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  1. Same here. I don't read the comments normally but when I read here that the comments were dreadful etc, I stupidly had a look. They are frustrating to the extreme and always take over comments sections. Anything to do with Madonna attracts these trolls and so called ex fans who make comments sections unbearable. They find anything to complain about and do so on mass.
  2. I truly can't stand half the idiots that go to her facebook and Instagram. How anybody could find what she said to be offensive is mind boggling. She personally knows Ariana and of course she would be thankful that she is OK. Aren't we all when we know someone personally. She talked of praying for the innocent victims, their families and Manchester. With all the dreadful horrible things happening in the world, to see people commenting and criticising her for that post is pathetic on their part. .
  3. They are so annoying. Little Monsters and Swifties live in an alternative reality.
  4. Go Katy ! That Vanilla Regina George Taylor Swift and her stupid fembot followers ( Girl Squad ) are the most petty fools. As for Ruby Rose, who decides to go on a rampage about Katy and then cry after about bullying etc, what an idiot. Have a look at the song Bad Blood and video Ruby- a bunch of stuck up models and actresses who try to take another woman ( Katy ) down. I found James to be annoying though - saying if Taylor rings and says " The beef is off the grill" etc. He interrupted her too much.
  5. Crux, Thank goodness she is OK but what a dreadful thing for her to go through. Breaks my heart reading that and the thought of the fear she went through. Now she never wants to go to another concert which I totally understand. Something else this disgusting coward has taken from people, the joy of going to a concert and feeling excited and safe. The loss of all of those innocent lives and the trauma of everyone that was there as well. I also feel so much for Ariana. To hear about her fans getting killed at her concert would be devastating. She may never get over this.
  6. This disgusting piece of pond scum went out and viciously bombed mainly teenage girls at a concert. What an evil coward. there are not enough words to express the pure disgust and anger everyone feels towards this barbaric vile excuse for a man.
  7. Ariana would be heart broken and shell shocked.
  8. I love him. His love for Madonna as an artist and friend is wonderful. He is a charming and fun man.
  9. So horrible, cowardly and evil. Targeting innocent people who are going to enjoy a concert. They have no soul and no respect for human life.
  10. If this story is true, it is Michael that is shown up. An adult man running away screaming and traumatised by a beautiful naked woman
  11. I love Celine. She is the exact opposite of that ghastly Petty LePen. Enjoys other performers and celebrates them. She is successful, joyful and confident as well as being a class act and a lot of fun.
  12. Yes, I think she looked uncomfortable in that black and white coat/jacket as well. She did not move freely in it at all.
  13. She is disgusting. How can anyone talk about a "good friend" dying of cancer and instead talk about themselves the entire time. She did not even talk about their experiences together, as people in grief do when they remember a friend but instead it was about her own so called struggles with fame etc. This part is so self serving and telling of where her motivation is Because that's who she was, and it's what drew us to each other, and I know it's what she always wanted for me. She had this incredible way of releasing me from the anchor of my own sadness that held me back, she loved me fearlessly while I learned how to cope with fame and stay inspired no matter how scared I was. She knew all I cared about was the music. She made that ok. How can someone be so determined to make everything about them and use any tragedy to try and gain sympathy and attention. Cancer patients do not need her as their warrior. How dare she try and use cancer to promote herself. She makes me sick.