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  1. Under normal circumstances he would have been sacked long ago for the many, many embarrassing gaffes he's made, but Treeza couldn't risk him plotting against her. Now though they're all abandoning the sinking ship of their own free will leaving her open to a coup from all sides of her own party. She should have shown some leadership and assertiveness instead of being a pathetic lame duck. Oh well. Of course while this is all going on, THE one who caused the whole mess is... ....sitting watching Wimbledon in between writing his memoirs without a care in the world.
  2. And not to be upstaged, bumbling Boris has resigned too. What an incompetent shitshow.
  3. Kim

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    RHT started off that way with Iconic...then...I dunno what happened.
  4. This BA vid is available on youtube again after being blocked for a year!
  5. Looking forward to Trumpets visit to Scotland next weekend...
  6. No one with an ounce of sense believed this nonsense the first time, and they certainly don't now.
  7. Oh The Handmaid's Tale REALNESS of it all. Anyway seeing as this orange cunt's approval rating just keeps on going up no matter what he does, maybe it's just time y'all accepted that half (or more) of your population are evil sociopathic morons?
  8. Kim

    New Album Means New Tour

    Yeah well, some on here hated Stuart's work on RIT (not me)while orgasming over the awful musical direction she's had since '08. I'd like her to go for someone completely new. Actually I'd like her to change up her entire creative team, but she's slipped into this comfortable bubble and there's no one there to suggest anything new it seems. I liked Like a Virgin (and it was actually the work of a fan made remix lest we forget) but thought Material Girl was a bore. Offer Nissim can stick to soundcloud where he belongs!
  9. Kim

    New Album Means New Tour

    I love how you always come here posting news that someone else HERE has posted like 24hrs before.
  10. Kim

    New Album Means New Tour

    I don't. Nor do I like the recent phenomenon of cutting stuff out from date to date. You used to know when you went to see Madonna that you would get a full flawless show every single time.
  11. Kim

    Question; dwt tour paris dvd

    I dont have that DVD or recall any of the mixes being particularly "beautiful". But I guess the Groove Armada 12" was the most laidback of them all. Maybe that one.
  12. I like that! Guuuurl, sounds like a 90s Janet show.
  13. You'd think that most Australians; given the historical make up of people booted out of Britain for being considered not good enough or convicts or vermin, orphans etc and shipped over there would be the exact opposite, but naw they're the ones who'll doff their cap and bow like peasants, I think it's something instiiled in them, to think that they have betters and aren't good enough or something. Crazy.
  14. There are no normal circumstances under which I would bow or grovel to another human being. What is wrong with people? In May's case it doesn't help that she looks like a gangly cross between the fuckin child catcher and the BABADOOK while she's at it. Then take that American actress. One minute a shit bit-player on a shit TV show, the next people are doing THIS? What kind of mentality must you have to do this? In 21st century Britain??