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  1. BEST 10th TRACK

    The Power of Goodbye closely followed by Rain
  2. Madonna Carpool Karaoke

    If noone cares about charts and views anymore then what is the point of even trying. Didn't even look for to tell you the truth. Let's just hope that when M puts out a new video and single her fans will find time in their busy lives to watch it a few times
  3. Madonna Carpool Karaoke

    Not really worrying or losing sleep over charts and views. It's just a game and it doesn't really take too much of my time. I love M because I love the music and videos she makes the shows she gives, I love her brain and what she stands for. I m finding lots of critisism around here and overreacting to my posts and this is not really what i was going for when i signed up. Too bad cause chating with other M fans here used to be nice
  4. Madonna Carpool Karaoke

    we did that for Bitch I m Madonna and It worked fine... We had a life then also
  5. Madonna Carpool Karaoke

    why not??? YOu like watching M being left behind in charts views etc???
  6. Madonna Carpool Karaoke

    isn't there a site where we can watch it on loop so that we raise the views???
  7. not releasing a new single right now after this incredible promotion with the showtime broadcast, karaoke, billboard award etc etc. I think I've always thought that Madonna missed out on opportunities like these
  8. This is a turning point in M s career and I compare this turning point with the shift in direction she did with Evita and ROL. I am sure we will be seeing great things from her again
  9. maybe her next encarnation is going to be a muse!!!! She has been a goddess for the past 58 years why not shift things a bit
  10. this speach needs a standing ovation and a new amazing single talking about ageism and sexism in true Madonna style
  11. She has the Greek word Efterpi written in her back which is one othe 9 muses, the muse of music!!! That part of the look I love