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  1. he seems to symphatize dictators like Putin, Kim Jong-un, propably likes Hitler and Stalin too.
  2. β€œvibrant democracy” unlike USA.
  3. sound like what Lady Gaga has been doing for years now..
  4. I bet everyone in middle-east loves him more than Obama and Hillary, not?
  5. please..you deserve to die if you're THAT stupid.
  6. ^she should go home back under her mans fist.
  7. Russia would NOT. and WONT accept without WW3.
  8. ^But that was Ronald, the republican president.
  9. When will assassinations begin? Suspicious murders of any opposition of the ruling regime (hint like russia).
  10. how does it feel living in a country where Trump "Grab them by the Pussy" rules, Mike "anti LGTB" Pence in the 2nd man, "Betsy" handles education and Gaga is the "brightest star"?
  11. Muslims love him, its Obama/Hillary they hate.
  12. it will fall apart without Marie Le Pen regardless..
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