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  1. Nah, i think he will try nucklear bomb to Kiev
  2. The point is to destroy Ukraina and make it as example to Nato what will happen if they dont obey Putins wishes
  3. So Putin didnt have to start a war to achieve this Why is he fighting then?
  4. Im afraid he might be planning to use tactic nuke attack as his minions are fabricating stories about chemical weapons found in Ukraine
  5. Im sure someone could try to justify Hitlers invasion of Poland and other lands he took too, old germania land and other pap
  6. Yes, they have the largest internet troll factory in the world
  7. Basicly, the Nato border is the new Wall that Putin cannot step over unless he wants WW3 Any country on the other side is his for the same reason
  8. But who could trust Russians in peace negotiations after what has happened? I mean they straight out lied thrue whole diplomatic round before this war
  9. Russia will be kicked out from rest of the world Banned until Putin regime falls
  10. No-one. Hes a liar and sneaky one. Hes targetted civilians all day today.
  11. Recent polls show that favour of joining NATO has increased dramatically
  12. They are fighting for all Europeans security, alone
  13. Do you think he will be satisfied when he gets whole Ukraine? The man is crazy and someone should take him down ASAP before he pushes the red button
  14. Russian people are bullied so hard by Putin that noone can say anything against him without punishment and dare not to
  15. I repeaT, no sanctions will change Putins game Only force will stop him
  16. Its a known fact that its Russian interest to pit EU countries againts each other and weaken EU Putin said just on tv that he is ready to use nucklear missels against western countries if needed Russian troops are currently attacking several cities in Ukraine and missels are launched to capital
  17. He has the power to do what he wants and he likes to use it They dont care about international laws, contracts or organisations, he would love to break EU
  18. Yes its obvious, i cant believe they managed to fool all those leaders
  19. What does all this have to do with sanctions ordered today?
  20. Blinken has cancelled meeting with Lavrov as Russia is invading eastern Ukraine People that met Russian foreign minister are doubting Lavrovs mental health as his statements are getting bizarre and rude
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