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  1. Stay safe Nikki and acko! Sending good thoughts to everyone over there, this is so awful!
  2. I imagine something like the Rebel Heart backdrop video, where all the fanart melts and fades into each other
  3. I would so love that! Rebel Heart needs a video!!!
  4. Such a horrible day, feels like a nightmare I want to wake up from The accounts from the survivors are just so surreal, I can't believe this happened in a place where people were celebrating music http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/bataclan-attendees-describe-horror-of-terrorist-attack-20151113?page=2
  5. Apparently there is another shooting at Les Halles?
  6. I used to live right next to the Bataclan and I went there for a concert just a couple of weeks ago... I'm shaken and want to just cry out of anger and sadness. Everyone I know is fortunately ok but this is just horrible...
  7. Bedtime Stories / Rebel Heart Ray Of Light Madonna MDNA Music Confessions American Life Erotica Like A Prayer True Blue Hard Candy Like A Virgin
  8. Confessions is a great album but I much prefer Rebel Heart!
  9. "Fundamental literalism is the death of art" lol @ those who took Ellen's website description too seriously... Sucks, I know. It would've been amazing for TAB to be performed... Anyway, how amazingly cute was she singing DYU??? Loved it!!!
  10. This woman is killing me everyday with these performances! She's nailing each and every one of them! You can tell she's feeling more and more comfortable singing them and Ghosttown is just such an amazing song! Love her! And did you notice that she recycled the falling bullets from MDNA Revolver backdrop video into this one?
  11. And what about the back up singer going Loooooooove And the "Lift me up, lift me up, lift me up, lift me up" bit I was floored with this intro!
  12. I'm thinking this too. Would love for some promo shows to happen though!
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