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  1. She may get a nomination for best dance album but that's it. As some say, it's all about popularity now.
  2. The real problem is the lack of radio airplay. She's not going to have more hits if she doesn't have it.
  3. Not her best video but i like it!! She looks HAWT.
  4. Ok, you just lost all credibility here...
  5. Not surprising, i never trusted drownedmadonna.Anyway the news are exciting! Glad to know the video will have a storyline.
  6. I have this song on repeat right now
  7. A good part of her Madonnanation fans apparently Sometimes i feel that some people stan more for the SALES than anything. She's still making awesome music and is about to go on a massive tour, isn't that already great at THIS moment of her career?
  8. THIS!!!! Damn, some of you are WAY too much obsessed with sales.
  9. Ugh no, she would look desperate I don't want her to lower herself to that. Idol is good for new artists but certainly not for legends like Madonna.
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