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  1. Smantha will love you in this !
  2. You would get noticed for sure with that sign ! What jumper are you going to wear for Smantha ? I love the medicated woman too.
  3. Yes ! We could arrange wool jumpers with French Bulldogs on them as they would remind her of her dog Gypsy. Then she would definitely come over and sing to us. You should go to that festival in Norway next time if it is announced that Smantha is performing. Make it your holiday destination You are a major Smantha fan and you could be immortalised as a Gif on Madonnanation forever !
  4. Katy at Kiss FM Radio station in London
  5. I am trying to imagine Madonna walking around that crowd all bubbly and high fiving people. Imagine if she come over and high fived one of us if we somehow went to that festival.
  6. Katy's team have taken too long to release every video for the singles on Witness. Her videos are fantastic, entertaining, interesting and memorable. Part of Katy's appeal to the GP is her personality and beauty which compliments her music. Her fantastic videos pushes her appeal and gets her music heard more, as it should be.
  7. No way. Madonna does not have a successor. She still stands above all of the girls that followed her.
  8. Disgusting seeing a millionaire gloating about taking health care off so many poor Americans. Everything gained re health care recently has now been lost but no worries for Trump. It won't affect the wealthy who are the people he really cares about.
  9. Agree 100 % People continually under-estimate how much power the right wing media has when their views are continually pounded on people. People like Murdoch and his fellow billionaires that own most of the papers plus the right wing trash that he hires to help spin his views and messages are so damaging . I have been astounded at the amount of people that blindly believe everything they read - whether it be celebrity gossip or political and cultural issues. Just recently for example, there was front page articles in Murdoch's Herald Scum a few months back on schools wanting to ban fairy tales for children as they are politically incorrect. People naturally and rightly got riled up and angry and the attention turned to how "the latte drinking elite" were talking over our lives. Truth is, there was a "suggestion" about that issue by one person out of many in a study on school education and it was shot down by everyone else on the board who did not agree. Was not even considered. Our Labor government stressed that it was not any part of their policy at all but just a passing suggestion by one person that was ignored. But it sure made a good point to convince the public that we were all being ruled by the PC police - over one rejected opinion. Then they media tell us all that is why we need people like Pauline Hanson etc to fight the politically correct. It is so manipulative and wrong.
  10. This thread is on fire !
  11. @Genevieve Vavance, these are life. Both Donatella and Lady Cuca are far more attractive than Gaga too !
  12. It is beyond words how dangerous and unhinged Trump is. We all know exactly the type of horrible regime that North Korea has. . Just seeing what happened to Otto Warrmbier is one small example. Breaks my heart how he was treated and how he died. Sentenced to 15 years hard labour for taking a poster and now dead after one year in prison. Disgusting and inhumane way he has been treated. This is the country that Trump is "tweeting" about so casually. Not the way any sane, intelligent and measured leader would react. He disgusts me to the core. Also, watching the Republicans talk about Health care makes me want to be sick. I hope the "poorer people" who thought Trump would look after them are now awake to what his thoughts are and how little he cares about them. . He could not care less about people that are not wealthy or people that can't afford health care.
  13. Django, that is going to be the name I call her now. Vanilla Regina George - out. Taylormort - in !
  14. Karbatal, I am turning into a Smantha fan ! Never thought I would see the day but seeing her with this "crowd" is so hilarious. It just gets better and better ! I used to think of AHA ( my first live concert I went to ) when I think of Norway. Take on me - one of the best songs and videos in history. Now, that has been replaced though by the crowd at Smantha Fox's shows. They are so "unique" Love them.
  15. Love this. Kim, please do another one of those posts with all the gifs of the crowd and your descriptions of them. They are life itself.