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  1. Well maybe it's about time they stopped USING Madonna's name every year to get publicity for this ever-decreasing shit-fest(ival) before the inevitable denials come in.
  2. You're right, I don't, but if Fuckville, Nowhereland can build a stage for their local blugrass music festival, then Rio can build a stage for a concert I would have thought.... and if they couldn't do it through traditional channels, then they could do it through corrupt channels. Voila!
  3. Ok, well, to say she has other commitments or something would be a nice way to say it. To deliberately price yourself out of something that the Stones, Zeppelin (and all the other legends who usually charge on par with Madonna) routinely do, singles her out as diva-ish and the antithesis of what Glasto is meant to be about. This is only a rumour anyway. If a major star approaches a city with the offer of a free show and all the economic benefits it would bring then I'm fairly confident the council or city representatives would go into overdrive to pull strings, ask favours or get the money together to do something as rudimentary as build a stage. It's Rio, it's not Ethiopia, so I'd hazard a guess that there was something else going on there, not least of which Madonna agreeing to do anything for free (that's not charity based) being extremely unusual.
  4. Kim

    Kanye West

    That explains it then. Get back on yer meds Kanye! You're still a prick though...
  5. The nice way to say you don't want to do it is to.... say you don't want to do it. If the reason given is money, then that's the reason I'll take. And I absolutely do believe it looking at Madonna's track record. As for Rio not having the money to erect a stage? Don't believe it for a minute.
  6. True. Someone like McCartney (who's also rolling in money) knows that festivals and such are a trade off. The exposure is the main payment. It always seems to come back to short term financial gain for Madge these days. Perplexing indeed.
  7. The owner of efestivals said Madonna headlining isn't happening and didn't even reach negotiation stage because her fee is too high. The washed up slot will probably be Cher or Kelly Minogue.
  8. 🤣 Sounds like my old granny. Maggie hated Scotland, hated communities, hated the working class, hated manufacturing industries, hated trade unions, hated other women, hated humanity and compassion... and every decent Scot hated her!
  9. Oh so you're picking and choosing who should and shouldn't do their own remastering? A skilled engineer can make a recording sound the best it possibly can with or without input from the original artist. In the case of 'with', the temptation to be revisionist is often too much to resist, sometimes with horrifying results - and/or them just not having a clue what they're doing. Naming no names.
  10. Haha, yes! And he's right, Scots have hated this cunt since his shitty golf course days even before he was president -
  11. Well she's in a tricky situation because if there's one thing that might tip the balance in favour of independence, it's a disastrous Brexit. If we end up somehow being allowed to stay in the customs union and single market then independence becomes less of an issue for a lot of undecided people. The (good) problem with the SNP is that they do such a good job of protecting Scots from some of the most disastrous austerity policies from Westminister, and are so much better at running public services, that a lot of people have no idea how bad it could REALLY be and how bad many down south have it. The Labour party (red tories) in Scotland is DEAD and no amount of bull from old Jeremy is gonna change that, so he's even less likely to get into govt. Just let all the countries of the Disunited Kingdom go their own way and get it over with.
  12. I don't. That's what experts are for.
  13. It's something when even this notoriously lazy old trout is getting in on the remastered/reissued act. Worra shocker.
  14. Well so did Theresa May. According to her she's simply carrying out "the will of the people"....
  15. Kim

    New Album Means New Tour

    Or maybe we can expect a 2020 tour instead
  16. Kim

    New Album Means New Tour

    I'd rather it was summer. RHT middle of winter was a slog.
  17. My MUM will be delighted 🙄
  18. They'll be calling for her head on a platter in a few months time. Whatever their overlords tell them to print or put on screen, they'll do.
  19. Of course the press are all over what a triumph this is because Treeza actually managed to get through a speech for once without something calamitous happening. Politics really is in the pits when this old crow being told to dance by her advisers because it makes her look more "human" is the talk of the day
  20. I know, but she didn't have to say it at all. Previously it was just a straight refusal to even consider it, yet now she's suggesting NI can be economically separated from Britain under certain circumstances. I'd expect those DUP clowns to then recind their support for May and for her to be ousted soon after. It boggles my mind why some in N.Ireland want to be governed by England, a country that couldn't give a shit about them, but hey ho.
  21. I haven't seen much said about the very tiny but important part of her awful speech -- "no new regulatory barriers should be created between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK unless the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly agree" which is one way of saying they may consider allowing NI to stay in the single market, which is a good thing for them, not that those DUP clowns would agree (unless she bribes them with another billion or so) And if they go down that route, then it serves to at once help unite Ireland and alienate Scotland even further from rUK.
  22. Kim

    Favorite tour medley?

    None. I'm glad Madge has largely avoided medleys. Save it for Janet et al.
  23. Yaaas! Get them telt Treeza (as that guy's laughter is replicated throughout the land!)