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  1. its been one of my favs since the beginning hun
  2. no especially at this stage. charts are important for katy, beyonce, taylor fans
  3. she's awfully opionated for someone who is so USELESS
  4. omg she looks gorgeous and STRONG... dat CHIN and why do people continue to derail glorious threads with gaga BS?
  5. Cute... where is that chimp from? is it bubbles?
  6. My earliest memories as a fan was ROL & Music. She was really beloved by the general public and critics in the US.
  7. Agreed that part always annoys me lol
  8. Howard would kiss her ass big time as much crap as he talks. He's like that with a lot of celebrities but I think he would die for a Madonna interview.
  9. An acoustic performance on Cam4 or chaturbate would be amazing.
  10. Madonna worst dressed http://www.eonline.com/photos/15006/worst-dressed-at-2015-grammys/459402
  11. how the hell does she jump like that? is she using cables to lift her?
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