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  1. Madonna RARE

    Jeremy Irons kissing M at 0:24
  2. Then there was this story from last year but who knows how reliable it was... Demi Moore 'supporting Madonna amid custody battle' 24 March 2016 Demi Moore has reportedly reached out to Madonna to console the singer after she lost custody of her teenage son. The 57-year-old pop star has seemingly been hit hard by the court's verdict that her 15-year-old boy Rocco will be staying in London, U.K., with his father Guy Ritchie. During recent gigs for her Rebel Heart tour Madonna shocked fans by turning up hours late, sometimes intoxicated( ), and she even exposed a 17-year-old fan's breast on stage. Rocco is said to have cut is mother off from his social media pages too. Amid Madonna's woes, close pal Demi has apparently shared some pearls of wisdom with the star. She went through a similar situation with daughters Rumer, 27, Scout, 24, and Tallulah, 22, in 2012 when they were said to have taken out a restraining order. "Demi's been messaging Madonna and told her she hasn't lost Rocco forever, he's just going through a difficult teenage phase," an insider told Britain's Closer magazine. "But she's begged her to stop acting out in public and sharing her anguish online as it's only pushing Rocco further away. "Demi has invited Madonna to the Amansala yoga and meditation retreat in Mexico, which she visited after her meltdown over Ashton (Kutcher, who Demi split from in 2012). It's a packed schedule of beachside yoga, Pilates, chanting and meditation, as well as reiki and acupuncture for stress relief, all organic food and no alcohol." Madonna's other ex-husband, Hollywood star Sean Penn, is also said to have got involved with lending supporting to his former spouse. However, the singer is thought to have other plans as a source notes she's considering moving to London to be closer to her son. The insider adds Madonna hopes this will make her closer to Rocco, and bring the family together as a whole, including her other kids Lourdes, 19, and adopted son David, 10, and daughter Mercy, 10. http://www.music-news.com/news/UK/96396/Demi-Moore-supporting-Madonna-amid-custody-battle
  3. I think this was the last pic of them together in 2012 Madonna Reaches Out to Demi Moore After Hospitalization Madonna wants Demi Moore to know she's there for her. A source tells me that Madge contacted Moore shortly after hearing the news of her hospitalization... m told that the singer called Moore, and the conversation apparently wasn't very long. "Madonna told Demi she was there if she needs anything," my source said. Although Madonna and Moore aren't usually in regular contact, "they're pretty tight," the source said. The two most recently hung out at CAA's pre-Golden Globes party at Soho House, where they spent most of the night chatting with each other. Ashton Kutcher also attended the bash, but the closest he came to Moore was talking to her daughter Rumer Willis. I'm also told that before this week's ordeal, Moore was thinking about going to the Super Bowl to see Madonna's halftime show, but wasn't sure because she assumed Kutcher would also be there. Moore and Kutcher attended last year's game in Dallas, as well as some of the festivities throughout the weekend. No word yet on the status of the annual post-Oscar party Moore cohosts with Madonna and her manager, Guy Oseary. http://m.eonline.com/news/289355/madonna-reaches-out-to-demi-moore-after-hospitalization
  4. "Honestly, I told her...'You're skinny. You're really thin,'" he continued. "So, if anything, I think we're going to have to have some seamstresses on hand to bring [the costumes] in more. I'm telling her, 'Girl, you're skinny. Are you sure [you don't want to wear this]?'"
  5. Madonna RARE

    Looks like it, yes
  6. ^”My dad [”St. Elsewhere” producer Bruce Paltrow] caught me trying to smoke a cigarette when I was 12 years old,” Paltrow explains. ”Leo Penn, Sean Penn’s father, was directing some episodes of ‘St. Elsewhere’ for my father. So he asked Leo Penn to ask Sean Penn to ask Madonna if she would write me a letter saying that she didn’t smoke. So I have this letter from Madonna saying, ‘Don’t smoke, I don’t smoke.”’ Paltrow, who has been known to enjoy her cigarette fix until fairly recently, even managed to become pals with her teen idol. ”Through the famous people club you meet people, you go, ‘Hi, you’re famous, we’re supposed to act like we’re friends,”’ Paltrow shrugs. ”But then you actually do become friends with some of them. Madonna’s a really good friend of mine.” So, does the singer remember the letter? ”I told her about it,” says Paltrow, ”but I don’t think she did.” http://ew.com/article/2000/01/04/how-madonna-became-gwyneth-paltrows-role-model/
  7. Wasn't Madonna friends with Gwyneth's father back in the 80's? I remember a story about Gwyneth's dad asking Madonna to talk to a teen Gwyneth to convince her to quit smoking...?
  8. He was recaptured a week later... The knives, photos, dolls, too creepy...
  9. Madonna, who took the stand during the 1996 trial, testified that she felt "sick to my stomach.... I feel incredibly disturbed that the man who repeatedly threatened my life is sitting across the room from me. I feel we are making his fantasies come true." http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/gossip/2012/02/madonna-stalker-escapes-robert-dewey-hoskins.html Hopefully confined...
  10. Yeah...and this was 1996, in 2012 the stalker escaped from the mental institution and they found lots of Madonna material along with knives in his storage locker...scary..he even had a COADF tattoo on his belly!
  11. She also appeared in 1996 to testify against her stalker "The crimes, jury foreman John J. Utech said, had terrified the normally "defiant" celebrity. "She was very real, very believable and very credible," despite her testy answers to some questions and her reluctance to come to court until ordered there under threat of jail and $5-million bail, Utech said of the entertainer's appearance last week. "We all walked away feeling she was frightened," he added. After the verdicts, Madonna released a statement saying she was relieved that the jury had convicted Hoskins and that she hopes "the outcome of this case lets other stalking victims know that the system can, and does, work." Her lawyer, Nicholas DeWitt, said the entertainer is glad she testified, but still worries about copycat stalkers and still intends to sell her estate near Lake Hollywood because, as she testified, it "attracts negative energy." As a result of the stalking, she testified, she has had nightmares about someone trying to harm her. "This sends a message to the victims of stalkers that they can come forward," Saunders said, calling Madonna "something of a role model" despite her initial reluctance to testify. Madonna had testified that she resisted because she was frightened of Hoskins and did not want to fulfill his fantasies of seeing her face-to-face." http://articles.latimes.com/1996-01-09/local/me-22646_1_jury-convicts-man
  12. Love the woman dancing, she's giving me LAP video vibes!
  13. Manly? She's gorgeous... Some of the other teen 'models' not so much...