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  1. Stay safe Nikki and acko! Sending good thoughts to everyone over there, this is so awful!
  2. This is amazing, thanks Nonoka! I miss this show so much!
  3. That's the best way to describe her in this
  4. whatatramp and find a groove... hotties
  5. Aww sounds like you all had a fantastic time! Happy for you guys
  6. It has nothing to do with Warner. Her contract with them ended with Celebration remember?
  7. True, true. I just felt really uncomfortable watching this. Maybe it's the fact they filmed it in her bathroom
  8. Am I the only one who is disturbed by all these files that are leaking? I think it all comes from GO personal files but are they all part of last year's hack? I don't know why but it all feels quite intrusive. Obviously we were never supposed to see this...
  9. Sorry but the only film I see becoming a cult classic (generally speaking, not just for us fans) is Truth Or Dare.
  10. Not necessarily, a blockbuster can be a cult classic as well. See Star Wars, Gremlins. They have a following even long after their releases, that makes them cult movies.
  11. People love Ghosttown, even my mother who is much more of a rocker. Totally deserving of the top spot.
  12. omg Chelle is wearing a wedding veil yesss
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