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  1. Tweet against HW? Ha! Given her history with Terry Richardson and R. Kelly she's more likely to be in his next movie done while in exile.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Ooh I like the corset in the third pic with the chains going across and upwards on her chest. The pose isn't doing anything for me though. Edit: Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on and M start dancing AND have these pics in color. Omg I'd be dead. They'd have pics for DAYS.
  3. Wow, you're a very understanding person lol. Attempting to forgive or understand why someone rapes is kind of SJW to me. You know, feelings and stuff. Murder. Rape. PEDOPHILIA. Those are the big 3 and they're dead to me. I don't give a damn about the friendship never meaning anything. They're the ones who betrayed it, not me. When someone doesn't care about the horror they put another person through... to be so selfish... well, I return the favor, so to speak. No mercy. GOODBYE. That wasn't directed toward you, personally. Just my thoughts. Edit: actually murder I might hear the person out lol. Sometimes it has been warranted. I can't think of any reason where rape and pedophilia are justified though.
  4. Well if she did have problems with him I'd think she maybe should speak out, though obligated would be too strong of a word. I agree with general concensus she was too famous for him to try anything.
  5. She needs to be speaking out about a new album date.
  6. Madonna doesn't read her fan mail? Color me shocked!
  7. so true. She's has more diseases than hits
  8. Dead dogs. Dead birds. Dead career. Dead aunt. Dead David Bowie. Dead Whitney Houston. Dead roaches in food. Dead Lina Morgana. Nothing but misery in her wake.
  9. Wild birds can smell human scent on each other, you're not supposed to touch them. That bird is DEAD thanks to gorga. Poor little fella. Assuming the story is true, which it's NOT.
  10. Put out an updated remix collection including Express Yourself & Open Your Heart and I'll buy a jar of cream. These are my conditions and they are non-negotiable.
  11. It was just a quick gif lol but thank you