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  1. That's just so Vogue 1990. I wouldn't wanna see you dead over that
  2. I miss those kind of adds they are always so exciting
  3. She can always get something out of something so she can go either way
  4. I am sure we'll get some great songs about him on her next album
  5. Ok so the world wants to see the video and enjoys listening to the song on youtube but the radio stations think she is irrelevant and wont play her new songs??? OK Maybe this video and the fact that it got so many views can turn things around I only wish we have a proper 4th single with a video and a proper release just to see how things shifted for M after releasing a song that appealed to the general public. And I hope that they will make good use of the tour with vids and teasers and stuff so that it benefits the album
  6. It's my fav live album I m listening in the car driving Too bad I missed it
  7. There are not so many themes around that could actually work Maybe she's done everything allready LOL
  8. Is this true cause I m getting all tachycardic with anticipation
  9. I'd love it if the show was broadcasted live in any way Remember watching BAT Barcelona live on TV and it was amazing to say the least You could feel the energy entering the room
  10. 1997 and 2007 my favorite pics but she looks amazing this year too
  11. I believe you are right about the pricing And I am sure that when the tour starts and the reviews are raving- I actually have a gut feeling about it-the ticket sales will pick up
  12. I've never been to an opening night I am sure It would be a magical experience Wish it could be sold out though :-(
  13. I think prepating and rehearsing every section separately works better for them. finish one section and getting on to the next I don;t know what they are doing with the vocal rehearsals. They could try many different things and ways
  14. I've come to believe despite the popular opinion that RIT was one of the best and most enjoyable shows she ever did
  15. Noone can sing M song as good as she does She doesn't have the strongest voice but she has the strongest personality and that is so evident in all of her performances
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