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  1. Despicable, useless, evil cocks the lot of them: Cameron Pilatus, Maybot, Fromage, Lame grey-Duck hypocrite Corbyn, all a bunch of spineless dickheads, playing with our lives as if they were throwing darts at their lurid local. I said it from the beginning that those fucking leave supporters were aiming for a no deal, to wash their filthy hands off any responsibility including the lives of millions of Europeans, because the offensive attitude the UK government continues to show is not only affecting continental Europe-born citizens living in the UK, but also UK citizens who have chosen any EU bloc country as their residence. Current UK government and opposition = spineless generation of repugnant deceitful bastards.
  2. There's very little to look forward to with this government, and its equally awful pathetic opposition too.
  3. Catching up on all the Madonna happy bonanza of the last few days - boy, what a joy to see her so full of energy, witty humor and sex-appeal! In a world that is sinking faster than a sink hole, with its tragedies and various unjustice fuckeries, Madonna is and continues to be my true source of happiness, my ray of sunshine. One of the very few, if not really the only one.
  4. No, really - is there a lo-fi clip somewhere? Nobody dared to switch on their camera??
  5. Now that is someone with true sense of humor - brava Madonna!
  6. Right-wing nationalist are back? They never left. They never leave, nor die.
  7. I feel your pain Jan, I feel you... so sorry about this atrocious fuckery :/
  8. North Korea is mad again

    Can someone poison Kim JongKONG's McDonald happy meal already? That lardy asshole could do with a severe case of food-bug diarrhea instead of attempting to show the world how big his penis is. Because it all boils down to that with weapons and wars, they say "my dick is bigger and more powerful than yours" whether with ballistic missiles or knives or guns. Bet Kim McDonaldJongKONG is unable to even locate his own penis with all those encyclopedic layers of fat.
  9. Oh but according to Sadiq Kunt terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city, so we must accept it. Useless worthless prick. Him and everyone who does fuck all to protect commuters, yet shaking hands with the very scumbags who fund these random vile acts.
  10. Bring it on Madonna! Yeah!! A nice residency in Lisboa, the hell to the rest of the usual bigger cities like London, NYC, Paris for example. Hey, I'd be down with her doing an intimate setting even in a remote village up in the Alps, or a tiny uncontaminated island somewhere in the Mediterranean sea, Madonna's creative fire is a never ending source of inspiration she can do anything she wants anywhere and still amazes us all. Exciting new chapter for Madonna and us. This is going to be mega fantastic to experience.
  11. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I am so happy! :)
  12. Yes, peeling off all inpurity, I love facial masks. Looking at Madonna's skin she is really well toned, wonderfully supple and bright. If it is much down to this skin care range, I really wish to try it one day.
  13. Lighting their tampon and blowing their box apart because that's the only BANG they're ever gonna get ... wouldn't be a bad idea on them
  14. I truly would love to try this mask, don't care how much it would cost:
  15. Hello Harris Glenn Milstead aka Divine. Glimpse of Sam Fox and Cake Bush too. Crisco this way, Stefani.