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  1. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Love this!
  2. Apparently Cristiano Ronaldo tried to convince Madonna to take David to 'Sporting' instead of 'Benfica'. Also Turin and Barcelona(recommended by Shakira), were the other places Madonna considered going before deciding for Lisbon. She picked Benfica because they were very discrete and they assured her that David would be treated as any other kid, no privileges. "A discrição com que o processo decorreu, e o facto de o Benfica ter assegurado que David Banda seria tratado como qualquer outro aspirante a futebolista, fizeram com que Madonna escolhesse vir viver para Lisboa, em detrimento de Turim ou Barcelona, cidade que lhe tinha sido recomendada por Shakira. Na sua visita ao Estádio da Luz, Madonna teve um "encontro informal" com Luís Filipe Vieira, presidente do clube. E chegou a receber um contacto de Cristiano Ronaldo, que tentou convencê-la a trocar o clube da Luz pelo Sporting. "Depois de se tornar público que o rapaz estava a treinar no Benfica, Cristiano Ronaldo telefonou à cantora para lhe falar na possibilidade de o jovem optar pela Academia de Alcochete, [sugerindo] mesmo uma conversa entre Madonna e o presidente do Sporting, Bruno de Carvalho. Os dois terão falado ao telefone, mas a decisão da cantora não se alterou", reporta a revista." http://blitz.sapo.pt/principal/update/2017-09-21-Cristiano-Ronaldo-quis-levar-filho-de-Madonna-para-o-Sporting
  3. Just noticed this woman says that the Paris shows were filmed in full wich we already know it's not true so i wonder how credible she really is... Thebeatswithin: Did you shoot the full shows on all three nights at Bercy?“Yeah, we shot the full concerts over all three nights and the footage was the most phenomenal concert footage ever shot, without question. I was super proud of that.
  4. What about those 6 shows early on the tour, supposedly filmed by David Fincher...? Lisa Hollingshead, ToD producer: thebeatswithin: Cutting back to David Fincher’s involvement in the original concept of doing a concert movie – did he actually shoot any of the shows in Japan? “Yes, he shot all of the Tokyo shows.” thebeatswithin: On 35mm film? “We always shot on 35mm film in those days. The concert was shot on 35mm and the documentary was shot on 16mm in black and white." http://thebeatswithin.blogspot.com.ar/2011/09/truth-or-dare-lisa-hollingshead-speaks.html?m=1 I find it strange that we first heard about something as huge as this news(if true), 20 years after the film came out(and only mentioned in this one interview),but then why would this woman producer lie about something like that...?
  5. A couple of years ago it was reported somewhere(sorry i can't remember where, it was a long time ago), that the deal with Pioneer lasted 20 years(wich is what most of these deals last in general).
  6. Alek Keshishian already confirmed that they didn't film the full show, i believe it was cosmic_system who posted the video of Alek saying this a couple of weeks ago...
  7. I kinda feel the same but then i think about a TOAC-type show with a great band(bring back the Girlie Show band please!!!), great backing singers, setlists with songs she's never performed before, then suddenly i get super excited about it!
  8. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I don't mind the Ciao Italia-esque editing on the main show but on LAP i find it very distracting...wish they would've used much more of the Sydney show with the loose hair, she looks gorgeous there... Love Borderline!
  9. One of the articles from the last few days said that Lutz had gotten many of the items from 'someone very close to Madonna, possibly a family member'. And there was another one with an excerpt of Madonna's deposition where Lutz's lawyer asked her if she recalled having a fall out with Christopher in 1996, to wich she responded that she 'doesn't remember' and that she's 'really bad with dates'.