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  1. I see Billy Bunter's off on his hols AGAIN as Shit Island falls into the sea...
  2. Here's a journo actually interviewing Bozo properly for once, but as usual it's just smirking, bluster and downright lies in return...
  3. Calm down dear. Have some buttered toast, hehe
  4. Oh never mind that. Have some fish n chips, hehe.
  5. Always worrying when it's left up to foreign media to print the truth... Britain Is Heading Into a Nightmarish Winter LONDON — Long lines outside gas stations. Panicked drivers fighting one another as the pumps run dry. Empty supermarket shelves. Soldiers deployed to distribute fuel across the country. And in the background, the pandemic stretching on, food rotting in fields and families sinking into poverty. This is Britain in 2021. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/01/opinion/britain-fuel-crisis-johnson.html?smid=tw-share
  6. Nah, that would just highlight even more the need for Scotland to permanently get away from an England/Wales that's eating itself. Better for them that we all face the same shit. The Irish situation is different because, well...they have a history of blowing people up and so the peace agreement between north and south needs to stay in place, which it won't if a hard border (for goods and services) is erected again.
  7. No British party has rejoining the EU as part of their manifesto. Only the SNP in Scotland. The Northern Ireland protocol keeps them in the single market remember, so the only part of the UK that didn't get what it voted for is Scotland. All quite galling when you consider that we are a net exporter of energy yet are caught up in all this shit because of the political choices of another country.
  8. Oh I think it's hilarious. I'm long past pretending to have understanding for thick arseholes who've fucked themselves over because they didn't really like that couple with the funny accent that stay in the next street. Anyway they're now saying they'll allow 5k (lol) temporary 3 month (lol) visas for any foreigner who wants to come over, get shouted at in the street, work under shit conditions, then fuck off home on Christmas Eve or else be forcibly removed. I'm sure they're just queuing up for such an offer...
  9. I mean Biden is a senile neoliberal establishment shill but occasionally you're reminded of the batshit crazy element that's now missing...
  10. Oh good grief. (I know it's another distraction technique, but still...)
  11. Britain in 2021. More and more like a FAILED STATE every day.
  12. It's the Labour party conference this week. Let's hear some home truths about them and their stooge leader..
  13. Thank you darling Yeah I get what you mean, but stupid people are still stupid people. I still laugh at how The Sun changes their stance for their Scotland edition - what with us being a "united" kingdom and all... but a fine example of media manipulation/capitulation
  14. This wouldn't be the biggest selling newspaper (in England) if we were dealing with an intelligent populace... let's be real...
  15. Just this week they quietly announced they'd put back (for the third time) implementing border checks till some time in 2022. Smugglers paradise. Not exactly the "taking back control" of borders that they promised. A country with a proper media would be all over this stuff of course instead of actively covering it up....
  16. Giggle. I'm sure they'll be lining up to come back to work on Shite Island.
  17. Yeah we're heading into a winter of food and fuel shortages and an energy crisis. Nothing at all to do with the B WORD that no one is allowed to mention. Jealous much?
  18. No they're a mixture of peerages (hereditary) and govt appointed that Lizzie just signs off like she does everything. I suspect this is what a lot of them wanted - the cheap labour but without the rules and protections of the EU.
  19. Yeah I saw that nonsense, but as Norway have already confirmed...
  20. When are people gonna start getting ANGRY about this shit?
  21. Be optimistic but don't be complacent. They're funnelling billions into their propaganda (so many hate groups in the UK are funded by US evangelical groups with bottomless pits of money) and as you can see above, it's paying off.. I've slowly watched Stonewall be pilloried the last few months from all sides and it's coming to a head now.
  22. I'm already starting to see the old gay=paedo trope take hold with the same groups demonising trans people under the guise of advocating for 'women's rights'. So fucking insidious.
  23. Oh and to the homos in here who don't think anything ever affects them under this new regime, the anti trans sentiment allowed to take hold over the last couple of years is coming for you soon too, as it always does...
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