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  1. i did see some of that teacher-look footage in the sex backdrop lastnight. Kiley Dean said earlier on periscope that the drum performance got cut.
  2. http://tvanouvelles.ca/lcn/artsetspectacles/general/archives/2015/09/20150909-232717.html press videooooooooo
  3. live on floor: https://www.periscope.tv/w/aMDUBDc3MDY1OTN8MWRqeFhncXdqUExKWljr01teq7hQVHs3qszMrv8x1MrZfWrVFWk_XAP4n2EY
  4. live periscope: https://www.periscope.tv/w/aMDTpTU5OTg5MDR8MXluSk9MQlB2WUF4Uh-hS0xCjzw-Y8PfeEwUmurjkMrgdnQitLJmimeexmM7
  5. reposting this: keep an eye on these twitter accts cuz they'll be posting periscope links soon: https://twitter.com/MichelleTreacyy/ https://twitter.com/MATTHEWMTREACY https://twitter.com/portolem also search twitter live for #periscope #madonna
  6. keep an eye on these twitter accts cuz they'll be posting periscope links soon: https://twitter.com/MichelleTreacyy/ https://twitter.com/MATTHEWMTREACY https://twitter.com/portolem
  7. alternate live link on the floor: https://www.periscope.tv/w/aMDMVzk0NDgyNzJ8MWt2SnBQb2xPcVFKRdwu1MK4Ae1U61hPlREAGDK09FbOxKyvMrOiJomYpMn4
  8. live periscope link: https://www.periscope.tv/w/aMDL1TUyMzQ2NTh8MXZBeFJud1J5b2p4bM5eysyMCycuUPe_TkEDcd9CpAQttlOH--4YBzL5Ihvo
  9. they said theyll show the first song too (as long as their battery lasts) https://twitter.com/portolem - keep an eye on her twitter acct for link soon
  10. new periscope live: https://www.periscope.tv/w/aMDIqDQ3NDcxMTJ8MU95S0FQRW5PTG54Yl-s_Bv7DG4uxKpmVT6CoqLR5Pi9RceWe3jaOWHic4VQ
  11. word! If you check the people Arriane tags with #peoplebehindthecostumes and also check the people they tag (lots of stalking involved).. you'll see stuff there too. One woman had a purple afro on. I remember rocco posted a photo with a long purple wig. Then you see dancers in lots of black costumes.
  12. That's from hedwig broadway show that she did the costumes for.
  13. I'm not sure. I think "anna" is just a collector's groupie lol. Back in the day on some other forum I had an avatar from some unreleased footage, he befriended me because of it. He begged me for screen shots of this one video and I sent them. I later see he made one of them his avatar and then would try to sell all the screen shots as photoshoot outtakes lol. I once photoshopped Madonna's face onto a model's pic and used it as an avatar for a bit then anna saved it and made it his avatar and played it off as an outtake. I think if Anna was in with the hacker he'd have a lot more knowledge of shit instead of spitting out vagueness. If anyone is familiar with the writing style of "Anna", do check out KTZ on madonna-infinity. That user's ip address is in Israel too. As for other's involved, I think it's more than likely buyers trying to make some money back. I know of 3 people who were personally in contact with the hacker for years and they paid tons of cash for stuff. Most of the recent leaks are from this website someone had up for about a week selling all these digital downloads for ridiculous prices. Most of these files are all fucked with though (edited down, dubbed, etc.).
  14. "Anna" wasn't the hacker even though "Anna" lives in Israel. "Anna" is now going by the name "KTZ" on madonna-infinity. S/he's still annoying and vague as fuck.
  15. I don't think he's on tour anymore, even though he was in the video teasers. If you look on his instagram it looks like he has some dance tour convention going on through next year that he's apart of. A few weeks ago M unfollowed him on instagram and maybe he planted some of that tour drama into the tabloids?
  16. Yea, he had access to all of the email addresses to her business peeps too. This is how we'd see candid selfies and video fitting photos leak. I remember b4 sticky and sweet tour started the hacker let some of his buyers have the password to veneno's server so they could download all the video backdrops and stuff they were still working on. They definitely arrested the right guy but, he must've let someone else on his hacking secret if new stuff is circulating.
  17. No, sorry Since the main hacker is locked up and can no longer read Madonna & Guy's emails, that's left the 2012 source sourceless. I've heard some random things about this tour from others, but nothing I feel confident on sharing. I have an eerily feeling the hacker passed the baton to someone else and Madonna hasn't tightened her shit up as much as she thinks. On the plus side, we should get the rebel heart tour studio versions within a couple years lol
  18. Madonna had a 4th of July party at her (old?) nyc apartment in '92 (i think). She asked people to bring their own homemade food. She made deviled eggs. She sang Karen Carpenter songs at her piano. Sandra Bernhard turned up at the door with 2 friends and Madonna wouldn't let her friends come in. lol Here's a pic from that night...
  19. I know most here are anti-Niki, but she's really a nice person and last I heard her and Madonna were cool and still kept in touch.
  20. I can't remember all the specifics but in the 90's Madonna covered all expenses for this one family's 3 kids to go to college. And she kept in contact with the family for many years. I know this one is gonna sound so made up, but it's true...... In Japan during the who's that girl tour, Niki got busted at the airport for hiding coke in her hair. Madonna convinced the police to let her go, not charge her, and keep it hush hush.
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