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  1. Wheesht you! Love that wee wummin, reminds me of ma ain wee grannie Anyway, how appropriate the old cunt's anniversary is on the same week Brexit has taken us back to this 70s/80s hell -
  2. Won't someone please think of the statues! Totally normal country part 253465
  3. I feel slightly distanced from it all up here but it's really quite scary how easily and normalized the (and I don't care how hyperbolic it sounds ) slide into fascistic tendencies has been with this unaccountable govt. Where will it end?
  4. Say it ain’t so!? I mean who doesn’t orgasmus inter Latin? We know the real scandal is the misappropriation of public funds by the mistress while in public office of course, but who cares about such trifling things these days?
  5. Well, having read Acuri's description of Bozo as a fat, pallid beluga whale screaming in Latin as he expunged watery seminal fluid from his tiny member, the simple act of kneeling doesn't seem so bad!
  6. The obsession with the old butcher's apron is becoming pathological. Not too long until kids are pledging allegiance before lessons alongside a mandatory pic of Bozo in every classroom.
  7. Well those with more than a cursory interest in current affairs probably do, but as most people get their news from mainstream media, and it's now completely compromised in the UK, then I'd guess that most people don't know/care about anything other than what they're fed - and at the moment that's excitement over getting a haircut post lockdown or what the weather's like.
  8. I'm sure a new trade deal with Kazakhstan is incoming to make up for these decimated export figures (that no one actually seems to be reporting on in Totally Normal Island)...
  9. Awfully quiet in here. You'd think all was well on Fascist Island...
  10. I'm not the best person to answer this as I'm in Scotland where Labour have been wiped off the political landscape but from what I gather the more left wing of the party aren't happy that he's such a centrist (leaning right) and that his solution to regain working class seats lost in the last election is to emulate the Tories rather than offer up a progressive alternative. Meanwhile they're going nowhere in the polls and are just really ineffective opposition. Their latest wheeze was a leaked strategy document all about focusing on patriotism, the UK flag, veterans, 'traditional values' e
  11. Well you're quoting NHS best practice there, which is quite right, but the reason the Care Quality Commission are currently investigating the use of DNRs during the pandemic is because it was happening - and their interim report doesn't make easy reading. And the story here is that Mencap and Care England are reporting that it's still happening.
  12. Anywhere else using the pandemic to kill off disabled people, or is it just Eugenics Island? Truly wicked.
  13. Bangbabes! Sounds like a dream job for some old perv. No wonder Dacre wants in on it!
  14. Politics Joe are great at those parodies! Here's their latest about useless Labour and their ageing Ken doll leader -
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