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  1. And I'm sure she was gonna tell her viewers she got a free stay in exchange for all the praise.... NOT. Busted.
  2. Bill Hicks dies in his 30s and Manson lives to 83. So unfair. Bye bitch.
  3. What a coincidence, that's the exact same price I'd pay for a hard club remix of Iconic.
  4. Youre all just jealous cuz youre too fat for Chanel King Karl can say whatever he wants, just like Joan Collins.
  5. He seems like a nice enough guy. Nice looking to begin with and not technically ugly now, just weird looking. All in all not money well spent imo.
  6. Liberal Protestors in Times Square take moment of silence to revere the Muslim call to prayer. LIBSLAM.
  7. It's not just Obama it's the Bush's too, as far back as that stinkin father. My favorite line Trump ever uttered was "nobody said this was gonna be easy." Indeed it wont, but it had to be done. I'm all for gay rights, cringe when women are bashed by my fellow Trump supporters (I SEE U) and would prefer the Supreme Court more left leaning. Unfortunately the left just wouldn't cooperate. Crazy policies, unwilling to hear any dissenting voices, corporate entanglement, zero change. You nailed it when you said that under Hillary, nothing would be revealed. Trump instantly became my hero when he destroyed Jeb. It was beautiful. He sheds the light on those cockroaches.
  8. It's true. Ulizos is cool. I wouldnt go so far as to say he's open to both sides, but he's not a parrot of the media.
  9. Ulizos is just grumpy cuz he's got a wall to pay for.
  10. Like more than half of you in here haven't been lynching Trump and had Obama on ignore.
  11. AND YES IT WAS A JOKE. You're so easy to antagonize.
  12. It looked to me she was about to burst into tears but after watching a few more times, I can kind of get revulsion. Whatever it is, it's profound. I've said all along that family was strange. All those blond mops on the women (Melanie seems to be the only non blonde yet is the most beautuful). All rich ppl in my experience are strange ... or maybe I'll just say "different." I just showed this video to a friend and they said it's all about mergers & acquisitions, this is their lives. Material possessions. They are not happy ppl. This includes the Clintons btw, so don't no one come back at me lol. That ain't a happy marriage either! Don't even get me started on that Huma lady and her perv husband.
  13. Omg this is .... I don't find this funny.. she does seem unhappy. BLINK TWICE IF YOU NEED HELP MELANIE.
  14. If ever there was a THIS it's THIS. 100% perfect comment. PIN IT NOW.
  15. Okay I'll toss you all a bone: his CIA speech gave me a headache. I'm spent. Goodnight.
  16. True, but it has evolved. Listen, you use your "nobody cares" your way and I'll use it mine.
  17. What makes it even better is her name is Helen. I don't think this one is a gaga fan (for a change). I think we have an actual live Helen on our hands, born in 1964 LMAO
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