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  1. Belinda Carlisle

    Edsel certainly are milking Belinda's catalogue for all it's worth. She's had SO many special editions etc at this point. I got the CD/DVD albums a few years back and that does me.
  2. I guess Smamfa seems exotic to some from different countries but she looks like any of the girls I went to school with (minus the giant tits!) As for her battles with gastroenteritis, I can't help but think the magic of her performances might have been impeded a bit by the stench of SHIT emanating from the stage My parents used to get one of those crap newspapers on a Sunday - The News of the World I think, which came with a gossip magazine pullout and I vaguely remember reading about Sam's fling with that con-man and her Dad controlling her career. I always remember the guy she was seeing had a beard (back before they became trendy again). Sam was ALWAYS in them as was Joan Collins who was at the height of her Dynasty fame. Funny the things you remember...
  3. Rough as old boots. Isn't Kilo's new album out in a couple of weeks? What a FLOP campaign this has been.
  4. Minger's been praising Gags since 2012. Since the Madonna vs Gaga 'feud' actually. It's quite obvious WHY. Oh ANOTHER one of these cheapo D-list 'royal' things she keeps doing over and over again. Wasn't the last one that ridiculous thing with the pony running around a track while she shrieked away in the background?
  5. This little bitch is really starting to get annoying FOR REAL. Semi famous in two countries and a career on the skids yet acting like she's Liz Taylor or something. Will that other old horseface Camilla Parker-Bowles sue B&M BARGAINS for using HER name now?
  6. So her 'stand' on marriage equality actually had nothing to do with her at all? Just as we said. Why is she constantly giving excuses for being such an opinion-free airhead? The glass of milk I'm drinking just curdled. Daylight can be so unforgiving... What did Madonna ever do to this nasty little bitch for her to be so passive aggressive every time her name is mentioned?
  7. Oh shit, i was looking at the wrong chart. Let me try that again. *SPLAT* Kilo's new single off her yet-to-be-released flop just LANDED on the UK charts at number.... FAILED TO CHART IN THE TOP 100 It was nice not knowing you Kilo, now take the hint and fuck off.
  8. This is what we've been saying for years. Mango will never voluntarily bring up Madonna, she always needs to be asked - then it's "oh I loved her when I was a kid" then straight onto Prince, Paula Abdul, Britney, Gaga, Beyonce whoever else is "hot" at the time. Anyway, the new UK chart is published in 20 minutes or so. Will Kilo be at number 1 with her new single? Stay tuned pop pickers!
  9. Oh but you missed out the next bit about who her favourite is... And yes EXCEPT for my friend Karbatal, only mincing lisping, thick as shit, (also very horrible, nasty and troublemaking people) like Kylie Minogue. This woman's history of passive agression towards Madonna has been well documented the last few weeks and even caused a fight or two. You can continue to discuss this in her own thread.
  10. I'll come with you... just for the popcorn.
  11. Chinless wonders. He's alright, but the more I see of her, the more weird (not in a good way) she looks.
  12. He's all skin and bone and her waist is weirdly thin!
  13. Zee & Gee have broken up and the whole universe is shook!!! Or summat...