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  1. In which tours should M have sung Bad Girl?

    Girlie Show and MDNA Tour
  2. Actually I think it's a very weak list (I agreed with only 3 choices). My top 10 would be something like this... Get Together Don't Tell Me Love Spent Devil Pray Easy Ride Impressive Instant Hung Up Rebel Heart Music Nobody Knows Me
  3. What GH do u prefer to listen to

    Celebration TIC Something to Remember I never listen to GHV2
  4. Hypothetical: Madonna Stadium Tour 2018-19

    My dream tour: “2 Nights Experience” Night One Into The Groove Lucky Star / Angel Dress You Up Material Girl Causing a Commotion (interlude) Open Your Heart Cherish True Blue Borderline Erotica (interlude) Justify My Love Express Yourself / Human Nature Bad Girl Deeper And Deeper Vogue 4 Minutes (interlude) Ray of Light Living For Love Music Celebration Night Two Hung Up Girl Gone Wild Bitch I'm Madonna Give it 2 Me Give Me All Your Luvin' (interlude) Don't Tell Me American Life Frozen Die Another Day This Used to Be My Playground (interlude) La Isla Bonita / Who´s That Girl Secret Live to Tell Take a Bow Madonna mix (interlude) Like a Prayer Papa Don´t Preach Like a Virgin I'll Remember / Crazy For You Holiday Everybody
  5. I always saw the Razzies as a popularity contest. The never award the worst performance, they give it to someone really popular in bad or below average movies (and sometimes not even that). Her only 3 bad peformances for me where Shangai Surprise, The Next Best Thing and Swept Away. The rest go from OK to great,
  6. Great Cover!. Easily her best one for a tour since Drowned World.
  7. Your Top 10 80's Madonna Songs

    1. Into The Groove 2. Like a Prayer 3. Open Your Heart 4. Holiday 5. Borderline 6. Crazy For You 7. Cherish 8. La Isla Bonita 9. Express Yourself 10 Spanish Eyes
  8. rate the tours

    Actually I love them all but... 1. Blond Ambition 2. Confessions 3. MDNA 4. Who's That Girl 5. Sticky & Sweet 6. Girlie Show 7. Drowned World 8. Rebel Heart 9. Re-Invention 10. Virgin
  9. Count me in! Thanks!
  10. Katy Perry thread

    This! I also thought of Candy Shop on my first listening. And I agreed also about the production. It's a good single but nothing memorable or really great.
  11. Madonna working on a new album in 1957?

    I've been hoping for a Daft Punk / Madonna collaboration since the 90's when Daft Punk released Homework. She said she wanted to work with them a few times (if I'm not mistaken for the Music and MDNA albums) but they never answered her phone calls. They are big Michael Jackson fans and they tend to collaborate with artists with a style similar to him (Pharrell, The Weeknd, even Kanye). I'm still hopeful that they will collaborate at least once. PS: I blasted Hard Candy yesterday in my car and it sounds as great as ever. Most underrated album ever by fans.
  12. How do you rank M's albums?

    2017 update... 1) Like a Prayer 2) Ray of Light 3) Confessions on a Dancefloor 4) Erotica 5) Madonna 6) True Blue 7) Hard Candy 8) American Life 9) Rebel Heart 10) Music 11) MDNA 12) Like a Virgin 13) Bedtime Stories
  13. Katy Perry thread

    In reality is doing OK but for a Katy Perry's (first) single is a flop
  14. Favorite penned and gave away songs?

    Love Won't Wait.
  15. Best of two: Songs only performed twice on tour

    Everybody TGSTBorderline VTCrazy For You VTTrue Blue WTGTCausing A Commotion BATWhere's The Party BATWho's That Girl WTGTHanky Panky BATRain TGSTThe Beast Within RITJustify My Love TGSTDrowned World / Substitute For Love DWTParadise (Not For Me) DWTDon't Tell Me DWTNobody Knows Me RITDie Another Day RIT