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  1. honestly i love it reminds me of 80s madonna... spunky and doesnt give a fuck. and my 3 yr old nephew was singing bitch i'm madonna after watching it with him... my aunt is going to KILL me lmao
  2. That was very beautifully written, Nightshade. Thank you!
  3. A little sad Bill didn't make a cameo but I thought it was a nice video. It included hispanics CHECK gay couples CHECK single mothers CHECK business owners CHECK college students CHECK
  4. Who should Hilary's VP be? I say a gay VP would be awesome!
  5. Rand Paul He is too crazy to be president
  6. I got chills when I saw Taylor Swift playing second fiddle to M. She's draining Taylor's life force just like she did Brit's
  7. https://instagram.com/p/0y7eD5iu2s/ OMG she looks like an ethereal goddess
  8. loved her on ellen, she really opened up this time
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