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  1. From what I heard, they created a standard edition because those are targeted to casual fans and prefer to add the more accessible tracks on there. Times have changed from the one edition. Bit at least now we don’t have to buy the singles to get the B sides (now called bonus tracks). Sometimes those were hard to track down.
  2. Not the best resolution but you can see prices better. CD is$13.98 Vinyl is $38.98
  3. CalinB there is no point to my post. I like both versions very much and was just expressing my right to post it on here.
  4. I know someone selling 3 VIP wristbands ($1700 each). Hit me up and I can forward the contact email.
  5. I wonder if the standalone Deluxe CD will also have 32 pages?
  6. No denying that Howard is a great interviewer. But they always slam their guests then sing a different tune when they come one. They said awful things about Sia.
  7. The interview was great today. But Howard and Robyn seem to be hypocrites. They also had some awful remarks about Sia. Then she came to their show and they sang a different tune. That is the only aspect of the show I don't like. I wish they would stick to their guns if they don't like someone instead of kissing **s when they are on their show.
  8. BB had 4 copies of each. The prices were higher then on the website. Below are the sale prices: Deluxe: $18.99 Standard $15.99 And super $27.99 No vinyl. Target had 4 deluxe and 5 standard.
  9. Finally... someone uploaded the vinyl unboxing on youtube:
  10. I'm sure that since most music (if not all) is louder than before, our ears must have gotten used to it and anything registering below this "norm" now we think of as not a good master/recording. Since the vinyl has a different master(from what I read) maybe it sonically sounds different. Which leads me to my next question... does anyone know if this vinyl is a limited pressing?
  11. That's funny... on my copy "you had to die for me baby" is pretty loud.
  12. I just read on Popjustice about the mixing of the album and how bad it is (like Hard Candy. Has anyone had any problems with the audio in this album. I haven't noticed anything yet. I copied one of the postings below: Quote from: dominic spez on Today at 08:29:52 AM Read more: http://www.popjustice.com/forum/index.php?topic=20502.msg2102583#msg2102583#ixzz1qLhj4tTu Is it just me or is this album mixed HORRIFICALLY? I bought mine off iTunes and the sound quality is terrible. It's quieter than literally all other albums I've ever purchased from iTunes. I also put my CD in my car to listen to it on a good sound system, and it sounds quieter than all other albums, less clear, and muffled.... It's bizarre. Having someone like that newbie from the Demolition Crew mix the album was a serious mistake.
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