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  1. Being dumb as fuck (or pretending to be) almost seems like a prerequisite in public life these days. Ted Cruz and his Paris Agreement zinger being another example from yesterday. I give up.
  2. Well Jan, I have my theories, but you'd have to ask them. This is my country's ruling party (and my) ideals -
  3. Well we all know Bozo was shamed into making that decision, but give it a year and they'll be begging to be sent back to HK! Also, look up Windrush if you want to know how the Tories treat legal immigrants!
  4. Unions will object, Labour, under their ageing Ken doll useless leader will grumble apologetically and the Tories, with their 80 seat majority, will do as they please.
  5. Well that was fast! End of the 48 hr week limit, cuts in rest breaks, overtime pay, holiday pay. But didn't Bozo promise this wouldn't happen?
  6. Maybe in a normal country - but not on Plague Island.-
  7. Labour leader in Scotland quits. Another piece of trash that QUEEN NIC has seen off...
  8. 10 days for that particular example. There's been a huge outcry over it. Nothing quite beats this one - where some sick fuck made the decision to make sure peppers and tomatos etc get HALVED before giving them out - I mean we can't have the plebs getting a WHOLE CARROT now can we? Dickensian.
  9. Perfectly normal country. Meanwhile the latest Tory scandal has been the removal of £30 lunch vouchers (for 2 weeks worth of food) for vulnerable schoolkids learning from home being replaced with food boxes from private companies (Tory donors) worth £5 that look like something from Victorian times. Imagine actually voting for these evil cunts.
  10. Before this month you could fly in and out of London to/from most of the world with no questions, no testing, no nothing. There was an ineffective quarantine scheme in place for certain countries that wasn't checked properly for compliance. It's these lax border controls that have taken the UK (a very small island geographically lest we forget) from almost beating the virus a few months ago to recording its worst ever daily death toll last week. Strict controls, which yes, could easily have been put in place as other cities across the world have, especially in Asia, would have made a
  11. It's the fact they're not even attempting to fix it that's worrying. Same issue with swathes of seafood and fish rotting away because getting it processed through the new procedures simply takes too long. This is people's livelihoods!
  12. Taking bets on demented, drooling Trump DESTROYING THE WORLD just for the lolz...
  13. You and everyone else. Why on earth would you buy from the UK with the additional paperwork, red tape VAT and customs when you can just do your business with France or Germany for free? This is the essence of the stupidity of Brexit.
  14. It's considered a quality newspaper but UK print media isn't really considered "respectable" anymore as it's all controlled by billionaire tax exiles who use the editorials for propaganda purposes. The Telegraph is owned by The Barclay Bros (billionaire right winger Tories) so that story isn't really a surprise.
  15. Any other country's press publicising how much their govt's saving in pension payments as their elderly population drop dead of Covid? or is it just Plague Island?
  16. I read that too, but they're literally killing off their own citizens right now, as if they care about a few bees (and yes, i know how vital they are to the ecosystem) Tories gonna Tory.
  17. Things are going swimmingly on Scurvy Island for anyone interested...
  18. True, anything that stops him standing again is desirable. The "right" will twist everything irrespective.
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