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  1. Diplo, then Blood Diamonds, then Avicii. I like Kanye but his work here makes some of the songs sound worse than their demo version (Wash All Over Me was detroyed)
  2. It really should have been the first single and never got the hate when it was released.
  3. It goes something like this... Like a Prayer Ray of Light -------------- COADF Erotica Madonna -------------- True Blue Hard Candy Rebel Heart <- here Music MDNA American Life -------------- Like a Virgin Bedtime Stories My main problem with RH is the edition, song order and that sometimes it's a little all over the place. Either she should have make it a real 2 cds album with the concepts Rebel and Heart or released a great 14 track version (the real standard one sucks for me)
  4. 1. Devil Pray 2. Iconic 3. Living For Love 4. Hold Tight 5. Ghost Town 6. Joan of Arc 7. Bitch I'm Madonna 8. Unapologetic Bitch 9. Illuminati
  5. Just amazing! The cinematography, the costumes, the dancing, everything. And I love the ending.
  6. "Iconic" or "Hold Tight". Then a ballad for third single (for now I choose "Ghosttown")
  7. The album is amazing. Best since "Ray of Light" for me (and there are a lot of albums I love in between). Iconic MUST be the second single.
  8. Devil Pray is way better than anything in Hard Candy and MDNA (and I like both albums)
  9. The ones that must be on the album Rebel Heart Veni Vidi Vici Inside Out Iconic Best Night Wash All Over Me Joan of Arc Heartbreak City Messiah Never Let You Go The ones I like but wouldn't mind if they don't make it Addicted Graffiti Heart Hold Tight Back That Up (Do It) SEX Borrowed Time Revolution Beautiful Scars God is Love Nothing Last Forever Tragic Girl Two Steps Behind The ones to be forgotten Holy Water Freedom Body Shop Also I would like around 3 "surprise" songs a la Ghosttown.
  10. Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vamos carajooooooooo
  11. It was changed last year and some artists like Britney, Rihanna, Katy, Ke$ha and a lot more weren't allow to summit in the dance categories. Don't know what they consider a "Pop artist" and "Dance artist" since someone like Robyn was still able to summit there (and was nominated in a group full of DJ's). Still, "MDNA" is a pop album so is rightly summited in Pop. Remix categories are only for the DJ/remixers. No nominatios for Madonna there for sure. And also interesting she didn't summit in the short video category. "GMAYL" was a really solid video and might have been a good chance for a nomination too.
  12. Official Madonna Grammy submissions Album of the Year - MDNA Pop Album - MDNA Record of the Year - Girl Gone Wild Song of the Year - Girl Gone Wild Best Pop Solo - Girl Gone Wild Pop Duo - Give Me All Your Luvin (with Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.) Nothing in dance, but that category has changed a lot last year and for whatever reason doesn't allow/nominate pop artists anymore. She also didn't summit Masterpiece anywhere (it would have been a better choice for Record, Song and Pop Solo than GGW and weird she didn't summit it in the "Song written for Visual Media" category after the Globe win) Outside of Pop Album and Pop Duo, the others I think are almost impossible to get the nomination.
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