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  1. No, that would be...
  2. He knows that, he's just one of those insufferable people that goes around looking for something to be offended by. It would take a special kind of dumb to confuse a side effect of cancer treatment with the disease itself which does not cause hairloss. Anyway, word on the street is that Kilo is up for a role in a big new Hollywood blockbuster!!! The remake of a classic and well loved film...
  3. Supreme and THE VOICE! Atlanta!
  4. You'd cross the road to avoid these smelly tramps if you saw them on the street! By the looks of things, she donated her own hairline for the procedure, so I hope she got a discount. Told she couldn't perform, yet she still goes anyway? Kilo gets sadder by the minute
  5. Aye, the same one that Gus posted an hour ago.
  6. Speaking of HAIR. Ever wonder why Kilo is now sporting that stupid unflattering fringe all the time? I can tell you why...
  7. Avicii demos

    That's not even true. You can tell the first version that leaked was the Avicii demo THEN someone (not AvicII) has gone in and attempted different inferior versions based off of that dance version (probably after Avicii got sick) then they've reverted back to the slow one and turned it into a plodding funeral dirge with the help of Kanye. There was the opportunity for Madonna to do what Coldplay did and actually have a worldwide hit with her Avicii collab. Limping for Love certainly was never gonna cut it. Obviously Avicci Heart is THE version of that song. And of course Beautiful Scars went from a gorgeous song with a beautiful melody and bridge into a completely inappropriate 90s lounge remix. Shocking decision. Avicii's melodies are still all over the album of course. It really did have all the makings of being a special record...then as we know it all went to pot.
  8. Now I know why it's called PLASTIC surgery. She literally looks like she's made of the damn stuff. When she was in Paris a couple of weeks ago doing her non-existant promo.
  9. I was hoping she'd 'do a Madonna' and fall of that stupid thing, and this being Reet, she'd just lie there and not even try and get back up.
  10. I was just watching her on The Brits. She was pure shit!
  11. Madonna Instagram Thread

    This forum has always and will always be a happy medium . Not a hate forum and not a worship forum either. We are well versed in dealing with troublemakers and trolls and the like. One person says something about her lips for example, and for the next two days the discussion is all about what that guy said about her lips, how fans are obsessed by her lips, how her lips have been used as a weapon to beat her, how those are the lips that sucked Guy's cock, how it must feel for Madonna to have those lips, you wish you had lips like that. Then a sarky comment about "oh but what about her LIPS" for the next 3 days anytime anyone says anything. It's not discussion, it's not anything but embarrassing banality. You don't like a comment, then say why you don't like it while giving your own opinion or you ignore it, not go ON AND ON about it.
  12. Hey Jonski, stop dragging Madge into your Kilo apologist nonsense. Even you must acknowledge that for her comeback single, it's done terribly. Now we can only hope for terrible album sales to put the cherry on top!
  13. I told y'all the bottom of her face was collapsing, but no one listened
  14. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I think you need to concentrate less on the fact that people have differing opinions and more on simply expressing what YOU think about MADONNA rather than what other people do.
  15. If your natural expression was THIS , then you'd be smiling and giggling like a moron all the time too...
  16. Madonna Instagram Thread

    We really ought to create a thread titled "I LOVE MADONNA BECAUSE...." then all the deludes can fight over how much they love her more than the other one. Meanwhile the rest of us can have a laugh at her dumb Instagram.
  17. You said it yourself. What better, more original inspiration could there be?
  18. I don't know, but THIS Frozen perf was twenty years ago today! and was the very start of her (second) imperial phase in the UK.
  19. Well she was still about an hour late for Chicago and still had that bedhead!
  20. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Well one wouldn't expect an imbecile like you to get a joke. Of course it's YOUR bullshit passive agressive contributions to this thread that I was mostly referring to before. One more complaint about you, and you'll be dealt with.
  21. I wish we still had our original DWT thread where each day we had the new press shots from each city. Half the fun was seeing what hairstyle/ top she would be wearing next! And yes, something sticks in my mind about her plane being late for Chicago or something and sure enough she came out with the exact same Detroit DVD mullet. Time constraints definitely led to that wash n go look! This was Chicago -