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  1. Well it's allways the same conversation here, she pleased american people with her superbowl performance, she should have make an effort for european people at the eurovision. these 2 events can't be compared, one is more trendy the other one corny, BUT Eurovision Viewing Figures are twice as the number of the superbowl. So a little effort for her legacy, her casual fan and her back catalogue would have been appreciated.
  2. Not really, reinvention tour was not a proper greatest hits tour... but whatever i’m off topic.
  3. Sorry if I sounded negative, I really didn't want kill your mood. I'm a huge Madonna fan, and that won't change, she is part of my life and my personal story.
  4. We are 3 longtime madonna's fans: my sister, my best friend and I... every album they are less and less interested by her new music. For madame X it's terrible: they were first totally horrify by Medellin (let's say raggaeton Madonna is not what they expected to), then they watch eurovision (embarassed and bored). When the allum was out, there was not even one song they liked. I tried with god control, a bit of disco doesn't kill anyone, but they really dislike the album. I gave up. I said to them, guys you're not really a fan anymore, but in fact I was wrong, they listen more madonna's old hits than myself. In my case, I allways want Madonna to be praised, but in fact, I don't listen madame X, and even less and less madonna's music (except when I'm drunk or nostalgic or in a special mood). Maybe I'm the one who is becoming less and less fan. That why I really want her to look back and do a greatest hits tour or something for her legacy. Because 10 years without a commercial succes for a superstar like Madonna is too much to handle.
  5. I don't listen Madame X often. but to be fair, I don't listen much music anymore, and when I do it's more dj set, ibiza global radio or a spotify playlist based on the music I shazam (electronic, rock, weird music..). Maybe it's because of my age (I'm 43), maybe I don't really connect with Madonna current work anymore, I don't know, it's weird. Sorry I'm little off topic.
  6. Sure Madame X is ignored bt the general public... But to be fair Taylor and Katy are ignored too, and they are in the "middle" of their carreers. I think the music industry has totally changed. nothing is like it used to be.
  7. Why posting these articles in full here?
  8. I know i'm a bit off topic, but did we discuss how good she looks right now... No more big balloon cheeks!!!!!!!!!
  9. it's been some times that I don't see her as relax and cool during a tv show
  10. I knew it, when she wears flat shoes she really got the moove baby (she got the moooooooootion).
  11. Yes, to quote her she doesn't have the luxuary of time to gain new fans. Actually she's doing the contrary. As someone say I'm not going to throw in my stan card, but I'm a bit disappointing, knowing the quality of her new materials!
  12. Sorry but I'm ok with Madonna doing what the fuck she wants, and being all arty and political, but she could, at least, entertained a little bit the people. I'm not sure I rise, future (oh god this song is linked to ESC so much that I hate it) and American Life will please this crowd. I know she's not a pleaser but damn... It's not bad enough that the performance will be short (believe me I was at the Olympia and saw these people being all angry and throw bottles), but if she plays these songs it's gonna be a disaster. Maybe you want Madonna for yourself, and if she follows that route, she won't have many fans left.
  13. I don't search I find goes into Vogue. Then Hello bitches are you ready ????????? and BAM God Control goes into Into the groove. Then a speach about gay rights and the fight and she sings I rise. and GAME OVER
  14. Thanks buddy. But in fact it makes me sad. Being all political and controversial is fucking brillant, and she is the queen for that. But she is less and less entertaining. People wont booing her, but just think she's boring, she lost the plot and move on. Exactly what most of people thought during her ESC performance.
  15. i dont understand her anymore. As someone say her performance at the VMA was cute and the ESC was disapointing. It’s seems that the message of the song is more important that putting a great show and entertaing people. I felt in love with the greatest entertainer of eath, not with Che Guevara
  16. I really hope it’s done with good taste, with subtility, because sometimes it’s something missing in Madonna’s work. I trust her, because otherwise.
  17. M’y favorite after God Control. This song is phenomenal
  18. CAN I come to a Madonna’s forum withoug reading this fat fuck of Roger F please
  19. When the violons Start and she sings it’s a hustle. I have goose bump. Each time
  20. This song is just amazing ! The best, after God Control of course
  21. I know she should have released God Control as a first single. But I don't want to be negative, I'm sure she knows what she's doing.
  22. Go to itunes and buy a copy of Madame X. It will be friday on your phone and you wont regret it
  23. it's impossible to concentrate at work, I have God control in my head... It's been so long since I fall in love organically with a Madonna song
  24. Believe the hype. It's her better work since confession
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