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  1. Jazzy Jan

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    Yes. Hate to see Madonna fans talking like this. Just no need. We were so proud and thrilled when she rightly was inducted straight away. There is no need to now use it as a bragging right. It was something to celebrate but gloating about things to put down others is little monster territory.
  2. Jazzy Jan

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    Happy for all of them. All famous and have memorable songs. Especially Stevie and Roxy Music as 2 of my personal favourites.
  3. Paul, the suppression order is useless anyway. Everyone knows about Pell but is has been weirdly humorous seeing all of the media in Australia referring to it without mentioning his name or the charges. The Catholic Church has so much to answer for re sexual, physical and mental child abuse and here they are again, instead complaining about homosexuality.
  4. Ironic indeed. We would not even know who she was if she had not married Trump. She took her opportunity herself in marrying him Also how stupid is she. Journalists have to report on the President - it is part of their job. Not being opportunists. Comedians have joked about every world leader and every president throughout history. Part of the gig and never heard the other presidents squeal and complain about it. Most actually had a sense if humour about it or ignored it.
  5. Also, The way they dived into the so called pool. More like belly flops ! Have to love it !
  6. @runa you know I adore Celine but Bucks Fizz version is better ! Now, did you watch the video clip ? I want you and @Crux @Je5u5 @nightcutter @todsmod ( all commenting already in this thread ) to have a laugh at the girl going to the Land of Make believe dressed as a kind of prostitute It is hilarious. That Liz Hurley kind of cut out dress - visiting a make believe child's land.
  7. So many songs of their's I did not even know. Enjoying discovering more
  8. Jazzy Jan

    Paris is burning

    Macron promised things that he had no intention of delivering. Wage growth has been stagnant for so long. The cost of living keeps going up, people's wages are not matching it ( unless a CEO where they get huge money and pay rises for how many jobs they send off-shore ) About time, people started protesting about these things. I hate the violence and destruction of property but that is from the elements that go to protests to cause trouble. Protests though ( not riots or violence ) are needed to show governments that people matter and are angry.
  9. Jazzy Jan

    Paris is burning

    What a disgusting opportunist Trump is. He makes me feel ill. He has no idea about what people are protesting about but as always uses other's problems to promote himself. He misses the point to that people are frustrating that poorer and middle classes pay more tax than the wealthy do. America is a tax haven for the super wealthy. He has no idea.
  10. Jazzy Jan

    PETA: Stop using anti-animal language!

    Exactly. Why people that go to the extremes the other way ALWAYS do more damage than they realize . Although, I often wonder if they are in causes to be somewhat trolls and annoy people. . It makes me both angry and sad. I Believe so much in animal rights as I know 90 % of people do. When people know the facts and the extreme cruelty of what happens to feeling, beautiful animals they are horrified. So, what do Peta do - talk about stuff that is not remotely important. So then people get turned off by them and don't listen to the real causes. They are playing right into the hands of people that use animals for profit or people that consider hurting animals or hunting them as sport.
  11. I love it too. I love traditional carols a lot but love the Christmas songs to be catchy and fun. Je5u5, never heard this song before by Bucks Fizz. I love it and love the Spanish cover too. Such a catchy song.
  12. The people that take religious verse literally and seriously to discriminate against others and spread hate are kidding themselves. They are cherry picking what they want. It also says in religious texts that people should be stoned for working on the sabbath, people can own slaves and should sacrifice animals. People that use religion to discriminate against women, gay people and different races are just bigots and hide behind their religion to push their own agendas.
  13. Jazzy Jan

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    That tweet was so appalling that I thought it was a satire send up at first. He keeps sinking lower and lower.
  14. This crazy way now of having to watch every single thing we do and say is dreadful. Especially when now people are getting offended over terms of endearment as well. Apparently calling people " Love and Sweetheart" is now not appropriate language. Seriously, how on earth did we get to this stage ? I have been called those names for years by people and they are terms of affection and politeness. Never have I been remotely offended at all and always have seen it as people being polite. Why are people looking for things to get upset about ? It is all so hypocritical too. Everyone is watching reality shows where people treat others appallingly, bully each other, talk to each other like garbage, call each other awful names and that is acceptable but someone calling someone " love' is wrong ! Utter Madness.