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  1. The worldwide succes of Madonna's career was far more important than temporarily "catapulting her back into American pop culture". That is the point. She lost much more than what she gained. And fans had every right to get huffy when those collaborations resulted in badly sung, badly produced and even in some cases techically inept songs.
  2. Thanks for the inaccurate history lesson. Stop trying to teach yer Granny. And no, jumping on the Timba-Lake bandwagon years late was not keeping with the times, it was behind the times. As was the tepid 'EDM' of MDNA. Who knows where that PSB collab could have gone. IIRC, they were getting back into that early 80s sound and citing Madonna's first album as an influence which could have resulted in Madonna revisiting her roots and creating some great electro pop dance opus (NOT another disco COAD) which would in fact have resulted in Madge being ahead of the game once again, just as the US was starting to embrace so-called 'EDM'. But yeah, that US radio hit was more important....
  3. But that's the point. Was ONE radio hit in the US worth what it did to Madonna everywhere else? Of course not. Madonna jumping around with that kid and guest spotting on her own first single after being Queen of Worldwide Pop - just to try and get a hit in 'Merica? Ridic. And you can thank COAD for that. We can thank HC for, well.....
  4. Diminishing returns WAS indeed a factor in WB cutting Madonna adrift. Absolutely was the right decision on their part. And yes, we've already discussed the problems that have arisen since - ad nauseam. This thread is about the career killing Hard Candy. Yes, Justin's song did well across the world, yet it's parent album didn't. Funny that. Nah. Facts are facts I'm afraid.
  5. Nope, selling less than half of your previous album worldwide is not a success. In fact, it was THAT that lost Madonna her leverage with WB while negotiating a new contract. We can therefore thank Hard Candy for Madonna's awful Live Nation contract and all the damage it's done. In that respect, HC sure was a killer album!
  6. And instead it opened with 70k less US sales in its first week and overall has sold 1 MILLION less albums than COAD in the US alone. Good call Madge and WB! But hey, at least she got a "hit " with that Timberlake song she sang back-up on!
  7. Yes, Madonna's disingenuous "I was thinking about what kind of music I've been listening to, I really like Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, so that's why I worked with them" - the kind of PR fluff that Madonna should be above. We all now know she was pushed into that direction by the clueless US wing of WB. We also know that was the fateful point when M started chasing trends rather than starting them.
  8. There you go again with your alternate facts. Neil stated himself that he was told by WB “we got told to forget it as they decided to shove her down the r&b route” This was further backed up by Stuart Price explicitly stating that Warners were unhappy with the performance of COAD in the USA and wanted her to go the urban route. End of. That of course was the worst decision possible for her career. And there WAS NO hype for MDNA, that album was a dud for a number of reasons, not helped in any way by the lacklustre, mediocre, trend-chasing album that preceded it.
  9. Cause and effect dear boy, cause and effect. A good rule of thumb is to look at the album that precedes a flop to see the problem. Hard Candy (even typing it is painful!) was the catalyst for MDNA's failure. HC opened well on the back of COAD. MDNA didn't even get a chance because of how awful HC was. WB's stupidity in trying to recapture a dead US market was the beginning of the end for killing Madonna's incredible success everywhere else in the world. Sad but true. Just as the awfulness of Sticky & Sweet resulted in the vastly superior MDNA Tour's shrinking numbers.
  10. Kelly Minging

    Livvie is everything Kilo will never be. Classy, talented and famous worldwide as Australia's best known female singer. Doesn't use her illness as a talking point, actually has a real life outwith 'showbiz' and doesn't sing through her nose!
  11. Kelly Minging

    Don't let the kylie obsession blind you! If that was a gaga image it would be "omg look at that bird's nest hair, midget drag queen ripping off Dolly Parton, Photoshop city!!!" whaa whaa. And as for trying to get press for her album by going the 'Rebel Heart Leak' route and copying Madonna for the 234,978 time? Even YOU must see it's all a ruse for publicity.
  12. Kelly Minging

    In what universe is this "great"? As is usual with Kilo fans, hypocrisy runs wild. If this was gaga it would be slated simply because it's gaga. Because this nasal little cunt has cultivated an image of being inoffensive and 'nice', she gets away with being so utterly mediocre.
  13. I didn't say anyone was hurting or disrespecting you (that's for you to decide), although it's plain for all to see that misinformation is being "reported" here as fact from people pretending that they are somewhat neutral when they are anything but. They are propagandists. That it has now descended into farce "Barcelona seeks it's own independence" etc (always the way when people have no other argument) shows how juvenile the discussion actually is. Apart from a couple of people from Spain, the only other person popping up in this thread regularly is a vile racist. Go figure. As for your hope that the pomposity and stupidity of Spain thinking that their borders will never change over the course of history and that the basic human right of self-determination should take precedence instead? Well, when people continue to be on the side of right wing fascists, then that's the way it will stay. It's always those who want the "status quo" that you have to watch.