China hysteria with “Reds under every bed” rapidly morphing into the “Yellow Peril”, as one giant throwback to 1950s McCarthyism, where any dissenting views are attacked as being in Beijing’s pocket. The Murdoch media – in Australia, the US and in the UK – led the charge to go to war in Iraq in 2003; 16 years later we are still paying the price in Iraq, Syria and an emboldened Iran. In the UK, Murdoch backed Brexit. In the US, Murdoch’s Fox has been the great Trump enabler. Indeed, without Fox, it’s doubtful Trump would have been elected. The Murdoch commercial agenda in the 2013 election was also on full display. My government had advanced a fibre optic to the premises NBN across Australia as part of a $42bn plan. Murdoch was determined to kill it because it represented a threat to his only significant profit centre left in Australia, the Fox cable entertainment network. Why? Because the NBN we were building would enable Foxtel competitors such as Netflix to provide direct entertainment products to the home. Which is why Murdoch did a deal with the Liberals to kill it by turning fibre optic to the premises into fibre optic to the node, thereby leaving the last bit of the NBN unconnected unless customers were willing to pay for it. This has left Australia’s broadband one of the slowest and least reliable in the world. Denials by Murdoch executives, or by their Liberal party accomplices, are unbelievable. Murdoch’s agenda is patently ideological, commercial and of course political. But it is also global. Across much of the Anglosphere, these debates occur in parallel. But interestingly not in Canada – because Murdoch is not in Canada. And for those who think it will all expire when Rupert dies, there’s another Murdoch in waiting. Lachlan is every bit as conservative as his father, including being a climate change denier. Murdoch has cultivated an atmosphere of fear in Australia. Debating Murdoch’s power has long been effectively off-limits. Politicians, academics, corporates, even journalists and commentators from other news organisations are fearful for their own reputations, because they know from experience that Murdoch’s editorial henchmen will come after anyone who attacks them, with a view to shredding the offender’s reputation. Murdoch editors see no need to correct the record when they print inaccuracies or just make stories up. After all, who is going to have the guts to challenge them? Which is why we have such a deafening national silence in this country on the problem which dare not speak its name: Murdoch.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2019/nov/21/news-corps-rupert-murdoch-says-there-are-no-climate-change-deniers-around-here
  10. Yes, it is crazy. These million dollar lawsuits for nothing are outrageous and full of greed. Any vegan would know not to eat at Burger king as the smell of cooking meat is very intense as you said.
  11. Diana had royal blood. Her father was titled - Earl of Spencer. I feel so sorry for her suffering and pain but the public perception of her is odd in that she is somehow seen as an out-sider in the privileged royal world. She moved in those circles all her life and her family were titled and well known for being snobby, horrible and they were incredibly wealthy. . She was lovely - much kinder and shy than her family - but she was totally different to Meghan. She was accepted because she was part of the upper class. Those were still the times when the royals had to marry in their class and wealth circles. Why her niece is now famous - Lady Kitty Spencer. She has just been the "star" of the Melbourne cup racing festival and treated like well - royalty. Yes, they are titled too. They are a titled family and Diana was not some girl picked off the streets etc. It was the press that started hounding her and her marriage to Charles was crazy as it was obvious they never were in love. He should have manned up years back and married Camilla whom he obviously did love despite the press hating her. Instead of putting Diana through a loveless marriage. Meghan is hated by the press and the upper class because she is a complete and utter out-sider. She is American, mixed race and an actress. Not wealthy and not British. Always knew she would be turned on and blamed for everything. Watching Harry speak, it seemed that he did not want his children paraded around and to have an easier childhood. Yet, the UK press is naturally blaming Meghan - also continually complaining about her so called "leftist ways" With Piers Morgan continually on her case and trashing her every second as well. Not sure how she will survive as the media backlash and hatred for her is worse than Diana in my opinion. Diana was hounded by the press but she was always raved about. It was more the shocking invasion of privacy and the fact Diana was never left alone by the press. I don't see the same devotion and love to Meghan by the press and totally expected it. Just come slightly sooner than expected - the vicious articles and backlash. The Queen seems to like her a lot though. I hope Harry and Meghan stay together despite all the attempts at the moment to rip them apart.
  12. What a joke asking for $ 5 million dollars. The whole suing for millions culture is disgusting. This "burger" is aimed at getting people off meat and trying alternative vegetarian products - which is important and a step in the right direction - and surely vegans should know better than to go to a "burger places" as so much meat is cooked there. Plus there is information talking of cooking it differently on request. Actions like this are so counter productive to their cause.
  13. So dissappointed in Antonio. He was so gorgeous years back and seemed a lovely guy. He is a total Trumpster. His tweets and Trump devotion are scary. Yet again, someone seeing Trump as a committed Christian etc and all for America. Trump actually has no values that Jesus would like. They say they follow Jesus, so of all people, they should know that. Just weird that people who follow Trump, see him as some kind of God. Don't see it with other presidents etc. How anyone can not see what he did with Ukraine phone call is wrong is beyond me. It is like they do not even care what he does wrong - a free pass and the word " witch - hunt " is trotted out all the time. It's scary how so many love this revolting buffoon like a cult and excuse everything he does.
  14. Israel Folau linking bushfires to same-sex marriage and abortion The former Wallaby claims that the bushfires that have devastated the country and left six Australians dead are God’s punishment for legalising abortion and same-sex marriage. Dumped by Rugby Australia after warning gay people and other “sinners” they would go to hell unless they repented, Folau has doubled down on the stance in a video sermon posted to the Truth of Jesus Christ Church Sydney. During the 10-minute recording, the 30-year-old says the timing of the bushfire crisis is no coincidence but only a taste of God’s judgment should nothing change. “I’ve been looking around at the events that’s been happening in Australia, this past couple of weeks, with all the natural disasters, the bushfires and the droughts,” he says. He then reads from the Book of Isaiah in the *, The Lord’s Devastation of the Earth: “The earth is defiled by its people; they have disobeyed the laws, violated the statutes and broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore a curse consumes the earth; its people must bear their guilt. Therefore earth’s inhabitants are burned up, and very few are left.” Folau links the passage to the twin disasters of bushfire and drought and, in turn, the legalisation of same-sex marriage and abortion. While he has gained the support of prominent conservatives for his stance, his latest comments may alienate many. Morrison told reporters in Adelaide that although Folau “is a free citizen, he can say whatever he likes, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have regard to the grievous offence this would have caused to people whose homes have been burnt down”. Morrison, an evangelical Christian, said that for many Christians “that is not their view at all” and their thoughts and prayers “are very much with those who are suffering under the terrible burden of fire”. “Let’s just focus on those who need our help most and if people don’t have something sensible or helpful to say, can you just keep it to yourself?” On Monday the Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, said Australians “think of a loving God, they don’t think of religion or faith in those terms”. “[Folau’s] comments are in line with some of his other comments which are pretty reprehensible, frankly,” Albanese told Sky News. “I think it’s unfortunate that they were made, but Mr Folau has a history of making provocative comments. He’s entitled to his view but it’s also incumbent on people who have a bit of common sense to reject those comments.” Labor MP Julian Hill argued the Coalition’s religious freedom legislation would allow both ridicule of Folau and for Folau to “insult and preach at his gay work colleagues”:
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