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  1. Mariah didn't say it, Whitney did. I read the interview. And yes, it sounds exactly like something bold, bitchin', hilarious Madonna of old would say before Kabbolox and all that shit took hold.
  2. Oh that old chestnut. As I said before, It's not the first time you've parroted this disgusting right-wing rhetoric about Muslims taking over Europe and installing Sharia law and not integrating etc etc like a fucking Daily Mail headline. Either you're brainwashed by whatever shit you read or you really are a xenophobe and/or racist. Take it to Twitter with the rest of the nutters but do NOT bring it here and expect no one to have the balls to say anything about it.
  3. Don't flatter yourself. I find your Islamophobia repugnant and would give the same comment no matter who made it.
  4. Whorita Oral was in the news defending her slutty pics with Terry Richardson saying she "wasn't aware" of any rumours about him (aye right) and how she had the time of her life working with him and how she loved his work with Gaga. She also had a really BAD performance on the X Factor the other week (dressed as a slutty version of that bird from Flashdance) It's a pity a good song like Anywhere has been wasted on this reductive Rhianna. I think she's number 2 on the midweeks. I hope she DOESN'T get to number 1, which would give her 5 number 1s - which is just ridiculous for a z-lister like her.
  5. Well at least you still have an element of self awareness in among the rest of the dross you write.
  6. 1. Intervention - Great 2. Dear Jessie - Good 3. Little Star - Okay 4. Superstar - Absolute shite
  7. The Spanish govt. propaganda machine still in full force in this thread I see. Truly shameful.
  8. Who cares what that fat old senile fuck thinks. Disgusting. Go make a thread about it then. It's clear who the ones here with a "suspicious motive" are.
  9. True. All the rest actually come across as bad karaoke.
  10. If I want to see that I'll watch the BBC or the other propaganda channels. There are two sides to everything, it's true. It's always good to be on the RIGHT side of history though. And I am!
  11. Congratulations to the Independent Republic of Catalonia!!! So what force are the right wing Francoist Spanish govt gonna use to impose 'direct rule' I wonder? Progressive lovers of democracy and civic nationalism are celebrating worldwide, while the narrow-minded fascists (and ethnic nationalists) weep.
  12. I'm in the middle of decorating and had this song on repeat this morning. I CAN'T BELIEVE I LIKE A RITA ORAL SONG!! Only 3?
  13. This argument just makes zero sense. All Madonna has to do is sign off on it then sit back and watch her residual cheque get bigger and bank the cash. She has to work for her LN deal. No year long preparation and rehearsal for a tour, no traveling for 6 months, no paying massive overheads. Money for nothing basically, and we all know Madge likes her money - however small change. The reason the remaster/re-issue/anniversary edition market is so big is because it DOES make money. For an artist like Madonna who has a loon fanbase that buys 10 copies of everything plus the fact that regular music lovers WILL buy better quality versions of her albums, plus just the simple exposure of having her work out there in the best possible presentation makes it a no-brainer in fact. I think there's something else going on that's preventing ANY movement on either side when it comes to her WB work. For some reason they seem able to spit out vinyl reissues left, right and centre which leads me to believe there's some sort of clause allowing them to do that (possibly the false belief that vinyl was a dying market and so no provision was made for it in the deal she made on leaving) Possibly something acrimonious going on, or some sort of royalty percentage issue. I believe it was Demon or Edsel or one of those labels that mentioned approached WB about doing something with True Blue and they got nowhere with it, yet EVERY other WB artist is getting the deluxe treatment. Makes no sense. Oseary of course likes to pretend Madonna 's career started when he came on board so no surprise that he's not interested. Probably wouldn't get a big enough cut of the pie on 80s/90s stuff. Then that's how shortsighted he is, not realising that Madonna's legacy is a huge part of what keeps her relevant. Diminishing returns will teach him that lesson though.
  14. I'm sure there's someone high up in her record company who passionately believes in Rita's raw natural talent and her passion for her craft. Or to put it another way....