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  1. Thank you for posting the video!
  2. "I love Madonna, i think she's amazing, and i think i have probably bought every single one of her records in my life"
  3. According to this 'Madame Le Figaro' article from July 17th, she's going Soirée branchée Depuis 2014, le gala de Leonardo DiCaprio est l'événement estival à ne pas manquer sur la Côte d'Azur. Cette année, la levée de fonds se déroulera dans un lieu typiquement tropézien, à Gassin, sur les hauteurs de la ville. Et réunira une impressionnante brochette de stars : le prince Albert II de Monaco, les actrices Cate Blanchett, Marion Cotillard, Penélope Cruz, Emma Stone, Uma Thurman, la pop star Madonna, ainsi que le petit-fils du célèbre commandant, Philippe Cousteau Jr, les acteurs Tom Hanks, Jared Leto, Edward Norton et le meilleur ami de Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire. Invitée d'honneur de cette quatrième édition, la maire de Paris, Anne Hidalgo. Le chanteur Lenny Kravitz offrira une performance musicale lors de la soirée. Avis aux plus fortunés, quelques invitations sont à disposition... pour 9000 dollars.
  4. Here's Shue talking about meeting her in the 90's
  5. What a scum bag, poor excuse for a man
  6. Love this photo shoot so much! Her body&her eyes
  7. Jellybean Benitez interview from 2015: Speaking of that era, when you were producing Madonna’s early work, did you have the sense that it was going to be really big, that you were making history? Well, I’ll say this: When I was working on the early stuff – “Holiday,” “Borderline,” “Lucky Star,” “Material Girl” – I knew it was gonna be big. It stood out from everything else that was happening on the club level. But to me, “big” was like a gold record – you know, 100,000 units. Like – wow, this thing is actually selling, and people really like it, and it’s going beyond the club and going to radio and spreading globally. So while all of that was going on, it seemed big, but at the same time it seemed normal. We were living together, so one day we were able to go outside and walk down the street and no one bothered us, and then once “Borderline” got on MTV, that changed everything. But I do remember when Madonna performed at Studio 54, and [Sire Records co-founder] Seymour Stein came over to me and said, “You know, one day people are gonna look back at this, and this is gonna be historic.” But it seemed completely normal. But it was a really special thing that happened. You know, you walk around, and every woman was dressing like your girlfriend, which seemed different, because it wasn’t happening to a lot of my friends [laughs]. Every time I’d turn around, I’d see a blonde with bangles on her wrist and her bra strap showing, and I was like, “Oh, she’s here!” And then, “Oh, no.” In that respect, it was almost like a Twilight Zone. I’d go out to a club and there would be hundreds of women dressed like here. It was weird. Did you start dating Madonna before producing her music? Yeah, it was right before – we met at the [New York club] Funhouse. It was quite common for record companies to bring by new artists, and we met, and she asked me if I’d be interested in working on some of her songs. And the rest is history, so to speak. We started working on stuff, then we started dating, then we started living together. And after about two years we broke up, and remain really good friends.
  8. Exactly! Her face alone says it all really... 5:42