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  1. Agree - what does it take for Americans to find their fighting spirit and finally chuck out a deranged mass-murderer ? Vote a psychopathic narcissistic beast, expect a loony bin.
  2. Come Alive God Control Dark Ballet Faz Gostoso Future
  3. The English hardly do revolt. They just keep calm and carry the fuck on. Preferably with a pint of booze in the hand.
  4. @XXL Patel is a disgrace like all of her xenophobic hypocrite TURDS, she is the biggest hypocrite of them all... having herself publicly admitted that if such absurd system had been in place decades ago, her parents would have not made it in the UK...… This is not a democracy, this is a fucking fascist regime, let me tell ya all
  5. Brexit is an official gigantic BULLSHIT "Britain is to close its borders to unskilled workers and those who can’t speak English as part of a fundamental overhaul of immigration laws that will end the era of cheap EU labour in factories, warehouses, hotels and restaurants. Unveiling its Australian-style points system on Wednesday, the government will say it is grasping a unique opportunity to take “full control” of British borders “for the first time in decades” and eliminate the “distortion” caused by EU freedom of movement. But industry leaders immediately accused the government of an assault on the economy warning of “disastrous” consequences with job losses and closures in factories and the high street." https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/uk-to-close-door-to-non-english-speakers-and-unskilled-workers/ar-BB108gP3?ocid=spartanntp A 10-page briefing document outlining the new immigration policy states: • UK borders will be closed to non-skilled workers – and all migrants will have to speak English. • Anyone wanting to come to the UK to work must have a job offer with a salary threshold of £25,600 – though a salary “floor” of £20,480 will be acceptable in special cases where there might have a skills shortage skills, such as in nursing. • There will be no route for self-employed people coming into the UK, spelling the end to, for example, Polish plumbers or Romanian builders arriving without a job. • Border control will no longer accept ID cards from countries such as France and Italy. This, it is understood, is an attempt to clamp down on non-EU workers beating the system with forged or stolen ID cards. The skills threshold for foreign nationals wanting to work in the UK will be lowered from degree to A-levels or their equivalent. The cap on the numbers of skilled workers is being scrapped – and a small number of highly skilled workers will be allowed to come in without a job. • The right of artists, entertainers, sports people and musicians to enter for performances, competitions and auditions will be retained. The government intends to launch a “comprehensive” campaign to prepare employers for the transformation in January next year when EU citizens will be treated the same as other nationals. and from one of the biggest smug twats of these charlatan Brexshitheads: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/priti-patel-says-its-right-workers-speak-english-before-entering-uk-ahead-of-immigration-announcement/ar-BB108r6q Revolting. Pathetic excuse for a human being. Homophobic demented pieces of shit all of them Brexiters. These cunts have brought me back to the crap reality, after being on Madonna cloud over the MadameX shows....
  6. Just saw his latest tweet. Flipping heck. The arrogance, the smugness of this second-hand/ jumble-sale president of the USA is beyond believable... And he even used one of my favorite 70s soppy ballad songs to inflate his own bullshit on another tweet he posted earlier. Hope he did not pay rights to use it and the band will fucking sue his mammoth arse.
  7. The London mayor, Sadiq Khan infamously said that "Terrorism is just part and parcel of living in a big city" .... that is the quote he will mostly be remembered by. Unfortunately these "left-overs" of radical psychotic turds will continue to strike - these psycho turds may be tracked but nothing gets done to prevent any of this madness to unfold...
  8. … gobshite city capital of brexshit land
  9. Have donated, unfortunately not huge amounts, a few weeks ago to a few charities for Australia relief and the poor Australia animals as well - devastating the effect this inferno has had on Australia indigenous animals population. With the money I very much hope to recoup today off the Sunday 19 January last minute cancellation MadameX tour date I wish I had seen, I will donate that ticket money to the Australia relief charities I have donated before, including for the animals. Although not huge donations in the thousands or millions, I hope these will help a bit anyway. xx
  10. Anything published by The Sun should be taken with a fuckload of salt: tabloid toilet paper known for publishing lots of porkies/twisting things
  11. Truly heartbreaking Jan... I am crying - what can be done? How can it be prevented? This is absolutely terrible, I am so sorry and feel powerless
  12. Typical answer of those who offload responsibility of wrongdoing onto the victims, instead of the attackers. Dreadful despicable person. Whoever felt sorry for this pile of shallow fakery, has missed out how similar she is to the fake gold plaque she's married.
  13. A rigged election from the beginning. Britain once again on course to live through at least 15 years now of Tories regime. The only (mildly) positives, really to try and dig very hard something good out of this gigantic pile of Tories shite: Nothing for Fuckage, serves him right. May he vanish into oblivion once for all. Jeremy Corbyn out. He really needed to horribly loose to get the message. Unfortunately he was a useless, divisive, stubborn non-leader, who shot himself on the foot countless times with his utterly stupid declarations, and in turn his party. "I did everything I could..." No you didn't. Nor the Liberal dem for that matter. Useless the lot of them. SNP seats majority in Scotland. FatBuffoon Johnson will impose the hard-exit out of the EU his tax dodgers chums and Donald Turd wanted. Chums, scum - same garbage. How the hard-exit will be delivered is yet to be seen in all its GORY details, at the expenses of the poorest in the country of course. Following on the latest results with the SNP out of this pathetic election, will Scotland finally do next year what it should have done five years ago?
  14. There is no real opposition party capable of intelligently fighting the Leave tribe, as we have seen these last 3 years. When you have a leader (as if) of what is supposed to be the main opposition party declaring that "...terrorists should not necessarily serve a full jail term.." for example, in the aftermath of a recent terrorist attack whereby two people were stabbed to death and others left injured in London, who are people going to be voting for in the upcoming elections? Are they going to cast their vote for the compulsive liar, Eton-breed buffoon who invokes immediate tough measures on all counts, who has put all the blame on the opposition over the terrorists early release legislation, when the buffoon's party 10 years regime could have changed such legislation any time during their 10 years tenure? Or are they going to select the lame mumbling opposition, led by a useless stubborn leader, unofficially almost more Brexiter than the official Brexit tribes are, who keeps on shooting himself on the foot with his stupid declarations (as above example on the early release issue) dragging his party's credibility along, who has only caused major divisions within his own party, to put it mildly? Or are people going to be voting for the underdogs? Tony Blair's decision to take part in the "war on terror" 14 years ago is still not forgiven nor least forgotten, by the same token the Liberal democrats' decision to join forces with the Tories back in 2010 is everything but forgotten or forgiven - that is what people remember and stick for. Meaning: no reason to vote for the Lib dem in lieu of their past mistakes. Never mind that a decade of Tories regime with its austerity rules and cuts has generated more food banks and poverty nationwide than national health services on offer, just to mention one. Easier to put blame, shifting focus, and paying attention to those who promise order, tough measure and return to a glorious empire (yeah right) without us filthy disgusting European citizens in the way. Another Tory win, this time led by the blond Eton buffoon, will lead to the process of the UK effectively dislodging its arse out of the EU - it will not be immediate, like the next 5 seconds, but it will happen. As I said above, there is absolutely no one, not a single party with enough credibility voters are likely to select over the current governing party. In retaliation maybe Spain could reconsider the granting free access to local healthcare for all those British immigrants residing there, who have actually voted FOR the exit of their British isle out of the EU, regardless of consequences. Consequences that will affect them as well. I very much hope I am totally wrong, but it looks like it is headed for another Tory win or another hung bloody parliament...
  15. Propaganda or not, it doesn't seem so unreal in the climate of blame-it-all against European immigrants. Very much likely to happen with another Tory parliament looming with these stupid elections. Not that anyone cares for the future of continental Europe born citizens who are resident in the UK anyway...
  16. Election 2019: stricter checks on EU visitors under border clampdown I am not subscribed to the Times, hence being as it is behind a pay wall I can only partially reveal the below as I am seeing it, sorry about that: EU citizens will no longer be allowed to travel to the UK on national identity cards under the Conservative plan European citizens will be required to gain US-style pre-approval to enter Britain after Brexit in a fresh border clampdown to be unveiled by the Conservatives today. In a move to shift the election debate to immigration the Tories will outline plans to make all visitors to Britain receive additional security clearance before they travel. There is expected to be a charge for the checks, similar to the American Esta system. This requires visitors to gain clearance to enter the country three days before their arrival or be turned back at the airport. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/election-2019-stricter-checks-on-eu-visitors-under-border-clampdown-lnkqthlw9 By the way, one of the people who managed to stop the fucking terrorist asshole last Friday on the London Bridge attack, was a Polish citizen... who got himself injured with multiple stabs from said fucking terrorist while they were buying time to control that worthless turd until the cops arrived and shot the early-released terrorist... So, while there are assholes in any culture, all this scapegoating against the Europeans has to fucking stop.
  17. This is one of the results of a decade of Tory-led austerity government policies....
  18. A decade of Tory regime and they could not change that early release legislation, yet conveniently blame those who implemented that when it suits them.... Unfit rude mumbling useless buffoon. Then on the other hand, there is this other useless non-leader....: The US demanding that the NHS is on the table in negotiation for a post-brexit deal, which Buffoon Johonson obviously denies.....
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