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  1. honestly i love it reminds me of 80s madonna... spunky and doesnt give a fuck. and my 3 yr old nephew was singing bitch i'm madonna after watching it with him... my aunt is going to KILL me lmao
  2. That was very beautifully written, Nightshade. Thank you!
  3. A little sad Bill didn't make a cameo but I thought it was a nice video. It included hispanics CHECK gay couples CHECK single mothers CHECK business owners CHECK college students CHECK
  4. Hispanics can be gay you know.
  5. Who should Hilary's VP be? I say a gay VP would be awesome!
  6. Forget Ghosttown, this need to be a single ASAP.
  7. She looks so gorgeous, I hope she keeps her long hair
  8. Rand Paul He is too crazy to be president
  9. I got chills when I saw Taylor Swift playing second fiddle to M. She's draining Taylor's life force just like she did Brit's
  10. https://instagram.com/p/0y7eD5iu2s/ OMG she looks like an ethereal goddess
  11. loved her on ellen, she really opened up this time