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  1. She will be fine!. Off course. She's Madonna! But the storm hasnt passed yet. They just showed pieces of the performance side to side, Original and fixed versions…..and theyvtotally bashed her on dutch tv.
  2. it was a great show, performance was super. But, LAP was just not good. Way to high and such a flat arrangement. Maybe it was the grillz. Maybe she should have lipped all, cause now she gets a lot of criticism.
  3. they are already bashing her vocals on twitter. like a prayer was live rest is lipsynced
  4. I see marvin in the pic. She starts with Like a prayer so i doubt she would put the eye-patch on after singing this one.
  5. Maybe you can check out The Netherlands song 'Arcade'. It's a beautiful song from the heart. Not manifactured but written from the heart and sould of this talented dutch guy.
  6. Will there be a video intro? Maybe she closes with a sneak peak of 'Crave'
  7. im sure it will look breathtaking with costumes, led and staging. If only she would chose another musical director. It sounds so flat and takes all of the energy out of the arrangement, song.
  8. she also had a band at the billboard awards….. that doesnt mean anything. The band on her last few tours didnt sound like a live band at all but only adding some live touches here and there…..i wish she would bring a real live band like the one on The Girlie Show or Drowned world tour.
  9. Hope she sings live or she will receive some criticism
  10. i rate 'Hung Up' 'Vogue' 'Frozen' excellent. This song is good!
  11. all this negativity…..just be glad she's still giving us new music, giving us her all in performing. she could have redone medellin for eurovision, but she's Madonna bish…..we should be more grateful for all the effort she puts into this.
  12. KAN Eurovision Israel just posted a video tweet confirming Madonna.
  13. i don't think she will sing this live though with quavo saturday.
  14. Like it! love the trumpets! not liking the vocal effects on that dude's voice. this will be fun live!
  15. oh...i can't keep up with all the news today! sure sounds like fun!
  16. okay....i'm curious what 'Future' sounds like! High hopes for this one
  17. I'm so excited! M on eurovision. Two things im excited about! Love her and eurovision. And i hope our song does really well, and might win. How great would that be after 1975....hoping!
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