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  1. Any thoughts (your own) on the journalist SHOT DEAD during the riots in your own god forsaken country a couple of nights ago? I know there's a media blackout about it in the UK (because we all know its alt-right Brexit related) but I'm sure you can give some insight...
  2. You go Pam! Assange has an awful personality, but I support anyone who helps reveal the extent of the bullshit corruption going on, and yes, that includes war-mongering crooked Clinton.
  3. Jacko covertly seeking out child porn? What a surprise. Very telling that no one is really shocked anymore.
  4. Speaking of stereotyping... On one hand you have a fabulous Aussie like Jazzy Jan, and on the other... YOU
  5. All the while censoring genitalia etc... I guess there's a puritanical surface with lots of kink underneath. Anyway, I'm not one for stereotyping, so I'll shut up!
  6. Well, you learn something new everyday....
  7. Poor girl. I imagined Japan being very moralistic and strict on this kind of thing so I'm surprised at this verdict and reaction.
  8. Horrible! And what a message to send out to anyone else who might be suffering something similar. Just as the MJ apologists are sending a disgusting message to all victims of childhood abuse.
  9. The absolute state of this ghoul. I dread to think what he'd be like at 60. Probably 'retired' from public life and living in Thailand or some other kiddie fiddler paradise.
  10. Filthy paedo living out his fantasies right there in the public eye. I bet he couldn't believe his luck that everyone fell for his Willy Wonka act.
  11. Of course. Time all melds together when you're a kid in normal circumstances anyway, nevermind being dragged all over the world just because some paedo wants you in his bed every night The fact that's it's not some perfect pre checked timeline is what makes it even more genuine IMO.
  12. Fucking LABOUR once again refusing to back this motion that would prevent the UK crashing out with no deal by Revoking Article 50 as a last resort. Useless bunch of cunts. And the pantomime that's the UK parliament continues to embarrass itself as a bunch of protesters GLUE their arses to the public gallery...
  13. Yes, straight out of the paedo handbook. It's scary how OBVIOUS it all was in retrospect. Well, for some of us it was obvious at the time too, but still, he basically carried out his crimes right in the public eye. A succession of little boys one after the other, and all dumped one after the other when a younger prettier model came along (which is emotionally abusive in itself even without the perversion)
  14. I guess the question is, If Emmanuel looked like an 18 year old, would he have been around Michael at all, nevermind in his bed sucking from a baby bottle? We all know the answer. The image is powerful because of what it represents.
  15. If you notice during that interview he tries to get the kid to back him up on that but he just stares back blankly cause he knows it's not true. Anyway what's with the other bottle at the side? Is that Michael's? Was he into that 'pretending to be a baby' shit as well as being a paedo? And as for the pillow covering his crotch...
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