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  1. The vagina is just a canal. So in actuality, it will be legit. Eggs come from ovaries. Menstruation merely exits the body via the vagina. Class dismissed.
  2. Just like our ScoMo pissing off to Hawaii while Australia burned!
  3. You know, he doesn't appear to be very intelligent. He never discusses anything complicated, just tea and toilet crap. No articulate analysis on local or international policy/politcs. Just low brow garbage. It astounds me continually that there aren't some minimum qualifications for being a politician, let alone PM.
  4. Jesus...no! He's a piece of shit. Why are all the ultra religious such bastards. Hypocrites!
  5. IKR...welcome to Australia, where some of our government idolise the likes of Trump and aspire to be just like him.
  6. She can get taken out in the trash with the rest of them. Next!
  7. That is so sweet! I love when we go for walks and the native miner birds all swoop at Elke to let her know she's not welcome. She couldn't care less! Occasionally, when there are Galahs grazing in the grass, Elke will run over to make them fly away, but never wants to get them.
  8. It was so awful, I cried my eyes out. She's a bird dog, yet ignores birds
  9. I actually do believe it, and they will win again. All it takes here is to threaten that some obscure tax break will be taken away by the opposition and people run scared. We live in a selfish nation when it comes down to these things, and they will fall for any scare campaign the liberals run. And honestly, they would actually be better off without the libs, and that's what frustrates me the most. BLIND GREED
  10. Jenny and his apparent inability to function without her guidance has become a hysterical humiliation point for him! He is so pathetic. But the satire on this has been great!
  11. Oh no! Poor, brave baby That is so scary! My dog would do the same...not to protect me, but to have a go She is always obsessively chasing lizards in the yard and killed a beautiful blue tongue lizard a couple of years ago...I was mortified! RIP beautiful Arthur
  12. I expect nothing less from this...devout Christian! I'm actually still trying to figure out what this moron represents or even does for this country. He just plods along capitalising on the stupidity of a nation...this party gets away with everything. He'll be re-elected.
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