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  1. http://www.limburger.nl/article/20141007/REGIONIEUWS01/141009401/1008
  2. Way to go fellow dutchie!! Maybe Timor (also from Weert right) showed here this.
  3. Rob u r just one true artist....i really like all your new sketches you made for drownedmadonna they are just great, M should hire u to make a single cover!!
  4. i just hope that when the album drops she'll go on talkshows, awardshows, etc....it's a win-win situation for her; she's out there promoting her single, album AND she can talk about what's important to her, her artforfreedom project, its an oppurtunity to get people to know about it. im so excited to see what she has been cooking for the last couple of months with all these incredible songwriters and producers. add M to the recipe and i'm sure we are in for a very very delicious cake she has to offer! bring on unapologeticbitch, rebel heart or whatever the new album is gonna called. i'm ready when she's ready!!
  5. Those latest descriptions got me really excited!! Sounds really promising. I feel bad for avicii though. Hope he gets well soon. That said, i hope some avicii tracks make it onto the album and even released as a single. Avicii is big here in europe so i'm hoping his sound combined with the M touch will create magic. I read somewhere that she was really fond of the photoshoot she did with her sitting on a motrocycle (i forgot the magazine) she wanted to use some for the albm. So maybe she isnt doing a new photoshoot, artwork and will se these pics. Sounds plausible if the album title may be "Rebel Heart" Im guessing that if the album isnt going to be released this year though we wont get a single this year.
  6. The original demos with Avicii (Rebel Heart, Messiah…) have a great concept and it’s everything you can expect from a Madonna album. It’s smart, mature and rich, but it lacks the real radio hits. Avicii and no radio hits? Avicii is radio hits..
  7. a week or so ago someone on this forum wrote that there would be some kind of madonna release this year..... but he or she didnt eloborate on this? a new single? a single by another artist feat. M? a one off single for a movie??
  8. So what are the more or less "confirmed" track titles?? Messiah Living For Love Wash All Over Me Heartbreak City Two Steps Behind Bitch, I'm Madonna Joan Of Arc what more??
  9. how can it be postponed when we even don't even have gotten some official news regarding the album, release dates etc..
  10. i sure hope it works. i love reading all the gossip and rumours leading up to the actual press release but some posts are just soooo unneccessary.
  11. Joan of Arc Apparently another songtitle from the new album. A hunting ballad Sounds great!!
  12. completely agree with you. i think the new album is gonna be released in march 2015. she's gonna be back at beginning of september, i just think it's too tight to get everything done for release by november.
  13. lets start bombarding guy oseary for some real promo this time round..
  14. MADONNA STREET TEAM @MADONNASTRTTEAM · 38s We feel bad that we can't supply you with the HQ immediately, but trust us that it sounds DELICIOUS! MADONNA STREET TEAM @MADONNASTRTTEAM · 2m Time to put on your dancing shoes because Madonna is back to D-I-S-C-O!
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