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  1. I cringed when that girl said „one of my favorite Madonna songs is 4 Minutes but that was early 2000s“. Ugh...
  2. Since when are $10.000 for a supposed copy of a Da Vinci painting considered a bargain? I would buy a copy for $100 max but thats it. lol
  3. Black Friday

    I hate this world
  4. Madonna is the most successful singles act in Germany, even though she only has 4 no. 1s. So she definitely is (and always was) big in Germany. David Hasselhoff blocked Like A Prayer from #1 (true story). Celine Dion blocked Frozen from #1. Britney Spears blocked Music from #1. and so on...chart history can be quite frustrating.
  5. Patrick Leonard thread

    “Portugal” Studio album by Madonna Length: 58:32 Recorded: 2017 - 2018 Released: September 20, 2018 Written and produced by Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzai, Patrick Leonard
  6. Love the thread title..fellatio instead of blowjob. lol
  7. He is a pig but let’s be honest here, the video is quite funny and good. And Madonna looked AMAZING in it
  8. Madonna new album in 2018

    Define edgy EDM. Madonna has always incorporated electronic music into her work and I don’t see why she should stop that. However there is a difference between straight up electro (Die Another Day, Nobody Knows Me), vocal house (Vogue, Deeper And Deeper) or any other genre she incorporated into COADF, Music, Ray If Light and so on... What has become synonymous with the term „EDM“ nowadays are for example songs like Girl Gone Wild, Some Girls, Celebration and to an extend Living For Love and I hope she won’t go back to that sound because it’s cheap, boring and OVER.
  9. Bedtime Stories - 23th Anniversary

    Same top 3!
  10. Top 10 Madonna Music Videos

    Bedtime Story (I mean...OF COURSE) Ray of Light Justify My Love Vogue Bad Girl Nothing Really Matters Girl Gone Wild (YAASSS) American Life Express Yourself Beautiful Stranger
  11. Gorgeous. I'm too poor to buy this
  12. How foolish to think that everyone in Germany is rich. Most of East Germany is poorer than West Germany and despise Merkel because of how she handled the immigration crisis.
  13. Great Interview, thanks for sharing!