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  1. Watching this Trump clone Boris go about with Brexit is revolting. His deliberate and calculating flustering, blustering that masks and distracts people and with him sending 3 different letters to the EU is just ridiculous. Just like revolting Trump, his compulsive lying and vague ways are a very sad reflection of what politicians today can get away with. I really hate modern politicians. They don't even pretend to be intelligent or truthful and instead their stupidity and corrupt ways are shrugged off. This fool is so dangerous as people are not even knowing or acknowledging how dangerous his views are and how he is mainly interested in himself and attention on top of that.
  2. What a disgusting betrayal of the Kurds. To see Pence making out that they are doing the Kurds a favour is unbelievable and disgraceful.
  3. Sorry, I was copying the link posted here. Glad it is not real and a satire as just too obscene for words.
  4. Seeing Donald Trump on the news saying that the Kurds did not help America in the second world war or Normandy was pathetic. How low can this man stoop ? Also, how can he insult America's allies so much all the time.
  5. OMG. This is just sickening and staggering at the same time. Needs to be seen in case people didn't click on the link. I really worry about the state of the World when a Christian university honours Donald Trump with a stain glass window. His whole lifestyle and ethics are exactly the opposite of what Jesus preached ! LYNCHBURG, VA—Liberty University has come under withering criticism after unveiling a Donald Trump stained glass window in the school's newly renovated Worley Prayer Chapel. The window is featured prominently in the chapel, allowing students and faculty to pray to their lord and savior Donald Trump as they escape the pressures and worries of campus life for a few minutes. "We wanted the renovated prayer chapel to really help students think about what's important: President Trump and His anointed agenda to make America great again," said school president Jerry Falwell, Jr. "It's important to remain focused and anchored. Now our students can take some time to reorient their hearts and spirits around Trump whenever they want." Falwell encouraged those attending Liberty University to turn their eyes upon Trump, "and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glorious policies." One small window in the chapel is always open in the direction of Washington, D.C., so students can pray facing Trump. While Trump's stained glass window occupies the place of honor in the prayer chapel, the spot right in the center where the cross used to be, several other stained glass windows were installed along the walls of the chapel. These windows honor lesser icons of the Christian faith, such as the Republican elephant, the NRA, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Mike Pence. One particularly powerful piece beautifully depicts Trump's Playboy magazine cover in exquisite colors. Critics have questioned whether the move was appropriate.
  6. Yes true. But Trump's following truly amazes me. Jim Jones ( despite being a sick maniac ) actually was a good speaker and come across as intelligent initially. I can actually see why misguided people were fooled by him and then become in a cult. Have watched several docos on Jim Jones. Usually cult leaders and evil leaders are also good speakers and know how to fool people. Their insanity etc shows later. But Trump ? He is not a good speaker, is not good looking, does not speak sense and is continually caught out lying compulsively. Surely even fools can see through this revolting man. Hitler was evil to the core but knew how to speak - his skill as an orator was commented on everywhere. Why he managed to fool people for so long before they realized how insane and evil he was. Why I always thought Trump would not be as dangerous as Hitler as he did not have his speaking skills. Trump though - there is nothing in what he says and does that commands any respect, speaks nonsense and contradicts himself all the time. It really beggers belief that poor people think this multi millionaire who does nothing for them and has underpaid his staff in his hotels for decades - is on their side.
  7. I saw on the news this morning that 87 % percent of Republicans are satisfied with Trump ( if we can believe opinion polls ) That completely floors me. I can't imagine anyone liking this revolting man - Democrats or Republicans. He is just an unhinged, vicious, compulsive liar who has no intelligence and earned all of his money etc through inheriting it. His behaviour, ethics and atrocious pathetic tweets have actually made being the President of the United States something to now not be proud of.
  8. It is crazy and ridiculous for the conservatives to compare Australia to any country in Europe re immigration as she is doing. Europe is a continent full of countries while Australia is an sole island country/continent. They will lower themselves to any level to push their racist agenda.
  9. I understand totally what you mean Jamesshot. The Republicans are different from the Democrats - different ideology and values. Especially this Republican party. I was just more reflecting on how I think the preferential voting system is a great one that allows 3rd parties to play a huge part and bring issues directly to the voters. America does not have preferential voting system though so 3rd party voting sadly becomes a wasted vote.
  10. The more I watch Trump, the angrier I get. How can this revolting man have followers and how is this unhinged madman still the president of the USA ? How can the GOP accept him ? How can any American citizen accept their president trying to bribe foreign leaders to look into his political opponents and destroy them. It is complete corruption and actually anti American to the extreme - knowingly getting foreign governments to interfere in American politics. He is always deflecting too. The madmen had his methods. It is now corrupt Biden and his son or the fake media. America, the " sucker country " what a dreadful joke. So obvious and so pathetic.
  11. I actually love that 3rd parties can have a say - that happens in Australia. It gives choice, gets people more interested and lets people vote for someone that shares their values and ideology. We have preferential voting here so people can vote for the greens, conservative parties or a different candidate and give their preferences to major parties. If the party or person they voted for is knocked out, their preference on the voting slip is then counted. Therefore their vote is not wasted. What I have noticed in the USA, is that people worry so much about what others would not 'vote for, that real progressives will never get in. It is baffling to me that Bernie is seen as some kind of radical left winger when his policies are used in virtually every other Western country. I love him. However, understand that America has a completely different voting system. Always find it strange too that a leader is not picked much earlier so the whole party can work together or even put on a united front early. It is horrible to watch Democrats all vying for the top job, fighting with each other and being compared in the public and all the time Trump is parading around knowing that he is the leader of the party. He is sickening and a laughing stock. America deserves so much better than him.
  12. Love Bernie. As before, he is not just going the safe route and wants change. He has clear policies and does not back down from his ideology unlike too many politicians today - and that is worldwide - who sell their souls to corporations and the super wealthy and think that will do. Trying to remain safe and appeal to the so called middle ground instead of fighting for the rights of people. Why that idiotic Trump got in. Michael Moore said it best - he warned Hillary would lose Michigan because they were just ignoring people there. He won States that he should not have won. Now, the USA has been stuck with evil Trump and his racist, sexist and corrupt ways. Hopefully next election, he and also his shockingly corrupt party will be thrown out where they belong.
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