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  1. Hideous decision. Every chubby loser now emboldened to take up a weapon and become a bone fide insurgent. Fun times ahead.
  2. Aye, the Brexit deal that's currently making life a fucking misery for so many people and is only gonna get a lot worse when the really shit parts of it kick in next year. I really do despair of people.
  3. I suppose there's something to be said for the fact he's not exactly hiding who he is and what his intentions are, unlike Benny Hill over here who's always up to no good while scratching his head and honking a comedy horn. I long for the days of grown up politics again but the longer these populists stay in power the more normalised it becomes and (over here at least) the more their popularity increases. Fingers crossed something changes in the collective consciousness of both countries soon.
  4. So the Tories latest attempt to see what corruption they can get away with by attempting to overhaul the standards system just to save one of their sleazy bribe-taking MPs might have backfired after a huge backlash. Hope he's right...
  5. He's nothing but a seat warmer for Trump (or the equivalent) in '24. Complacency will be the downfall (and a DOWNFALL it will be) for progressives in the US ....and seeing as this is her forum, Madonna would do well to push the WE NEED TO WAKE UP mantra rather than deciding on what brand filler she's using next.
  6. The state of it. He needs a good fucking smack to shut him up.
  7. Your PM is very...shouty isn't he? Turnbull is a much more effective communicator, I'm watching him right now being interviewed.
  8. Yes, this is what his former boss said about him...
  9. He was caught on tape colluding to have a journalist beaten up. They still voted for him. Whaddya gonna do?
  10. I love it! and it's genuinely funny/engaging which always helps.
  11. Barbados' PM's full speech was fabulous though..
  12. Both Biden and Bozo fell asleep during vital COP26 talks in 'Glass-cow' Aye these clowns are really gonna save the world from climate change, ain't they?
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