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  1. Madonna RARE

  2. The legendary CHER

    To be a fly on the wall at Cher's house during those gatherings with her and M!
  3. LIB in Britney's Love 2 Love U

    Perfectly described!
  4. Janet Jackson thread

    It's hard to imagine what producers she'd work with and what sort of music it would be. Have Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis done anything good recently?
  5. Janet Jackson thread

    It's hard to imagine what producers she'd work with and what sort of music it would be. Have Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis done anything good recently?
  6. The custom king from Finland with the Madonna Juha Ristimaa, the King of customised trucks in Finland and all over Europe is coming to Ireland with his magnificent truck ”Madonna” a Scania R560, 2013. He brings the whole truck combination of 25, 25 meters, 6x2 plus trailer 5 axle, all the way from Finland to the Full of the Pipe Truck Show Ireland in Cavan. The trucking people in Europe know him from his success at many truck fests but especially his achievement in taking home five Nordic Trophies in Sweden. He joined his father´s trucking company Kuljetus Ristimaa Oy in Lapua, Finland in 1998 designing and painting their trucks. Already at the age of 15 years he won Best Painting truck in Trucking Festival in Finland 1993. This victory was the start for Juha to produce several winning concepts for many years to come, you name them: “Pepsi” Scania R124 2000, “Cider Shark” Volvo FH12 2002, “Discovery” Volvo FH12 2004, “Dragon” Scania R500 2005, “Zorro” Scania R500 2006, “Legend” Scania R500 2008, “Tiger” Scania R500 2010, “Octopus” Scania R560 2011 and of course this most winning star of them all the “Madonna” R560 2013. Kuljetus Ristimaa Oy, now owned by Juha himself, has 10 full size painted truck combinations, driving goods and brewery products mostly in Finland. One of these trucks runs between Finland and Sweden and one truck with semitrailer drives all over many European countries. Besides his trucking company Juha also built since 2013 trucks for other customers in his company Ristimaa Customs. You can say that the custom king Juha Ristimaa is a very busy man nowadays, being married to Elina and taking care of his family with their 6 month old son. To celebrate his 20th year anniversary he finally built this amazing “Madonna”. To build such a truck Juha needed a professional team to actualize his ideas he already had in his mind since building the “Dragon” in 2005. From autumn 2012 to summer 2013 Juha and his team worked night and day before they were pleased with the result. They had to repaint the whole cabin with a special mixed colour by the “super painter“ Perttu Papunen. They had to strip everything in and outside the cabin to get a whole different look for the Scania cabin. The magnificent team who made the “Madonna”, as you are able to see and enjoy in Cavan, includes Juha and Elina Ristimaa, Perttu Papunen special painter, Teemu Sarvela painter, Mika Peltola painter, Niko Petteri Kinnari electrician and a lot of help from his parents Erkki and Raija Ristimaa. During the first year of exhibitions and festivals all over Europe this beautiful full sizes truck “Madonna” won no less than 28 Trophies and being best in show almost everywhere. The successful journey of “Madonna” went on in the year 2014, 2015 and continues during this year 2016. Please notice that the “Madonna” has been in daily traffic since 2014. The odometer shows over 300,000 km of hard work on the Finnish roads with ice, snow and salt. The truck has survived the hard conditions as a Champion truck should. Juha Ristimaa with “Team Madonna” are looking forward to visit Ireland and the Full of the Pipe Truck Show in June 2016. https://www.irishtrucker.com/News/12934
  7. YouTube reaction videos

    Kids react to Madonna
  8. I agree, i remember him saying that Madonna was 'Marilyn Monroe with women's emancipation' or something to that effect...but with these sickos you never know really...
  9. RIAA's Top 20 Best Selling Female artists: 1) BARBRA STREISAND 68.5M 2) MADONNA 64.5M 3) MARIAH CAREY 64M 4) WHITNEY HOUSTON 57M 5) CELINE DION 50M 6) SHANIA TWAIN 48M 7) REBA MC ENTIRE 41M 8) BRITNEY SPEARS 34M 9) LINDA RONSTADT 30M 10) ADELE 28M 11) TAYLOR SWIFT 26.5M 12) ENYA 26.5M 13) JANET JACKSON 26M 14) FAITH HILL 25.5M 15) SADE 23.5M 16) ALANIS MORISSETTE 20.5M 17) MARY J. BLIDGE 20.5M 18) TONI BRAXTON 19.5M 19) CARRIE UNDERWOOD 19M 20) JEWEL 18.5M https://www.riaa.com/gold-platinum/?tab_active=top_tallies&ttt=TAA#search_section Many under-certified artists so i don't think any updates would affect this chart very much...
  10. Says the JJ fan posting on a MADONNA message board...
  11. Thank you for posting the full quote! "That's what it's all about"? She forgot the part about Madonna not being a pedophile...i bet that had a lot more to do with the way MJ was treated by the press than Madonna 'kissing ass'(wich is a ridiculous claim as no one got her ass kicked more by the press than M at that time!)
  12. I was surprised too at the time, Madonna said actor Steven Weber was the first to tell them they should remake the movie... I like the film, it's far from her worst, nothing can ever beat TNBT as her worst movie of all time...
  13. Madonna RARE

  14. Saved by the Bell lol