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  1. The world IS burning bub. What are YOU doing to stop it?
  2. DIANA KILLED AFTER THREATENING TO EXPOSE ROYAL PAEDOS... has been rumoured for years. Give us the receipts!
  3. Third degree? What's that, a fucking suspended sentence? I don't know if what I'm reading about the history of this particular cop is true, but it makes for grim reading.
  4. Agree, there's something really rotten in the air. Really wouldn't be surprised if a new world war wasn't on the cards to top it all off.
  5. Er, don't bother being distracted by that gaslighting stuff above. A MURDERING COP is the story.
  6. Yeah I deliberately left out the decimation of Iraq as that's always used to demonstrate how foul he is, but a lot of people forget about his domestic record.
  7. Today's (Scottish edition) of The Sun. NOT the London edition of course, which has a completely different pro Cummings spin, yet from the same publisher. I do sometimes wonder if those across the border even understand how much they get gaslit by the media. Tomorrow's editions again...
  8. Nothing to see here chaps. Move on.
  9. It really was a load of gaslighting bollocks from him. Particularly the part about driving 30 miles to a local beauty spot to "test his eyesight". How fucking dumb does he think we are? No contrition, no regrets. Yes, it is a Wizard of Oz moment with the grand mastermind revealed to actually be a snivelling little inarticulate runt. He broke the rules, he's become the story and is a major distraction in the middle of a crisis and needs to GO.
  10. 1987? Well the late 80s were the time of a mini boom in the economy in between the deep recession of '81 and the recession of 91/92, so there was a moment of relief for most people which gave some optimism, although it sounds like your teacher was passing on her own personal values rather than that of the country as far as the environment etc goes. I love Scotland, though it has its problems like everywhere else, but by God, if we ever collectively start voting for right-wing populists, then I'll be the first one on the plane somewhere else.
  11. Well prime minister Cummings has announced he'll be addressing the nation and taking questions later on today, so we'll see what he has to say. Rumours are he's lined up a dead uncle and autistic son to take the blame. Even the Daily Heil are gunning for him this morning, so No.10 will be in major panic mode. Well the seeds of the deal with Trump were sown last week when the tories voted against an amendment that would have guaranteed high standards of food/drink entering the country post Brexit (shafting British farmers in the process) That, combined with the US insistence that food origin labeling be removed, will leave us not knowing what the fuck we're consuming. Made hardly a ripple on the news of course.
  12. Well as someone who's lived through 7 prime ministers so far, i'll hazard a guess that you formed that opinion during the reign of 'New Labour'? ....and all the associated fake nonsense of 'cool britannia' etc as the country pretended to shake off the stink of Thatcher, but it's no surprise that she herself said she considered Tony Blair her "greatest achievement"... Blair had a huge majority - the opportunity to make major changes to the country and the institutions that run it, instead he split Labour in two as he dragged it to the right, killed the party completely in Scotland, paved the way for slippery Cameron and his eurosceptic acolytes and now this current freakshow of unaccountable clowns... ...and seeing as Bozo's polling numbers were at an all time high last time I looked, I guess England is quite happy with its choice, so...
  13. Well it's the usual British exceptionalism, isn't it. A few weeks back when Italy had those big numbers it was all we heard, about what a huge catastrophe it was - the minute Britain hit those numbers (and beyond)...nothing. The day after the UK recorded the highest death toll in Europe, the govt stopped publishing the daily international comparison numbers and everyone was told to not 'politicise' the pandemic and that any inquiry will have to wait till it's all over. Anyway, Bozo, in the most excruciating press conference, has just put his full support behind Cummings in a very risky move. Even the most compliant of British sheep aren't all that happy to see that while they've been holed up for weeks following the rules, the ones making said rules have been flouting them with no consequences. But as most people have been saying, Bozo can't exactly fire his own boss, especially one that has about 10 yrs of dirt on him and the rest of the Tory scum running the country. Anyway god bless the civil servant who (really!) tweeted this nugget just after Bozo's speech.... before it was quickly deleted...
  14. I told you ages ago this was the route the BBC was going down. You’re absolutely right that this unfettered racism should be called out by any civilised society rather than the state broadcaster normalising it in the interest of “balance”. There's no room for balance when it comes to racism, climate change denial etc. The BBC's response to the 'post truth' world has been nothing short of abysmal and will come back to bite it when/if (as rumoured) Johnson and Cummings set about dismantling the whole institution in the next few years in favour of a subscription service thus allowing Fox News type replacements to creep in. Those who once would have fought for the BBC (on both the moderate left and right) are increasingly relinquishing it... On and just for the avoidance of doubt, the fact is that immigrants contribute MORE financially to the UK economy than they take out, and always have. Public services have been decimated because the Tories introduced massive AUSTERITY measures that have lasted over a decade and hit the poorest the hardest. 10 years of frontline services being cut to the bone. And who did they (in conjunction with their media chums) set up as the fall guy? Well, take a guess... As evidenced by this endless tirade of filth....and the army of dog whistle racists it's unleashed...
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