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  1. Ok my cassette arrived today! So random I don’t even own a tape player haha! It’s really cool.
  2. Oh hell no.... that needed to last much longer. I enjoyed that very much. I would love to hear her sing in a room just jamming out to these songs. I am here for Madame X Acoustic
  3. Yea the backlash already happened right here. Hahaha. Blue skies ahead!
  4. Im a force and Im untamed babe. Can’t go through this and stay the same babe.
  5. I honestly cannot count the number of songs that “go there” as everyone is saying... an easy one to recall is “pumped up kicks” from a few years ago and that song with a cute melody for SURE “went there.” I support Madonna fully in what she is doing here and also I have no idea what exactly the video will be because I’ve only seen what everyone has seen. If America acts super shocked about this then I honestly don’t know how they’ve watched so many X-men movies and lived to tell.... hypocrisy at its finest. At least Madonna Calls it first in the video. This all is getting a bit absurd
  6. It’s a weird kinda energy.... kinda sums it up. This song is hot shit
  7. I want the experience of being a kid and having erotica in my hand and then listening while looking at the pics and maybe the lyrics - I know this is outdated but.... it’s what she wants and it’s what I want. Friday is gonna be epic
  8. Yes and also I’m really close to buying that box set for the cassette!!! Why do I even want a cassette haha
  9. Who transcribes the lyrics? This is not what she’s saying haha. This is iTunes
  10. Well... I just fell in love with Madonna ...AGAIN!
  11. That moment when you first wake up and the first thing stuck in your head is “if you ain’t woke, then come get woken”. Ok. I love this one! I surrender
  12. Yknow..... this is a really good song. I love everything she does... something about her singing “this is how I’m made...”
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