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    Where there 2 cone bras??

    That's the LAV corset(with a belt), she wore in Nice. As far as i recall there were three corsets made of each. This is a great article that appeared in Elle where they talk about the whole wardrobe, notice how they say that 5 identical jackets where made for the CAC/ WTP segment.
  2. UPDATE // SEPTEMBER 11: Take All My Money! Madonna And Rihanna Are Reportedly Headlining Glastonbury 2019 5 HOURS AGO The rumors are picking up steam! Back in June, it was reported Madonna would headline Glastonbury 2019. Not only has that yet to get debunked, but according to a new report from The Daily Star, Rihanna and Blondie are expected to perform as well. “A who’s who of female talent has been approached to perform next summer including Madonna, Cardi B, Ellie Goulding, Mary J Blige, Dua Lipa, Patti Smith, Jessie Ware, Jorja Smith, plus female-fronted bands Blondie and Wolf Alice,” they write. Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus were mentioned as well. I’ll believe it when I see it, but Madonna and Rihanna are both working on new albums right now. If true, booking a flight stat to the UK stat. https://www.breatheheavy.com/madonna-is-reportedly-headlining-glastonbury-2019/
  3. There's also a show from Boston she sounds so much better on these than on the official ones
  4. There was a bit of a scandal with her t-shirt here, the main sponsor of her visit was a tv channel called "Telefe", during the first show Madonna came out with a t-shirt with the logo of channel 13, Telefe's biggest rival, a tv journalist who had just met her in Puerto Rico and worked for channel 13, sent her flowers and the t-shirt lol She wore a "Telefe" t-shirt the second show.
  5. I love the Barcelona hair!
  6. She definitely needs to bring back this song! I remember her saying that she always forgets the words to this song and also a few night she rejected singing it on S&S Saturday 01 November - Oracle Arena, Oakland From Ian: During the request portion she asked a cute boy in a green shirt on front row/stage left and he shouted 'Causing a Commotion!' She turned to the band and pondered it for a moment before 'No, no....try again!' - I think the second time he said 'Cherish' but it was hard to tell - but she quickly said 'No....cute tee-shirt though!' http://www.madonnalicious.com/ss_oakland.html Toronto - 19 Oct. 2008 The second show in Toronto, which started earlier than usual, at 8:30 pm, featured Dress You Up in the request section. Madonna refused to perform Causing A Commotion because "singing that song made her sound retarded". http://www.mad-eyes.net/tours/sticky-and-sweet-tour/diary-2-north-america.htm
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    New Album Means New Tour

    EXCLU MADONNA TOUR : LES DATES PROBABLES EN FRANCE ! Si vous nous suivez depuis suffisamment longtemps, vous savez que NOM n’a pas pour habitude de faire dans la fake news ! Toutes les infos que nous choisissons de vous donner sont soigneusement vérifiées et les exclus que nous vous avons livrées lors du RH Tour en attestent. Souvenez-vous que nous étions également les premiers à vous annoncer la présence de Madonna au gala de Leonardo Di Caprio à St-Trop en 2017… Nous avons la chance d’avoir des connexions dans différentes organisations qui travaillent sur les tournées de Madonna et nous avons aujourd'hui des informations exclusives sur la prochaine tournée de la Reine de la pop ! Live Nation est en effet actuellement à la recherche d’Arénas en France pour la prochaine tournée mondiale de Madonna, pour septembre ou octobre 2019 ! Les villes de Paris, Bordeaux ou encore Montpellier ont été évoquées ! Ces informations concordent avec photo publiée par Madonna dans sa story Instagram avec la légende « Tout est possible » en référence à une tournée en 2019… Alors sauf si aucune Aréna n'est disponible sur cette période, ça nous donne une idée plus précise sur sa probable venue en France... Wait and see ! https://www.news-of-madonna.com/Exclu-Madonna-tour-les-dates-probables-en-France-_a964.html
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    New Album Means New Tour

    They used a RIT pic for the same announcement in french
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  10. Accidentally unplugs her guitar and you don't hear her play again until it's plugged again 1:19
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    Kanye West

  12. Gus

    Kanye West

  13. Right i forget it was during the summer, thanks!
  14. TOAC was the only show i recall her coming on very late, a free show wich was essentialy a gift for the aussie fans, plus everyone knew that the reason she started so late was because she had spent the whole day rehearsing like crazy, how can anyone bitch about that? Kinda OT but not really, was this curfew deal the reason why so many BAT shows in Europe started during the day...? Anyone know?
  15. Gus

    Blond Ambition Tour 28 years ago!

    "People" Article from 2015 25 Reasons Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour Still Rules, 25 Years Later BY DREW MACKIE POSTED ON APRIL 13, 2015 AT 12:00PM EDT Madonna kicked off her Blond Ambition World Tour on April 13, 1990, 25 years ago this week. Besides offering the world Madonna in her absolute prime – as a performer and as an all-around focus of attention – Blond Ambition changed the pop-culture landscape. Fans might be surprised to learn that it’s not Madonna’s highest-grossing tour; Sticky & Sweet, MDNA and The Girlie Show each performed better. And it featured only 57 stops. But it’s still hugely important and might have done the most to define Madonna as a music icon – and here are 25 reasons for that. 1. It reinvented the concert tour. Today, most major pop tours are full-scale productions with costume changes, special effects, elaborate sets and a sense of drama that takes the experience beyond someone just singing into a microphone. It wasn’t always that way, however, and Madonna and choreographer Vincent Paterson specifically set out to elevate the concert. As Paterson explained to PEOPLE in a 1990 interview, “The biggest thing we tried to do is change the shape of concerts. Instead of just presenting songs, we wanted to combine fashion, Broadway, rock and performance art.” 2. It has full-on acts The fact that Madonna divided her performances into five thematic categories – Metropolis, Religious, Dick Tracy, Art Deco and Encore – suggests not only a level of creative planning unusual for concerts at the time but also the sheer volume of material Madonna had to work with – and at only 31 years old, no less. 3. It made a ton of money. In the first two hours that tickets went on sale, a total of 482,832 were purchased, for a grand total of $14,237,000. By the end of the tour, Madonna had generated more than $62 million – that’s $113 million adjusted for inflation. 4. It helped cement the link between pop costumes and couture. In addition to the vast majority of Blond Ambition’s many stage costumes, Madonna’s bullet bra was designed by haute couture legend Jean Paul Gaultier. In 2012, one of these very bras sold at a Christie’s auction for $52,000. 5. It gave us that iconic ponytail. According to a 1990 edition of PEOPLE’s Style Watch, Madonna’s clip-on ponytail quickly became a look that fans copied when attending Blond Ambition stops. “Lots of women – and men – are showing up at her concerts with this hairdo,” remarked Warner Bros. Records publicity VP Liz Rosenberg. “It’s really catching on.” You might think Madonna would do anything for a look, but that clip-on ponytail resulted from one specific need: she needed a style that wouldn’t get tangled in the headset she wears when she sings. 6. The title itself was a stand for independence. Initially, it was to be the Like a Prayer World Tour, sponsored by Pepsi. Of course, the “Like a Prayer” video was met with a great deal of controversy, and Pepsi eventually backed out of a licensing deal with “The Donner.” Thus, Blond Ambition was born. 7. It overcame a rough start. Blond Ambition kicked off on Friday the 13th – Friday, April 13, 1990, near Tokyo, Japan. Suitably, the weather was miserably wet and cold, and at one point Madonna slid across the wet stage and proclaimed, “You didn’t know you were here for an ice-skating show. Well, I’m Dorothy Hamill.” 8. It featured Madonna at her most perfectionist, for better or worse. And according to the New York Times review of the concert, that meant the concert was more “live” than live. “Madonna has become so perfectionistic, and so athletic in her dancing, that she would clearly rather lip-sync than risk a wrong note,” the review notes. “With tickets priced at $30, concertgoers might expect a more live concert.” 9. It made Madonna confront "the fascist state of Toronto." As documented in the 1991 behind-the-scenes movie Madonna: Truth or Dare, Toronto police threatened to arrest Madonna should her performance of “Like a Virgin” feature her miming masturbation. When the faux-Middle Eastern arrangement of the hit song played, however, Madonna did her usual dance, hand motions and all. Ultimately the police opted not to arrest her on obscenity charges, but she still famously called the Canadian city a "fascist state." 10. It was condemned by the Vatican. Not that it’s a good thing to earn the wrath of the Roman Catholic Church, but it speaks to what a big deal the Blond Ambition tour was that the Vatican’s official newspaper, Osservatore Romano, declared the show sinful – a more or less unprecedented decision. 11. "Don’t talk. If you talk, I will stop speaking, all right?" Madonna’s response to the condemnation, however, was 100 percent Madonna. After commanding the Italian press to cease talking, she defends her performance. “Like theater, [Blond Ambition] asks questions, provokes thought and takes you on an emotional journey, portraying good and bad, light and dark, joy and sorrow, redemption and salvation.” 12. Every Blond Ambition performance began with a prayer. Regardless of what the Pope may have thought of Madonna’s work, she felt she was on good terms with God, and Truth or Dare notes that she began every show with a group prayer. 13. She sang "Happy Birthday" to her dad at the tour’s Detroit show … There’s been no shortage of kerfuffle about Madonna’s relationship with the rest of the Ciccone clan, but the tour featured a touching moment onstage with her dad, Silvio Ciccone, at her hometown show in Detroit. 14. Which means she performed all those naughty bits with her dad in the audience. There’s a moment in Truth or Darewhen she mentions that her dad watching the racier parts of the Blond Ambition tour is scarier than confronting the Toronto police. 15. It was a decidedly pro-gay show. It’s notable that Madonna was up-front about the fact that six of her seven male backup dancers were gay men. Madonna, after all, had been outspoken about gay rights and gay people in general long before it became the norm among celebrities. In fact 16. Its final U.S. performance was dedicated to Keith Haring. Madonna was good friends with the pop artist Keith Haring, who died of AIDS-related complications on Feb. 16, 1990. The Blond Ambition World Tour’s last American stop, in East Rutherford, New Jersey, was dedicated to Haring’s memory, and the more than $300,000 the show made was donated to the Foundation for AIDS Research. (Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour used a Haring-inspired backdrop, seen in the above clip.) 17. It featured a gay Dick Tracy chorus line. Skip forward to the 5:45 mark in this clip of the Blond Ambition performance of “Now I’m Following You” to see six dancing Dick Tracys pair off into three male-male pairs. It’s quite the spectacle, and it’s even more notable when you realize that most of the tour began before the 1990 Dick Tracy remake (in which Madonna starred) hit theaters, meaning this chorus line was the first glimpse fans saw of the reinvented Dick Tracy. And no, none of those Dick Tracys were Warren Beatty, who played the title character and who was dating Madonna throughout the tour. 18. It was also pro-safe sex. You have to hand it to Madonna: Encouraging the use of condoms was on-point in 1990, and every show had her introducing “Into the Groove” by saying, “You really never get to know a guy until you ask him to wear a rubber.” 19. It mocked the perception of Madonna as a dumb blond sexpot. For the Blond Ambition take on “Material Girl,” Madonna sang the entire song in an accent that falls somewhere between dumb blonde, “Noo Yawk” housewife and gangster’s moll. Say what you will about Madonna taking herself very seriously, but most singers wouldn’t ever perform in curlers and a bathrobe. 20. It had grand cinematic aspirations beyond Dick Tracy. The first act of the show is themed “Metropolis.” That’s not Superman’s city. That’s the 1927 German expressionist epic Metropolis, and you can see it in the retro-science-fiction aesthetic of the stage. Hey, if you were Madonna, you’d aim for high art. 21. There’s some Stanley Kubrick in there, too. In a 1991 New York Times interview, Madonna described the Blond Ambition performance of “Keep It Together” as “Bob Fosse-meets-Clockwork Orange.” “It’s the show’s ultimate statement about the family, because we’re absolutely brutalizing with each other, while there’s also no mistaking that we love each other deeply,” she said. 22. Kevin Costner thought the show was "neat." There’s a famous scene in Truth or Dare in which Madonna parties with other celebs after a Los Angeles show. Among them is Kevin Costner, who tells Madonna he found the show “neat.” It’s an amazing moment, and Madonna is predictably incensed that Costner would use that adjective to describe her. “No one’s ever described me quite that way,” she tells him. Later, she decrees “Anybody who says my show was ‘neat’ has to go.” Costner would forgive the diss in 2007. 23. Truth or Dare was a success, too. The documentary about Blond Ambition was released in 1991. It cost $4.5 million to make. It earned $29 million. Sure, Madonna was nominated for a Razzie for Worst Actress – for playing herself, no less – but she had piles of money with which to console herself. 24. It was parodied twice. Truth or Dare – and by extension, Blond Ambition – were skewered two times, by Julie Brown in Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful and by English comedians Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders in In Bed with French and Saunders. We’d like to think Madge took it all in stride. 25. It essentially made The Immaculate Collection happen. The tour concluded in August 1990. Everyone was all “Wow, Madonna has an amazing library of hits.” In November 1990, her first greatest hits collection, The Immaculate Collection, was released. You do the math. http://people.com/celebrity/madonnas-blond-ambition-tour-25-years-later/