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  1. I feel so powerless @Jazzy Jan overwhelmed by the shit of this world...
  2. The poor lady who was publicly beaten/assaulted is welcome to get the hell out away from that dark-ages region in India she was subjected to such barbaric violence. No wonder she had run away with another guy, having a fucking piece of shit of a husband like that. I hope she flies away from India. May the husband get the same if not worse punishment soon... in a shabby shitty prison cell. Asshole. Coward.
  3. Filthy fucking cowards all of them. The oldest trick in human kind, or rather unkind: pitting a number of stronger contenders against a defenseless one. No change there. May the ghost of that poor wild boar visit every single asshole who took part at night and scare the shit out of them; those filming with their moronic phones, those laughing, those flaming up those horrible dogs into more violence against that poor defenseless beast, and last but not least the psychopaths who organized the whole barbaric act. And may all of them suffer the same amount of pain they have inflicted and contributed to causing - organizers and spectators - one day very soon. Where the fuck is Peta when you need them? Useless.
  4. Pedophiles, rapists, men who abuse their power in any role they hold, politicians of all colors, slavers, human traffickers, murderers, assaulters of all sorts, .... THIS bunch of human waste should become extinct and not rhinos, tigers, lions, elephants, innocent beings.... The more I know about men, the less I want to liaise with any of them.
  5. Firing an animal abuser is one thing. Making sure that an animal abuser never has access to innocent creatures again is another. That fucking psychopath - because that is what ALL animal abusers are - will strike again, and probably in a much worse way, if she hasn't already. Pfft... the more I know about humans, the less I want to befriend any of them. Fuckers.
  6. No one said fuck all to that little screaming brat because oooh god forbid saying anything to little screaming brats. There is always an excuse for them, usually down to appalling parenting skills. Shit parents breed shit brats. Parents, some of them an army of self-entitled, self-important and irresponsible selfish individuals.
  7. Those kind of people should be used for scientific research, vivisection on these pieces of crap. Make them suffer for the rest of their lives.
  8. Happy with my Black Friday discounted purchase! My very first tablet! Yay! I know I am very late in the game but better late with a discount, than one of the first without a discount! :D I am just charging it and I am so looking forward to use it!!
  9. The original drummer, Roger Taylor, and Andy Taylor were my favorites, really handsome when they were younger.
  10. I want Germany to be German.... someone close to Morrisayshit generation said the very same thing a few years ago referring to his wife, John Lardon - John Lydon but he is more on the lardon side these days. Interesting how these late 1950s-born British entertainers swing to the extreme far right idiocy side once they go past their sale by date. Someone should supply Morrissey with a mouthwash, in his case it would work for his piles - may fix the amount of shit he spouts at every chance possible to remind the world a turd like him exists.
  11. I pity all the shitheads who supported her, blindly believing all her unconvincing crap. Wishing all tories assholes and their ill-informed fascist supporters to fall into misery, despair and hard suffering very soon.
  12. Apparently yes it was. The harsh critique she rightfully got after this lazy drag feast spawned the infamous "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!" viral thingy, thankfully it was short-lived.
  13. ... Simon Le Bone with his infamous bum note at the worldwide live aid broadcast in 1985 - very tough following up after Freddie Mercury basically enchanted everyone with his real talent, a natural versatile eclectic performance artist... unlike Le Broth:
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