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  1. No news about the tour got us talking abo Amazing?LOL I always thought it was too similar to Beautiful Stranger to be a single I d prefer Impressive Instant or Paradise
  2. That's another thing I didn't know I find his work with M very stylish and the whole look with the white Versace clothes was so unic and beautiful
  3. That tracklist seems really solid to me but by now I really don't care if she gives anything away songs or costumes or whatever.We waited so much why not wait 3 more weeks?
  4. If it's bitter at the start, then it's sweeter in the end
  5. Rescue me and this used to be my playground
  6. Imagine if she gave a Vogue worthy performance in this yeas VMAs
  7. Driving to and from the beach I am listening a lot to this album lately and I am really concentrated on hearing the music the production the lyrics her vocals and I have to say that I really really love this record and if there were other times we would get 7 singles and two number 1s and the rest of them top 5 for sure...
  8. Mario Testino Why aren't htey working together again? I d love it if he did a video for her
  9. I really lost her during that era Living in Greece was very hard keeping in track with her back then I saw BAT in Barcelona on TV as a live broadcast and then I heard about JML on the news beacuse it got banned and then next thing I remember was my father telling me she is going to spill candle on her lovers chest in her new video And then MTV came and changed my life LOL
  10. You're only here to wil Get what they say You're only here to win Get what they do All of the song Rebel Heart Poor is the man, whose pleasures depend on the permission of another
  11. Wow "Queen" really slays. I can't believe I ve never heard this song till now
  12. I just love to death Impresive Instant, Fever and Get Together But I really really like nNobody Knowes Me too. THe way that it starts the same way that Vogue ends it s brilliant How can one choose???
  13. Express yourself from BAT LAV from BAT Keep it together from BAT Deeper and Deeper from GS La Isla Bonita from GS Bye Bye Baby Frozen from DW WIFLFAG from DW Music from DW Music from RIT Holiday from RIT Hung up from CT Erotica from CT Music SS GITM SS GMAYL MDNA And every Vogue she has ever done
  14. Need to see her perform this. Doing a little pole dancing a little erotic dancing maybe a lap dance to a priest and/or nun!!!
  15. I ve said it so many times I don t want the show to start with LFL cause I want the first number to be a surprise thematically. I prefer Iconic as an opening song. But the rest looks good
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