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  1. Cunto is getting away with this AGAIN isn't he? But that's what happens in a country of serfs obsessed with royalty and Love Island rather than things that matter. This dead thread - unlike say the passion of our Aussie and Euro members - saying it all really.
  2. Thoughts and Prayers ad infinitum. The US is so dysfunctional politically when even the party 'in power' can do fuck all to change anything. No amount of whining on Twitter will fix anything. People power!
  3. Yes! I was quite despondent with what I was reading in the run up, but so happy at the result. Well done Aussies! Gives the rest of us some hope.
  4. That story was running concurrently with this one about an opposition MP supposedly distracting Bozo by crossing and uncrossing her legs a la Shazza Stone flashing her pussy in Basic instinct. Ridiculous, tawdry little country.
  5. So did we all VOTE in the local elections? I guess the big news of the night was Northern Ireland getting a nationalist majority for the first time...well...ever! In Scotland I was wary of how the culture war, anti trans right wing playbook perpetuated by the likes of Rowling on social media would play out - and delighted to see the results show a complete rejection of that ideology with those parties getting ZERO. In fact, Glasgow even got its first trans elected representative! Labour gaining some traction in middle class but not working class areas in England is interesting. Tories really need to depose Johnson is they want any chance. I give the UK as a political construct about 10 more years at most.
  6. Yes, anything not embedded in the original constitution is fair game for these fanatics. Interesting to see if the populace actually stands up to this shit or not.
  7. Assuming you're talking about Turkey. I'm not going to pretend to even know enough about it to comment. But in this instance, something approaching full on genocide is being beamed right into all our homes and even then it's more or less just met with disapproving head shaking.
  8. Can't they be removed from the council? can't someone get a damn BACKBONE in this whole situation?
  9. Yes, also feeling very helpless right now.
  10. I've seen that the state of decomposition of the bodies confirms these atrocities were committed while Russian forces were still occupying. I can't believe I even saw some of my mutuals (long blocked) on Twitter questioning whether it was Ukranians killing their own people as propaganda.
  11. These reports of civilian massacres in Bucha are horrifying! Undoubted war crimes.
  12. CAN A WOMAN HAVE A PENIS? is the state of the political discourse right now - just another distraction technique while they rob us blind.
  13. They've now u-turned on this and said they'll go ahead with the ban but minus the trans part - which I guess was the intention all along with the ongoing persecution of that community on Terf Island.
  14. BAD OPTICS have never really bothered this lot. Like the disastrous visit by these two to the COLONIES last week...
  15. Wonder when Bozo will be issued with his fine for partying while the rest of us were locked in our homes? And I wonder how soon his resignation will be after...NOT.
  16. How very SECTION 28 of them. Thatcher would be proud. I was reading this morning how the number of homophobic hate crimes reported in the UK has tripled and transphobic quadrupled since 2015. Backwards we go in so many respects.
  17. From first claiming she accidentally liked a tweet during a 'middle aged moment' to full on TERF BIGOT. Never could stand this horror and her shit books.
  18. Hideous decision. Every chubby loser now emboldened to take up a weapon and become a bone fide insurgent. Fun times ahead.
  19. Aye, the Brexit deal that's currently making life a fucking misery for so many people and is only gonna get a lot worse when the really shit parts of it kick in next year. I really do despair of people.
  20. I suppose there's something to be said for the fact he's not exactly hiding who he is and what his intentions are, unlike Benny Hill over here who's always up to no good while scratching his head and honking a comedy horn. I long for the days of grown up politics again but the longer these populists stay in power the more normalised it becomes and (over here at least) the more their popularity increases. Fingers crossed something changes in the collective consciousness of both countries soon.
  21. So the Tories latest attempt to see what corruption they can get away with by attempting to overhaul the standards system just to save one of their sleazy bribe-taking MPs might have backfired after a huge backlash. Hope he's right...
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