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  1. I went to check the views of BIM on M's vevo and I just noticed for the first time that ghosttown has10 million views and living for love has 15 million views!!! That's a loooot. Too bad all those couldn't buy the singles though xD
  2. I know the skit was rehearsed for f*ck sake, but when you do a stand up comedy show you rehearse for months and you train to have the comedy rythm and all that. She hasn't rehearsed for a serious comedy skit. And I'm sorry but I do find it funny and playful sure, but not at all unfunny. It wasn't meant to be unfunny.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks the comedy skit was hilarious?? I mean, of course she is nervous and she doesn't have experience in this type of performance but she surely could do some outstanding things if really rehearsed and done seriously. I mean, of course it won't be just as funny for people who don't know her life a little if she speaks heavily of it, but if she just talks about the business in general and stuff a little relatable (which really, it was here except you had to know she knew warhol) but the thing about picasso everybody could have understood if they have a bit of culture. So obviously she couldn't really have a wide audience to do this for but i'm sure she could be a really good comedian because, I seriously thought it was funny, full of nervousness and not rehearsed sure, but it had a loooot of potential. And don't get me started on BIM!!!! She is just too goddam perfect for my heart to keep beating.
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