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  1. Jazzy Jan

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    If people believe that absolute bulldust he is peddling, they are certifiable. It is scary that this disgusting buffoon still has followers.
  2. Jazzy Jan

    2018 MTV VMAs

    It is hilarious really. LWYMMD is a dreadful bitchy useless song but the video for it is easily the best video clip she has made. So finally she makes an entertaining video and it does not get nominated for a video award when her over rated videos were winning before for nothing
  3. Jazzy Jan

    2018 MTV VMAs

    @Magician @Je5u5 @Aime Don't care about these awards but we have to want our favourite " take off" of those fantastic soap operas " Havana" to win video of the year.
  4. Jazzy Jan

    Last Northern white male rhino dies

    Showing that there is also much good done in the world today by others who speak up for animals - as they can't talk, we need to be their voice. The complete opposite to the heartless evil poachers and hunters. "Sleeping With the Babes" Orphaned babies never sleep alone at orphanages such as the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. They have been through enough trauma, and need to know that they are now safe. These are emotional beings, just like you and I. Sometimes they may cry, or even scream at night, but their caretaker is always there to soothe them and calm them down
  5. Jazzy Jan

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Trump is as always playing straight to his mindless cult of followers. The ones that cheer on the whole " America first" message and fall for the continual lies that he tells them. The ones that love it if Trump "sticks it up" to Europe or insults nations that the USA have been friends with for so long while he peddles how great the USA is and how everyone takes advantage of them. I can see a time where the rest of the world just rejects the USA unless the damage he is doing is undone. Notice how the protesters in the UK were pointing out that they loved Americans but not Trump. He is really taking a wrecking ball completely to the USA reputation and it is unfair to the American people to have him represent them. Surely they must see this. This comment from the Washington Post says it all. If Trump is right β€” then this could mean Americans wanted exactly what they are getting right now: a president who burns alliances, insults allies, sides with Putin over the American government, ignores Russia’s abuses and bashes the free press across Europe.
  6. Jazzy Jan

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Why Trump has been undermining NATO - he would rather side with Putin over America's allies and NATO stands against Russian dominance.
  7. Love that people in the UK are protesting against him. So they should. He is disgusting in far too many way. Nothing but a racist, fascist, sexist, ignorant, orange moron who thinks he can not only trample over the rights of people in his own country but demands other nations do the same and insults them. I see where that revolting Piers Morgan is defending Trump and having a go at protesters. Typical. Also, what a miserable horrible foursome.
  8. Jazzy Jan

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    He really does not care about insulting his allies. I have never seen a president insult so many other nations and gloat about how much America does for them. This whole " America first" may please his rabid supporters but it is such bad form. Fancy attacking Canada, Germany, Mexico for example and imply that America carries them. . Meanwhile he continues to crawl to Russia. Such an embarrassment to the United States.
  9. All of the boys and the coach have been rescued. What a relief and wonderful effort. The rescue team has done an amazing job and should be honoured. Saman Kunan, the navy seal who came out of retirement to volunteer his services and who lost his life laying oxygen for the boys should be honoured and remembered for his bravery and ultimate sacrifice.
  10. Jazzy Jan

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    So Trump ranting about NATO now. He really does not care less about the state of the World or unity with the USA's allies.
  11. The rescue team saving the boys are heroes. This is showing what can be achieved when people band together to help others.
  12. ^ David Cameron is the epitome of someone who went into politics for their own gain. His referendum backfired completely and he did not even have the backbone to stick around and try to steer the mess. Such a pompous arrogant man.
  13. Two boys are reprorted to be nearly out of the cave. They are reported to be near the entrance of the cave walking with rescuers.
  14. Jazzy Jan

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    How crazy are Trumpsters Talk about cult mentality. Does the fact he demonstrates absolutey NONE of the so called Christian values these people preach about just go over their heads ?
  15. This is such a nightmare for all involved. So incredibly sad for the brave man who gave his life to come out of retirement to be involved in this rescue. He is a true hero. . The options that the rescue mission have to consider are all full of extreme danger for the boys and their coach. The fact that a fit, trained, experienced diver lost his life rams home just how hard this mission is. Weakened, exhausted, frightened children who can't swim have little chance of surviving diving through the waters of this treacherous cave. Drilling is also incredibly dangerous and could be fatal. It really is a terrible situation and I hope that the boys and their coach all are rescued safely.