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  1. Oh my! Well KEN certainly looks like a different kind of doll now (except the doll looks more human)
  2. i was wondering why the ridiculous dead cat of making "all over 50s stay at home" had been flung on the table today and then saw... Wonder who the "naughty Tory" is this time?
  3. I don't necessarily expect a new record company to understand every artist's fanbase, and the whole industry now has a very homogenised way of working, but I do expect her manager to - and I've always felt that Oseary just doesn't get us. It's up to him to make the case for the extra spending on stuff like physicals and to balance costs with consumer interest and fan loyalty etc. He has a lot to answer for when it comes to the premature cessation of Madonna's reign at the top of the biz.
  4. Well it's not exactly heartening to read that these Kitchen Maids of Pop have more creative freedom and control than the Queen (a Queen either abdicates or dies before anyone starts quoting recent numbers or whatever ) Oh well, I've said before that I think quitting WB will go down as her worst ever decision - no matter how much short term dolla she made. True. That concept started so well then fizzled away into nothing.
  5. Leader of the Tories in Scotland just QUIT after 6 months in the job... Tick Tock....
  6. Shitty-ass Interscope wouldn't even let her release a double album let alone all that ish. Swifty must be enjoying being the Queen of the Universal lot.
  7. Yeah but you're probably one of those "IDSIF is straight off Erotica" "Bitch i'm Loca is a bop" and "Extreme Occident is lyrically profound" TYPES....
  8. Imagine having a $billion in the bank and spending all your time just punching down and being a horrible old hypocrite
  9. As in it has a pleasing melody. natural vocals and the germ of a classic MADONNA song?
  10. Glad so many people have woken up to what a first class cunt this woman is....
  11. They're claiming the consultation was skewered by mass participation from pro trans groups - which could be said for the other side too (which is even more vociferous) or for any consultation in fact. The whole thing is ridiculous anyway. Are they gonna have wardens patrolling public spaces checking genitals to see what toilet door you can use?
  12. This should please some people... (and if you read deeper, it seems they're gonna roll back on existing protections as well) Good old Tories...
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