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  1. Well hello stranger! I hope not! I saw last week that Liebour had slipped another 3 points or so in the latest polls in Scotland with Tories down 1 and SNP up. Even the Corbyn effect (in England) is diminishing as he continues to show zero leadership on Brexit (or anything else) They will forever be Toryville down there so we need to get out while we have a chance. How amusing that this deal actually gives Northern Ireland the very best of a bad deal while disadvantaging the rest of the UK (especially Scotland), yet this nasty right wing bigoted cunt isn't happy because it means a threat to their precious "union" with rUK. Truly Ireland's shame. Anyway, it's doubtful this shitty deal will get through parliament so it's either back to the drawing board or out with no deal at all. Fucked either way. There's a ECJ ruling coming soon that will decide the legality of cancelling Brexit altogether. They may rule against it (to dissuade other member states going down the same route of threatening to leave then cancelling) or rule for it (to give us all a get out clause). Shit show.
  2. No, none of that is reported on the main BBC news (which is what everyone watches) It's very rare to get any world news that doesn't involve the USA, occasionally Russia or some propaganda piece about Syrian chemical attacks or such nonsense. The 24hr BBC news channel will have specific programming for world news etc but that's a limited audience.
  3. Well this evening's main National BBC news was, literally - 1. Tough talking Theresa May arrives at Brexit Summit (go Treeza!) 2. Commuter chaos in London as a train breaks down (yes this is national UK news) 3. Scandal as some Just Eat restaurants get a zero rating for hygiene ( fascinating) 4. Rich guy pulls out of buying Wembley Stadium (haud me back) 5. England cricket scores (my life is complete) So, no, BBC World Service, the remit of which is to provide news to those outwith the UK rather than in it, doesn't really compare. But watch any debate from the House of Commons and that's the whole essence of the place. Braying and shouting and insulting each other like it's a school playground, coupled with ancient and antiquated customs that no one is in any hurry to reform. The Tories have it in for the Speaker as he's quite tough on them and sympathetic to backbenchers, so this 'complaint' which is disguised as being about general standards of propriety but is in fact about him himself, is really just a fudge to get rid of him and get him replaced.
  4. Well by creating a culture denigrating people who have an interest in politics, it's a good way to put people off becoming informed, asking questions etc. I've noticed a huge swell of interest in politics in the last 5 years or so with the independence referendum, Brexit, and this current UK govt laying waste to the most vulnerable in society in a way not seen for decades. Of course it would suit them (and their media lackeys) to feed us a diet of royal weddings and royal babies and all that shit. Those who fall for it are just plain ignorant.
  5. Except Corbyn has NO plan on Brexit either and continues to slide in the polls. Quite an achievement when we're currently living through the most inept and shambolic govt. in living memory.
  6. I saw on the news about them touring Australia with the usual oddballs dribbling over them. What I didn't see was reporting of the polls showing that the majority of Aussies would like to become a republic and aren't interested in these parasites. Same old establishment agenda on the "news".
  7. Well, what's a little death or disappearance here and there when you're making $£ billions selling arms and bombs to this abominable regime? It's morally bankrupt and no one cares.
  8. Kim

    Kanye West

    That explains it then. Get back on yer meds Kanye! You're still a prick though...
  9. 🤣 Sounds like my old granny. Maggie hated Scotland, hated communities, hated the working class, hated manufacturing industries, hated trade unions, hated other women, hated humanity and compassion... and every decent Scot hated her!
  10. Oh so you're picking and choosing who should and shouldn't do their own remastering? A skilled engineer can make a recording sound the best it possibly can with or without input from the original artist. In the case of 'with', the temptation to be revisionist is often too much to resist, sometimes with horrifying results - and/or them just not having a clue what they're doing. Naming no names.
  11. Haha, yes! And he's right, Scots have hated this cunt since his shitty golf course days even before he was president -
  12. Well she's in a tricky situation because if there's one thing that might tip the balance in favour of independence, it's a disastrous Brexit. If we end up somehow being allowed to stay in the customs union and single market then independence becomes less of an issue for a lot of undecided people. The (good) problem with the SNP is that they do such a good job of protecting Scots from some of the most disastrous austerity policies from Westminister, and are so much better at running public services, that a lot of people have no idea how bad it could REALLY be and how bad many down south have it. The Labour party (red tories) in Scotland is DEAD and no amount of bull from old Jeremy is gonna change that, so he's even less likely to get into govt. Just let all the countries of the Disunited Kingdom go their own way and get it over with.
  13. I don't. That's what experts are for.
  14. It's something when even this notoriously lazy old trout is getting in on the remastered/reissued act. Worra shocker.