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  1. Interesting discussion. I agree that no one should be pushed into a corner and definitely should never be bullied or degraded. Everyone should be given the opportunity to be in the spotlight if they choose. I do think though that people don't allow for shyness now. Life is full of different personalities which is a wonderful thing. Some people hate being the centre of attention. When I was a teacher, there was a push to get all children to be confident and outgoing. It was stressful for shy kids to be made to perform or speak in front of groups. Plus often Opposite type of personalities naturally gravitate towards each other and develop the best friendships. Outgoing kids and shy quiet kids can have the strongest bonds. I think that mixed schools are the best for understanding each other and intergration. A teacher I had in primary school, always made a boy sit next to a girl. It was a great idea because kids got to mix with each other. The more people interact with the opposite sex the more accepting, understanding and friendly people are.
  2. Cyndi Lauper: Madonna is Not Eloquent

    That was at a comedy performance introducing Amy Schumer at her stand up show. Everything has to be taken in context.
  3. one of the best choreos of all time

    @Genevieve Vavance. This might be the new Mnation cult classic ! The vogue hand movements combined with a kind of boot scooting foot work. Plus the outfit with a sailor collar on a teddy outfit. Have to love it !
  4. Kelly Minging

    always had been the funniest Princess thread. When is Kilo's video going to be released ?
  5. Kelly Minging

    Yes, that Kylie fan on Amazon who goes to Madonna's album reviews and trashes her in essays
  6. Kelly Minging

    It was a thing in the 80's and 90's especially. Greg Norman the golfer was the same. Melissa George lost massive support here when she said she would rather live in New York and Paris walking her French bulldog. Our press is notoriously brutal and the celebrities took it out on Australia itself and thought they were above it all. All embrace Australia now though.
  7. Kelly Minging

    No. Back in the day when she first made it huge in the UK, she trashed Australia a lot. Going on about the tall poppy syndrome and even said she didn't want to live here. Even wanted to stop a video of Neighbours being released for daring to feature her character Charlene but she lost the case. Both Minogue girls did that actually and lost a lot of support in Australia because of it for years. It was an Australian trait though for a while. Celebrities that made it big in the UK through soaps thought they were above Australia.
  8. Tragic Girl

    Tragic Girl and the slower demo version of Joan of Arc are the type of sad personal songs that most other singers can only dream of writing and then singing with the same depth.
  9. @KalamazooJay. Yes, Clive Davis is a controlling monster. It is his way or the highway. Loved your choices. Here are mine Since U Been Gone Already gone I Don't hook up My life would suck without you Dark side Walk away Sober Behind my Hazel eyes Stronger Mr know it all Never again
  10. The promo campaign for Ms new album

    Maybe overkill but the GP need to be reminded of how great Madonna is in excess. Needs her useless record company to step up of course too. So as many performances, talk shows, award shows, magazine interviews as possible. The timing of the singles should be handled correctly for maximum charting impact. Here's hoping !
  11. I do love her work with Pat Leonard. Would also be happy if she worked with him. She works beautifully with other producers and song writers too. Her natural talent for writing perfect melodies and bridges to create pop magic masterpieces is second to none. Can't wait for new Madonna music.
  12. Kelly Minging

    Thank god she never made it big in the USA. They have the likes of Olivia Newton John, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and now Margot Robbie as examples of Australian women.
  13. Tragic Girl

    This SHOULD of been on the album. One of those absolute heart breakingingly sad ballads that Madonna sings with incredible emotion and sincerity. The lyrics are full of melancholy without being mawkish and the melody is achingly beautiful. Those who support that cretin Guy Ritchie should listen to the lyrics of this song and Lovespent. Thank God she divorced that gold digging user.
  14. Kelly Minging

    Shocking reviews for Kilo's film. Seems like a free for all for bad taste and yet again Australians portrayed as cringe idiotic bogans. Swinging Safari is a cringefest of epic proportions IF YOU were born before 1972, you might have a whale of a time in Swinging Safari. The Australian movie starring Kylie Minogue, Guy Pearce and Julian McMahon is a nostalgia punch so strong, you’ll still be grasping for breath. Replete with wacky beachside rituals of the 1970s, the movie tries to capture the manic spirit of the times and those old enough to remember them will chuckle at every sighting of plastic-covered carpet, chiko rolls and glistening suntan oil (skin cancer be damned). If you were born after 1972, Swinging Safari is a massive cringefest — your face will be stuck in the “ye gods” position for 90 per cent of the movie and you’ll thank some divine force that you weren’t conceived earlier. Without the nostalgia factor to hook them, younger members of the audience will be left wondering what is the point of this messy, shallow movie? Swinging Safari is written and directed by Stephan Elliott, the man behind Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. A semi-autobiographical tribute to his own childhood growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the movie is centred on three neighbouring families — the Halls, the Joneses and the Marshes. You don’t really need to remember who’s who and which of the seemingly dozens of kids belong to which parents because almost every character is indistinguishable from the other. The three sets of adults regularly get together (with fondue sets, the height of sophistication), leaving their ratbag kids to cause havoc. On one of these nights, the adults decide to engage in a little kinky swinging and the group dynamics are irrevocably changed. The real focal point of the movie is Elliott’s stand-in, Jeff Marsh, an aspiring teen filmmaker forever roping his mates into his schlock creations. He has a special connection with Melly, a perpetually sad girl who’s ignored by her parents and everyone around her. The teens’ romance could’ve served as an interesting anchor but their story is confusingly written and anticlimactic. In fact, the whole movie kind of goes nowhere. That’s not to say that it doesn’t end on an elaborate and vomit-inducing sequence, because it does. Swinging Safarimanages to squander any thematic potential by ending it on an entirely bizarre note that says nothing about and adds nothing to the 90 minutes that came before it. Priscilla was, by far, Elliott’s most celebrated work and some people are already calling Swinging Safari an “instant Aussie favourite” alongside The Castle, Priscillaand Muriel’s Wedding, though it certainly doesn’t have the emotional resonance or narrative coherence of those movies. Maybe the comparison comes from the fact Swinging Safari actually feels like it was made in the early 1990s and not 2017 — everything about it feels like a throwback, and not in a good way. The concept of cultural cringe is hardly new when it comes to depictions of Australia on our screens. How our culture is represented will be subjective of course, but what Swinging Safari is putting out there is more than a little embarrassing. It’s not just that the parenting skills on display are so shockingly bad the kids end up literally on fire and no one notices, or that there are several instances of (accidental) animal violence played for laughs. The entire package is the kind of stomach-churning, head-in-your-hands experience you would never dare show your overseas relatives in case they think there are still remnants of this in modern Australia. If it was meant to be all caricature, that would almost be better. But Elliott clearly has a fondness for this time that goes beyond, “oh, isn’t that quaint, all that drinking and driving”. The portrait of Australia presented here might appeal to some demographics — the ones who go on about the “good old days” — but surely the rest of us deserve better.
  15. Ghosttown, Beautiful scars, Rebel Heart, Joan of arc - just some examples of classic pop songs co written by Madonna on Rebel Heart. Great melodies, expressive lyrics, wonderful bridges that are perfect. She has never lost that natural sensibility and has more natural musicality in her little finger than others have in their entire bodies. Madonna writes classic exceptional pop better than anyone. She has the ability to create pop perfection. Why her songs are still loved 30 years in her career. She can do that again easily.