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  1. Amazon forest burning is not Notre Dame burning, as others have pointed out on social media. Disgustingly sad, but true. Oh and even in the UK it has been barely reported, all fixated on the nothingness of the current twat in power... Without a planet to live on, how the fuck are those responsible for the fires, for the climate change, be expecting to carry on their filthy business under the radar? Global climate change does affect every single one of us living on this planet. I am scared too...
  2. Well, some us have suffered and will continue to suffer the consequences of such moronic right-wing driven decision, end of freedom of movement. A decision some of us did not vote for nor were allowed to. Charming to see that some may be amused, however light hearted in reference to Madonna's Palladium nights the above comment might be...
  3. Will the Eton brigade ever cease to suck the life out of the land they deceitfully profess to love more than anything, fucking up people's lives in the process over and over again? Will Scotland finally dislodge itself from poisonous England's influence? Somehow I feel we have not fully reached rock bottom yet, although it may seem that way by the likes of whom leads the armpit of Europe as each PM washes off his/her hands in resignement. Sorry, very depressed the whole Brexit malarkey shittery makes me feel as each day passes. Sometimes I can saracastically laugh at it, but the dread is always there and looking around in the world politics scenario it all feels worse and doomed.
  4. Centuries old criminal organization calls for criminal activities. Disguised under false pretense (religion, faith) to fool stupid uneducated minds, never ever unveiling any truth about their centuries old filth, including a teenage vanishing from the face of the Earth (Orlandi) or about burying an infamous Roman gangster (De Pedis) in the crypt of a historic church. Vile Vatican roaches.
  5. Your guess is as good as mine. Probably those who support him see themselves in him. Utter joke, a shambolic political class this generation of vile rotten scumbags. And luck you @BrendanT1993! Well done
  6. May someone, something, whatever make those two cunts suffer big time then take a picture of them - karma.
  7. YES! Thank you @Jazzy Jan she is absolutely a coward and a disgrace just like her own supporters.
  8. All of them, every single one, brexiters, tories, labors, lib dem, all a bunch of lying chancers.... and this one is gonna be the next PM...
  9. House of Lords passes amendment to help prevent no-deal Brexit Bill could make it illegal for a Boris Johnson administration to prorogue parliament A no-deal showdown is expected in the House of Commons on Thursday after peers passed stronger protections against the prospect of a Boris Johnson administration attempting to prorogue parliament to force an exit from the EU in October. The House of Lords passed an amendment by a majority of 103 on Wednesday that would ensure parliament would sit in the weeks leading up to the 31 October deadline. Fears have been growing that Johnson could prorogue or dissolve parliament in order to allow the deadline to pass without MPs interfering. Thirteen Tory peers rebelled against the government to vote for the amendment from the crossbench peer David Anderson, a former independent reviewer of terror legislation, with support from Labour and the Lib Dems. Boris Johnson's support for EU revealed in Leon Brittan letter Read more The amendment to the Northern Ireland (executive formation) bill builds on an amendment passed in the Commons last week, when MPs backed a proposal from the pro-European Tory Dominic Grieve calling for fortnightly reports from the government on the efforts to restore the power-sharing executive. The new Lords amendment would ensure these have to be debated in the weeks before the Brexit deadline. The bill could theoretically make it illegal for the government to prorogue parliament in the autumn if the power-sharing executive in Northern Ireland has not been restored. The Commons vote is likely to be extremely tight on Thursday. Grieve’s amendment passed by a single vote last week, after a government whip forgot to vote. Grieve lost votes on other related amendments. The shadow Brexit secretary, Keir Starmer, said Labour would fight hard to try to ensure the bill’s progress on Thursday. “This is another important step to prevent the suspension of parliament. We will do everything to support this measure in the Commons tomorrow,” he said. The former Commons leader Andrea Leadsom earlier hinted that Johnson could use the timing of his first Queen’s speech to lock out MPs and prevent them from blocking no deal. The former Conservative minister Guto Bebb told Sky News he believed Johnson was “quite seriously contemplating” using a Queen’s speech to suspend parliament, by scheduling it for early November. Parliament traditionally does not sit for around a fortnight leading up to the speech. Leadsom said she was not in favour of prorogation in principle. “I do not think that prorogation is a tactic that any prime minister would employ,” she told LBC. “But there are different aspects to this. Prorogation can take place in the event a general election is called, or a decision to prorogue at the end of a session. All of these things are very well established parliamentary procedures. “Boris is quite clear we are going to leave the EU, we’re going to reunite the country, then we’re going to defeat Jeremy Corbyn. In that order. We need to get on with it.” https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jul/17/commons-showdown-looms-after-peers-pass-amendment-to-block-no-deal
  10. Being utterly stupid is the distinctive trademark of Trump's & co (wife, kids, friends, business associates) pathetic supporters, examples are everywhere, and they are the exact reason why they will ensure the Trump pathetic saga will continue for another mandate. Disgusting people.
  11. Disgusting and pathetic ignorant turd. A rambling useless piece of crap, himself and all of the people associated with him, including those that support him and/or his associates. Will America ever wake up? Doubtful.
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