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  1. Meltdowns already and we're not even halfway through the first thread I at least wait until the 3rd or 4th. Madonna fans rock. Seriously though I got a good feeling about this era but I never heard of swish, so..
  2. Ready for my Grand Cougar Mega MILF beats. DO THAT SHIT YOU DO GIRL.
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

  4. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    She should do a show in North Korea and stay there.
  5. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    She looks old and dumpy. What a moose.
  6. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Nothing says fine wine like slapping the name Joanne across it. Dumb bitch.
  7. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Looks like she's mopping the floor. No grace, no star power.
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I've never been interested in politicsdonna or personallifedonna but an autobiography from her would be a fascinating read, even if it's just few tidbits I'm really interested in.. meaning her actual career and insider stuff. I might actually take that over a new record, dare I say it. Edit: actually I am interested in personallifedonna in one regard.. I want her to spill the tea on Christopher LOL
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Can you imagine being on the set when she walked out looking like that? We say it a lot but I'd honestly faint. I love me some Hollywood single cover.
  10. The Fallon performance was adorable, blows away the tour performance. The video is still the best though. She's just so damn cute.
  11. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    She also put out rape remixes. So brave.
  12. The beauty of S&S '09

    The first post in the thread. I'M DONE.
  13. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Frozen vs Open Your Heart
  14. Like A Virgin from the tours ranked

    Hell yeah! those gifs are making me drool.
  15. As much as I LOVE HN, vote goes to Secret by an inch.
  16. Express Yourself from the tours ranked

    I kinda dig the flatness of it because you're seeing the show exactly as the audience sees it. That's probably only something a fan would appreciate though. I'd want the glossed up version of an ACDC show, for example, instead of a raw version. I rewound the 8 minutes of audience just waiting for her show to start, it was exciting. The Beast Within intro did seem to kinda drag a bit. It lacked oompf in raw form which really surprised me because it's so gorgeous.
  17. Express Yourself from the tours ranked

    Okay I will admit I missed the added effects from the DVD when I watched the Lisbon show. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT
  18. Express Yourself from the tours ranked

    Nobody Knows Me, yoga moves, Nobody Knows Me, Bedtime Story interlude, Nobody Knows Me, killer tour guide, Nobody Knows Me, Beast Within intro, NOBODY KNOWS ME and a damn fine rendition of Don't Tell Me. RIT bashers get coal in their stockings this year, ungrateful brats their entire existence should be questioned
  19. Still listening to remixes of LFL, Ghost town, BIM and Inside Out in 2017. I desperately need a club mix of Iconic.
  20. Personally I can't wait for this movie to come out and will rush to see it on opening day. <<Things that will never happen.
  21. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Tough! CAC vs Like A Virgin