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  1. Most well known ABBA songs by the general public worldwide: Dancing Queen Fernando Mamma Mia Waterloo Chiquitita Super Trouper (just because the iconic p-p-p) Take a Chance on Me SOS Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
  2. Even Billboard gave it a mediocre review. Ranking 11 from 18 performances.
  3. So no wins for Gaga for Shallow on Record and Song. Great!
  4. I thought it was extremely tacky. And J-lo was the best they could get for a Motown tribute? That's like asking Britney Spears to do a Beatles tribute. Show is horrible. D-list presenters. Terrible musical moments (Lady Gaga). Mediocre winners (Gaga´s wins and most other wins. The only ones pasables where This is America and Dua Lipa, but only because the categories and nominees where terrible). Alica Keys as a host extremely boring. Happy Ariana, Kendrick, Childish Gambino and others boycotted it. They need to bring the stars and talent to the show next year.
  5. J-Lo doing a Mowtown Tribute? WTF???
  6. Watching this to wash my eyes and ears:
  7. Crappy show as expected. Also, where are the stars? Where is the talent? The Grammys (as the VMAs) have been irrelevant for almost 15 years now.
  8. I like Frida more because the versatility she brought. Agnetha is great but kind of a one trick pony. Also after listening to their live concerts Frida sounds 10X times better too. Either way both girls are amazing.
  9. I've always been a causal ABBA fan (more like an ABBA Gold fan), but the last few weeks, and with no new music to catch my interest, I went deeper into their catalogue (listening to all their albums/songs released). I was pleasantly surprised with how many amazing songs they have besides the Gold album. This are some of my new favourites: Hasta Mañana Tiger Eagle One Man, One Woman Angeleyes If It Wasn't for the Nights Our Last Summer When All is Said and Done I also checked ABBA The Movie, the Japan special, some live concerts and the 2 Mamma Mia movies. Both girls are amazing, but after checking their whole discography I'm now specially obssesed with Frida.
  10. My choices * The Cure * Kraftwerk * Radiohead * Rage Against the Machine * Stevie Nicks
  11. Madonna Michael Jackson Queen Beastie Boys Daft Punk My all time favorites!!!
  12. Big drop in ratings MTV VMAs Ratings Drop Again, Draw 6.5 Million Viewers Across Nets
  13. I haven't watched the show but from a few comments at work it was a dud. VMAs haven't been relevant in at least 10 years. Also, I stopped watching when they turned into the People Choice Awards (are people still allow to vote in the top categories?) Look at the winners during the 80s and 90s and the winners since 2006. A truly shame.
  14. It's one of the most deserving N°1's in a while. I've been addicted to this song since forever. Also, extremely cool that she is in a selected group, along with Madonna and Cher, of female artists getting a number 1 after hitting forty. It gives me hope that there is a tiny chance than Madonna can still get to the top again with the right song.
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