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  1. Yes, she confirmed she adopted twins and asked the press to respect their privacy during the transition period. She deleted that quickly though. Edit: she uploaded it again.
  2. Is ICON Being Phased Out?

    Icon 53: https://www.sendspace.com/file/uthfj5
  3. Exactly. Now if like 20 versions of the iconic video leak then I'd wonder. Don't think that'll be happening this time around. I'm sure the moment factory will post clips soon too.
  4. You need to relax. If the video leaked before the tour began then I'd suspect it was because of hacking. The tour is finished. I doubt she's adding backdrops as a bonus to the dvd, so no loss for her. And FYI the illuminati video is here: http://soderberg.tv/video/madonna-live/ how dare the guy who edited it steal it ...
  5. The Things That Never Were...

    I wanna say sometime around 2002-2003? There was suppose to be a DVD release of her remixed videos. Anyone else remember that?
  6. Brisbane March 16

    holiday: https://www.periscope.tv/suansiew/1PlJQgLkQNMKE
  7. Melbourne 13 March - 2nd Night!

  8. updated setlist from madonnaonline
  9. i did see some of that teacher-look footage in the sex backdrop lastnight. Kiley Dean said earlier on periscope that the drum performance got cut.
  10. http://tvanouvelles.ca/lcn/artsetspectacles/general/archives/2015/09/20150909-232717.html press videooooooooo
  11. live on floor: https://www.periscope.tv/w/aMDUBDc3MDY1OTN8MWRqeFhncXdqUExKWljr01teq7hQVHs3qszMrv8x1MrZfWrVFWk_XAP4n2EY
  12. live periscope: https://www.periscope.tv/w/aMDTpTU5OTg5MDR8MXluSk9MQlB2WUF4Uh-hS0xCjzw-Y8PfeEwUmurjkMrgdnQitLJmimeexmM7
  13. reposting this: keep an eye on these twitter accts cuz they'll be posting periscope links soon: https://twitter.com/MichelleTreacyy/ https://twitter.com/MATTHEWMTREACY https://twitter.com/portolem also search twitter live for #periscope #madonna