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  1. Digging? I read it at the time and I'm only now commenting on it. Seeing as you were commenting on what you found "funny". I decided to do likewise. It's hardly surprising that one or two people have been taken in by you cutting and pasting from a MJ propaganda website. I'm not slamming the name, I'm laughing at the fact you're linking to a fansite created by Michael Jackson fans as a repository for refuting the allegations of sexual abuse against him. It's like a Trump supporter linking someone to Breitbart in order to prove something they read on Twitter. Completely ridiculous. What victims? The ones in the documentary? the ones in the 90s? The ones that went to court or the ones that didn't? The ones we know about or the ones we don't? The ones who got hush money or the ones who didn't? Man accused of multiple incidences of sexual abuse has porno collection. Are we supposed to be shocked? Just in case anyone took your "he had 10,000 books" nonsense to heart thinking he had a wonderful pristine library, it's helpful to realise that these books were piled up in squalid filthy rooms and no doubt never touched (except the ones with the half naked boys of course) The very idea that this illiterate who could barely scrape a sentence together was well read is hilarious. I choose to believe the victims and you don't. In my opinion you are a paedo apologist and if you don't like it - sue me.
  2. Considering your initial post was that you were leaving the thread and not re-entering, yet here you are posting links to, wait for it.... the michael jackson allegations dot com (gee I wonder what slant that website takes?) I'd say that it must be you who's kidding at this point, no? I'm sure you're aware that paedos often show pornography to young boys while grooming them. I'd be surprised if that wasn't covered in this documentary. And the fact that the upper floors of Neverland were mostly filthy squalid holes shouldn't be particularly funny either, or was that just another side effect of his mental health and drug addiction issues? And seeing as I have it in the back of my head that all this was covered in previous threads, possibly on Dotmusic, it's not really achieving anything going over it all again, other than reminding people that behind the music was an abomination.
  3. I made the mistake of clicking on that link and seeing the pics of filthy rooms that look like some roach infested motel. I'm sure it says something about him that he and his 10,000 books were surrounded by squalor. So the sexual deviant liked making up binders full of clippings from porn magazines? This is meant to prove that he wasn't a paedophile is it? Because he had clipping from Big Jugs monthly? Or are those the binders and magazines and DVDs he used while grooming these young male kids? Yet another casebook example of grooming. Ugh, he was repellent.
  4. Oh good grief. Are these paedo apologists now saying that the fact Jacko wasn't dumb enough to have a stash of actual child pornography at his place, and that the mountains of dubious barely legal photo books of young men and boys that yes, you can indeed buy in bookshops under the guise of "art" doesn't give hints to his predilections? And no, the laughable tactic of stashing a few copies of Hustler in his nightstand to prove he's a normal heterosexual male is even more hilarious. God, he was a freak. I just randomly put one of those titles into Amazon and the pics are weird as fuck. Young boys dressed as angels frolicking in a pool - with a bunch of dirty old men in the reviews saying how wonderfully "artistic" they are. Bleurgh!
  5. Kim

    2020 U.S. Election

    It's a valid question. It's not clear to me whether he's planning to run as independent or be picked as Dem candidate. Either way, while there's still democrats who can't see that it was Crooked war-mongering Hillary herself that was the cause of their implosion and subsequent impotence as a political force, then what's the point? Watch them nominate yet another 'centrist' neo-liberal twit and watch Trump romp home for a second term.
  6. Kim

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    Alexis yes. Joan, no. She'd have you skinned alive. Speaking of...
  7. Maybe Maybe Maybe, Whatabout Whatabout Whatabout.... You can argue about hypotheticals forever. The drug addict killed himself in the end, so the possibility of further investigation is over, and the fact that his predilection for little boys hangs over his name forever is his own fault. You choose to come down on the side of a ("suspected") child rapist. I don't. End.
  8. What a puppet show. The heady whiff of another country's OIL reserves has wafted over to the US I see. It's what their foreign policy is based on...always.
  9. See what I mean? Rich famous man pays off accuser instead of defending (and presumably exonerating) himself in court, Jacko fan brushes it off as insurance company meddling rather than what any normal person sees. Said pop star paints himself for perpetuity as a padeo who pays off kids in return for their silence. Lay down with dogs, you get fleas. The thing about paedophiles targeting troubled kids is that while they get easier access to their prey, they also get to deal with their fucked up families. Yet even with THIS father, they still didn't fight to clear Jackson's name, they just paid him off. God knows what kind of damning evidence they must have had against him. And no wonder he made sure not to leave the same evidence for any future investigations. Of course it's at this point that further contact with children should have been terminated. Paedos don't work like that though, especially ones with messiah complexes. This is the most chilling line of all. Not "if only to protect any children just in case" but "to protect himself".
  10. The fact that you believe that speaks volumes Or maybe he decided not to put his son through the further ordeal of a criminal trial? Or any other number of possible reasons.
  11. Kim

    Massive Attack

    Oh look, another landmark album gets the deluxe treatment it deserves. When do we get the chance to purchase our LAP scented Y-fronts I wonder?
  12. I didn't mention jail once. Although had Jackson not paid millions to his victims to prevent court cases going ahead, jail might very well be where he'd have ended up, and perhaps many other children would have been saved from his abuse. And if one is to take his mentally ill Willy Wonka act seriously, then he most certainly should have been prevented from having contact with any children, yes. Clearly you're too far gone though.
  13. See there we go again. What is it in your make up that thinks throwing away the line "nobody here finds that appropriate" in among the rest of the 'whataboutery' is fine? The grown man surrounded himself with children and slept with them in his bed. That alone should be enough to stop you right there in your tracks. He was NOT weird, willy wonka, the pied piper or anything else. He CREATED that persona along with his fame and wealth in order to normalize his pederasty. And here we are in 2019 with people STILL saying "oh okay he was a bit weird....but". I'm sure it's a terrible injustice that every one of the intelligent, well read and weary reporters and film reviewers have left this documentary devastated at what they've just witnessed. I'm sure there must be a reason that despite everyone knowing that no criminal proceedings ever stuck with Jackson that they are now convinced he was a paedophile. I'm sure it's all a big conspiracy.
  14. Kim

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    That windsor67 (I assume 67 being the year of his birth) gave off fruit loop vibes the minute he started posting. As always, you give these cunts enough rope to hang themselves before pushing them off. I've also since been informed that when he first registered he told people he was Phillipe from Paris who had once worked for Jean Paul Gaultier. Now he's some Tory British Nationalist. One thing the internet opens your eyes to, is how many fucking mental people there are kicking about. As for Kylie Minogue. She and her fans are the original Gaga and Monsters of the UK. Everyone knows it. Now that they've reached middle age they are exactly like windsor67 there. Inward, semi-racist, self-aggrandizing, prattling on about Joan Collins and Eurovision like it's still 1988. A colossal, provincial bore.
  15. Nah, the excerpt from the random documentary reviewer (from The Guardian) is meant to point out how it's not just kids/parents/authorities who get groomed and/or don't always do their jobs properly, but people like you. You've been so groomed by your fandom of Jacko that you think dissecting the few court cases that actually saw the light of day negates that voice screaming in any normal person's head that his actions were that of an obviously predatory paedophile hiding under the cloak of cooky superstar, He wouldn't have gotten away with any of his shit NOW, that's for sure. The fact that just 20 years ago he did, should be a source of shame for everyone. His "fans" included.