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  1. I dare that fucker to come spend time with my fur baby and tend to all her demands and tell me I'm selfish! I feel a human child would be easier sometimes
  2. Those videos are hysterical! I laugh and then realise the tragedy that underlies them. The reality is, is that Australia is on the cusp of going beyond the point of no return. We talk about it all the time...a nation of morons wired to consume and get ahead, distracted from reality, voting against their best interests. I cannot bear to listen to or watch ScoMo. @Kim, when I heard him addressing COP on the radio, I asked aloud, why is he yelling? He speaks like this all the time. He is naturally always on the offensive because he is a walking PR disaster who has no idea what he's doing. I can't believe he had the balls to show his face there honestly...so much second hand embarrassment And the whole submarine debacle with France is just humiliating as an Australian. Why can't things just be done in a mature and professional way?
  3. Oh god @Leebf, everything you say is true and it's a sad reality when you know there are more people that will vote to keep these kinda of people in power than not My brain will never comprehend it all. And @Jazzy Jan, these trouble makers are perpetually contrary. Everything is wrong, no matter what. I heard a discussion on the radio today regarding the about face the right wing press have now made on climate change action, when they are almost solely responsible for inaction and scepticism in the first place. It's truly despicable. The PM banging on about social media being a cesspool. Has he looked at himself and the way he and his party operates? They have benefited from the very thing he's complaining about.
  4. In reality, it's not. I happen to live in an area where the majority voted no for marriage equality...and surprise surprise, also where COVID cases were through the roof. Of course parts of the city have progressive and tolerant people, but by and large, there are plenty of stupid people who are so easily swayed into eating up right wing propaganda. It's a phenomenon seen in most western countries and why douche bags rule.
  5. It's not such a mystery to me if I look around at all the fucking morons I'm surrounded by in this city. Gladys stepping down was inevitable. I knew she would never be going to the next election. And I bet she is relieved AF to be able to let go given the shitshow that is her life the last few months. As for the Gilead douche bag we now have, if there would be anything positive to gleam from it, is that it might mean the LNP will loose the next election. Here's hoping!
  6. It's truly madness. Any doctor that performs such surgeries should have their license stripped and be jailed
  7. I was literally just thinking that. I think we know where the shame should be directed!
  8. I think it's all but certain. The LNP are far better at painting Labour as the bad guys than the other way round. Years...decades...of eroding critical thinking and distracting people from important issues with greed/envy mean that the majority of the voting public are incapable of making the right choices for the greater good.
  9. I feel like the same is happening here in Australia
  10. Ok then. So QAnon basically equals sharing your most 'creative' writing and hopefully getting a cult following
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