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  1. Still not heard most the demos, what's the name of this one?
  2. Love it Vande! I've been thinking of doing something similar with some of my show tickets too.
  3. This! The matador look could have been the new purple leotard but damn capegate ruined it.
  4. Wow it's hard to believe it's been a year already. I won't forget it premiered on Snapchat as I was driving and I had to pull over specifically to watch because I couldn't wait till I got home. Fabulous single, fabulous video, fabulous live performances. Couldn't have asked for a better launch for the Rebel Heart era.
  5. We've been so driven by Madonna's past success in making big bucks on tours that we have an expectation for her to surpass this every time. It's a fun discussion but has never really been something I've been fascinated by because ultimately, she has nothing left to prove. She still holds the title for highest grossing tour for a solo artist and will continue to do so for a very long time to come.
  6. I built my hopes up for them to be torn down... GOODBYE TO INNOCENCE.
  7. And then flips her hair back.
  8. If the tour is extended and she alters the set list, my last wish is that she remembers the Look of Love. Not the biggest hit but would work really well in the Frida Kahlo section.
  9. Heartbreak City is life anyway but adding LDLHA was a stroke of genius.
  10. This gif! Forgot how this Candy Shop performance gave us quite a few great facial expressions.
  11. Does anyone know the two lines before the Heartbeat sample? The first line I think is from Justify My Love, and the second? It sounds like she's saying 'I just wanna dance' but I'm not sure.
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