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  1. Thx for the follow backĀ :brenspin::inlove:

    1. Monkey


      I don't use the social media section of this forum so often. but of course i follow you back mon ami.

    2. spotlight
  2. I'm sure Heaven will be released, she cannot just leave this song and move on to another EDM DJ for her next album... Tears of a clown is what make me think about it, she obviously into american life ans ray of light, Heaven is the perfect first track for a new musical era
  3. I have mixed feeling about this song. I think it lacks of something : a good chorus for example
  4. I love this demo... I hope she will use in a future release, she can't waste this beautifull track, she must give us a finished version.
  5. Yes. The RH tour, sean penn and her whole attitude during this era has restored the connection between her and her fans... Speaking about music, living for love, gostown and bitch i'm madonna were good tracks and fit in madonna's catalogue very well. I'm still not sure about her choice with the demos, and the whole orientation of the album (see RH & WAM's avicci demos, songs like heaven or 2 steps behind me). but well, this was on of a hell of an era. And it's not over.
  6. Avicci demo is far superior for WAOM and RH. If there one demo Madonna should use for her next album is Heaven. This track is pure gold. I really don't understand the final cut of RH... but well it's been 1 year now, I moved on, but still.
  7. Poor Madonna, by the time these tracks were available, everybody had already all the demos... sometimes 4 or 5 differents versions of the same song. Talk about a sabotage
  8. Heaven is magical! I love this demo/song, I wish she keep it for her next album, and give us a masterpiece, but first I wanna enjoy this era till the end
  9. 3 videos, and 3 strong visuals... Can't wait for the tour
  10. Is it me or it looks like she's about to fall when she's catching the ball?
  11. She looked dreadfull in Deeper and deeper! At least here she looks hot as fuck
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