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  1. When was "I Don't Give A" considered a single? I don't think it was so this story seems kind of bogus. Didn't Guy recently tell fans that "Love Spent" or "Gang Bang" would be the next single? Wasn't Lamestar going to be some weird Brazil-only thing? (Why?)
  2. Out of all songs... this one? It's kind of dreadful.
  3. I think he left her voice in the background more in GB than in I'm Addicted. Even when he worked on Revolver, on the final mix he had her voice kind of buried in the back, even the producer of that song wanted to fix it after fans complained to him about that.
  4. While lovely, Love Spent seems a bit too Mumford & Sons, just like Falling Free is a bit too Enya. I really like them, but there's nothing forward (or unique) about Orbit's work anymore. I'm a Sinner doesn't even have the "loveliness" of those two and is a rehash of Run, Beautiful Stranger, and Amazing. He keeps making the same songs over and over. I would not want a whole album with him. It's time to move on. While Gang Bang and I'm Addicted are not exactly revolutionary, they seem more progressive and forward than anything Orbit did on MDNA. The Chris Brown song he was banging on about is somewhat mediocre, imo. Demolition Crew seem exciting, except for Best Friend. I do have an issue with the songs Demo tends to work on. It seems like her voice is often in the background and/or drowned out by the music, which seems "louder" and more in the forefront.
  5. Those are amazing. Thanks again for the gifs. Isn't that the one that people were saying had Herpes? Look at his bottom lip (on the right side of the picture) Continuity/editing were shit.
  6. I knew the gifs would be glorious. Thank you.
  7. Maybe it's because of the female dancer's nipple at 3:39?
  8. She looks really great! Quite beautiful. There are some cringe-worthy moments (slow-mo "dancing", some of the "acting"). Wish there was a little more to the "story" & I don't like when you can see the truck moving the car with the roof & cameras at some point & she's sometimes lipping out of sync. I like some of the looks & costumes. The guy at the gas station is hot, so is Adrien. There's a '60s vibe, but some stuff is '70s, then you have people with modern cameras; kind of wish they would've stuck with one thing. I'm looking forward to the gifs.
  9. Interscope/Live Nation are a bunch of clowns running around with their heads cut off when it comes to handling Madonna's album and singles.
  10. Seems right. After Madonna fractured or broke bones due to the horse accident, Guy Ritchie went out partying and drinking instead of being with her and it wasn't just once. Even Guy's a-hole dad stated that she probably never forgot or forgave him for what happened during that time.
  11. I hate that. She also apparently loves to hump walls and air.
  12. I hope they don't mess it up again like they did previously.
  13. The pics that Isis posted aren't showing up for me either.
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