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  1. i wouldnt mind a track or two co-written and produced with Stromae. i really like his last album.
  2. are we sure she IS working on her new ALBUM already? She's just been in the studio for a few days with Avicii....there were rumours she was going to do a song for a movie soundtrack, maybe she wrote it with avicii?? we haven't seen her going in and out of a recording studio besides with avicii. i know pat leonard said like a prayer was written in two weeks, but was it recorded in that same period of time? after a week in the studio with avicii i can't imagine the majority of the album has been done. Moe also sorta confirmed she recorded three songs last november? so maybe she has like what 4/6 songs? i just can't wait for more tidbits of info.
  3. MadonnaUnderground just tweeted this link; MadonnaUnderground ‏@MadonnaUndergr 1m Patrick Leonard working with Madonna on upcoming project! - http://madonnaunderground.com/MUreloaded/patrick-leonard-working-with-madonna-on-upcoming-project/ …
  4. timbaland was everywhere....he and justin did an entire album with duran duran. her sound on hard candy was a few years late and not new/refreshing anymore.
  5. worst song on the album. madge commercial songs dont get u airplay might as well go with something of a greater artistic value.....gang bang!
  6. and it's great and imo very mika sounding..
  7. just release im addicted with a "live" video. it's the most commercial song thats catchy from start to finish..
  8. thats because tina doesnt tour as often as madonna. madonna toured in 2001, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009......not hard to imagine that the not so fanatics would pass..
  9. my boyfriend really likes the new record although he doenst openly admit it....but i catch him humming gmayl, ifu, tutr, ia a lot....
  10. you're right she's very busy with rehearsels BUT one day or even two hours of promo doing regis/kelly, letterman and or ellen doesnt seem that much of a time consumming effort. she could ve gone to ellen and letterman and then back to rehearsels or even call or skype with ellen...she did that in the past. AND why is there time to promote a perfume at macy's?? i'd rather have she spend that time on mdna album promo. the album deserves it..
  11. im addicted. its catchy from beginning to end. tutr isnt the song thats gonna get her radio airplay. i dont give a would be a cool choice also maybe for us since it has an rb vibe i think she should go with uptempo for spring/summer and then a ballad in fall.
  12. if 54% is 14700 then 100% would be somewhere between 274-280000...right?? hope she gets 350000 though. the record deserves it..
  13. it's my favorite right now. should be performed on tour!!
  14. madonna should do a vid with sean, carlos, jesus, guy, brahim, tony, andy, dennis, a-rod co-starring..
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