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  1. They're claiming the consultation was skewered by mass participation from pro trans groups - which could be said for the other side too (which is even more vociferous) or for any consultation in fact. The whole thing is ridiculous anyway. Are they gonna have wardens patrolling public spaces checking genitals to see what toilet door you can use?
  2. This should please some people... (and if you read deeper, it seems they're gonna roll back on existing protections as well) Good old Tories...
  3. Supreme Court Rules that Civil Rights Law Protects Gay and Transgender Workers... https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/15/us/gay-transgender-workers-supreme-court.html
  4. Because Brexit is about making the billionaire hedge fund owners that funded it even richer. This is why Dominic Cummings was never going to be removed from Downing Street - that's the reason he's there. They're actively betting AGAINST the UK economy and shorting the pound to make themselves richer. Everyone knows about this, but they don't seem to care. The nonsense about sovereignty and taking back control and all that rubbish was always a smokescreen. As for the chlorinated chicken and reduction in food safety standards, everyone knew all about that too and they still voted for it. Just as Thatcher decimated UK manufacturing and industries in return for the shithole services economy we have today, this lot will have no qualms killing off UK farming to make a quick buck. There seems to be such indifference and complacency in England about what's going on under their noses, I really don't get it.
  5. There are no words for the perversity and sheer stupidity of doing Nazi salutes in front of a war memorial while chanting "England". Bozo's 8 tweet thread yesterday all about Churchill and statues did the job it was meant to do - galvanize his supporters into action. One would almost think they're trying to divert attention away from something else...
  6. Racist filth gathering in London today..
  7. Yeah i probably should have added the "edited by" line on those posts, but he's gone now anyway - nasty little bigot.
  8. I doubt it, there are easier ways of doing that than posting essays and videos of transphobic crap (which have been replaced with (dog) whistles)
  9. I actually feel sick reading some of the stuff above, most of it copied verbatim from anti-trans hate sites. The issue here (that bigot Rowling is tackling) is about making it a little easier for trans people to obtain their gender recognition certificate, that's all - all the other stuff is already entrenched in the human rights act, and guess what, the world continues to turn, the sky hasn't fallen. All the dog whistle tropes being spewed forth in here are repulsive, and most of all harmful and have no place in this forum. Get the fuck out of here @Andgon144
  10. She's actually been going on about this for a while. This woman fights against every progressive policy the Scottish govt introduces. This latest stunt is a reaction to the recent govt guidelines on gender representation that include recognition that ‘trans women are women’. I've lifted this article which gives a good (balanced) overview of the issue. Why is JK Rowling speaking out now on sex and gender debate? The Harry Potter author has published a 3,600-word essay setting out in more detail than before the development of her already well-known stance in sex and gender debates. In it, she reveals for the first time her own experience of sexual assault and domestic violence which, Rowling explains, she felt compelled to write about after reading of the Scottish government’s latest progress towards changing gender recognition laws. “I couldn’t shut out those memories [of my own assault] and I was finding it hard to contain my anger and disappointment about the way I believe my government is playing fast and loose with women’s and girls’ safety,” she wrote. Rowling underlines that she also wants trans women to be safe. Many other women who share her views likewise insist transgender people have the right to equality and dignity. But beyond this there is huge disagreement about how different positions – whether those of transgender activists or gender-critical feminists – express that commitment in practice, and indeed what the nuances of those different positions are. Gender critical feminists disagree with the trans rights activists’ view that gender identity is separate from one’s biological sex, and that it should be given priority in terms of law-making and policy. They fear that sex is being argued into non-existence and that this will erode rights hard-won by women in the face of historical biological discrimination. Others regard the focus on biological sex as transphobic. They argue that while they do not deny the reality of biological sex there must be a recognition of complexities beyond binary definition, and that people should have the right to privacy around their sex characteristics at birth (as was agreed in the European convention on human rights in 2002, which led to the current Gender Recognition Act). Can a person change their gender at will nowadays? Rowling says many people do not know that “a man who intends to have no surgery and take no hormones may now secure himself a gender recognition certificate and be a woman in the sight of the law”. But this has been the case since initial gender recognition legislation was passed in 2004, under which the only legal requirement for changing a birth certificate is proof of living in one’s preferred gender. The Scottish government’s proposals – which have been put on hold for the duration of the pandemic – remove the current requirement for applicants to provide medical evidence of their diagnosis of gender dysphoria, but other checks and balances remain. Those applying for a gender recognition certificate are entering into a legal agreement to live in their preferred gender for the rest of their life – any breach of this is punishable with up to two years in prison – and there remains a requirement that a person has lived in the acquired gender for three months before signing the statutory declaration, and waits for a further three-month reflection period before the certificate is granted. Are women-only spaces under threat? Rowling says that “when you throw open the doors of bathrooms and changing rooms to any man who believes or feels he’s a woman … then you open the door to any and all men who wish to come inside”. Those supportive of transgender law reform argue that anxiety around single sex-spaces relates to women’s understandable lack of faith in how seriously violence against them is dealt with. Organisations such as Rape Crisis Scotland and Women’s Aid Scotland have operated trans-inclusive policies with few reported problems. Transgender groups point out that they still make up only 0.6% of the population and that “the amount of obsession over where we pee is disproportionate to the likelihood of bumping into one of us”. Others express the concern that the spectrum of people who identify particularly as trans women is expanding to include male-appearing people who – rightly or wrongly – might be perceived as a threat, and feel sceptical about whether inclusion policies have been properly tested or if individual cis women will be too afraid or uncomfortable to challenge male-bodied people in their spaces. Is there evidence that more young people are transitioning, and then regretting it? The problem is that there has been no systematic tracking in the UK of what happens to people after transitioning, so it is hard to offer evidence other than the anecdotal. Rowling refers to a controversial US paper that questions whether transgender identification in teenagers could be a form of social contagion. She notes that “the UK has experienced a 4,400% increase in girls being referred for transitioning treatment”. Critics of Rowling say it is easy to exaggerate demand because the percentages involved are already so tiny. According to the Scottish Trans Alliance, it is estimated that less than 0.1% of under-18s in Scotland have been referred to a gender identity clinic, and the majority of them will receive psychological support at this stage. STA also reports that the numbers of people de-transitioning are “a handful”. Has the debate become irreconcilable/too toxic to move forward? Rowling describes the online threats and abuse she has encountered since making her position clear about two years ago, something that many others who speak out on transgender rights, whether supportively or critically, have also reported. Equalities organisations insist that supporting transgender rights should not and must not excuse abusive behaviour, but also make a plea not to conflate angry and anonymous voices online with organised campaigners: it is dangerous to decide the merits of equality principles based on what is said on Twitter. There is also concern that, when a woman of such influence and popularity as Rowling sets out a critical position, then the wider public, who are largely supportive of transgender people according to most recent British Social Attitudes research, may begin to question their fundamental rights.
  11. What? It hasn't been banned. HBO have taken it off temporarily and said they'll put it back up along with a discussion of its historical context, which is perfectly reasonable.
  12. Yes, so I'm not sure why people are still going on like it's been banned or something.
  13. Nope. Referencing hypothetical situations that people say *might* happen or pointing to worst case scenarios as a reason for not affording a group of marginalised people more rights is bigotry, plain and simple. The paedophilia conspiracy nonsense in contemptible. Shame on you!
  14. You sound completely unhinged. Anyone wondering about the rise of the far right across the world just needs to look at how you've been brainwashed. A puppet.
  15. You actually sound like you've been radicalised. The fact you can't see that you're spewing the same sort of ill informed bigotry that was flung at gay people for decades (and still is in many cases) is quite alarming. All the same dog whistle tropes about body parts and children and big pharma, all the while proclaiming to be protecting the rights of other minorities. And when they're done with them, they'll come for you. In the meantime, where I am, I'm celebrating...
  16. So the lazy, offensive far right tropes you've been peddling in this thread lead me to one conclusion... Internalized homophobia refers to negative stereotypes, beliefs, stigma, and prejudice about homosexuality and LGBT people that a person with same-sex attraction turns inward on themselves, whether or not they identify as LGBT.
  17. You must have a really feeble brain to be taken in by such gaslighting propaganda bullshit. Or maybe you're just an old fashioned bigot.
  18. Absolutely, we know exactly what they're up to. Trans people, like most everyone else, just want to get on with living their lives in peace. Anyone who punches down on a repressed minority is a piece of shit. This attempt to weaponize LGB rights in the hope that we'll turn against one of our own community/allies is particularly insidious. Not surprised by Rowling at all. Always sticking her oar in politically, and always on the wrong side.
  19. Yes it's real, she referenced it in a follow up. When multitasking goes wrong - nurturing her kiddie fan base while being a transphobic bigot. Yeah and it wasn't so long ago that this type of cherry picking article was written about gay men - calling us all paedos and predators and a threat to the rights of hetero men's spaces.
  20. I've never liked her. She constantly uses her huge platform to punch down and likes/retweets some of the most hateful garbage. Her (now deleted) crazy tweet last week where she was cutting & pasting shit from a trans hate blog while responding to kids pictures sums the stupid bint up.
  21. Well, I think that WAS Django's original point. Anyway, the "this country isn't quite as bad as that country" stuff is just a distraction. Institutional racism is everywhere, the tiny bit we happen to see filmed on mobile phones these days is nothing compared to what's actually going on, not to mention the really insidious, sneaky racism that almost goes unnoticed but is threaded through so much of society. One could almost say at least the US is honest about it, right there in broad daylight...
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