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  1. It was probably a saving grace for these poor creatures. Cunts who think this practice is acceptable.
  2. I'm surprised they didn't all return the handout in protest...you know, because socialism is just so fucking dreadful
  3. Yes, of all the places in the world, they decided to fill in ballots illegally in a car park outside the counting place where randoms can just walk by and see. Not do that elsewhere, in private, and just have them delivered. If you're gonna make this shit up, maybe try and make it pass the bullshitometer somewhat. Morons.
  4. This is a disgrace! And imagine, at the same time these bastards are paying off people to lie for them, they are crying foul to the world about being cheated. The blind hypocrisy makes me fucking LIVID!
  5. She's no victim. She deserves nothing and I hope she continues to suffer in the situation she created for herself. Shaking your hand away wasn't enough of a protest against this vile human. She too is vile. Suck it.
  6. P.s. can't believe, after watching non stop for the last 5 days, that I was asleep when this came down FML
  7. In tears! beautiful! Yaaaasssssssss! Feels so good Congratulations America! I'm so happy for you all. And what a great feeling (for once) knowing that good can defeat evil. Those fuckers underestimated the passion and heart of the people of America and are being punished now. It didn't have to be that way. Trump is a fool and squandered the privilege that was bestowed upon him. Now he needs to live with that. Suck it, you evil POS! Enjoy everyone!
  8. I hope he does refuse to leave and gets escorted out. It will likely ensure any chance of a future in politics or public life will be destroyed, for him and his shit stain family.
  9. This doesn't answer your question exactly, but some explanation of what's going on (from the NY Times)... But the final results might not be made public until Saturday or Sunday, said Joe Gloria, elections registrar in Clark County, home to Las Vegas, during a news conference at his headquarters. His staff will began to tabulate 63,262 drop-off, mail-in and provisional ballots on Friday, and likely will not release the results for a day or two, Mr. Gloria told reporters. “Our goal is not to act fast,” but to accurately count the votes, he said to audible groaning in the room. Mr
  10. Thank you Jan I couldn't be bothered explaining something so obvious China relations alone. We are so vulnerable from an economic point of view, and our ties (and obligations) with them and the US mean we are piggy in the middle whenever things get even remotely delicate. We are in quite a precarious situation really, especially right now.
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