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  2. I caved and listened to the album Can t wait to receive my super deluxe edition on friday though the 32 pages booklet THE ALBUM IS A MASTERPIECE.
  3. @robster I think it might be "savajen" as in wild, it feels like she sings the translation later on. I mean that's how I understood it xD I don't speak portuguese either though xD Si it might be "e savajen" like later on she says "e solitario"
  4. About the videos, Didn't she also film during the blood moon in that isolated place in Lisbon with all the graffitis? Cause we haven't seen what that was for. And as people said the God Control video. And in the teaser there was also the Handmaid's Tale style costume thing we haven't seen her wear. I'm soooo eager to know what those are for. Maybe for backdrops but I'd prefer music videos
  5. I'm still holding back to experience the album in full but goddamn it you guys are making it really hard!!!! I'm sad cause when the album will be released you guys wont be reacting to the songs you ve already heard
  6. The song is AMAZIIIIIING! And her last line is sung in a heartbreaking way.... heartbreaking but eerelie beautiful.
  7. I think she singled this one out because she seemed to have opened a part of her life to the interviewer and Madonna was probably upset that the result wasnt deeper and truer to who she is. She probably got intimate in what she shared and it wasn't treated as carefully as she hoped from a feminist woman during the Time's Up movement.
  8. I know it's a drag but for really impatient people it's a better solution than trying to find illegal links
  9. To hear it LEGALLY on Spotify Prenium, as soon as it gets out, you should change your country to New Zealand. It just takes a few days for the option to be available when you make the change. I moved from France to Australia and I wondered why I didnt get the songs Australia time and it's because my account was still linked to France. A bit too late for Dark Ballet but if you wanna hear the album a few hours earlier I guess that's the option.
  10. I know right?? It's praising Madonna but then giving bad reviews of most songs we haven't heart O_o I'm left being like "sure Jan" when they're talking shit, rolling my eyes, and then being thrown off by the big praise that follows. Also, they can't even get the song titles write... Killers who are playing? Bitch, I'm Loco? What xD
  11. Sorry cause it's not on topic at all, But with the changes of names I don't quite get which person used to be Hector? But on topic.... I hope she does Pride and I freaking wish I could be there! I've never even been to Pride... and it would be the world Pride on the year of the Stonewall comemoration... but oh well, I really hope she goes!
  12. Word xD I understand that people are upset, cause of the 200 million viewers.... but her vocals in LAP, even if not astounding, weren't as bad as some performances from the past...
  13. Okay, I've rewatched from the interlude, to focus on Future and actually, the performance of Future is fucking fire!! I think it's really just LAP that rained down on everyone's parade. But yeah, I think that tomorrow everyone will have calmed down from the drama and we'll all rave about the performance as a whole.
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