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  1. Am I the only one who loves his song ‘The Actor’ from the Rudebox album?
  2. DagIN

    Eurovision thread

    Well, the Super Bowl is non-existent in the media here, too.
  3. DagIN

    Eurovision thread

    I don’t get it. The song is just bad.
  4. DagIN

    Ssion <3

    I live for Luvbazaar, it’s just so catchy. Im not sure I love the new stuff, although ‚At Least The Sky Is Blue‘ is growing on me. The video is good, too.
  5. DagIN

    Eurovision thread

    You are cute but I don’t agree at all. lol
  6. DagIN

    Eurovision thread

    Greece is my favourite as well. It’s a fantastic song and their best entry in years.
  7. DagIN

    Eurovision thread

    Interesting. I am obsessed with ‚If love was a crime‘ but I never realised that the CD version and the live version were different?
  8. DagIN

    Eurovision thread

    When is the deadline to release the final version of a song? Is there time left or is that it? I hoped Serbia would revamp their song a bit. It has potential but I don't like the beat, its just plodding.
  9. DagIN

    Eurovision thread

    Sweden‘s songs are seriously awful. Why exactly are they the favorite?
  10. I used to dislike the butch short haircut but I love it now. It's bold and sexy.
  11. DagIN

    Django Django

    Listened to the album. It’s alright, but I think I will come back to these 3 songs only: Fountains, Surface to Air, In Your Beat.
  12. DagIN

    Eurovision thread

    I agree, it’s a bland and random pop song and sounds like the shit that’s on the radio all the time. I wish more countries would be a little bit more daring (for example Lena‘s Taken By A Stranger was a risky move but she still reached the top 10).
  13. DagIN

    Django Django

    There is a monthly gay alternative/indie party here in Frankfurt where they often play Django Django. I love Default from their first album and First Light from their last album. I will give the new album a spin now.
  14. bad girl


    take a bow

    express yourself live und video

    zufrieden? =o)