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  1. Oh yeah! Damn, I remember... that was really awful. Had he said "... when a person is speaking" instead of using the gender "man" perhaps his point about them all being so loud in his ears would have been understandable. He really showed here exactly where he is from.... I put the SURPRISE in the title sarcastically by the way, I wish I could have used something to make it more evident that it is a sarcastic remark, but yeah I do agree that it is not that surprising his brexshit and trumptard support. Another one flushed down the toilet.
  2. I stand with you - I am definitely going to be fucked negatively affected by this totally selfish foolish decision.
  3. Jesus... the desperation of this misinformed, uneducated 61 years old git, clinging on his punk rock claim-to-fame youthful moment. The usual working class excuse of his, no matter what he does or says or what happens around the world. The utter BOLLOCKS he farted about Trump. No brain there. Or the living proof that too much booze really does fuck up your brain cells. Basically out of that generation of born-in-the-50s artists, the only consistent, true to her beliefs one remains and continues to be Madonna. Quite telling, huh?
  4. May someone one day soon enough cut the nuts off this despicable ugly piece of evil shit:
  5. There you go, BINGO! It's the writer's fault of this alleged article first and foremost for planting bad sees. Media fuck it all up, more so than other female artists. Bad journalism is responsible for generating and fueling the so called "stan-wars" of social media era, hatred among same gender artists when I think most of the time artists really do not give a shit about each other. They think first and foremost about their own business. Unless they are working in collaboration on projects, and when they do work together it's most likely based on facts such as music they have heard from such artist (speaking of the music industry) rather than stupid petty irrelevant media gossips. It was sad indeed that after Madonna's Billboard speech there was little feedback from her female peers in the same industry, but then I did ponder on that and thought - is it really necessary to have validation from other female artists? Well then.. why not male artists as well?? After over three decades in such a cut-throat, ruthless and incredibly misogynistic business I personally think that Madonna should not even be measured up against anyone anymore and if hardly any female artist younger than or same generation as Madonna is not openly showing any support... be that way. That lack of openly vocal support from most female peers or male peers never prevented me from adoring Madonna, buying her records, buying her fucking expensive live show tickets, videos, merchandise, magazine, etc. I think the support we Madonna fans have shown throughout all these years is undoubtedly a lot more valuable than what any Debbie Harry or Cindy Lauper or Kate fucking Bush or anyone else may have or may not have said about Madonna.
  6. I'm a Sinner and Turn Up the Radio were my non-stop jams at the time, GMAYL demo only version was total silly fun for me. Not my favorite album, but happy anniversary anyway ...
  7. I know. There is so much in British politics not making sense - a demented fascist bitch bossing everyone around when she hasn't even been elected... British citizens living abroad for more than 15 years denied the right to vote... Scaremongering xenophobic lies propelled Brexit when the UK really had it easy compared to other EU members.
  8. Same for me. My #1 top will always be ROL and after that cannot... It's like Sophie's Choice, how can we?
  9. pro-EU Brits are silenced by filthy Murdoch-dictated British media...