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  1. Too bad that pesky dancing got in the way of all those brilliant typing scenes. Did the song even play? I can't remember.
  2. New Madonna Video Day should be a national holiday. The vid looks good and I love the song. GI2M.
  3. Or maybe it'll end up being a play a la Like A Prayer video.
  4. This is what the album booklet should've been.
  5. if I were there anywhere near front row she could come out and sing Tiptoe Through The Tulips and I'd love every minute.
  6. I know but I really think she's gonna do GC. It would just be TOO baffling if she didnt. The only thing that would stop it if the video is wayyyy too controversial and she dumps it. IMO
  7. Oh come on, she's doing God Control. There's a video dropping any day and it goes perfect with the event.
  8. The album ends really well with IDSIF, LFM and I Rise. At least thats the version i have .. blond cover.
  9. I know but I really like this one, esp the sweeping bass at the beginning. It goes great after IDSIF.
  10. It's been stuck in my head since yesterday.
  11. I suppose hoping for Rescue Me as one of the oldies is out of the question.
  12. If this Quavo is a homophobe I doubt she could convince him to play Pride.
  13. If she sings Future at Pride I'm buying a gun and shooting myself.
  14. But.... we've heard the song already and it is a bit of a throwback, plus some of the scenes look straight outta Deeper & Deeper video.
  15. I don't understand how you all like the look here but hate the Jump wig.
  16. I need Ciao Bella, IDSIF, God Control, Killers Who Party, Back That Up To Beat, Come Alive, Looking For Mercy Still need official remixes for I Rise
  17. Very true. Im just feeling protective of IDSIF right now. It's my fave.
  18. I don't know how you can say God Control is more original. It has a very traditional, well-tested disco groove. Im not knocking it, I love the track, but...
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