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  1. Why would anyone sing a romantic, happy, catchy song and choose to perform it like a stripper who does not know how to move. I watched it a few times for a laugh. She bends over, thrusts her hips around without any sense of grace and seems to change her mind what move she is going to do next. One thing though, she can toss her hair around well. Her management should insist she does not attempt to dance in future performances of this song.
  2. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Such an ignorant, pathetic, childish and dangerous person to have any power. Great leaders take on board good things that their opponents have done. To just go against everything Obama has done is abhorrent and pointless. He is not fit to run a brothel and here he is being the leader of a country. This decision to let Americans bring animal trophies back into America is setting back the protection of endangered species completely and will have huge and dreadful consequences for animal conservation.
  3. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    This decision just shows how arrogant and barbaric his administration is. They had to overturn a policy that was welcomed and applauded by everyone except for rich hunters. The fact that elephants and lions are protected species means nothing to Trump who is completely heartless. Also, these evil hunters (including Trump's useless sons) are trying to say that these rich American tourists who kill animals purely for sport are raising money for elephant conservation. What utter hypocrisy and bulldust. How about them saving these elephants and lions by not hunting and killing them in the first place. Their blood money goes to rich corrupt officials of those countries too.
  4. He sure is serious. Already posted her performance in this thread.
  5. Bad Girl or Angel????

    @sul8323. I can't choose love them both equally.
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Surprised she has not commented on Liz Smith yet. I don't think she needs to or should comment on every celebrity death but Liz was one of her biggest supporters for years, defending her through every backlash.
  7. @Leebf. @Rugbyguy Loving this. The mood and joy in Australia is electric. Never seen Australia as happy as this since winning the America cup years ago.
  8. Katy Perry thread

    Bad choice for a single. Roulette, Pendullum or tsunami would of been more GP friendly.
  9. Saw that performance and it was dreadful. I don't know why female singers dress up in leotards to perform when they are average dancers and don't do difficult routines. The whole point of wearing dance costumes like Flashdance ones etc is to show off great dance moves. Why they are only suitable for dancers. Rita is not a great mover by any stretch and she ended up looking like she was performing in a strip club. Did not suit the lyrics or vibe of the song either.
  10. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    This administration stoops lower and lower every day. People that pay to hunt and kill elephants for sport are disgusting people. Then to display their tusks as trophies to gloat about killing them is revolting. Nothing more than cowards with guns, money and a thirst for killing and cruelty. Wish these magnificent elephants would kill them instead. Trump's own useless sons love killing animals for sport. Says it all. Fancy even contemplating reversing these rules to favour rich evil bastards who think killing an elephant with a weapon is an achievement. American people must feel more shame in their government every day.
  11. "Same" ("Rain" parody)

    Jane also sang Erotica in this sketch on the Late show at 1.40
  12. Unfortunately not many Australians venture into the Politics section Shocked that New South Wales had the biggest percentage of No votes out of all Australian states and the 2 territories. The Yes vote still got home easily in NSW but it was the only state that had less than 60 % voting yes.
  13. Would enjoy seeing David interview Madonna if this is true. They had great chemistry