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  2. That's right. I m getting goosebumps everytime i play it loudly
  3. So sad to let this era go...It feels as it could continue for a year more.She has so many things to explore in this album that haven t been touched yet
  4. No point in releasing a new collection. I d love it if she got in the studio and recorded an amazing new soundtrack single.
  5. I d love one more video from the RH album. As long as it is Devil Pray or Inside out or Joan of Arc I m ok with it. The only producer I would want to come back to write songs with M would be Pat Leonard and Rick Nowels. I have trust that they would again make miracles together
  6. No no I am not saying that.I read at a review that the reason that they didn't use the choir is that they thought it sounded a lot likt LAP.
  7. I like this song and please to be mad but I really think there is still somthing missing to make it a huge anthem!!! Maybe they pulled back on the choir because it sounded a lot like LAP or they wanted intentionally to sound like a 90s song but there are times that it sounds kind of flat.Wish my English were better to explain exactly what I meen.
  8. I ve been proud to be a M fan since I first followed her in 1989, but this time around watching her giving the best of herself sonically and visually it s so moving to me. I only wish that there was some better management from her companys side because she really gave it all.
  9. I'd love it if Baz Lurman directed one of Ms videos. I think that would be great and epic.
  10. I ve written it again: I got goosebumps and tears the first time I heard that song and still get goosebumps when it starts on shuffle Wish we could see it live on the RHT
  11. Ray of light MDNA Rebel heart True blue Erotica Oh and I just adore the cover of Something to Remember and that look in general
  12. Maybe that pics from instagram with her in the teachers look ended up being her new vid?
  13. Cool oufit not her greatest but the dancing on GMAYL is one of the best routins she s ever done on stage. I watch it on repeat adrimring her all the way
  14. I really adored BS from the first time i listened to it I came to find that UB is one of the most exciting songs of the album and i think that it works great live too
  15. I love it when they call M a genious Name one pop star of the present that can be called that way...NONE I M SO PROUD OF YOU GIRL!!!! Wish you could come to Greece again
  16. I am loving Candy Shop. It's one of the most versatile songs she did that's whay she is performing it on every tour
  17. What's that nonsense about slowing down??? From what I ve seen the choreo is spot on.I love her dancing in BS DAD CS LIB LAV HOLIDAY. The whole show seems to be very thetrical but not in a sterile way. I am loving the moments were she just sings and interacts with the people
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