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  1. San

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    Yes, yes, yes! saw it in Sydney when I was 15
  2. San

    2017 Hurricanes

    Please look after yourself - and your loved ones! And please keep us up to date so we know how you/your families are going. This is very scary!
  3. Bam! Suck it Dump!
  4. I could hardly believe my ears when I heard this! I desperately wish he is exposed and sent to prison. Scum!
  5. San

    Vehicle hit pedestrians in London

    As if the act wasn't terrible enough, then this on top of it. The motivations of these news outlets and agenda pushers is so transparent, and one of the reasons acts like these, from all sides, will continue to happen.
  6. Australian screening on network TV...butchered! So many songs cut
  7. San

    The Girlie Show: Iconic

    And I'll also add, that she was the most energetic and happy in this show. Highly structured, but the way she moved on that stage was still organic, electric and showcased her impeccable dance skills. Great vocals too...she just totally went for it in every way! I still cry at the end when she reveals herself as the clown! Perfection!!
  8. San

    The Girlie Show: Iconic

    Love this thread! And this is BY FAR her best and most important tour. Perfect in every single way. Took my Madonna concert virginity at age 15...her first in Australia. My life changed forever. I remember singing every single word at the top of my lungs, and everyone around was confused. Clearly not super fans like me. I could barely see a thing, but it was everything! I'm now re-watching old news clips on YouTube. What a time! So glad she didn't give a single fuck during this era. Solidified her position as the most important female artist of all time!
  9. @Hector I love your posts! And I miss you on FB
  10. I watched the whole show. He's a dumbass and was way out if his league on there.
  11. how do I not know this man...particularly in light of the Madonna connection. Who is she?
  12. Just looking wise? Aren't you off-put when he opens his mouth and bogan comes pouring out?
  13. I've never even heard of that Jim guy...he's awful and a bogan. I'm embarrassed as an Australian. Piers is an absolute egomaniac and piece of shit...and only says what he does for attention. See the body language of the woman next to him And Bill just regrets having either Piers or Jim on the show