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  1. Interesting, thanks.
  2. Redundant question. Why are some muted and some not? Because content id picked up on some and not others. Same with EY from the women's march a while ago; some muted, some not.
  3. Excuse my ignorance, but who is actually considered "leader" of the Democrats? Is there such a thing? Why does there appear to be no actual voice representing the other side? Is is a side effect of the presidential system that if the other person loses (Hillary), they just fuck off into the wilderness? The only one I hear is Bernie Sanders. Ironic, considering the ridiculous "He's not even a democrat" claims. Well, just as well he is, because no one else is coming across at all. Like the UK; a useless opposition is no opposition at all.
  4. I saw a bit of Le Pen's rally on TV last night. Not a million miles away from a Tory party conference, just a little bit more obvious with the xenophobia. The audience looked like mostly middle aged/ old men though, which I guess is a good sign. Anyway, if she gets through to the next round is when the real worry should start.
  5. They use 'content id' software that sniffs out specific songs, but they're so inconsistent with it. Some they do nothing, some they inserts ads into the vid and make revenue from it, some they silence, some they remove it altogether. EY for example has run the gamut of all these over the years but only just recently has started being silenced again and there's SO MANY copyrights now too. Open Your Heart alone has all these copyrights claimants... SPA_CS KOMCA_CS APRA_CS SIAE_CS CASH ACUM_CS FILSCAP MESAM / MSG CS AKM ARESA ICE_CS COMPASS_CS Spirit Music Publishing MACP SGAE_CS SACEM WAMI_CS PEDL Warner Chappell
  6. Yeah Yeah, Madge should just disappear and go into hiding to keep the MYSTIQUE alive (yes some EX members here actually thought that) while this washed up old never-was gets to go on forever spouting her own brand of feminism that consists of telling a woman what she should do, say, wear and look like? I think not. And if she's so enamoured of the decaying glamour of Garbo and other assorted vain relics, then why does she herself look like a cross between a hobo and a truck driver? Fuck you Camille Haglia.
  7. Well the whole point of the fixed term parliament act was to prevent this kind of opportunistic "we're doing great in the polls, let's go for another five years while we can" power grab. There was no appetite for a general election, May wasn't facing a vote of no confidence or any rebellion. It's just a cynical ploy to increase her majority (and she will, god help us). Corbyn has ruled out any deals or coalitions with the SNP, probably because of the faux uproar that was made the last time about Salmond and the pesky Scots coming down and ruling over Milliband and pulling his strings (just wait for the exact same tactics to be used this time by the press with Sturgeon) The only good that may come out of this is that Labour can finally get rid of Corbyn if he does as disastrously as predicted. I'm not sure how any new leader would go about healing the split in that party, though it has to be done if we are to be saved from an eternity of Tory rule.
  8. YUCK! "Prince" Andrew is the not-so-secret pervert of that family. Whether he's perverse enough to shag Kilo Mango is another story. I guess necrophilia might give him that rush he's looking for though!
  9. The YT copyright police have recently been targeting Express Yourself again I've noticed. A whole glut of live performances (including BA) were taken down or silenced because of it.
  10. Love I'm Breathless. It was one of the first CDs I ever bought (as opposed to tapes/vinyl) and really did showcase her vocal prowess (and songwriting) at the time. STR will always remain a favourite melancholy ballad - the type she has always done so well.
  11. This horrible news is just an opportunistic power grab by Theresa Mayhem, just weeks after her "politics is not a game" bullshit speech, but a fine way to increase her majority even further and make sure there's no opposition whatsoever to whatever maniacal Brexit plans (and right wing austerity) she presents to parliament, as stated so succinctly in this disgusting front page from her favourite paper. "Saboteurs" apparently being an acceptable way to describe any democratic opposition these days. But then, who can blame her when she's in the unprecedented position of having a mid-term 20 point lead in the polls thanks to Labour being a complete joke and there being no opposition? There's Corbyn - a complete laughing stock, Tim Farron - a so-called Liberal Democrat leader who just happens to be a fundamentalist Christian...and that's it. England/Wales doesn't have the luxury of a Nicola Sturgeon who's the only sane one out of the lot and who today challenged May to a leadership debate that she obviously declined as she's shit scared of any talking that requires her to think on her feet. The demonisation of Sturgeon has already begun in middle England and the media of course, She, like a pro, takes it all in her stride as per....
  12. Wait, so your pal put a net curtain over his head then appeared pretending to be Sinitta as a bride, and you literally shat yourself? I can't stop laughing, Karbs
  13. He should have given her the finger to top it off. I mean, that this idiot is on a talent show called THE VOICE is the biggest insult to every contestant on that show anyway... as she sits there giggling and pressing the button with her arse. Good for him!
  14. Why doesn't this demented old witch just LISTEN to what the devolved parliaments are asking for? Is she seriously considering having a hard border in Ireland where right now you can just walk from one side to the other like on an afternoon stroll? And if she doesn't, then that means Scotland/England could have the same soft border. The countries that didn't vote for Brexit want to remain in the single market if not the EU. She should respect that and put that option on the table. Simple.
  15. I don't agree with that Nikki. There are so many people burying their head in the sand, going about their own daily life not knowing/caring what's going on around them. Even moreso with all the shit going on in the western world right now.