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  1. Dubdonna - her best dub mixes

    You forgot the best one!...
  2. Looks like she's wearing a diaper.. that needs to be changed. Gross.
  3. 6. LAV because she's been slaying that one lately. More!
  4. Rescue Me Bitch I'm Madonna Spotlight Gambler Give it 2 me
  5. Omg haha I forgot what thread I was in and the pics above were loading slowly, I was expecting a new Madonna IG post then this hideous thing revealed itself. That was painful.
  6. It's not Fatdonna, it's Cookiedonna.
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Whenever her hair is up and in profile it's always straight outta Virgin era. Amazing.
  8. M shades Cherish

    Cherish is Ray of Light next to TUTR.
  9. Christmas came early, kids. No movie talk and Queen of Soccer Moms herself confirms 2018Donna is coming to Give It 2 us all!