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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Great stuff....see what she does with us posting two pics....we're going bananas!!
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Cool studio. Has she ever recorded there before? I know George Michael recorded some of his greatest music there..
  3. Rebel Heart Tour on UK TV

    cant watch it on iplayer outside uk
  4. We dutch arent all that crazy :) :)
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Is the guy in the sofia vid kupono??
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I wish the next post will be a pic of her either entering a recording studio or sitting in a directors chair....i wanna know what's next..
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Good to see Lola being there. Has anyone seen Rocs? Hope she will have a very good and creative and succesful 2018/19
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I love u all guys!!
  9. One day M will perform one of your mixes on tour!
  10. Great as Always! My favorite remixer!!
  11. whats the best way to promote her new big lead single?