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  1. So glad great sport legends like Martina and John are speaking out against this disgusting woman! As a huge tennis fan, i hope they change the arena's name before the 2018 open.
  2. So on point! And this was written 6 years ago...
  3. This one's worse Chile: Lions shot after man jumps into enclosure, strips May 23, 2016 (CNN)A zoo killed two lions to save a man who jumped into the big cats' enclosure in the Chilean capital. The man climbed over the fence Saturday and removed his clothes before approaching the lions, according to a statement posted on the Santiago Metropolitan Zoo Facebook page. He was apparently attempting suicide, and a note was found in his clothes, Chilean media reported. Zoo staff shot and killed two of the lions with live rounds to protect the man, the zoo's statement said. "Due to the circumstances and to firstly protect the life of this person, we found ourselves obliged to apply all of our security protocols," the zoo's statement reads. The two lions, a male and a female, were shot in front of a large crowd of zoo visitors. The male lion was born at the zoo, while the lioness was rescued from a circus, local media reported. The zoo said it took the "incomprehensible action" of killing two of its three lions, which was "profoundly painful for every single one of us." The man has been described by police as "frustrated" and an investigation has been opened. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/05/22/americas/chile-zoo-lions-naked-suicide-trnd/
  4. So sad and scared that these things keep happening, hoping for everyone and their loved ones, to be safe... Is there really a way of stopping these lunatics? I mean, there's gotta be a way...so sad
  5. L4L remix is the bonus track, and the LFL, G, BIM and BIM rmx videos on the dvd.
  6. This! In my country we have a gender identity law created to protect people in this situations. If you feel you're a woman trapped in the wrong body, you can change your ID to a female, and everyone must respect and treat you like a woman, wether you went through with surgery or not...it's about respecting everyone's choice
  7. That's what i'm hoping for, it's shocking to me that killing beautiful innocent animals could be considered a 'sport' by anyone in this day and age...I found his 'apology' revolting, claiming that he didn't know that that lion in particular was so loved... Hopefully he will be extridited, setting a big precedent.
  8. Could be, i'm inclined to believe that they dropped the track because of the full album leak and like some have said, the lyrics are different than the rest, maybe she felt that the media was going to spin it in some negative way...i remember some fans freaking out saying that she's retiring, etc
  9. Reports by drowned madonna and madonnarama i think, claimed that the lead single was going to be either UB or LFL, they later posted that the decision was made for LFL to be the first single, it was before the leaks i think.Regarding Queen, i find it hard to believe it was never considered for inclusion since the first tracklists posted by amazon germany, uk , etc included queen and autotune baby, just like the madonna.com tracklist. I cant remember exactly the date the super deluxe leaked but i think that's how the super deluxe esition was first intended to be... Why they changed it? Beats me
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