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  1. Debunked Stories

    love it !
  2. Omg ! so many talentless girls that got record deals in the 80's. I only knew Mandy Smith due to the sad fact she was dating Bill Wyman when she was 13. He later married her when he was 18. Poor girl. She was in the news here solely because of that. Never heard her music recordings. Just as well judging by that effort. Re Stacey Q, I did love 2 of hearts and We connect which were her hits here, but never liked her singing voice.
  3. Tragic Madonna Wax Figures

    Good grief, looks nothing remotely like Madonna. The wax figures on this entire thread are so awful and tragic that they are comical.
  4. Debunked Stories

    These tabloid trash stories are annoying and an insult to people's intelligence.
  5. Favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?

    Glad that MDNA is being discussed in a relevant thread to it because all the Martin Solveig songs are on MDNA. The discussions about MDNA seem to pop up and somewhat derail every thread about Madonna, even threads dedicated to other albums.
  6. Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    Walter Mikac is a famous anti gun violence campaigner whose wife and 2 little daughters were shot and killed in the Tasmanian Port Arthur massacre where 35 people were killed by a deranged man. This caused our government to push through very strict gun laws. Since then, death by guns have dropped over 59 %. He said that world wide anti gun campaigners have acknowledged that the gun control laws in the United States would probably never change because of the lack of any change after Sandy Hook. If the NRA and gun advocates would not change even minor laws after little children were killed, nothing would. I know that America has a different culture and ideas about the right to own guns to other countries, but surely the right for citizens to be able to live their lives without the fear of being killed by mass murderers with automatic guns is something that is worth change. It is just heart breaking and senseless that so many innocent Americans are killed needlessly by guns over and over.
  7. That is exciting and frightening at the same time. The brain is fascinating. I don't think we will ever understand how both complex and precise our brains are. Plus why we are wired do differently with some things yet so similar with others.
  8. Buenos Aires appreciation thread!

    Agree @Ugly Hecty. She was definitely robbed of an Oscar nomination. Now especially considering Emma Stone and Anne Hathaway have Oscars for movie musicals. She carried the entire movie brilliantly as was in virtually every scene. Love this song. Have always loved her performance in Evita and wished she had explored more musicals in her film career.
  9. Yes ! Look at how she loves the camera. Can strike a pose indeed.
  10. Favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?

    you can't say none @KalamazooJay because you have said you adore Beautiful killer ! Now sing, "you're a beautiful killer with a beautiful face " You wil be singing it all day. I love it too.
  11. Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    Well, this massacre is treated the same as always in America - just yet another senseless gun attack where the public are horrified but let down by those in power. People in power are praying etc as usual but there is no action, no gun law changes. They always say "now is not the time" to discuss it but there is never a time to talk about it in their view. Must be so disheartening for the American people who keep seeing these massacres and nothing ever being done about it.
  12. Favorite M songs produced by Martin Solveig?

    I love Beautiful Killer and think it should have been a single. I enjoy Turn up the radio for simply what it is - a breezy catchy song about the feel good power of music.
  13. Karbatal, I do understand what you are saying and get your point about media access to remote areas etc but the magnitude of this bombing is so massive and dreadful. Over 300 innocent people killed and hundreds more injured in one attack is something that I thought would be huge worldwide news. What happened in Somalia with this terrorism attack is beyond horrific, heartless and evil.
  14. I love so many of their songs and agree with you about the instrumental and melodies.