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  1. Oh my! Well KEN certainly looks like a different kind of doll now (except the doll looks more human)
  2. i was wondering why the ridiculous dead cat of making "all over 50s stay at home" had been flung on the table today and then saw... Wonder who the "naughty Tory" is this time?
  3. Leader of the Tories in Scotland just QUIT after 6 months in the job... Tick Tock....
  4. Imagine having a $billion in the bank and spending all your time just punching down and being a horrible old hypocrite
  5. Glad so many people have woken up to what a first class cunt this woman is....
  6. They're claiming the consultation was skewered by mass participation from pro trans groups - which could be said for the other side too (which is even more vociferous) or for any consultation in fact. The whole thing is ridiculous anyway. Are they gonna have wardens patrolling public spaces checking genitals to see what toilet door you can use?
  7. This should please some people... (and if you read deeper, it seems they're gonna roll back on existing protections as well) Good old Tories...
  8. Supreme Court Rules that Civil Rights Law Protects Gay and Transgender Workers... https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/15/us/gay-transgender-workers-supreme-court.html
  9. Because Brexit is about making the billionaire hedge fund owners that funded it even richer. This is why Dominic Cummings was never going to be removed from Downing Street - that's the reason he's there. They're actively betting AGAINST the UK economy and shorting the pound to make themselves richer. Everyone knows about this, but they don't seem to care. The nonsense about sovereignty and taking back control and all that rubbish was always a smokescreen. As for the chlorinated chicken and reduction in food safety standards, everyone knew all about that too and they still voted for it. Just as Thatcher decimated UK manufacturing and industries in return for the shithole services economy we have today, this lot will have no qualms killing off UK farming to make a quick buck. There seems to be such indifference and complacency in England about what's going on under their noses, I really don't get it.
  10. There are no words for the perversity and sheer stupidity of doing Nazi salutes in front of a war memorial while chanting "England". Bozo's 8 tweet thread yesterday all about Churchill and statues did the job it was meant to do - galvanize his supporters into action. One would almost think they're trying to divert attention away from something else...
  11. Racist filth gathering in London today..
  12. Yeah i probably should have added the "edited by" line on those posts, but he's gone now anyway - nasty little bigot.
  13. I doubt it, there are easier ways of doing that than posting essays and videos of transphobic crap (which have been replaced with (dog) whistles)
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