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  1. ashtangi74

    Eurovision thread

  2. ashtangi74

    Eurovision thread

    Acoustic live performance: What a voice and so much emotion.
  3. ashtangi74

    Eurovision thread

    I love this song so much!
  4. ashtangi74

    Eurovision thread

    Couldn't agree more! Nice arse also! :)
  5. ashtangi74

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    i dont like the man. the moment he announced he was going for office i had a gut feeling he would come very far. maybe even in the white-house. my gut feeling was right. i still can't believe anyone would vote for this man? sure, u can be angry about the establishment but come on....now your stuck, no now we are stuck with him for four years. the constant narcistic arguments, the constant lying, the way he behaves in public....i just can't..
  6. are there mnation members here that will vote for that scary man trump? i cannot imagine that a madonna fan will ens up in the voting booth voting for trump..
  7. ashtangi74

    Everything Eurovision

    i hope we, the netherlands, will do better again after last year's....well mess.... they promise a cool act....but they say that every year. he sure is cute and can sing well live, hope the rest of europe will vote is into the final and then top ten ;)
  8. ashtangi74


    i love it so much.....one of the best, if not the best, on the album. for me that is ;)
  9. the only "complaint" i have is the distored drums/sound on inside out and rebel heart.
  10. Yess......keep watching, keep spreading the love.
  11. What a real bitch....so not a Bitch i'm madonna bitch!!
  12. bitch i'm madonna has more of a party feel to it, more energy than LFL so it feels more like a closer than LFL..
  13. it must be....an extended version