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  1. lmao. The hoodies in this video look hideous, who would wanna wear that? And really, a discount from 95 to 35 dollars is making them go crazy? Why don’t they just look through some online shops, they often have a 70% sale for quality clothing. I can’t at this stupidity
  2. bad girl


    take a bow

    express yourself live und video

    zufrieden? =o)

  3. Since when are $10.000 for a supposed copy of a Da Vinci painting considered a bargain? I would buy a copy for $100 max but thats it. lol
  4. How foolish to think that everyone in Germany is rich. Most of East Germany is poorer than West Germany and despise Merkel because of how she handled the immigration crisis.
  5. I cannot believe something like that actually happened! They just laughed after one of them said 'he is dead'? Then they left and put the video online? I feel sick! Humanity is fucking doomed
  6. Well the voting hasn't happened yet, so we should wait a little before we celebrate. ;) Although the chances are high that it will pass. It's a shame that Germany (Merkel) waited so long. They should have done that in 2001 already.
  7. This is just heartbreaking...I have no words. RIP
  8. What a scumbag. I tried to read some French articles about this through google translator but finally gave up because they didn't make any sense. So he thought this segment would be fun and hilarious and would actually bring people together and make them more accepting of homosexuals. Um yea, makes sense. Idiot.
  9. I just clicked on the link to verify whether this is a real tweet. I can't
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