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  1. Reductive

    Pay per view to see Isaac unleash his arsenal.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Ditto on the statue. She looks great though. I had no idea beyonette was in the BIM video. Truth.
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Stalking this thread *refresh *refresh
  4. Reductive

    Great, now she's ruined stormy seascapes for me. Everything she touches turns reductive.
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I need more. I NEED MORE NOW.
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Just when we thought it was our darkest hour!
  7. Reductive

    What the hell difference does it make what year is included. There's no way this broad comes anywhere near Madonna's touring numbers. Talk to me in 40 years then we'll see if fraudga is even a blip on anyone's radar. Little Dotards are desperate as usual.
  8. Reductive

    Yeah, Doris is the queen of tours. Keep dreaming little dullards.
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    4) Photo/Video of the kids. *sigh
  10. Performance vs Performance

    Express Yourself (BA) vs. Nobody Knows Me (RIT)
  11. Madonna Instagram Thread

    You amateurs lol The stars are coming into alignment. 60 year old MESSY-TRASHWHOREDONNA is upon us and you pussies are in a panic. My body has been ready since 1984. Killer remixes, spread eagle and an absolute mess. Giving us Miss Tallulah Bankhead on the disco floor. Where no Ray of Lighters or Joan of Arc'ers dare to tread, the world will soon know true art pop perfection. She's been preparing for this all her life, she knows EXACTLY what she's doing, and no one can or ever will do it better! It must be her! 60 years old: drunk, fishnets, and grills... TAKE. ME. THERE.
  12. Madonna RARE

    Stared at this for 5 goddamn minutes trying to decide which one I like best. I can't decide!!! OH GOD NO GET ME OUT OF HERE. You people need to stop posting! PS: MORE!