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  1. I'm sorry for your loss. Big Huggg.

    1. Beastialg


      Thanks a lot! 

  2. COVID-19 vaccine to be mandatory, free for those over 18 in Argentina: official
  3. If they wanted to go with the most commercial singles: Faz Gostoso Bitch I'm Loca Crazy Crave
  4. It's a terrible edit. It can't be official.
  5. This songs was the one I liked the least on the album, but has grown on me A LOT! I especially love now this part of the song: O mundo é selvagem O caminho é solitário (é, é, é, é)
  6. God Control Medellín Batuka Crave Dark Ballet I Rise 1 to 5 are all amazing. I Rise is just OK, but she still needs to upload it on her channel
  7. This is turning out to be her best video era ever. So far all videos (Medellin, Crave, Dark Ballet, God Control and now Batuka) have been GREAT!
  8. Amazing song. Amazing production. Not only is she doing lots of great videos this era but also doing videos for songs that in any other era wouldn't have any chance. Medellín Crave Dark Ballet God Control And soon Batuka An amazing video era. And btw I won't count I Rise as an official video until she uploads it on her channel
  9. The album was already available on YouTube from day one. I think some countries had it blocked for whatever reasons.
  10. He asked which version is being sold on Argentina music stores. And it's the 2 Deluxe version. And yes it's an import like in most latin american countries. Same thing happened with Rebel Heart.
  11. I didn't bought the CD version myself since I changed my car and several new models don't come with have a cd player (bought the Vinyl version and digital itunes to play on my iphone + spotify) Still, here you have the link to the biggest book and music store in Argentina and the Madame X version they offer : http://www.tematika.com/cds/rp_internacional--1/rp_internacional--1/madame_x___deluxe_2cd--665753.htm If a visit one this days I'll take a photo.
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