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  1. Amazon is full of them, all from different 'record companies', some of them sold direct from Amazon. Back in the day you had to go to record fairs to find elusive and good quality bootlegs. Nowadays anyone with a CD burner can have a nice little sideline. It's shocking how inept they are at stopping it.
  2. I just randomly clicked on one in iTunes earlier today after typing in "Madonna" They're everywhere.
  3. She doesn't have a team anymore. There's probably nothing anyone can do about it if it's not infringing on any copyright. If it was losing THEM money they might act. That it loses her fans money? well they couldn't care less.
  4. I thought it would be some amateur bootleg remix when people were talking about it yesterday. I didn't realise it was already out and was just a direct lift of the leaked demo. This Guido nobody is probably the person who uploaded it and is making money from it. What are the legalities though? Do they need to prove that they have ownership before iTunes will take it down? How do you prove you own a stolen song? And why is iTunes STILL full of the Dallas/Fukuoka/London concerts featuring her songs? There's some legal loophole going on somewhere I think.
  5. There's no trace of this song on the US copyright database. It's a stolen demo that some chancer is making money off of. It's pretty obvious.
  6. I wonder if they can somehow get away with this because that track doesn't have a proper copyright or something. It's not like Madge's non existent team are gonna pay a lawyer to take on a cost-prohibitive case of proving ownership. I think I'll stick "Heaven" on iTunes (put feat. DJKIM in the title) and see how much I can make....
  7. Is this meant to be it? "Where are my royalties?" - good question Madge. In DJ Guido's back pocket apparently (thanks to Madonna having the dumbest fan base in the world) This is so embarrassing.
  8. Keep polishing that halo Glinda. In the meantime, if I want to slag off the piece of shit ex husband of my favourite pop star, who said he was disgusted lying next to her in bed because it was like being next to a bit of GRISTLE (yes his friends did leak that to the jolly hockeysticks "British" press) Who fleeced her of $100 million like a spineless penniless rat despite being from a family of landed gentry (while pretending to be a cockney geezer) who used their son as a bargaining chip to get a few more $$$ when the coffers were running low, who is an avowed and obvious homophobe and Conservative. and who is quite possibly one of the worst film directors in living memory, then I will. And as for the new whore and the new bastards that have taken up residence in the home Madonna bought and paid for? Well, they're expendable, as I'm sure Jackie will find out one day when she looks up from her zohar and Grandpa Ritchie has his hand up some other tart's skirt. You're welcome.
  9. Oh, Siri's on her high horse again. I have a feeling Madonna would be cackling away reading this. She still has a sense of humour afterall...something so many of her dire fans so sadly lack.
  10. Well it must make sense to Madonna because the only things she's sanctioned since leaving WB HAS been crap cheap CD boxsets of previously released albums and endless vinyl reissues. The things that would make sense, like special edition albums, proper expert remastering of her late 80s and 90s catalogue, releases of her landmark works like BA, digital versions of her whole remix discography....all remain a pipe dream. That is of course her choice, but there comes a point when "not looking back" and all that jazz starts to become almost like wilful neglect. What's the betting the 30th Anniversary of LAP goes by with barely a quick mention on Instagram, and that is a sad state of affairs. And yes, Madonna is one of the Top 5 most collectable artists in the world and has been for many years. Some people will buy anything and everything, which is up to them.
  11. Now that I'm listening to it properly on headphones, I'm not sure. I'm sure someone wlll ask Pat Leonard about it on IG.
  12. Who knew that DJGuido's hot new track "Madonna Behind Me" would be such a breakout hit?
  13. That is one fake azz Instagram. Every one of his pics has almost the *exact* same likes from 2000 bot accounts (and zero comments) 40,000 fake followers on IG and 80 real followers on his soundcloud page.
  14. I agree. The stripped-down powerful vocal is reminiscent of Shep's Spressin Himself Re-remix from the JML maxi single. It definitely sounds like unmixed vocals manipulated over the instrumental and definitely not like an 80's era demo. Sounds pretty good though!