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  1. @Ciccone's Cheeks Bruce Springsteen said he would move to Australia if Trump won but said he was positive Biden would win. All my fingers crossed for Trump loss. America deserves better. You deserve much better xx
  2. Good sign. Come on America, the world is watching you and hoping for sanity and goodness prevailing. Not a heartless, narcissist, compulsive lying and stupid buffoon in Trump
  3. Watched a documentary yesterday on cover ups of child sexual abuse. The Catholic Church has shown such callous disregard for victims for so many decades. They lobbied relentlessly against victims rights and infiltrated everywhere to silence critics. The children being sexually and physically abused were of little interest to them. It was devastating to watch. Sporting clubs too were equally as disgusting in protecting top coaches. Shameful and chilling.
  4. He is infuriating and revolting. Cruel, heartless and such a con man. I truly feel sick and disgusted watching him.
  5. I love him a lot ( he has a wonderful rapport with Australian tennis fans ) but I totally understand your frustration about taxes. So many tennis players don’t pay taxes to their countries and instead live in tax haven countries and it is sad to see.
  6. Finally some good political news. A compassionate intelligent leader who stands for empathy, climate change action, human rights and bringing people together has won in a landslide. So happy for New Zealand. Hopefully this win will be a welcome start to a worldwide trend against the ultra right.
  7. Have no respect for her at all.
  8. He depresses me so much. To think the leader of the free world and president of the United States could Re-tweet such juvenile ,vile, dehumanising stuff for a start is terrible. Then to think, he has somewhat “ normalised” it is doubly alarming. I would expect that tweet from a feral, stupid half-witted idiot. I can’t imagine ANY leader of the past being so obviously offensive and stupid. The level of offensive stupidity is staggering. The fact this buffoon is admired by anyone is depressing
  9. Love him. One of the greatest sportsmen ever. A true deserving superstar who always gives his all on the court and is well known for being friendly and appreciative of tennis fans and followers.
  10. Yes, his corruption knows no boundaries. Thus this election result is critical for not only America but the world.
  11. He was brilliant. Shut them up effortlessly and with such poise.
  12. That is terrifying thanks too for replying @Cyber-Raga The Trump appeal truly shocks and repulses me.
  13. Is it just his rampant cult followers who love him or do others adore him too ? I don’t understand the appeal of this man in any way, shape or form. Every American that I have met ( the ones who now live or are visiting Australia) detest him and find him an embarrassment to the United States.
  14. Americans must be ashamed that this crazy unhinged, lying moron is the leader of their country. It is like an alternative universe in a black comedy. So frightening that it is actually happening.
  15. Such a disgusting, evil, idiotic dangerous man. He sickens me to the core.
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