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  1. Superpop is everything, shit lyrics and all. She mentions lemon drops and, I think, Abe Lincoln, lol. Definitely Isaac Newton. Those lyrics are all her. It's a fun song though, I dig it.
  2. Favourite so called "filler" songs

    Push, Don't Stop, Gone, Words,Thief of Hearts, Inside Out, Little Star, Swim, How High, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You, .. tons others
  3. Really? Thats pretty similar to what she was sporting during MDNA tour. I'm ready for something more whispy.
  4. Madonna is working on new music.

    Clothes don't look like that on Madonna. Not that the lady looks bad, it's just clothes don't look like that on Madonna. I don't think it's her.
  5. Madonna’s Instagram

    Oh so she lays in bed with a laptop does she? Hell yeah she reads Mnation.
  6. Madonna is working on new music.

    Ikr. I wouldn't even mind not having an album. Just record 14 songs and release one every month and a half. Boom. 2 years of non stop new M. Hey it's a new strategy at least.
  7. Madonna is working on new music.

    Oh man, we should be so lucky. That would be wonderful.
  8. Madonna’s Instagram

    I'll drag what I want, when I want. You're not the boss of me. Look, I quit smoking and there's no new album news. Don't dance on the minefield right now.
  9. Madonna’s Instagram

    The obvious difference is with the Pepsi commercial we were getting LAP era. With the skin stuff we aren't getting jack. She can hock her entire catalog to Hong Kong and back as long as we're getting new music out of it.
  10. Madonna’s Instagram

    The fat guy is not funny and the ad is stupid. She looks great but even that's pissing me off cuz it's being wasted on this dumb shit and let's face it, how many years are left for albums and tours? Everything's dumb right now. Stupid and boring lol. Creams, kids in IG, that dumb stupid movie NO ONE was asking for. At least give us some decent out and about pics lol.
  11. Performance vs Performance

    Deeper & Deeper (RIT) vs OYH (BAT)
  12. Performance vs Performance

    Live To Tell (WTG) vs Crazy For You (VT)
  13. Performance vs Performance

    Vogue (RIT) vs Holiday (GS)
  14. Give It 2 Me!

    One of my absolute favorites from the second i heard it. Shouldve been the lead single and album title
  15. Madonna’s Instagram

    She's killing me right now. Album yes, MDNA skin event. Album yes, directing a new movie. Choreography on IG, probably tomorrow an announcement about a 3 year hiatus to Malawi. ... I honestly don't know if a new album is next week or 2 years from now
  16. I’m On Fire

    Back then we walked uphill in the snow both ways to school and our popstars didn't use mics and we loved it that way dammit. Great song and dances like a goddess, what more do you need. - the MTV generation
  17. Madonna’s Instagram

    The only reason I'd like her records to sell more is bc we tend to get more singles out of it.
  18. Madonna’s Instagram

    Doing the Carlton dance.
  19. Favorite '90s Album Cover?

    Bedtime Stories
  20. Favorite '00s Album Cover?

    The hot pink and blood orange is everything!
  21. Favorite '00s Album Cover?

    Fuck it, i changed my vote to HC. It had zero
  22. Favorite '00s Album Cover?

    I voted Confessions cuz I'll never forgot how floored I was the first time I saw it. It's been my favorite cover for years, not just 00 covers, but all time. However, HC is my present favorite. It's grown on me.. yet I was disappointed at first, esp compared to confessions. My first take reactions were absolute night and day. I just felt I should vote confessions outta respect and for the memories. I still adore it. Probably shoulda voted HC though. It'll probably need all the help it can get it. AL is great too. Music is good, it's quite strange actually but in a very good way. Its' different.
  23. Madonna is working on new music.

    Why are we being pessimistic? She mentioned she's gonna put out an album. This is her second comment on it. She didn't say she was put on this earth to direct films. Pop the champagne bottle as far as I'm concerned. We're getting a new album.
  24. Lets face it, that kathy penny girl has the best boobs in the business. Madonnas look great here too.