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  1. OK, so I just listened to BATUKA in a long time and realized once more how prophetic and brilliant this album is. I mean, her singing "it's a long way" and "let me catch my breath" - seriously, I got chills listening ........
  2. magazine out now? cannot wait for his new work!
  3. https://shots.net/news/view/emmanuel-adjeis-on-the-dark-ballet-of-music-videos
  4. @peter Well, if the translation of the Japanese lyrics back into English is only half as interesting as that funny Hungarian interview James and Andrea re-enacted on British television, then I‘m all for it.
  5. So I showed the video to my best friend at the weekend and she really loved it, except for one line in the song (which is one of my favorite ones): Get that old man. Put him into jail. She thought that these statements kind of mimic the way Trump and his supporters speak and that, given the large fanbase M has, she should know better and not sink to their level and reduce her powerful voice to such poor "hate speech". Of course, I wholeheartedly disagreed and told her that there are indeed many "old men" who are very criminal and simply deserve to be put into jail for violating human righ
  6. My life is complete now @Priceless I agree! Would love to have the official lyrics somewhere. This time around, the Japanese edition “only“ has the Japanese lyrics.
  7. #1 in Germany too This video is so powerful, especially in a time when Trump and so-called “patriots“ (yuk!) are chanting that so-called “foreigners“ should go back home. I love Madonna.
  8. Another moving masterpiece! Cannot wait for the tour: Will the women join you onstage when you perform in a live setting? “Yes, not only are they in my show, they are my choir in general. They’re my choir in ‘God Control,’ ‘Like a Prayer,’ ‘Come Alive,’ and ‘I Rise.’ They’re even dancing in my show; they’ve become fully integrated in so many ways. It’s amazing. It’s crazy how multitalented they all are and how ready they are to share this experience. It’s been so great having them become a part of everything. They’re going to blow people away; the world i
  9. Mirwais has reserved to News of Madonna his first interview since the release of Madame X. He has accepted to share with us the behind the scenes of an album that reached number 1 in 60 countries on the day of release. Mirwais has chosen to speak with us of his collaboration with Madonna, the workings, the production of the album, the indignity and the riot Lire la version française We had this crazy idea to propose an interview to Mirwais. He agreed to answer all our questions and began
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