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  1. The icing on this shitty cake would be faults with the sound and picture. It really wouldn't surprise me. On a more serious note, that's one reason not to necessarily pre-order right away, not until the reviews are in and you know it's okay to buy.
  2. Dopey Darlene's story keeps changing and makes no logical sense. She's floundering and panicking in case this goes to trial and all her shifty dealings come out. It seems she's a curator of stolen goods as well as 'art'. Her name was on ALL those items even though it seems she was doing the bidding (so to speak) for others too like Chris and Shue, And now that all the items have been sequestered, those she was working for/with are raging they're not getting their $$$!
  3. That list is basically just a rubbish ghey's list of his favourite albums. Most of them fuckin shit. Good old Buzzfeed.
  4. So they could use the statute of limitations defence when Madonna says the items are stolen (which they just did) The whole thing is so disgusting and there seems to be quite a few different people involved in this racket.
  5. So the statute of limitations for theft ran out so she should be allowed to sell the stolen items? That's some defence. I also love how the box of possessions just "ended up" at Darlene's place. What a nasty bitch.
  6. No. Are you into the Kabbalah, MeakMaker?
  7. What a boring shitty thread this has turned into ...when you kilo "fans" are left to your own devices.
  8. Like GGW, The MDNA performance totally transformed Revulva from mediocre to magnificent. The power of Livedonna
  9. Madonna said it herself on Jonathan Ross did she not?...that REAL family isn't necessarily who you're blood related to, but who you trust and surround yourself with. He's nowhere to be found in her circle and that's that. His fault, his loss.
  10. Thanks for explaining to us something we've been discussing for 24 hours. And no, no it doesn't. There was obviously real stuff in among the (possibly) fake. And said letter has now been referred to as "unsent" meaning Madonna indeed wasn't stupid enough to put such a thing into the public realm (but apparently was stupid enough to keep such things lying around)
  11. They seem to think they're on their twitter feed or something. Terrible forum etiquette.
  12. Yes, IF, as it appears, this was an unsent letter and not meant to be seen by anyone but herself (similar to a diary entry I suppose) then it makes a bit more sense. For her to have sent something like that out in public, boyfriend or not, certainly didn't.
  13. It's weird what's gone and is still up. The fax sent to Chris (showing Madge as a penny pincher) is gone yet "trashy lingerie" supposedly worn by Madonna and now owned by Darlene is still up for 10k? I hope no one bids on any of it.
  14. Well the DVD won't be, but the Blu-ray (capacity of 25-50GB) could be better quality. Although we're not really talking about a true HD picture when it comes to something so filtered and altered in post production, so I reckon it'll look similar if not slightly better on Blu than the Amazon rip. The sound should be perfect too.