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  1. News are reporting Pensnsyvania counting will be ready tonight and Biden will win. How strange if there are still 100000 votes left.
  2. So NC will go to Trump, Arizona could very well go to Trump and now Pennsylvania he has a chance too as they found 100000 more votes that are revåbublican leaning?
  3. So when the USA will change to nation wide Internet voting system and immediate computer calculated results? Oh wait..
  4. It could go either way Trump seems strong still
  5. Nevada diffrence is just few thousand votes Trump can still easily win and Pennsylvania looks to be gointo Trump
  6. So Trump can easily win with just one flip?
  7. Im worried about Arizona and Nevada where Trump is gaining If they go to Trump, Biden is cooked..
  8. Many poor people voted for Trump as he speaks about what they understand
  9. Internet Gays crave another Confessions Banger Disco Stomper Madonna So it probably wouldve smashed Manchester Gay Village better than poor Medellin
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