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  1. Thx for the follow backĀ :brenspin::inlove:

    1. Monkey


      I don't use the social media section of this forum so often. but of course i follow you back mon ami.

    2. spotlight
  2. I'm sure Heaven will be released, she cannot just leave this song and move on to another EDM DJ for her next album... Tears of a clown is what make me think about it, she obviously into american life ans ray of light, Heaven is the perfect first track for a new musical era
  3. Monkey

    This Is How You Perform Holiday...

    Girly show and Who's that girl
  4. Monkey

    I miss Living for Love

    I have mixed feeling about this song. I think it lacks of something : a good chorus for example
  5. Monkey

    Manila February 24

    She's fucking playing in a Gymnasium
  6. Monkey

    Manila February 24

    Best setlist for a madonna show EVER!!
  7. Monkey

    Hong Kong February 18

    OMG Imagine a documentary ala Thruth or dare, with the Rocco's drama and all...
  8. I love this demo... I hope she will use in a future release, she can't waste this beautifull track, she must give us a finished version.
  9. Monkey

    Bangkok - February 10

    OMG ! She is starting on time
  10. Her vocals were terrible, but on the other hand she is so generous to keep on surprise us with this tour. I love her so much
  11. I'm amazed by the crowd! asian crowd are more shy and quiet normaly! This proves how great and hot is the Rebel Heart Tour.
  12. is it me or this floor is really smaller than any stand up venues in europe? it looks like there are on only 20 people to pass to get to the front row