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  1. Frankly sir or whatever you are, you don't get and see anything at all. Clearly. It takes a brain to "get and see". Quit with your passive aggressive tone twisting people's words, nothing of the sort was said above. I did not say it is Biden's fault, not at all, yet you deliberately put words into people's mouths according to your own agenda. Enough.
  2. They are all insane, every single one of these so called "leaders". We are ruled by a bunch of incompetent, undiplomatic, irresponsible, useless, selfish cretins. Hardly a single one to be proud of. Furthermore, with the leader of the free world (or rather leader of the decaying free world) making off-script silly remarks about a certain dictator right now when a light at the end of the tunnels seems to be appearing with negotiations thus possible end to this war, it takes a second for said silly remarks to escalate a situation into a global disaster no sane person would really want to experience. Referring to senile Biden's remarks of course - granted that what he has expressed live on TV is what many of us most likely feel and think about Putzin, though in his position as a politician and president of the U.S. he should be really careful about what his disconnected tongue lets out. Or rather: whoever puts the autopilot on him should ensure that gassy Joe strictly adheres to his given script and his script only. Biden is a diplomatic liability. He’s playing into Putin’s hands | Simon Jenkins | The Guardian ‘I’m not walking anything back’: Biden defends comment that Putin can’t stay in power – US politics as it happened | US news | The Guardian May this fuckery war end soon.
  3. No one says it is simple, far from it; wrong assumption making does not help. This war could have been avoided. It was known months ago it was more than likely to unfold. Energy supply interests have a lot to do with what's been happening to the detriment of millions of displaced innocent people, people who have lost their lives including babies and children, over a conflict that could have been avoided.
  4. Money IS always involved when it comes to wars. Certain countries get involved only when it benefits them. EU shouldn't be energy reliant on either of those two big turds. That would be the ideal situation, truly investing on alternative green energy. But it doesn't suit certain powers, does it? Have fun paying much higher energy bills. In the end the innocent vulnerable ones are always the ones suffering.
  5. Well, the EU signed a deal with the U.S. to get LNG supply from them, very simply put, in order to shield away from Russia's supply of gas to Europe. Coincidence? Uncle Scrooge dollar sign eyes spring to mind! China isn't the only good old Russia's partner. India is another big one. Neither of those two countries have openly declared their standing with Russia, but they do actually support it. Both China and India have major economic interest and trading partnerships with Russia. And to China this war is very convenient. If you look at the countries who abstained and those who basically voted in favor of Russia a couple of weeks ago during UN council meetings, that shall give you a broad indication of who are the open and the do not so open yet cautious allies of Russia. In the end, the average common people, the innocents, are always the ones suffering the consequence of some big dickhead convinced that his dick is bigger than anyone else's dick, hence huge weapons use against others, ICBM threats, and all that warfare shit. Putin himself might be fucked over by his own people: coup.
  6. He should go back strutting around in high heels in a music video, suits him better. His very clever writing team may be able to win a communication war, leveraging on the emotions of most of the countries the man of the year made his pleas to, but as far as actually winning the battle against Putin is concerned, that cannot be won with soundbites. Wars are very lucrative: armaments, weapon manufacturers stocks have all gone up. Who benefits the most in warfare? Rethorical question. Meanwhile more innocent people are displaced, exploited (human trafficking, prostitution), injured, killed, completely fucked over. For the sake of what?
  7. If the actor of the year with his offshore accounts only truly cared about his people instead of trying to drag the rest of the world in a global nuclear suicide, he would have already reached an agreement.
  8. Europe's far-right denounces Russia-Ukraine war but blames West Aww, doesn't it sound familiar? And Le Pen denouncing Putin when she used Russian banks tied to Putin to fund her party's campaigns is the bogey on top of a shit cake. Far-right supporters blaming the West, distinguishing themselves for being eternal hypocritical wankers.
  9. ... probably never to be seen again until a revolution begins to overthrow the midget's dictatorship.
  10. Understanding is one thing. Pretending to condemn a dictator while not so secretely supporting far right extremism and always putting the blame on the West is another.
  11. Putin's enabler and major supporter while officially pretending not to, should be sanctioned as well: China. https://www.reuters.com/business/finance/russian-banks-rush-switch-chinese-card-system-2022-03-06/ Disturbing what that vile communist dictatorship is doing, brainwashing its people into blindly supporting Russia by feeding them stratospheric lies about Ukraine in order to justify Russia's attack. Dangerous. Pretty scary. https://twitter.com/RazvenHK/status/1500400321654247431?t=kDOYhS21fsc39ZYYO3UKkg&s=19 Oh but it's "the West fault", it's all about "calling out the West double standards", all about excusing Putin's reasons for this war.
  12. Zele' continues to demand NATO warfare interventions, it doesn't seem he fully cares about his own citizens, because if he did he would try to find peace rather than invoking an all out military intervention, publishing a deep fake video of a hypothetical attack to Paris in order to scare enough EU countries and NATO members into military action. May one day soon enough something or someone get rid of the russian dictatorial midget and all of his minions. Insidious ones are also the ones pretending to be against this war, against Putin when in reality they fully support Putin and his actions - even in this forum they are present.
  13. The "West fault" is to have ungrateful hypocrites pointing the fingers at the West every time an international crisis unfolds, yet the very people who point their judgemental fingers at the West often those people live in Western countries, whereby they enjoy all the freedoms and democracies living in those Western countries allow them to benefit from. While NATO perhaps shouldn't have indicated that Ukraine may have one day joined the alliance therefore unsettle a deceitful russian scumbag over his already vast territory, half as much as the EU perhaps shouldn't have promised a fast-track membership only to back track on that, the first punch - figuratively speaking - was thrown by the russian midget's army in this stupid bloody war. The warmongering aggression started by Putin, whom is such a brave man is hiding safely in a bunker allegedly in Siberia, plus he got to hide all of his numerous kids, mistress, ex wife, safely in various locations across Switzerland, Holland. Yeah, such a brave man while he murders babies, kids, women, in a territory he wishes to claim back... with violence.
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