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  1. Wait, so your pal put a net curtain over his head then appeared pretending to be Sinitta as a bride, and you literally shat yourself? I can't stop laughing, Karbs
  2. He should have given her the finger to top it off. I mean, that this idiot is on a talent show called THE VOICE is the biggest insult to every contestant on that show anyway... as she sits there giggling and pressing the button with her arse. Good for him!
  3. Why doesn't this demented old witch just LISTEN to what the devolved parliaments are asking for? Is she seriously considering having a hard border in Ireland where right now you can just walk from one side to the other like on an afternoon stroll? And if she doesn't, then that means Scotland/England could have the same soft border. The countries that didn't vote for Brexit want to remain in the single market if not the EU. She should respect that and put that option on the table. Simple.
  4. I don't agree with that Nikki. There are so many people burying their head in the sand, going about their own daily life not knowing/caring what's going on around them. Even moreso with all the shit going on in the western world right now.
  5. Just looks like a DVD-R to me. If you look at the other stuff he/she is selling, they're (good quality) bootlegs.
  6. It was just a fun way to change costume. It was great. Bad Girl, like Like a Prayer, wouldn't have fitted anywhere in the show.
  7. Legit as in someone burning the Showtime special on DVD and selling it? Yes.
  8. Yes, I don't necessarily disagree with what he says most of the time, unfortunately a great majority of his OWN parliamentary party does though and his rhetoric ends up sounding hollow. He's not a great communicator or debater and that is unfortunately a vital part of being opposition leader. He really should have hammered the Tories on that u-turn, and on the burgeoning electoral fraud expenses scandal, and on Davis' admittance that there is no plan B if the Brexit negotiations in Europe result in no consensus. Instead, he makes the news for bumbling again. Totally. There's already been an attempt to oust him with a leadership contest and unfortunately he got the most votes from Labour party members nationwide (that's how Labour decide their leader)... the second time he's won such a vote, so there's no chance of him going unless there's a full on revolt in the backbenches that prevent him from even being nominated in the first place and that would just tear the Labour party apart and make it even more un-electable than it already is. SO... the Tories are basically untouchable for the forseeable.
  9. Bat-Fan. They were given a two hour time slot and had no choice but to cut bits out of the complete show to fit it. What's so hard to understand? I see no reason why they won't reinstate what they cut for the commercial release. And if they do, then oh well. The real question is what will your next obsession be after they do (or don't) finally put this (at this point) ancient old show out on DVD/Blu
  10. Well I'm willing to bet a proper RIT DVD announced and released with no TV showing and no leaks beforehand would sell more than RHT... a perfect version of which you can just watch on youtube or torrent or see on demand (assuming it's still on showtime) Anyway I was listening to the RIT a few days ago. Hardly any multitracking or layering like now, Burning Up sounded so clear and powerful. A perfect sounding TOAC (Melbourne) is what I'm waiting for with the upcoming release.
  11. Sinitta is still a Z list celeb over here thanks to her affiliation with Simon Cowell. She definitely has something on him though. I remember when he announced he was having a kid or getting married, she appeared on This Morning all tearful and being sketchy and shady about him saying she "knew things". Then suddenly they were best buds again and she was all over the X factor again. Weird. "So Macho" is one of those songs that always gets played by DJs at birthday parties etc. here... *cut to every guy on the dancefloor flexing their biceps* He's doing a lot to quell those gay rumours then!
  12. Maybot stuck on repeat as Sturgeon lets rip over referendum “Now is not the time for a second independence referendum,” said Theresa May, tilting her head to one side like a patronising Princess Diana and fluttering her eyelids over the shoulders of ITV’s Robert Peston into what she imagined was the hearts of the Scottish people. The Scots stared back impassively. “Then when is the right time?” enquired Peston reasonably. “Now is not the time.” Peston tried again. “Can we be clear about when you do think is the right time?” “Now is not the time.” A virus had reinfected the Maybot and she was stuck on repeat. “Yes, I get that, but... “Now is not the time,” said the prime minister, unaware she was turning her bad week into a worse one. “So what you’re saying is...” “Now is not the time.” Over in Holyrood, the Scottish first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, was only too happy to agree. Now was not the time to hold a second referendum. But sometime late next year when the Scots had had a chance to see how badly they were going to be screwed over Brexit would be. The promised UK consensus that the prime minister had offered on any Brexit deal had already been relegated to a few text messages: “Soz. We R leaving the single market” and Sturgeon didn’t trust Westminster not to sell her country even further down the river. First minister’s questions in Scotland is an altogether more enlightening affair than prime minister’s questions down south. Not least because serious questions get asked. And answered. It helps that the two main adversaries, Sturgeon and Conservative Ruth Davidson, are rather sharper than their UK counterparts – not difficult for Davidson as Jeremy Corbyn hit a new low at PMQs the day before by even forgetting to ask a couple of questions. It’s also a major plus that the rest of the chamber manages to listen without sounding like a Bash Street Kids school reunion. When each speaker has finished talking, there is a round of applause. Or silence. It’s disconcertingly polite. Davidson opened by asking whether Sturgeon thought it was the right time to call for a referendum when Scottish schools were in such a mess. The first minister eyed her up. A civil question deserved a civil answer. Yes, there were problems in schools and she was doing her best to deal with them but that didn’t stop her multi-tasking in the national interest. “Is it not true, though,” said Davidson, “that independent forecasts suggest independence would put Scotland £11bn in the red?” This was Sturgeon’s moment to let rip. Ever so nicely, of course. The reason Scotland was running a deficit was because it had been under the control of the Westminster purse strings for so long. Surely it was time for Scotland to see if it could do better on its own, rather than risk being made even worse off by a hard Tory Brexit? And if they couldn’t then at least there would be the consolation of knowing the pain was self-inflicted? Davidson kept going. She rather had to, as she’s the last politician standing in the UK between Scotland remaining in the UK and declaring a Unilateral Declaration of Independence. Unlike in the last independence referendum, Labour is now dead in the water in Scotland and the appearance of May on the campaign trail would send voters running into the arms of the SNP. “I choose to put this parliament first,” said Davidson. Bad move. Sturgeon quickly reminded her opposite number that she had a far higher share of the vote than Theresa – even taking into account the dodgy counts in Thanet and elsewhere – and had been elected on a manifesto that had promised a second referendum. “So I issue a direct challenge,” she concluded. “If next Wednesday, the Scottish parliament votes for a second referendum, will the Tories respect the will of this parliament?” Sod it. A party that lived by “The Will of the People” could also die by it. Back in London, Theresa experienced a glimmer of hope. She may have just made a second independence referendum inevitable. But at least she’d given herself an even chance of delaying it until the Scots were completely penniless.
  13. The FACE on her at 0:14 To put this into context, just before PMQs started, the chancellor backtracked on national insurance changes made only a week ago in the budget. A humiliating climb-down that the opposition should have grabbed with both hands. Bumbling Jeremy, with no time to re-draw his questions and his inability to think on his feet made a mess of PMQs again; at one point standing up making a point and sitting down again FORGETTING to actually ask a question, which May ran with to make him look a fool again. At the end of his questions she sat down and threw her head back laughing with relief that she'd had it easy again. Then with that one line, Robertson gets her and her face tells the whole story. Her demeanour always changes when she's facing him.
  14. Instead it actually KILLED OFF her career in the UK. £500k... a bargain at the price!
  15. Oh and just quickly on this point. English only figures are hard to find as they are always combined with rUK, but in 2013 alone Scotland exported £50.5bn in goods and services to the rest of the UK, rUK sold £62.7bn in goods and services to Scotland. To think for one second that rUK will not trade with an independent Scotland is ludicrous but certainly the kind of 'project fear' rhetoric that gets passed around as fact.