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  1. Plaything

    Let's rank all of Bjork's albums!

    Homogenic Vespertine Vulnicura Post Medulla Utopia Debut Biophilia Volta
  2. Some of y'all have the worst ideas in the world. Thank God you are not working for Madonna lmao. RHT had a very balanced and good mix or old hits and new songs and I think (wish) she keeps it this way. She can switch the classics around but the setlist should contain at least 50% of well-known songs to keep the crowd alive.
  3. Plaything

    Hikaru Utada

    I only know (and like) her iconic album Exodus from 2004. Co-produced by Danja and Timbaland. I can’t believe it’s been almost 15 years ago...fuck, time flies.
  4. Am I the only one who loves his song ‘The Actor’ from the Rudebox album?
  5. Plaything

    Eurovision thread

    Well, the Super Bowl is non-existent in the media here, too.
  6. Plaything

    Eurovision thread

    I don’t get it. The song is just bad.
  7. Plaything

    Ssion <3

    I live for Luvbazaar, it’s just so catchy. Im not sure I love the new stuff, although ‚At Least The Sky Is Blue‘ is growing on me. The video is good, too.
  8. Plaything

    Performance vs Performance

    Like A Virgin (BAT) vs. Music Inferno (CT)
  9. Plaything

    Eurovision thread

    You are cute but I don’t agree at all. lol
  10. Plaything

    Eurovision thread

    Greece is my favourite as well. It’s a fantastic song and their best entry in years.
  11. Plaything

    Eurovision thread

    Interesting. I am obsessed with ‚If love was a crime‘ but I never realised that the CD version and the live version were different?
  12. Plaything

    Eurovision thread

    When is the deadline to release the final version of a song? Is there time left or is that it? I hoped Serbia would revamp their song a bit. It has potential but I don't like the beat, its just plodding.
  13. Plaything

    Eurovision thread

    Sweden‘s songs are seriously awful. Why exactly are they the favorite?
  14. I used to dislike the butch short haircut but I love it now. It's bold and sexy.
  15. Plaything

    Django Django

    Listened to the album. It’s alright, but I think I will come back to these 3 songs only: Fountains, Surface to Air, In Your Beat.
  16. Plaything

    Eurovision thread

    I agree, it’s a bland and random pop song and sounds like the shit that’s on the radio all the time. I wish more countries would be a little bit more daring (for example Lena‘s Taken By A Stranger was a risky move but she still reached the top 10).
  17. Plaything

    Django Django

    There is a monthly gay alternative/indie party here in Frankfurt where they often play Django Django. I love Default from their first album and First Light from their last album. I will give the new album a spin now.
  18. Plaything


    A homophobic hip hop trio.
  19. Plaything

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Metacritic for Man of the Woods = 54. Bye. http://www.metacritic.com/music/man-of-the-woods/justin-timberlake
  20. I LOVE the heavily edited Confessions Tour but I can't stand the heavily edited MDNA and RH Tours. Why is that? I don't know but Confessions was new, exciting and it just somehow looks more professionally done. The editing also isn't as excessive as on the last two tours. I agree that RH is better than MDNA (although I do love the black/white shot Love Spent which everyone seems to hate) but not by much.
  21. It’s not a real download on Spotify. You can access the songs even when you don’t have an internet connection but you cannot do anything else with it/you don’t own it.
  22. I like to own mp3s, even though it is old-fashioned. Whenever I download a song from iTunes, I immediately convert it to mp3 (which takes 5 seconds) and move it to my personal library on my laptop. I needed a long time to warm up to Spotify.
  23. Since when are $10.000 for a supposed copy of a Da Vinci painting considered a bargain? I would buy a copy for $100 max but thats it. lol
  24. Plaything

    Black Friday

    I hate this world