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  1. Interesting that the reporter says that Shue is able to sell the panties cause Madonna withdrew the item from the complaint
  2. Where did Madonna REHEARSE?

    From christopher Childer's instagram(courtesy of 'Frank' from MI): Girlie Show Sunday! Some script details! We were originally supposed to be classic 1930's 'bell-hops' for 'La Isla Bonita' (see my bell hops note!) but it was changed to that iconic striped look. Boys in red/black and Madonna in Blue/white stripes! Originally Madonna was to come down the go-go pole at the very end. Script by Chris Ciccone. #dancer #worldtour#madonna #thegirlieshow And:
  3. Yeah, the people from the club probably told Shakira to call M and convince her to go there, like when Ronaldo called her trying to make her change her mind and switch from Benfica to Sporting...
  4. She looked so gorgeous, so natural, definitely one of my favorite eras!
  5. I think she talked to Shakira because of the soccer club, isn't her husband a player in el Barcelona?
  6. According to one portuguese article from a few months ago, her options aside from Portugal were Barcelona(recommended by Shakira), and Turin, she chose Portugal cause she liked how discrete the soccer club people were about the whole deal, and she also liked that they assured her David would be treated like any other aspiring player, no privileges. I think Italy with the press would've been hell for her...
  7. So perfect...i've always loved the Virgin Tour-ish hair in this picture
  8. I believe the whole Rocco drama affected her a lot in many ways, and I think it's fantastic that she decided to take a year completely off just to be a "regular" mom, also to fully enjoy having small children around her again ( she's always saying how fast they grow in a sort of melancholic way), and I absolutely believe she's in Portugal due to David's soccer aspirations, I truly believe this is probably the happiest she's ever been her whole life, she more than deserves it, and can't wait to see how all of this translates into her work once she comes back!