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  1. The were 15 song titles on that whiteboard. There are 10/11 tracks on Music.
  2. Yeah it’s a lot but we also had Mike Tyson, Nas, Chance The Rapper, Nicki Minaj, on Rebel Heart. It’s just what she’s into. Sometimes a feature can elevate a song but often it brings nothing to the table. It’s been a long time since a Madonna-only album and I think many fans hoped she would release a feature-free album after 15 years but now we have to accept the fact that the new album is going to be a collaborative affair and hope for the best.
  3. Of course he is. He and Mike Dean literally posted this week that they must finish the album
  4. Huh? Mykki Bianco, Dino D‘Santiago, Nakhane, Anitta, Maluma...one two three four five.
  5. Not sure about that, considering that she used the hashtag #magic when she posted that pic with Anitta. I think it’s for M’s album.
  6. ...but then again we had the Mirwais tracks like Extreme Occident and Dark Ballet on the same whiteboard with titles such as Funana and Batuka. I believe it's going to be the same project.
  7. Working on a single project for SO long does not seem typical for Madonna. Didn’t she complain that Mirwais wouldn’t stop experimenting and tweaking on tracks in the past so that she had to stop him and decide that the songs they worked on were finally finished? I also believe that she wouldn’t want to pay for expensive studio hours (Mike Dean must cost a fortune) if it it’s not really necessary. Time is money and the money is hers. There must be a reason why they are still working on it. Maybe the project is just too big. Double album?
  8. American Life was (arguably) more adventurous than Music
  9. She cooking a big fat meal and we know it.
  10. I can wait 4 or 5 years for a truly great album. I really can. But bitch should have released a stand-alone single in between, the wait is just too long at this stage. Champagne Floppé is not the tea though. A soundtrack single 1-2 years ago would have been nice! Oh well, at least we know something is coming in the first half of 2019. And even though I am annoyed as hell, I am still very excited because I believe it’s going to be her most exciting album since American Life!
  11. Ok I just saw this while browsing on my tiny phone screen in between calls at work and thought “Frida never showed her titties like that, what is going on”
  12. This isn’t a real pic of Frida, right? It’s exactly the same body, top and necklace as Madonna‘s pic. It’s basically M‘s pic with a black and white filter and Frida‘s head photoshopped onto M‘s body.
  13. Get off‘a my street I am obviously aware of the fact that the song is Human Nature but I was pointing out that she sounds wonderful when she sings the words „Express Yourself“ in the clip.
  14. Her voice sounds amazing when she sings the Express Yourself part. Like REALLY amazing!!!
  15. She still managed another top 10 position the second time around which is not that bad. Most Eurovision fans prefer her second entry to Satelitte.
  16. Nothing, maybe I didn’t word it correctly but what I meant to say is that it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if she skips the Met Gala this year.
  17. That wasn’t really that hard, was it? Kiss Me Once sold about 12 copies. Madonna will easily sell more than the *impressive* sales of Kylie‘s latest album.
  18. I thought you were joking so I googled it and...it’s true. WTF! Madonna was the highlight last year anyway so it’s fine if she stays away this year and returns in 2020 with a fabulous look.
  19. I’m sorry but that Opera singer from Estonia last year rocked my world. There are so many great songs and performances every year that I don’t really understand when people scream “It’s cheesy!!!”. Sure it used to be horrible in the past, especially in the 90s and early 00s but since a few years it’s a competition of strong pop songs which are sometimes better than what’s being played on (US) radio. I think it would be a fantastic opportunity for M to show the world that she is still the
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