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  1. Some friends were here last Friday and we were playing some YouTube stuff and then i decided to play medellin. they never heard it but thought it was super catchy; the 1,2 cha cha cha phrase.

    then i got confident and played come alive and killers who are partying and they loved the instrumentation on both tracks.


    22 minutes ago, Mystical warrior said:

    I don't necessarily think the days of hits are over but this song is to alternative for Radio I think, the only two video releases song wise that are chart friendly are Medellin and crave, if you look at wiki Medellin has done pretty well chart wise all over the world tons of top 10 positions beyond the UK and US.

    medellin was the right choice for first single. It's the most radio friendly popsong on the album. With Crave.

    I would add Looking for mercy, crazy and come alive to that list.

    all the other songs released are supergood but for radio bosses they have a to strange song structure, with all the changes of musical styles in one song like god control and dark ballet.

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