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  1. All I could make out was "SOY". I was thinking how the fuck is that 4 letters, and what the hell does it mean? LOL. Clearly I was not in the front/vision isn't the best.
  2. Since most of this thread was based around transportation issues, anyone have a problem getting home? I saw several people trying to go down to the subway, which was of course closed. Cabs were at capacity, too. I was trying to get one, but said fuck it after several minutes and walked home.
  3. The crowd was lame, but I was seated at the 100 level. When I say seated I mean everyone but me. I was dancing and singing along to everything.
  4. Parking is expensive/inconvenient. When I lived in Columbus, OH we used to drive to concerts all of the time, because half of downtown was nothing but parking lots/garages. Not that way here.
  5. Oh, Metro is closing at 12 regardless. If they won't stay open for Nationals games that run late, they aren't staying open for Madonna. Thankfully I live down the street from the arena.
  6. I don't doubt I'll love it. But I'm curious why you say that?
  7. 1. Music 2. Like a Prayer 3. Madonna 4. MDNA 5. Confessions on a Dancefloor 6. Bedtime Stories 7. Like a Virgin Mixed bag: True Blue Hard Candy Ray of Light Erotica American Life
  8. Guuuuuurl... I don't think I can wait any longer. After listening to the clips, I'm in total loon-mode (not enough to make me like the first 2 singles, though).
  9. Was thinking of doing Philly since I've never been to the city, just driven past, and it's only 2 hours away. I can see myself, instead of buying the top ticket, buying a bunch of tickets at the lower price points and visiting a few nearby cities. Btw, haven't bought a ticket yet.
  10. It has been a minute and a half. Drinks in the air!

  11. How's it going? Long time no whatever...

    Let's get drunk & sing this:


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