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  1. Can't wait for cut price Trump, Bozo the Clown to become new PM!
  2. A picture paints a thousand words. Two very different countries.
  3. UK voting was three days ago although I appreciate the sentiment. Looking likely that the march towards right wing populism in parts of the country will continue with a big majority for the BREXIT party.
  4. Probably waiting for the results of the Euro elections before FINALLY quitting. Not that the prospect of Bozo the Clown Boris taking over is any more appealing.
  5. Saw this on the news. Bloody awful. Right wing, big business, dark money funded govts taking over nearly everywhere.
  6. This nanny state nonsense that always ends up not fit for purpose and wasting huge amounts of public money needs to stop. Seeing as it doesn't include social media, any kid wanting to see porn can just open twitter. Just as any adult will of course use a proxy or a VPN rather than popping down to the local shop to buy a "porn pass". It really is the height of stupidity.
  7. This is why the efforts of Brexiteers to disregard the Good Friday Agreement in search of their xenophobic utopia is so repulsive. There's been a major upturn in the "troubles" since the Brexit vote. Must be nice having blood on your hands (you know who you are)
  8. Any thoughts (your own) on the journalist SHOT DEAD during the riots in your own god forsaken country a couple of nights ago? I know there's a media blackout about it in the UK (because we all know its alt-right Brexit related) but I'm sure you can give some insight...
  9. You go Pam! Assange has an awful personality, but I support anyone who helps reveal the extent of the bullshit corruption going on, and yes, that includes war-mongering crooked Clinton.
  10. Fucking LABOUR once again refusing to back this motion that would prevent the UK crashing out with no deal by Revoking Article 50 as a last resort. Useless bunch of cunts. And the pantomime that's the UK parliament continues to embarrass itself as a bunch of protesters GLUE their arses to the public gallery...
  11. The great deceit of Brexit is fooling people into thinking that they aren't "independent". It's quite clever really. As we know, the EU is made up of a group of independent countries. The UK, which when constructed was meant to be a political union between two equal countries, has proven itself not to be. One partner is now preventing the other, simply because of numbers, following its own path (we'll leave aside other stuff like the plundering of that smaller country's vast wealth and natural resources) The best comparison is how the Republic of Ireland has been treated within the EU (with respect and as an equal partner and with it's interests protected) with the way Scotland has been treated as part of the UK (it's interests ignored, it's government told to shut up and an economically disastrous policy forced upon it) So 'separatism' (a tired and hyperbolic word) is the way to go.
  12. It's such a complicated issue, but really it's just a reflection of how quickly things can change, and how the same thing has happened in so many places. 20 years ago it was 'Cool Britannia'. Thatcher was gone, the ineffectual John Major had limped away, and it was a new dawn with "New" Labour and Tony Blair (in reality bank deregulation and everyone on easy credit and the country living above its means) Cue an illegal war and then the financial crash. Britain (England actually) then returns to the arms of the Tories whose answer is severe austerity via public services cuts and towards the poor and disabled (make no mistake that Tory policies are actively and deliberately killing off its poorest citizens via social engineering) As is the Tory way, while the poorest are punished, the rich get richer via tax cuts. This is when the likes of UKIP pop up to tell everyone that the problem isn't their own government, it's all those immigrants, it's the EU. Right wing thinking starts to become more normalized and verbalized in public discourse and the ERG (anti European) wing of the Tory party becomes more emboldened. David Cameron has the brainwave to kill off the EU dissenters for good by having a referendum on the matter that he'll surely win... The Leave side runs an effective (and it turns out wholly illegal) campaign funded by tax exiles, hedge funders and billionaires and manages to fool people into thinking that their shit lives will become better outside the EU. Hence the poorest communities in Northern England, Wales, the Midlands etc are the ones who usher it in enthusiastically. The most bungling, ineffective and embarrassing govt EVER, led by a newly elected PM cleverly disguised as a malfunctioning robot then sets into motion the exit mechanism without knowing what the fuck it wants or what the fuck it's doing. Said robot had promised to help the "just about managing" and the middle class, but has pushed every aspect of normal governance aside in it's dogged pursuit of Brexit. Through all this, Labour suffers an identity crisis and split within its own party with its grass roots members voting in Jeremy Corbyn, a socialist and committed anti-EU campaigner who suddenly finds himself forced to kinda...sorta... temper his views, but not really. Half the country then finds itself without any sort of political representation whatsoever. And here we are... Scotland meanwhile stayed to the centre-left with the SNP, which through good governance mitigates most of the austerity facing the rest of the UK and sets down it's own path of progressive policies, internationalism (civic nationalism) and openness as typified by the campaign your talking about where we encourage migration and being part of the (flawed but better than nothing) European Union. It's certainly my hope that the final cords that bind it to the rest of the UK are severed soon before the rot starts to creep up here. Make no mistake that the same crowd of fascist bigots who ushered in Brexit will do their very best to stop it though. Couldn't be prouder to live somewhere that's sending out the message you saw on facebook. This one I think...
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