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  1. Well, it could be cause they all have schedules and tours and etc and Rita doesn't have a career. But yeah, whatever.
  2. The video is just as messy and hilarous as I was wishing for it to be All the videos this era, man... We've seen so many sides of her?!? Bless ha giving soul
  3. Same. I'm so excited! And I quite honestly don't care if it flops or smashes this time, I'm just here for the video and anticipation. And it's funny, cause I hated this song when the first demos leaked and 6 track EP was released. It's grown hard on me the past few months and currently it's my most played RH-track lol...
  4. I've paid for Spotify and streaming for 5 years now and I do that gladly. It's the perfect way for someone who loves music to be able to listen to basically all the music in the world and at the same time afford buying albums from their fave artists outside the client, all the while bringing profit to the musicians. I generally have little to no problems switching streaming outlets but Spotify's become such a habit in my life. I used Deezer for about 3 months and it was a bloody mess. But then again it lacked some features I've seen Tidal's carrying. All I need to know is that Tidal allows users to add local files and I'll be ready to switch lol.
  5. Not here for this Tidal mess. It's backfiring already, people are clearly not leaving Spotify to pay shitloads more. Imagine being in that room though...
  6. That Vogue segment was killing me. Dress You Up is such a gem.
  7. So judging by the backdrop in that intro, we're getting Ghosttown today?
  8. Joan of Arc sounds amazing. And if she's performing Take A Bow, could that mean we're one step closer to it making the tour setlist? nooOOOo
  9. "There's a song on your album about your vagina" So straightforward...
  10. Is this the first time Madonna confirms her romantic relationship with Tupac?
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