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  1. 9 minutes ago, Nick said:

    Thanks hope it winds up showing the live performance. 

    Looks fake to me, when I try & click it it takes me to another page where I have to register, but doesn't actually let me get to the register page. Also the comments next to the video screen are fake because they aren't being refreshed & are being shown as being posted "now".

  2. Never let you go is a cute song, could evolve into something better.

    will these leak anytime soon? and most important, what if there are 2 or 3 great songs in this bunch!?!?!? Lord have mercy!

    1. Autotune Baby

    2. Alone with You

    3. Art of Freedom

    4. Trust No Bitch

    5. Score

    6. Eye Wide Open

    7. Never Let You Go (+)

    8. Two Steps Behind Me

    9. Take a Day

    10. Take It Back

    Other song titles I've come across also include Act Like A Man, Heard, Mission, Objects, When I Flip The Switch, Win Again and La Isla Bonita (Dubplate).

  3. It's interesting that a demo of Ghosttown hasn't leaked. Maybe the thieves have decided it's not worth putting it out there, since Madonna one-upped them by producing it out of the blue? Of course, it could be amongst the very few demos that wasn't stolen....

    Well at the last count there were 10 tracks that we know about that haven't leaked.. one of which is supposed to be a diss about Joanne :popcorn2:

  4. Im totally in love with Iconic, will be a huge dance track by far !

    1- Joan of Arc

    2 - Iconic

    3 - Addicted / The One That Got Away

    4 - Inside Out

    5 - Veni Vidi Vici

    6 - Two Steps Behind Me

    7 - Revolution

    8 - Freedom

    9 - God Is Love

    10 - Rebel Heart

    11 - Wash All Over Me

    12 - Hold Tight

    13 - Best Night

    This 13 demos needs to be on Album!

    Where's Beautiful Scars, Graffiti Heart and Body Shop!!!
  5. I am a bit concerned about the UK. According to the Official Charts only ONE song from an album can benefit on the singles chart from the whole pre-order thing. I HOPE that they make sure that's Living for Love. I mean, they can't just arbitrary pick any song, right?

    Living For Love is being released separately here tomorrow - nothing to do with the pre-order so it will chart :sassy:

    That means she will probably save her one pre-order track for February (I'm guessing Rebel Heart).

  6. UK 1day of sales

    1. (-) MADONNA "MDNA" (32,845) 12th album #1


    3. (5) ADELE "21" (5,228)


    5. (34) KATY PERRY "TEENAGE DREAMS" (4,213)

    Buy it on Amazon UK for £4.99 who hasn't bought it there yet

    and write your review. It's 4.5/5.0 album there.



    How does that compare with COADF and Hard Candy?

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