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  1. The three bonus tracks are: Fuana Ciao Bella Back That Up To The Beat And I Rise is the song on the 7" vinyl. Source: https://cdon.se/musik/madonna/madame-x-deluxe-box-set-2cd-7-picture-disc-vinyl-music-cassette-47458511
  2. The photos. THE MOTHERFUCKING PHOTOS. God I hate her so much for what she does to me
  3. "Madonna is unbelieveably 60 years old!" So random sjskdkk
  4. Can't believe we're getting a new Madonna track tomorrow. After 4 years of waiting. And no leaks!!
  5. I LOVE the cover art. Rebel Heart was my fave one since Erotica and this one is keeping the same level of gorgeousness.
  6. What a night. What a fucking night I literally lost my shit over WTG and DW and then lost it again as soon as I saw chelle making her way towards Madonna (SO well deserved and genuine). Literally the best show I had, and my final (sobbing). What a night, what a tour. So lucky
  7. So fucking stoked!! I'm in block 103 tonight. Quite curious to see what my friend thinks of the show haha Anybody got any clue whether there're any good after parties? Or club suggestions? It's my birthday tomorrow so we're planning on keeping the party going post show
  8. Ugh just found block 101 tickets on stubhub for a reasonable price and am flipping out on whether I should buy it or not ugh ugh UGH
  9. Ugh, you're fucking kidding me with these heart seats. I regret buying my level 1 tickets so bad now... Oh well, bright side is that I'll see the show from a different perspective... I convince myself to ease my mind
  10. The Herning show was amazing - I think I'd even go as far as saying better than Stockholm, purely based on her energy and mood. I mean, she surely was annoyed by the incredibly boring crowd but in retrospect I noticed that she must've been more tired and stressed at the Stockholm than I'd realized. She both sounded and looked better as well as seemed a lot more energized in Herning, I'm guessing the whole Paris attack really shook her up before the show. Not to mention she actually started at 9:30 which was a nice surprise! I had more contact with the dancers this time, they were so charming and friendly and one of them gave me a Holiday prop towards the ending of the song. And I also accidentally hit Tony in the head during Burning Up due to dancing like a complete psycho lol. I came to the venue at about 4 PM and had number 93 in line, and ended up front row by the left side of the first catwalk. I was number 6 and front row at the tip of the heart in Stockholm, after spending the night outside the arena. Both great spots to enjoy the show and see Madonna up close. Also had a great afternoon in Herning with Msig! We were both feeling hungover despite not having any alcohol then night before lol... Best way to describe the day after Madonna
  11. So it's basically the same as in Stockholm. The Italian gang were first and had queued since the morning before haha. Do you know if there'll be a wardrobe opportunity? Can't wait to join the queue!
  12. He was hotter in real life. A real tight, stiff ass. And a huge package. Not only was I thirsty from queuing for centuries, this bitch got on stage and made me a thirsty hoe as well. Mess. He obviously ain't even an M fan tho, he didn't even have tickets for the show. Some live nation chick had a cross fit class led by him and gave him 3 VIP tickets and asked him to be the UB. And he didn't know the song for sure. Deserved the spanking.
  13. Okay, so 18 hours of queuing, 4 hours of waiting (and 1 hour of suffering DJ Mary Kay or whatever her name is), and 2 hours of attending the world's greatest party later: The show was so fucking amazing and truly a completely different thing to see live. It was so vibrant, there were things happening everywhere, all the time. Couldn't stop smiling. Despite it being one of my least faves from RH, I even loved Body Shop and sang along to every word hahah. And the venue!! It was packed! Such an amazing view to take in, especially after the last Swedish fiasco. As Msig said, she broke the venue record. Very proud. Everyone in the front row was weeping during the speech and LAP, myself definitely included (I was crying like a newborn baby lol), it was really beautiful. She really commanded the audience and channeled so much emotion through 40k people, it was breathtaking. Oh and Jesus Christ did I dance... Probably bruised my legs by hitting the fence in front of me too many times with my hysterical jumping here and there. The early entry queuing was handled superbly. There were no problems that I knew of, and the number system was respected by everyone in line. So glad I experienced this show, and SO glad I have a next stop this time around, can't wait for Herning!
  15. Marymac played till like 21:30. And she was awful. Now I'm trying not to have a mental breakdown due to my nervousness. Can't believe 8 months came down to this!
  16. I think people will be more scared to see the football game occurring at the same time. She'll probably carry on with the show and give a speech and dedication with La Vie En Rose. At least I hope so.
  17. Judging by the arena layout on AXS it looks like the heart stage is in the GA section (which I find real messy), so if that's the case - you're one lucky motherfucker!
  18. Well, Tele2 Arena does have a 40-45k capacity and the show's sold out so I do believe there will be about 35-40k people there. So so so excited, I'm currently doing my last minute chores and getting ready to take the train to Stockholm. Can't believe I'm finally seeing her again.
  19. Mess @ the only stadium date not having a topic. Flop Sweden <3! I have a golden circle ticket, who else is going?
  20. Aw, how cute of Madonna to extend her charity work to her tours! Finally Rita gets to experience a few minutes on a real stage.
  21. I'm not a big fan of the medley either, but if she's doing it in any of my cities I'm ofc looking forward to hearing it. I'll take LAP over it any day tho. Just add Secret and WTF right before it and you got a perfect section right there.
  22. I personally don't have much of a problem with artists being late to their shows, especially not Madonna, but I am sick and tired of hearing casual fans complain as well as seeing it affect her reputation in some places (as much as I'd rather just love for the GP to just chill, we all know it won't happen) so I would most def not complain if she started being 20-30 minutes late at the most.
  23. Ugh, that's my biggest nightmare scenario. Thank god this hasn't happened to me... Mess @ Tony's reply. Makes no sense unless she was forced to do DYU?? lol In Sweden during concert queuing, the number system usually works perfectly. But then again, queuing is probably one of the Swedes' greatest traits haha. My queuing experience at the MDNA tour was probably the most flawless ones I've ever had. No problems or stress at all. AND it was my first arena concert ever.
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