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  1. Interesting point. You know, it made me think of the mid-90s, those Brit-pop-rock bands that did not look like stars, that would wear normal casual clothing, often with an Adidas garment such as a track suit Adidas jacket for example, scruffy clothing, simply very ordinary looking: Blur, Oasis, Suede, Supergrass, Verve, aka zero theatrical element. Did they have charisma? Mmm. Not really imo. But some of those bands songs did withstand the test of time, specifically I am referring to Supergrass' music, it still is very VERY GOOD music to listen to. Hell, even those damn Oasis whom I detested back then (still do) sound gloriously charming compared to all bland ones mentioned here! We used to have so much fun in the 90s even with those scruffy ordinary looking Brit-pop-rock bands! How can today's youth even contemplate to go to a live event featuring Ed Cazzo Sheeran is beyond my imagination????? I would just go armed with a bag of disposed sanitary items to throw it at Ed Minchia Sheeran!
  2. OH MY GOODNESS JAN!!! how do you survive??? :( Oh mine, I feel for you Jan!!! I hardly switch on any radio that plays mainstream shit so my apologies for being not as informed...
  3. @Jazzy Jan Coldplay music is for moronic wimps. Some men may remember their horrible albums and songs, but it does not change the fact that it is absolutely bland, mediocre crap. Perhaps that's the legacy these people (Scoldplay, Ed Carrot, Hamsmith, Fastille) will leave behind, the worst possible in music to ever emerge from the UK. ACDC music is high energy bliss. Never been a fan of them, but hey, they played some mind-blowing tight, punchy, wonderfully rock tunes! Evergreen proper rock. U2 again never been a fan of them either, but fuck me, they have some amazing songs in their catalogue, mostly those from the 80s imo. Really, ACDC and U2 cannot be put in the same sentence together with mediocre-galore, there is absolutely no comparison.
  4. Coldplay are in the same filthy league as this ginger prick, utterly mediocre, disgustingly boring, totally forgettable, so much so that neither of them will be remembered in 30 years time. A bunch of useless stinky horrible cunts like Ed fucking Sheeran. Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Ham Smith, they all represent the worst ever to come out of the UK. The Brits should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such blandness to be celebrated when their oh so lovely island gave birth to TONS of real amazing, outstanding, unforgettable true artists and performers for decades... until these fucking nothings came about.
  5. Firing an animal abuser is one thing. Making sure that an animal abuser never has access to innocent creatures again is another. That fucking psychopath - because that is what ALL animal abusers are - will strike again, and probably in a much worse way, if she hasn't already. Pfft... the more I know about humans, the less I want to befriend any of them. Fuckers.
  6. China will rate its citizens

    Fiction becoming reality.... YUK
  7. Oh look, two of our favorite ones: The carrot and the stick.....
  8. No one said fuck all to that little screaming brat because oooh god forbid saying anything to little screaming brats. There is always an excuse for them, usually down to appalling parenting skills. Shit parents breed shit brats. Parents, some of them an army of self-entitled, self-important and irresponsible selfish individuals.
  9. How about throwing that ginger pubic hair face in the garbage for good, instead?
  10. Depressing and so wrong. Everything is wrong about this minger and that ham smith thingy with his bottom-of-the-jumble-sale barrel green vomit suit... Mamma mia. The end is near Jan. We are smeared by a bunch of nobodies elevated into the spotlight for lack of talent in the music industry.
  11. "... got myself a fiance..." because that's how it works. You get yourself a fiance. Just as you would a car, or a house, or a zits scrub or a bottle of powerful bleach. Hey, there are websites for all sorts of needs, why not just get yourself a fiance just before the end of a year to delude yourself and the rest of the world that you are worthy? Hell, there are even websites to buy yourself friends. Got myself a fiance. Fucking hell people, poetry millennials style. The mediocrity is astounding. Love is invisible here.
  12. All the BAT intros .... ever!

    I am unwell with a horrible flu, this gem is what I needed to start the healing process. What a true BAT opening orgasmic heaven. How on earth did I miss this clip? Usually I never miss any of these compilations. Thank you, love it loads.