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  1. a video montage/intro will be projected on the kabuki screen and the the curtain will drop and M will fly to her red circular stage ready to battle with the men/beasts.
  2. i agree, it lacks a nice build up to a climax, a nice bridge is missing. i feel it could have been more epic. thats why i listen to the dubtronix more than the official version.
  3. i don't have a clue where to search for them , so i'll be waiting patiently till march 6 !!
  4. I'd like the choir to begin the performance.....acapella,then the beat becomes more and more prominent and Madonna appears on stage...
  5. who's arielle? unusual for someone else to come first in songwriting credits right? normally it is written by Madonna and....and now it's Arielle, Madonna and....
  6. please not s e x.......all this track will do is being ammo for critics and all the attention will go to this track and m will be critised for it. it will serve as a distraction to all the other great songs im afraid. i want headlines like "m still queen of pop", "best album from M",etc instead of you know what the haters and press will come up with.
  7. nope....she just IG that she will perform LFL @ Grammy's
  8. It's not the choreography i'm worried about, it's more her live singing.....she sometimes gets soooo nervous her voice suffers. I'm hoping for a I'm Breathless vocal performance ....
  9. i want street scenes "telling" her story and performance scenes with choreo and big choir.
  10. I don't get LFL yet......its too repetitive, no real bridge, no real climax.....but hey, it's still a demo..
  11. Based on the demo's out now i would chose another leadsingle than the ones they are doubting over: LFL & UB? Then i think, based on the demo's, UB is a better choice.
  12. Heartbreak City is beautiful.......and i hear a typical Michael Jackson beat in there...does anyone else also hear it?
  13. I'm sad for her. Sad and angry. Angry at the fans sharing and downloading! what they werent supposed to have,but also pissed at someone from her team who sold those tracks! Such a mess!!
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