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  1. I've been hoping for a Daft Punk / Madonna collaboration since the 90's when Daft Punk released Homework. She said she wanted to work with them a few times (if I'm not mistaken for the Music and MDNA albums) but they never answered her phone calls. They are big Michael Jackson fans and they tend to collaborate with artists with a style similar to him (Pharrell, The Weeknd, even Kanye). I'm still hopeful that they will collaborate at least once. PS: I blasted Hard Candy yesterday in my car and it sounds as great as ever. Most underrated album ever by fans.
  2. 2017 update... 1) Like a Prayer 2) Ray of Light 3) Confessions on a Dancefloor 4) Erotica 5) Madonna 6) True Blue 7) Hard Candy 8) American Life 9) Rebel Heart 10) Music 11) MDNA 12) Like a Virgin 13) Bedtime Stories
  3. In reality is doing OK but for a Katy Perry's (first) single is a flop
  4. Love Won't Wait.
  5. Everybody TGSTBorderline VTCrazy For You VTTrue Blue WTGTCausing A Commotion BATWhere's The Party BATWho's That Girl WTGTHanky Panky BATRain TGSTThe Beast Within RITJustify My Love TGSTDrowned World / Substitute For Love DWTParadise (Not For Me) DWTDon't Tell Me DWTNobody Knows Me RITDie Another Day RIT
  6. Count me in with the group of feeling cold at the time of its release. I remember not liking America Life (the single) at all. Also, there was no real hit single on that album and after ROL and Music (which were critical success and had hits) that was a BIG problem for me. After RITour and as I got older I started to aprecciate it more and more. It is a great album (but around in the middle on my top Madonna albums list).
  7. Re-Invention Vogue Runner-Up: Bedtime Stoy Confessions Future Lovers Runner-Up: Get Together Sticky & Sweet Into the Groove Runner-Up: Beat Goes On MDNA Girl Gone Wild Runner-Up: Celebration (this tour has by far the best backdrops) Rebel Heart Iconic Runner-Up: Music
  8. As a live experience Sticky & Sweet Tour Overall as a tour MDNA
  9. Her most underrated song from the 80s and the song I want the most to hear again in a tour.
  10. I didn't get the chance to go to this tour, but I remember at the time that it was everything. She was giving the fans (and general public) what they wanted. It was a really great tour. But I think that having 4 more worlds tours (all great by the way!) and not having an official full tour release for this one, it hurted its reputation a little. It's also a little dated too. I remember the stage and screens she used were amazing in 2004, but now they look rather cheap. BA, GS and DW all look more sophisticated than this one.
  11. If there is one definition for this album is TIMELESS. Still one of her best albums and Top 5 material in my book.
  12. I'm feeling something like this: 2016 - Preproduction for the film 2017 - Filming + Post production 2018 - Release of the Film + New Album (late in the year) 2019 - World Tour
  13. Her 3 best albums are easily: 1) In The Zone 2) Blackout 3) Femme Fatale Don't care for any of the others.
  14. I'll Remember / Nothing Really Matters / Cherish
  15. It's a great setlist, but from the stream I watched, the show was a snoozefest (which is weird since she always seems so high energy and fun live)