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  1. dollhouse

    2019 Grammy Awards

    i guess gaga will win if there any money left from her Oscar campaign
  2. dollhouse

    Your Top 10 Debut Albums....

    Samantha Fox Touch Me
  3. dollhouse

    ABBA thread

    so why arent they?
  4. dollhouse

    Ofra Haza

    love her
  5. dollhouse

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    exactly. what is there to induct?
  6. dollhouse

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    shes just a puppet "nocalist" and a whisperer, if Britney will get considered then Janet might as well
  7. dollhouse


    their 80s stuff is brillia t and big part of defining the decade
  8. dollhouse

    Karen...the voice of an angle

    She faided away..but came back on Erotica:
  9. dollhouse

    ABBA thread

    Madonna shouldve been in these films, the end of.
  10. dollhouse

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    he seems to symphatize dictators like Putin, Kim Jong-un, propably likes Hitler and Stalin too.
  11. dollhouse


  12. dollhouse

    Eurovision thread

    zzzz.. I expect these lower half in the final. Wait, the 1st was practically the final.
  13. dollhouse

    Eurovision thread

    Finland was best of the night, hands down. That song is so hard to sing and she did it upside down!!! Israel god awful, chicken cant sing, cant dance, fugly and fat as hell. You cant call that a song either. Bulgari singer stole Gagas wig from 2008. Boring. Checz rebublic? Shaking your ass get you to the finals, ok. Ireland dragged dancers doing gay routine. Are we in 1998. Seems like Eurovision is back being tacky.
  14. gaga should top that list
  15. dollhouse

    Eurovision thread

    hopefully ex communists will not vote that shyte.
  16. dollhouse

    Eurovision thread

    shes awful. she would got 0 points earlier.
  17. dollhouse

    North Korea

    Love him. Sexy.
  18. dollhouse

    Eurovision thread

    Saara did her song in Lithuanian language:
  19. dollhouse

    Eurovision thread

    She was close with 2nd Place..
  20. dollhouse

    Eurovision thread

    Isnt Benjamin the son of Pernilla Wahlberg? Sebastian Ingrosso I dont know him. Anyway, his song is awful. My friend asked why he has childs speaking voice.
  21. dollhouse

    MTV VMAs....

    I dont know her