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  1. He made a fool of himself. The way he attacked Madonna was ridiculous. I unfollowed him on social media and never listened to any Fisherspooner song again (even though I loved their music). He‘s a drama queen who loves the attention, that’s all.
  2. Which commercial viewpoint? The #1 position on iTunes for half a day?
  3. Agreed. I mean it’s no coincidence that the Mirwais-produced tracks fill the first half of Madame X..because they set the tone, are sonically interesting and are different to anything that’s out there. I wish he had co-produced the entire album. At the same time I can’t with some of the production choices. Dark Ballet needed more time to breathe and would have worked better as a 6 minutes epic. The vocals effects on Batuka will never not be annoying..which is a real shame because otherwise it’s a great song.
  4. Quelle surprise. Not trying to sound judgemental or mean, but if there ever was a good example of gay face, it’s his. How did he manage to fool the world until now?
  5. It’s really sad and frightening that there are so many nutjobs out there. What happened to her poor child?
  6. It’s crazy when you think about this album finally coming out 20 years after his last solo album (although we got the excellent YAS album, but still...)! I have high hopes for insane production, new ideas and futuristic sounds. I hope it’s not too pretentious...we will see
  7. Exactly one year ago I travelled through Australia for one month and immediately fell in love with everything I saw. The fires are horrifying and I really feel for people losing their homes and so many animals dying. It’s truly sad and I wish that it will get better ASAP.
  8. It’s obvious that he is aware of all that but he doesn’t care because he loves the attention. I hope Madonna drags him to hell and back!
  9. Fischerspooner released a (pretty fantastic) album last year. But yeah, they are history now and Casey is now working on his solo career.
  10. So disappointed in Casey Spooner right now. I always respected him and loved Fischerspooner‘s work but to claim that it’s Madonna‘s fault in his insta post and then post the entire truth (that it’s basically Mirwais‘ fault) in his stories is such a shitty thing to do...I don’t know what to say. He basically confirmed that Madonna wasn’t aware of it and that he got offered money. Now he wants more because he is poor and Madonna is rich. Fuck him!
  11. Thanks Jazzy, that’s nice of you. I stepped back and morphed into lurker mode because I didn’t want to kill anyone’s excitement with my less enthusiastic views. But I still enjoy being part of the ‚Nation‘ and love reading your posts.
  12. I still consider it a very strong album with a fantastic concept and exciting production but to be honest I prefer Rebel Heart‘s „simpler“ and catchier pop melodies. Which is weird because I tend to prefer Experimentaldonna and American Life is one of my favorite albums ever but with Madame X only a handful of songs really stuck with me and some artistic choices (especially the way some vocals were produced) are just not the tea (for me). Maybe it will change in future but I only listen to about 6 songs from it these days. That said, I am beyond excited for the tour and I am sure I will change my mind about some songs after I have seen them being performed live.
  13. Do we even know the eligibility period? I believe it is usually until mid or late June or something, so the only M video that was snubbed here was Medellin. I don’t think they will recognise the other videos next year (sadly) but it’s a shit show anyway and after last years debacle I don’t think M should give them any attention anymore..ever
  14. Batuka is giving me LIFE! The video is breathtakingly beautiful and the song remains one of my favourites. I‘m gonna be chanting like a crazy bitch at her shows.
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