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  1. alquemist

    Troye Sivan

    Just saw it! Cutest thing ever. Have Troye and Ari seen and reacted to it?
  2. alquemist

    Your top albums of 2018

    Chris and Troye! Imagine them working together in the future...
  3. alquemist

    Troye Sivan

    Been living under a rock, found out about him (thank you chris and ari), fell in love with his music and bought tickets to his show next year!
  4. alquemist

    Another day. Another mass shooting in America.

    Great project! Check it out here: Guns in America
  5. alquemist

    Christine & The Queens

    OMG! I really liked "Tilted" but her new album and its overall androgynous funky package are amazing!
  6. Well, not everyone in Germany is "rich" and obviously the country is deeply divided. Interstingly (and not surprisingly), a lot of people in East Germany voted for AfD. Also, I don't think you need to have/lack money to be a racist... it's the same fuck-the-establishment mentality and fear of the other which is so rampant in other parts of the world. Scary times which make it even more important to speak up.
  7. German elections 2017: Angela Merkel wins fourth term but AfD makes gains, exit poll says – live updates Exit poll puts Merkel’s CDU/CSU on 32%, with Social Democrats in second place on 20% AfD (Alternative for Germany) takes 13% and projected to be first far-right party to enter Bundestag in six decades 23m ago17:02 Exit poll: Merkel on course for fourth term, but big breakthrough for AfD Angela Merkel is heading for a fourth term as Germany’s chancellor after her centre-right CDU party and its CSU sister party won 32% of the vote, initial exit polls have projected. The estimation puts the Christian Democrats comfortably ahead of their outgoing coalition partner and main rival, the Social Democrat SPD party led by Martin Schulz, which ended a miserable campaign with just 20% – a near rout. But as predicted, the far-right, anti-immigration AfD has spoiled the chancellor’s party, clearing the 5% parliamentary threshold for the first time in its four-year history with a score of 13%, making it the third largest party in the Bundestag and possibly the official opposition. The smaller, pro-business FDP party, Merkel’s favoured coalition partner, looks set to return to parliament after missing out in 2013 with a share of 10%, while the Green party won 9% and the left-wing Die Linke 9%. (pictures are not from the original article) German elections 2017 - first results
  8. alquemist

    Germany legalizes same-sex marriage

  9. alquemist

    Germany legalizes same-sex marriage

    Thank youuuuu, Pedro. Friday is the day, parliament will have a vote on this...
  10. alquemist

    Germany legalizes same-sex marriage

    OMG, that ist so true. 😔
  11. alquemist

    Germany legalizes same-sex marriage

    YES, he's the one! But I would have to agree with @DagIN because German politicians haven't really passed the law. As we all know, Merkel is more known for her steadiness and waiting things out than her willingness for change and passion (don't you all miss Obama??). Still, yesterday, my bf sent he these emojis via iMessage to me: "We're not even blond, honey", I answered. "Can i take that as a yes?", he wrote. I texted back. So he kinda proposed to me and I kinda said yes! No, seriously. I feel like the luckiest boy in the world. Now, move your asses, politicians of Germany!
  12. alquemist

    Germany legalizes same-sex marriage

    This is a thread about love, you filthy sluts!
  13. alquemist

    Germany legalizes same-sex marriage

    It has to and it will! Only a matter of time IMHO. Sooner or later love conquers all, even the fucked up conservative forces á la Trump, Putin et al.
  14. alquemist

    Germany legalizes same-sex marriage

    Yeah, I know, right? There is some kind of "registered partnership" or "civil union" in Germany, but it's not the same as getting married, for example with regard to adoption laws. Also "Ehe für alle" (="marriage for all") sounds much better and respectful than the aforementioned terms. Fingers crossed! My boyfriend of 16 years already proposed to me today, albeit in a weird way...