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  1. indeed i hope not another video like mdna tour dvd and living for love video.....full on clear colours..
  2. i really don't understand those translaters...u can barely hear her.
  3. Don't know if this has been posted already, .... i just love it!!
  4. What are your favorite covers so far from the album? mine is:
  5. post your favs covers out there. mine is this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc76Tim77KQ
  6. can't wait for the new performances......checking ellentube.... ;)
  7. yess please the full show uploaded. was just looking on twitter if the show had been uploaded yet and all the things one can read on social media.....makes me sad. i just wanna say that i love her, her work, her personality, het humor, her drive, her parenting skills....she deserves so much more rescpect for what she stands for and what she does.
  8. is ellen gonna scare her? are they scaring the audience in the toilet? ;)
  9. hope this interview will shift some more albums counting for this weeks chart! buy the album for your mum, mother's day ;)
  10. hope uk peeps buy another copy of the album from now untill midnight
  11. i don't know if this been posted: www.youtube.com/watch?v=075-CGos8jE
  12. after all this promo some seem dissapointed with ellen's performance.....do you guys remember mdna....we would have been over the moon if she just did this back in 2012!!
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