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  1. Great! Thanks for posting
  2. You are so lucky! Would loooove to go to LA (and NYC) one day.
  3. Went to see Troye last night with mymymy seeetheart and we had a blast! 🥳 Took the pictures above - confetti! - and some videos which I don‘t know how to upload. Supporting him before the show was Leland (never heard about him before tbh). Troye just has soooo many catchy tunes which he performed: Bloom, Lucky Strike, Dance to This, I‘m So Tired, 1999, Youth, My My My - the list goes on and on! Not surprisingly then, everybody I saw went out with a huge grin on their faces because it was such a feel-good experience. Also, awesome use of lighting (strobe lighting warning included at the entrance of the venue) and funny audience interaction (mostly young girls and of course gays). So many pride flags at the venue in Cologne! At the end, he "instructed“ us on how to react when he would say "This is the last song“ (Awwwwww! Noooooooooo!) and told us to shout "encore“ even though it was clear that everyone knows he‘s gonna do one. It was also kinda cute to see him say struggle with the pronunciation of the German word for "encore“ which is "Zugabe“. Go see this sexy talented MF live if you can! So worth it.
  4. YES! The chorus is really funky!!
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